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Homeschool BBQ

BBQ Restaurant, Bellingham, WA

35 reviews for “Homeschool BBQ

  1. Amarillys Greene

    An amazing place! The food is incredible and the service was even better! 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Entering Edgartown

    First class deliciously tender bbq meat with fresh, tasty sides. Loved the eclectic and cheerful atmosphere and enjoyed meeting the super friendly owners. We had thick juicy brisket and crisp top pulled pork, both absolutely worthy of a return trip!!

  3. Kevin Faulkner

    The food here was fantastic. We have tried the brisket, pulled pork and mac & cheese, all were wonderful. Bloody Mary was magnificent.

  4. Kelly Sleight

    Such good bbq! Staff is awesome and super friendly and the food is amazing! Best BBQ in town.

  5. Othello Jehan

    Literally everything was amazing. Staff, food, vibes — all perfect. (the clown corner was the highlight, honestly)

  6. April McArdle

    A solid, authentic BBQ joint isn’t common in Bellingham. Let me tell you the ways….

    Service was on point. We were interacted with in a friendly, fun, and professional way – that’s difficult to balance.

    The decor is freaking great – truly creative and so much fun! I don’t know who put together the My Little Pony chandelier, but it’s freaking adorable.

    The most important part –
    The meats are smoked *perfectly*. The brisket is the most tender, delicate brisket I’ve ever tasted. The pulled pork doesn’t NEED any sauce, but their sauce selection is very tasty. The sides! The sides were phenomenal! Usually when I like a BBQ joint’s meat I don’t like their sides, and vice versa.

    Finally. If you have any southern friends, bring them for the sweet tea. It’s bloody perfect.

    15/10 experience – will be back – wish I could live there.

  7. Sophie H

    Super tasty. I highly recommend the pulled pork. The sauce was amazing and the pulled pork was juicy and had crispy pieces. Probably one of the best bbq places i’ve tried

  8. Danielle Pekus

    New life has been injected into this place. Once was Home Skillet, now Homeschool BBQ. Homeschool BBQ is an incredible addition to the Bham food scene. If you are tired of lackluster BBQ experiences, then treat yourself to Homeschool BBQ. BEST BRISKET in town! Don’t miss out on the Chili.

  9. Tarah Bentley

    Absolutely amazing experience! Everything is made from scratch and it shows. The staff is fantastic, friendly, and welcoming. If you want a “wet” bbq all you have to do is ask for some of their sauces. I cannot recommend the Ruben enough. Beware the clown bathrooms if you’re not prepared tho!

  10. Jennifer Lake

    Fun, funky and fabulous!! Food was top notch and we have been all over the Country – the Brisket was delish!!!

  11. Wendy Liu

    We had the Reuben sandwich and pork belly sandwich. Both are seriously delicious! Def coming back! Great customer service too.

  12. serena auriemma

    Great food! Owner served us, recommended the best items. Fast and hot. Everything was tasty and exactly what I wanted and was craving! I got the combo with most sides and all the sauces. Betty’s was the best. The pork belly and ribs were amazing! Ribs Only available on weekends. I was looking for a different place that was closed down and this place was next on Google and decided to give it a try. Very happy I did!!!! ❣️☺️

  13. Tara Race

    The food and service are outstanding! I love how the staff are always so attentive. The decor is top notch, and you have to swing by the bathroom when you visit!

  14. Jacob Booth (goronfood)

    We went to the last Homeskillet pop-up – Amazing. Imagine my surprise to see the same familiar faces from my breakfasts here ages ago. It’s my understanding that it’s owned by one of the workers. There is a lot of love put into this fine establishment. The people who work here obviously love what they do, and it’s obvious from the way they pass that love onto their customers, each other, and the building itself. Give Homeschool a try; you won’t regret it.

  15. Kennia Martinez

    This place was super cute and great vibes. The food was amazing! I would definitely recommend the pulled pork biscuit and miracle macaroni. I think the portions are worth the price.

  16. Gordon Mitchell

    Jan. 15/24: New additions to the menu: “The Ruben”, OMG & “The Banh Mi”, spectacular! Chef always adds his personal touch and, in every case, it elevates the dish and offers you the tastiest, well-developed food that you will come across. DO NOT expect mediocre @ Homeschool, prepare to be blown away!!! 09/27/23: Every-time we visit Homeschool I swear it gets better! Tonight, I experienced “The Cubano”, it is hard to describe, it was THAT GOOD! You simply cannot get better food with the absolute BEST HOSTS anywhere! YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS, you MUST! Updated Juneteenth 2023: Four days after our 1st visit. We just had to return. Brought our son, he was literally speechless! Ribs, phenomenal, Pickled Veggies, outstanding and then the Smoked Brisket Biscuit, perfectly concocted. And the bathroom, now that’s a whole other story!! Already talking about our next visit……..INITIAL REVIEW: WHAT A FIND! This eclectic, fabulous, inviting, aromatic, unique and beyond welcoming space just became our favourite place this side of Minneapolis! With Daniel in the back concocting wonderfully balanced entrees along with his deeply inspired sauces that bear no resemblance to anything you have tasted previously, to Chris and Aaron up front commanding the delivery of everything from the exquisite food to drinks to laughter and conversation, Homeschool BBQ really has brought it home. My wife and I cannot say enough good things about our 1st experience, it most certainly will not be our last! The wings are at the pinnacle when you speak of anything “wings”, my “special”, the Muffuletta sandwich was (no lie) exquisite in every way, and the German Potato Salad was so fresh, tasty, made with care and attention (you can taste it I swear), the entire experience was a joy! Next time we will try the ribs, the pickled vegetables and the brisket, and more of that wine by the carafe!!!!!!! Thank you, Chris, Aaron & Daniel! #homeschoolbbq #bellinghambbq #pnwbbq #cyndisunellmitchell #jacobbuchanan #angeladeroy

  17. Grant

    Best BBQ in town and the employees are all super nice and friendly. My Midwest family was very impressed with the quality of BBQ here. I hope they stay open for many many years to come.

