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HuHot Mongolian Grill

Mongolian Grill Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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77 reviews for “HuHot

  1. Danielle Orellana

    Its to dark in there and there wasn’t much of a selection at all.the sauces didn’t tast very good. Service was ok tho.

  2. Timmy Fee

    This place has gone under, the dishes are scary and look disgusting, the food looks disgusting. This is the 2nd worse all you can eat restaurant in Spokane.

  3. Aj Gordon (PunkChick420)

    It was good except for the pad Thai noodles tasted like cardboard

  4. Aj Gordon (PunkChick420)

    For some reason – though the food was pretty good – when we ate here, it was very dirty. Oils and food were all over the floor and it was hard not to step in everything – because it’s all in the area where you get your own food.

    I realize that it’s probably the customers making the mess – but perhaps they could focus a little more on keeping the place clean – because it makes it more appetizing when eating out.

    Other than that – the food was decent – which is why I give the 3 stars. Service was pretty good too.

    EDIT: We came back and ate and it was a lot cleaner this time! Thanks for listening to my previous review. I’m going to change my rating now to 4 stars instead of the previous 3.

  5. Cyrus Blaze

    For some reason – though the food was pretty good – when we ate here, it was very dirty. Oils and food were all over the floor and it was hard not to step in everything – because it’s all in the area where you get your own food.

    I realize that it’s probably the customers making the mess – but perhaps they could focus a little more on keeping the place clean – because it makes it more appetizing when eating out.

    Other than that – the food was decent – which is why I give the 3 stars. Service was pretty good too.

    EDIT: We came back and ate and it was a lot cleaner this time! Thanks for listening to my previous review. I’m going to change my rating now to 4 stars instead of the previous 3.

  6. Dn L

    So I’ve been here several times and each time the lady said she scanned my rewards and each time afterwards my points still remained the same like I love this food I think the guys helping with the food does a great job but the people at the cash register don’t seem to know what there doing because I feel if they did my points would have been added at least once there but no been there more then five times even had my husband try while ordering out and still my points weren’t added even though each time they said they did it it just makes me upset I feel like they can’t confess they don’t know how or somethings going on the Huhut in courdalene knows how to do there job and add my points when I orderd there. Like I said I love the food at huhut just dislike how they don’t add my points when they said they did.

  7. Shawn Green

    Very crowded during our dinner, almost $60 for three people, food was very low quality options very limited, very unique cook to order buffet style restaurant, however I would have just preferred a regular buffet that had fixed items

  8. Barbara Loehr

    Absolutely do not go there waited 15 minutes for service and no one decided wait on our table. Waitress standing around walked past us and still been ignored. No manager in site . Not busy had plenty of tables open . Guess they are too lazy do not want to work.what sucks first and last time I will go there.

  9. Jeff Gerard

    Never have I been so insulted in all my life I consider myself A fairly good man I am a pastor in good standing I love JesusAnd I love people I’m a very caring individual And I am never rude.I went here to eat with my daughter and my son-in-law last night.I forgot my mask Which how many of us don’t do that from time to time The hostess said we had to have mask in order to eat And they provide them however it would cost a dollar for a mask .I asked her Why it would cost $1for a mask That is mandatory for me to wear which she replyed speak to the mgr.and stormed off.i put my dollar on the counter as another hostess took us to be seated.the mgr showed up and demanded I apologize for being rude or he was going to call the police.I replied that I didn’t think I was being rude.He didn’t even ask what I had said to the young.lady.I went up and apologized to her (still thinking I wasn’t rude in asking my question)We get up to go get food and I almost slipped on grease on the floor where this young man was cleaning a mat on the floor with a scraper. We get to the food area and it looked as tho a blindfold ed person went through the line.The line was quite nasty . My daughter loves the place.but I find a lot to be desired from staff,manager and appearance.I hope they see this post and address these problems.(What ever happened to the customer is always.right)

  10. Monica

    Unpleasant experience, someone had taken my boyfriends plate as we waited quite a while for it. I brought it up to the hostess and she said there was nothing that could be done. He had to wait SO long to get it remade. Our server checked in on us to review the menu and the tab. Nothing special and the dirtiness is concerning… will not be back.

  11. Daniel Bowman

    Delicious. Choose what you want. If it’s messed

  12. Elizabeth Decamp

    Love this place come hear weakly some days the food is dry and over cooked but i go around lunch time and its way better

  13. Bran'sBach

    Food was awesome! It’s so amazing to watch professional cooks right in front of you. It’s a super cool cultural experience!! Restrooms were clean and tidy! Drinks were amazing, and the entres were really good also! Being able to choose all your toppings and seasonings is a refreshing experience!!Highly, highly recommend!!!

