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Home Port Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant Ocean Shores, WA










“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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30 reviews for “Home Port Restaurant

  1. Doug X

    Excellent service; friendly staff. Food was good but very spendy (sign of the times). A “sample” size of the clam meal is about $8 (with tax). For that you get one (1) clam. You’d think for that price you’d get at least two, which makes me wonder how many you get in the full meal. Otherwise, a good meal; decor is getting a bit dated; don’t think it’s changed in 15-20 years.

  2. Tanner Scheid

    It is a good little place on the coast. The food is to be expected! would not fret about coming back. Staff were okay, nice not overly welcoming or chatty.

  3. Joshua Coleman

    This place consistently has some of the best service in Ocean Shores. The staff is friendly, the food is above average, and the ambiance is just right. The only thing I dislike is the menu doesn’t have a lot of selection. Also, one year at Christmas they had a crab stuffed salmon that was amazing, and as far as I know, they haven’t offered it since. It’s much too complicated to make myself (just looking up the recipe was daunting) so I wish it would reappear sometime on an expanded menu.

  4. Tina Moon

    Fantastic experience!!!!! Great food and drink. Great waitress!!

  5. Dana Parkey

    Delicious food and friendly service. We always go here for restaurant and bar. The owner is very conscientious of everything in the establishment.

  6. Nancy Bishop

    Nope ! Mac and cheese from a. I’d ? Kraft couldn’t have made it better 🤣

  7. Dennis Plante

    Service was excellent, food was at the best, average. Very overpriced. Drinks were weak. Would like to give more stars, because service in the bar was excellent!

  8. George Pritchett

    Drove 4 hour round trip for dinner. Was worth it. Seafood was perfect and the portions were of good value. Service was quick and friendly.

  9. Alfredo Herard

    Food sucks and costs way too much!

  10. Dennis Milich

    Wr went in for a light dinner and sat in the lounge. Tha bartender was super and the food was good. We each had a cup of chowder and my wife had a garden salad and I had the crab cakes. Drinks were good…it was really nice.

  11. TAMI Graham

    The food is really good and the service is awesome alot to choose from one the menu we went twice in 2 days

  12. Chad VanCleef

    Hypocritical staff pushing mask necessity while others are walking around without mask. Seated in a segregated area and received extremely poor service with staggered entrees and no attention from the staff. When we went to notify management about the issue the management and owner blew up at us and demanded that we leave or they would call the cops. Over exaggerated staff response when trying to relay issues that occurred during our dining experience. Got told multiple times that she was over “our kind” only thing that I can think of is the fact that my hoodie had an American flag on it. Still got charged for the meal with threats and being yelled at.

    Do not go to this establishment!!

  13. Susan Bosler

    They were busy. We went to have a cocktail. Upon entering we were told it would be a wait. Ok. Sat for a long time at the bar waiting for service. Only one bartender. She keeps saying to us it is going to be awhile. Again ok. We are aware and are not complaining. Almost felt like she was trying to get us to leave. She stopped and drank a bunch of water a couple times. Still waiting to be served. When we do order and she leaves to get something for another customers drink. One of the people I was with changed her drink to a drink made with root beer. She said really I just came from where we keep the root beer. So my friend stayed with her original order. She finally started to get caught up and she relaxed and so did her attitude. We had her laughing by the end. So hard on these servers with low staff. What the ones doing the work need to also realize. Do the best you can. Relax and have fun and the customers will wait. Attitude is every thing. Especially in a bar.

  14. Jim Shepherd

    My wife and I had a takeout meal (Shrimp Louie) for dinner that we both enjoyed a lot. The staff was friendly. We came back for breakfast the next morning and give it a thumbs up for the food. Ham and cheese omelette was well filled with ham and cheese and the egg was not over cooked and my wife got her bacon cooked as ordered!

  15. Ginger Bernethy

    This is a place we have stopped since I was little. The have a prime rib special on Friday and Saturdays. Our server/bartender was the best! She put up with our loud antics with grace.

  16. Candice Garman

    Love this place! Super friendly and accommodating. We come once a year and generally have a pretty big crowd. They definitely do what they can do support us!