  18. Cassi Cain

    Homeschool BBQ took me to school today. Not only were they open when it was snowy/slushy and terrible out but they did it with a smile. I ate an entire bowl of their mac and cheese and it was PHENOMENAL! And don’t even get me started on how delicious their BBQ sauces are. Would highly recommend! Looking forward to going back!

  19. Barbara James

    This place is a small restaurant in an old house, the atmosphere has lots to appreciate the art, plants and lamps. Note: If you have issues with 🤡 clowns make sure you don’t need to use the restaurant. I enjoy the chili, I like it with a side of vegetable. I like the spicy bite but it’s a bit much for my un spicy husband.

  20. Wendy Ann Lefebvre

    Dan Ryan, running the kitchen. Nuf said.

  21. Rhys Webb

    The brisket sandwich was exceptional, very flavorful and unique. I especially liked the homemade bun which was tasty and fresh. The coleslaw side was a great, just the right amount of dressing. Best BBQ brisket in Bham IMO.

  22. Libby

    Amazing beef brisket, super tender with great flavor. Both as an entree and on the brisket biscuit, portions were generous and delicious. Best brisket around. Will be back to try the ribs, but they had run out earlier in the day, so we couldn’t sample tonight. Fun and unique cocktails with fresh made mixers along with in house made ginger beer. Definitely a casual sit down place with colorful walls, art and kitchy collections of different objects including a clown collection in the bathroom (see photo). A little off the beaten path, where Homeskillet used to be. We will definitely be back for some more GREAT barbecue.

  23. colliniswhalen

    Since my first time eating here, this place has been the highlight of my work week every week. The lunch special is a very good deal (not on the menu) and the flavors are slightly different every time; a sign of real home style cooking. The balance of flavors between everything (yes every single thing) is exactly what my palette craves. Don’t even get me started on the biscuits… AND THE SAUCES. Chris is nice enough to make me an arnold palmer with their homemade lemonade and tea and whatever Daniel does to make that sandwich so perfect is beyond me. But what Chris and Daniel got going is something to experience. Between the ambiance, music playlist, service, and food; you are bound to leave here feeling absolutely euphoric.

  24. David Stone

    The best bowl of chili I’ve ever had! I will be back,

  25. Viet Vu

    Coming from across the border, it’s a great BBQ joint to try. What elevates this place is the colourful setting and the great servers inside. Fun experience to eat in.

  26. Chris Corboy

    Absolutely fantastic ribs. Will definitely be back for more

  27. Chris “Lightningstorm” Beers

    Holy $!?@#! This place was delicious! Food and drinks were phenomenal. The service crushed the food! I will return! Thanks for the awesome experience!

  28. Andrews Accounting

    Just attended a preview of breakfast at homeschool.

  29. Angelica Odom

    My boyfriend and I went here for my birthday dinner and their meat platter of pork belly, pulled pork, and brisket was DELICIOUS. The meat was cooked so well that we felt like it didn’t need any sauces, it already had such great flavor and texture. We got a side of their pickled jalapeño and they seem to be made in house and had such a great crunch and flavor. They also paired really well with the pulled pork and pit scrap chili.

    The service and atmosphere was laid back and kind and I really liked their chicken wall in the dine-in area.

  30. Jose Ibarra

    Not only the best BBQ in town or the best breakfast, but the best experience you’ll have while sitting down to eat. Because the food is definitely good and filling but the place is like color therapy. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood here because of all the kinds of colorful art and decorations EVERYWHERE! And the people are super welcoming and friendly.

  31. Ashlie Quintanilla

    Food is great but don’t bring your dog. This place is dog tolerant NOT dog friendly. My son loves their Pork belly and ribs but you can Not get ribs to go. I’m a fan of their Carolina BBQ sauce 😁

  32. Justin Dickerson

    The best service. It’s amazing food and the people are so nice. It’s clearly a passion.

  33. Ruth Peeples

    I’ve only been in town a few months and have been looking for a good breakfast spot. This is it! I can’t wait to try their BBQ, but breakfast was stellar. I had the eggs and biscuits via takeout, with jam to die for. Thank you, Homeschool!

  34. Tom Biro

    I’m sorry but where did this place show up from? Absolutely fantastic brunch spot, for one. Great drinks, tasty food, and don’t sleep on the marbled eggs. What a gem

  35. Candice Berkley

    Saw they have breakfast on a Facebook post, so we decided to try. It’s so cute! I love all the artistic touches everywhere and card games at the tables. Looks like a converted house, not a huge spot but nice and personal. We got mimosas and they were not small! The home fries were different from that I’ve gotten other places, more like scalloped potatoes. Good serving sizes. Definitely want to come back for the non-breakfast menu! I’m a sucker for biscuits and cornbread

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