  14. Lisa Turpin

    Love that you can make healthy choices of protein and veggies and the chefs here are great!

  15. Cody Wagaman

    This is one of the best restaurants in Spokane! I’ve been coming here a ton since I moved and they always make my fiancée and I feel more than welcome. Any time I have friends visit this restaurant is on the list of places that I HAVE to take my friends to! Totally worth stopping by for an amazing Mongolian bbq experience! The staff is incredibly friendly and when we come in they always get us seated and after about the third visit the host remembered us and we don’t even have to say what drinks we’re having, they already know! It’s truly one of the best restaurants out here due to their amazing staff and we always look forward to stopping by!


    Very busy on a Saturday nights. If you are a masker and feel it’s important, I wouldn’t eat here simply because none of the mask rules are enforced. This didn’t bother us but some people may not like that. We loved the selection of ingredients offered. I have not previously been to a Mongolian restaurant that offered bacon so that was fun.

  17. Briana Koenig

    Wanted to give a shout out to Alyssia (probably not the correct spelling) She was polite and very helpful with my take out order, providing different suggests to make the most of my meal. She was not the hostess, server or cook but just stocking the bar. She really went out of her way, hope she gets recognized for this.

  18. Maranda Murfin

    Came in for our son’s birthday dinner! Waitress was very attentive and very kind!

  19. Dale I

    Make it yourself, so if you don’t like it, there’s no one else to blame. Tons of options and they have a kids night where there is one free meal for kids up to 10 yrs old for each adult entree. AWESOME!!!

  20. Rick Jones

    Great! Make it just the way you want it. Ask for a raw egg or two.

  21. Jacinda Maio

    My boyfriend and I love to come here whenever we are in the area! Love how you can customize your food to your liking.

  22. Alrxander Stoop

    Always good the more sea food options the better

  23. Doc Ward

    Delicious every time. I’ve been several times over the years and haven’t even been disappointed. Randy was great today! Thanks!

  24. Brystol Myers

    Great food you season they cook. Healthy choices with plenty of protein and a large selection of vegetables…Stir-fried yum!

  25. Robb Hovland

    An absolute awesome place for a group event with a large corner tucked away in the corners we had 11 with us for a birthday celebration, plenty of items and toppings to choose from and the cooks do great even under extreme heat!!

    And yes they have beer 🍺 😀

  26. Emilia Enfield

    It hurts my heart to give this place an average score because it was my all time favorite restaurant chain before we moved to WA. This location however just doesn’t have it together. Almost every plate we made came out super burned (using well over the sauce number they recommend, almost twice as much on one plate). I will give them another chance as we went when it was slow. I’m hoping to enjoy it the second time around.

  27. Jose Acevedo

    I love this place; I can’t get enough of it! The only reason it gets 4 stars is because 5 times out of 10, the noodles come out a little burnt/toasted when they leave them for too long without flipping.

    Yes, it gets packed during rush hours, and you might have to wait before getting your second plate, but it is worth it.

    The sauces are very flavorful, and the combinations you can get out of them are endless!

    It doesn’t seem the cleanest compared to the one in Idaho, but it’s not disgustingly, nor unsanitary.

  28. Tianna Clemenson

    This is my favorite restaurant! I love coming here, the food is delicious! It is a buffet style restaurant, you pick your noodles, meats, then veggies all different sorts and add your sauces and they cook it right in front of you! You can create so many different flavors/styles with all the variety of sauces and toppings. We like to go during lunch just a bit cheaper and less crowded!

  29. Dave Reagan

    Great ingredients for the stir fry grill. Menu cards are provided to help diners refine their sauces. My only complaint was that it seemed short-staffed for the big lunch crowd.

  30. Tanya Hoover

    1st experience here. I thought I had Mongolian BBQ but this was different. I was worried when we went to an all you can eat because I don’t eat much at a time but this was very reasonably priced. Both my daughter and I loved our food and our server Jeff was amazing. Posting a pic but I have been on the road for a couple months and this was after we slept in a casino parking lot (free overnight parking) in-between circus shows

  31. scratchbuilt for fun

    This place is clean and on point. You will definitely get the flavor you are looking for. But the real part of what goes on is the hard working employees! They make it what it is.

  32. packerdude /Packerdudeissimo 9000

    Can’t say too much for a self serve restaurant. But I have to admit that I am very happy with a new option that they have added. They added the allergy bowl so that you don’t constantly have to tell the cooks that you have an allergy and they will just be able to tell when they see the bowl so that they know they need to clean off a special spot for your meal on the grill. It is super fun to get to watch them cook the food.

