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Hong Kong Garden

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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21 reviews for “Hong Kong Garden

  1. Penny Lockbeam

    The egg roll had so much grease the bottom of the portion space was completely covered in out. I did eat the egg roll with a whole package of soy sauce. The Almond chicken was so tough I couldnt bite through it it was like eating leather, I ate one peice of chicken and a littke breading. I couldn’t eat anymore. Also the smallest portion of chicken I have ever got in a meal by far. The rice and The egg roll didnt have any flavor. The chow mein was not good either. I ordered off a menu I found online. The menu said it came with soup. Im sick with sore throught. Thought the soup might help. I got to my car the box felt really light. I called back to ask about the soup. She said soup doesnt come with takeout orders. And the meal was more than price on the menu.

    This was my first and last time at this restaurant. I ate the egg roll because i was starving. The rest probably going straight to the garbage.

    I have personally never worked for a restaurant or gotten take out that didn’t include something because you ordered it to go.

    They need to update their menu. And also state the take out meals come with small portions and not all the items it says it comes with.

    Any other times I have ordered chinese food all of the portions were running over and the container felt pretty heavy.

    In this case im thankful it had small portions. Because I hate wasting food when there are people starving out there. I usually have left overs. But its tasty enough to heat up and eat the rest.

    I don’t know if they got a new cook. Ive never been there before. I hope thats the case and nobody else has to experience this horrible meal.

    I gave it one star because it is the grossest chinese Ive eaten in my life. Smallest portions I’ve ever had. And lots of grease

  2. Dragonhorse Racing

    I do Like the type of chow mein. It’s the one without noodles. Egg drop is thin and flavorless, fried rice is better then other chinese restaurants, but a lot less then an average teriyaki joint. It is all really bland. And the tea might have been brewed with dirty socks? I had also been there many years ago and it’s just like I remember. Better then fast food, and as cheap of a lunch. Sorry It’s a meh for me.

  3. Brian Nigus

    Get the manager’s special chow mein. It is AMAZING. I’m typically a happy family, triple delight or beef and broccoli person, but this chow mein has changed my life. It’s my new favorite!

  4. Bobbi Lornson

    Best hot and sour soup in the Northwest. All other food good too.

  5. King Bob

    Food was good most fried rice is dull and bland but theirs was great.

  6. Jenna R

    Happy family is the best dish.

  7. Jen Boss

    First time visiting this location. Phoned order in and was told it would be ready in 15 minutes! Wow! We ordered chicken fried rice, fried won tons, egg rolls, chicken chow mein, broccoli with chicken, and fried jumbo prawns. Everything was ready when we arrived! And the food was absolutely delicious! The portion size was ample. We were able to make two meals from it which was amazing even warmed the second day. The service was outstanding. Price was very reasonable. It may have been our first visit but our first of many visits. Convenient location. Parking was easy but we are in midst of Covid and dining in the establishment is not a current option. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

  8. marcia johnson

    Egg rolls so greasy had to use papertowels to blot out the grease. Chicken subgum very greasy, could not eat. Mongolian beef mainly green peppers. Fried rice very dry. Best part of meal….fortune cookies.

  9. Jefferson Morriss

    We decided to try the Anacortes location because we love the food at the one in Mt Vernon. We are very sorry we did. We ordered an Almond Chicken and a Chicken and Broccoli. Both were disgusting. The chicken was rubbery on both meals and had zero taste like they used old freezer chicken. We will stick to the Mt Vernon location from now on. $25 down the drain.

  10. Wayne Price

    Very good food I really love the pork fried rice they put lots of barbecue pork in it, Which makes it very filling, It’s a must stop if you love Chinese food like I do. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but you rarely see a fat Chinese man And I pretty much live on Chinese food and have never gained weight. 😉😊

  11. Jay Brown

    Standard Americanized Chinese food served quickly, served in very large portions! I had combo #4 and my girlfriend had combo number 3. I had 75 percent of mine and she ate maybe half of hers, and we were both stuffed!! Took the rest back to the hotel and had a second dinner about 4 hours later. HUGE portions. Food was basic Chinese food you’d expect from any other Chinese place in America. Was VERY tasty!! Hot and served quickly. Prices were decent, considering we also purchased two appetizers prior to the food arriving. We could probably have eaten only the appetizers and been full. Will be back again if we ever go back to Anacortes!!

  12. Logan Clark

    Home made sauces by the chef.
    Try the kung pao or the seschwan chicken.

  13. Daniel Amy

    Enjoyed the mongolian beef with a heat of 3 out of 5

  14. Jason Leland

    Food was good. I came here because I wanted almond chicken. The wife and I got number 7 dinner for two. Plenty of food. Staff is friendly. Service was good. We were a little sceptical when we walked in. We waited about 5 minutes to be seated and There wasn’t hardly anyone in the place. There was some loud talker in the lounge. It was 3:30 in the afternoon. Don’t let that scared you. Good Chinese food and reasonable price.

  15. Robert Schuppert-McDonald

    We ordered lunch specials for take out, but don’t expect what is normally served. Pork Chow Main was the star on my order. It comes with Almond Fried Chicken, but it was a orange-gooey mess not crispy, and the Pork Fried Rice was too dried out. The other order was Mongolian Beef. Again, not the norm too many big chunks of onion and peppers not enough beef with same rice as above. Although the beef was tasty by itself. Maybe an off day…not sure we would go back here.

  16. Steve M

    It was middle of the charts for a lunch special. The Mongolian Beef was prepared somewhat different then how it usually is served. The pork fried rice was a nice surprise. The lack of an accompanying soup because it was take out was a disappointment and not disclosed in their online menu. Guess we’ll try the competition next visit.

  17. Andrew Macintyre

    Very best Chinese food around and amazingly reasonable price point. The combo meals are stuffed with meat and also great flavors. They can spice it up if needed and a three is fairly hot and they can go more if you like a nuclear heat.

  18. Patrick Conlan

    Reasonable local Chinese food place – the usual suspects. We enjoyed the Chicken and Broccoli, Mongolian beef, and the House fried rice.

  19. Joe Harbaugh

    The food is hot and tasty even the hot and sour soup is good all in all very nice restaurant to eat in at not the greatest tattoo take out though

  20. Kirsten Smith

    If I wanted a plate of just bean sprouts I could a made that myself. Not what we expected. Never again.

  21. Hollie Davis

    Try the house special chow mein!!! So good!!

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