  17. Em Mathis

    Very friendly staff! Even though they were short staffed they were wonderful! I didn’t have to wait long, and even if I had to wait longer I would. The food was so filling and yummy. The calamari was so good compared to the sushi place in the same town. The aioli That came with it was very garlicky and so good. Even though we were the last people they didn’t rush us out which was so wonderful. The hostess was so kind!

  18. Sarah Mathis

    When you are in Ocean Shores you HAVE to stop in!
    Everyone is really friendly and caring. They make sure you are comfortable and happy. The food is AMAZING!!! Clam chowder is definitely award winning! Steak and calamari were cooked to perfection. As well as the scallops we had. Definitely coming back soon!!! Thank you to everyone that made our meal so fantastic!!

  19. Branch Line B

    Here’s why you should eat at Home Port versus all of those other restaurants in Ocean Shores. 1.) The food is really good and there is some attention and care given to it. If you love razor clams this is the place. 2.) This is a great staff. They’re not just going through the motions or don’t want to be here, it’s really a good staff. 3.) Clean, well-lit bathrooms. Repeat that and remind yourself that it is really Ocean Shores. 4.) The dining area is really spacious. You’re not going to be packed on top of the table next to you and that’s a rarity in this day and age. 5.) This is the way restaurants used to be and refer back to numbers 1-4 for how they are doing. 6.) And for fun they still after all of this time have beets in the salad. My wife hates beets and you should see her reaction when she sees one. Great salad and I get her beets. 7.) Fresh desserts. Home Port lives up to its name. Great restaurant.

  20. Keefer J

    Excellent smoked salmon appetizer, excellent biscuits & gravy. Superb razor classic, salmon & seafood. We always stop & eat here. Sometimes due to staff shortage service can be slow (due to covid, etc) but the regular staff & cooks are great!

  21. Denise Cunningham

    Food was not great. Mac & cheese was from a kraft box im pretty sure. Wait staff was really nice.

  22. WhoE_WhatE

    Went here for dinner and breakfast. Staff was very kind and social. Food was great! Proportions were quite large, but that didn’t take away from the quality of the food. I could tell that the sausages were homemade, and that everything was made with attention and care. If you’re visiting Ocean Shores and you need a place to eat, I’d sincerely recommend Homeport! Happy Easter.

  23. kathy corey

    Food was delicious. Fresh seafood and steak, with friendly hometown service.

  24. Kathryn Salverda

    The service was good but my Crab Louie was a disappointment. It was so blah and I could have made a better one myself.

  25. Randal Ownbey

    The best chicken fried steak in the Northwest! … And they ran out the night before. I substituted biscuits and gravy with link sausage (which also are the best in the Northwest!

  26. Erin Sullivan

    Family ate here for dinner. I ordered a side green salad and it was delicious. Their chowder is very salty and the clams were chewy. I couldn’t finish it. Another ordered the larger “bread bowl” size chowder but it’s not a bread bowl. It’s one slide of white bread and a package of saltines.

  27. Christine Stansbery

    Gluey pasta and gelatinous chowder. The “bread bowl” was 1 piece of Texas toast. Beer was good. Over cooked frozen vegetables. Overpriced.

  28. Larissa Smith

    We did appetizers to see if this place was good before ordering dinner. The red wine was ok but my boyfriend didn’t like it. We each got the prawns cocktail. It wasnt fresh. We also got the steamed clams which was okay. We went to Mike’s but walked out. It was lacking atmosphere go read my review there. This place is a 5 out of 10. Just go to Bennett’s where it guaranteed good eats & fun atmosphere. I go to Oceanshores alot & Bennett’s is the best there is here.

  29. Stephen MacRae

    Excellent seafood, and the fried meals were not too greasy. Fast service for a meal worth the reasonable cost. I’ll definitely dine here on my next visit to the area.

  30. Fishing Guy

    The service here is always pretty good with a smile and keep your water glass and coffee full. The breakfast is good and fairly priced. I can’t figure out how this place shows the same 2 $$ signs for pricing here as Oyhut does when they are not remotely close on pricing. Except for the Pizza Factory, I believe this is one of the more reasonably priced places I have eaten at in Ocean Shores.

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