  33. mekda Tsega

    Very beautiful and clean Restaurant.
    They have huge selections of meat. Vegetable , grain and rice ..
    All you can eat, very generous dish and price is not even expensive , 12.00 for lunch , strongly recommend for someone who like fresh cook…

  34. Alan Lo

    They cater to food allergies. If requested they will give you a white bowl and the cooks scrap and clean the grill pretty well. Service was a bit everywhere in terms of sides and refills they kept forgetting to bring them.

  35. Holla

    Thank you to my followers I have a restaurant for you to try in Spokane Valley, Washington.
    All you can eat Mongolian stir fry with all the choices
    to add in the meat and veggie selection.
    We went for lunch $12.99 all you can eat. Dinner is an added $4.00
    The hostess, the waitress Kaitlyn were very friendly.
    Kudos to the chef at the grill Cameron. Service with a smile to all those present. Please add to his tip jar.
    It was a great experience.

  36. Atomic Boo

    So much fun to eat here. Menu can be a little confusing the first time around but once you get used to it it’s fantastic.

  37. Robert Norman

    What’s not to live about an all you can eat dinner?! Proteins are fresh, good selection of veggies, great sauces and always great customer service! Love eating here!

  38. Tina Bjorklund

    We went there for mother’s day and it was busy, still our server was great! The food was healthy and fun for the kids! Only one thing that could be better, the music had so much static it was irritating.

  39. Joshua Vandever

    The food bar is very expensive and their sauce bar is very clean! The food quality was amazing and the chefs were very friendly! Family friendly and good wait staff. Their bar is FAR SUOERIOR to the one in Coeur d’Alene, will be returning here any time we’re in Spokane!

  40. Sheralee Ronan

    Staff exceeded expectations Helpful and prompt. Little pricy. Improved ingredient options with zucchini noodles and sauce options

  41. Rick Ruler

    Very crowded when we went but they did a good job. Keeping up on customers spilling the sauces on the floor is not good. Need to use some else for the sauce as it’s hard to get it out without spilling. Something like a drink dispenser might work. Put you bowl under it and push the button.

  42. Marc B

    Still delish, still a great value, still a must visit. BTW, download the app. You get all kinds of cool stuff. We ate dinner and earned enough for a few entree

  43. Anthony Thompson

    I love all you can eat Mongolian and this place has it Hot! I live spicy and being able to design my dish the way I want it. They have sauces here that I didnt know existed, and they were flavorful. Thanks for a great meal. There were alot of guests but there wasn’t any wait times. I felt my needs were met and service was fast, efficient and friendly.

  44. Lily Latham-deck

    Vegetarian options: Has a good selection of vegetarian options and the separation between that and the meats is good, however the noodles are in with the meat area so be aware of that when selecting

  45. Kyle Hubbard

    HuHot Mongolian Grill omg are you kidding me whoever came up with this is a genius. Me my fiance and my good friend can’t get enough of this place. Love the food love the choices of sides of flavors to put in your food. 👍👍

  46. Fitgirl Legbusta

    There was food all over the floor. There were different kinds of food all mixed into different bins. The staff was apathetic. The uniforms were filthy. The grill plate was crusty.

    There are quite a few better ‘Mongolian’ places. This one is mostly slightly annoyed teenagers just barely making it through a shift. A shocking carnival of a business in the throes of defeatism.

  47. Breanna Post

    The food was really good. It’s an all ypu can eat Mongolian grill. So start with a smaller dish and go back for seconds once you know what you like. The meat and veggie options were great. Several sauces to choose from.

  48. rohit chowdary

    Service is not good,waiter with beard is rude to customers and threatening without understanding context and next time please don’t allot this waiter u loose many customers he is angry and biased where i lost my mood and left restaurant without having food

  49. A Berryman

    No AC, so hot physically too. Not-so-great with the cleanliness or atmosphere. If you are allergic to shellfish, you cannot do their fry. The sauces are nice. Food is good.

  50. Richard Stokes

    Damn good Mongolian grill, and the friendliest staff! This is a very family friendly restaurant where everyone can find something tasty to eat. Fresh ingredients, great sauces, and your food is always served hot! Love this place!!

  51. Zoe Albright

    Really good! They have the calorie amounts written above all the sections so you get to choose what you eat, and you can eat as much as you want! Really good, somewhat wholesome ingredients! Really great tasting food

  52. Jeremy BA

    I went here for dinner with my mom. The food was phenomenal, and I enjoyed it a lot better than the one in Spokane.

  53. Grigoriy S

    The best restaurant in town. Amazing food and service. I will come back here again and recommend to everyone.

  54. Shari Peterson

    Always delicious! Use way more sauce than you think because most of it burns off and add some oil to make it stick to your food! Don’t forget to tip the cooks! They are working hard!

  55. LA CA

    Vegan options and they’ve added more veggies! Only go if you are really hungry; it’s all you can eat! They prepare the food before your eyes, and the best part is you get to create your own dishes! You pick the meat, veggies, and noodles or rice, and sauce etc. and put them into as many bowls as you can carry to be cooked by “musical chefs” (as in musical chairs but with the chefs revolving). It’s quite the experience if you’ve never been. They have recipe cards if you don’t trust yourself to concoct a dish. If you have food allergies, I would avoid this place like the plague because everything is cooked in the same vicinity along with several other people’s dishes. The grille is one large circle and excess food is scraped off into the center of the grille where there is some sort of disposal system. Food flies and you’ll lose some of the food you brought up to the grille so be generous with the amount of food you select to be cooked.

  56. Kayla R

    I love the Mongolian Grill here and the food is always amazing! My go-to place!

  57. Ethan Hval

    Absolutely one of the best Mongolian grills in the area. Definitely recommend. We had excellent service the entire night

  58. Aja Owens

    This is our favorite place to eat. Frah ingredients you choose and they cook right in front of you. Never disappoints

  59. Bryan Baker

    My teenage daughter loves this place. Its goes right through me but it sure is great fun. Great service and friendly

  60. Elena V.

    Great place. You create your own plate and the cooks fry it in front of you. It was our First time there, so I overloaded my ingredients. So I would recommend just a small hip on the small plates they have for the ingredients: one for meats/ carbs and one for veggies. Also, take a look first at all the ingredient options. I did not see the fish and went with chicken. I wish I saw the fish. Same goes for potatoes instead of rice or noodles. Pretty pricy too. 35$ for 2. We will eat here again when we are in the area!

  61. Denise Berry

    Everything is made perfect. Soo many sauces to choose from 10 times better then moons Mongolian! Huhot is my favorite place to eat

  62. Dakota everett

    The place is so gross. Food all over the floor, food mixed together. The floors are covered in grease and people slipping. Service sucked. Here for an hour and the waiter talked to us once. Didn’t get the food that was supposed to come with the meal. Waiters ignored our group all night. Would not recommend this place.

  63. Jim Birkeland

    Great food and good atmosphere! The staff was very kind and helpful!

  64. Brandon Price

    My favorite restaurant in town, absolute must try if you’re in the area. I’ve been to the one in CDA and the original in Missoula, the one in Spokane Valley is by far the best

    So good.. 🤤

  65. Jim Shaw

    Great food at a good price? All of the employees were very friendly and courteous! Highly recommend!

  66. Savannah Kimm

    Food is great, service is a little slow of you order any appetizers or desserts, but the rest is self serve essentially. Big place, lots of variety.

  67. Chris Cogburn (Tokintoker)

    Great food… Great portions too… Great environment!!!! The staff was amazing as well!!!! Right on top of refills and help!!!! Will definitely be coming back and recommending it to others!!!!!

  68. Bryce Clifton

    Came in tonight (friday) at 9:08pm. Hours posted say 10pm close, and there were other guests standing at the wok waiting for their food to be cooked, but the host told us they were closed. “New policy. They just changed our hours.” “Oh the sign says til 10” “oh is there a sign? They uh just started it today.”
    He wasnt very good at lying and that was obvious. As a server for many years, I wanna know what restaurant reduces weekend hours and starts the policy the second weekend of a month?
    BS, and totally unacceptable to have staff turn away customers an hour before close because he wants friday night off.
    Guess Ill go to any of the several other Mongolian places around Spokane for sure now.

  69. Carmen Schoenmaker

    Always good food. For a good price. Only had one cook and we had to wait in line for over 30 minutes utes for him to cook our lunch. Was not cool. If they are going to have a 10 or 15 table of people yet need a back up cook.

  70. Tim Lee

    Love HuHot. I have been going to HuHot for over ten years. They never disappoint. Service is always excellent. I can truly say that they are one of my favorite restaurants.

  71. Leigh Fox

    Quick, fresh ingredients. Nice to customize everything down to the sauces to your taste.

  72. Lance Morris

    Quality ingredients, friendly staff. I’ve been here many times before, and I’ll be back.

  73. Paul Frost

    Such a great place to get lunch or dinner. We go regularly and have a consistently wonderful experience.

  74. B Oleynik

    They have recipes available on a stand that you can choose from. If you want to try for yourself and not use one of recipe cards you can also choose your own ingredients to make your meal. You can watch the chefs cook your dishes for you right in front of you while you wait at the counter. The food turned out good.

  75. Cheri Dietz

    Good selection of veggies and meats! Great customer service and clean restaurant. The seating area has good locations around the food areas

  76. Eleigha Venema

    Way over crowded, understaffed and if you have food allergies, peanuts, shellfish ect… seriously avoid

  77. Anthony Michalski

    Love this place! Great Mongolian BBQ! Delicious!

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