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6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


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Jenny’s Cafe

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA













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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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67 reviews for “Jenny’s Cafe

  1. Downward Spiral

    This is an awesome place to eat! They close by 2pm, so their specialty seems to be breakfast, and they do it well. As a bonus, they have a specialty strawberry jelly you get wt meal, of which THEY MAKE & jar up fresh nightly. They don’t seem to be a commercial establishment (which is a win in my opinion). This generally means they are more personable & friendly, & they are. You would imagine the price would be more, but its not. Even if it was I would rather spend my money on those worth it, then eating at corporate places that cut corners at the cost of quality.

  2. dan winnie

    Fast service. The food was good and the place was clean. Typical Cafe style restaurant. Friendly staff.

  3. Willy Stylez

    Good home style cooking and the wait staff was very friendly.

  4. Rebekka Weitman

    Our meal was great! But our experiance was a little but of a roller coaster ride. We had to share a table with a divider so it was to weird lol. Then our original server whom started out awesome stood and LOUDLY chatted with our neighboring table for 20 minutes before she pawned us off on another server without even taking our order. Thankfully she was absolutely wonderful and got our food out to us with amazing speed! In the end we liked the ambiance and the food enough to return.

  5. Jeff Wear

    Food was good as usual but $3.99 for a cup of coffee is pretty freaking ridiculous!

  6. Shanna Simmons

    A couple good friends of mine have worked at Jenny’s since the first day. Friendly family enviornment. Cool vintage/rustic decor. You’ll love it!!!

  7. Kiya Kraushaar

    seriously such kind people, they constantly ask if you need refills and make sure you have the best experience, they genuinely care. Plus the food is amazing AND the entire atmosphere of the restaurant itself is amazing

  8. Cassandra Schliep

    Great old school family feel restaurant!! Food tasted excellent and loved the all you could eat hash browns!

  9. Sierra H

    Awesome staff. Go in early to beat the rush. Their skillets are big and delicious. Also have my favorite Nutella crepes here.

  10. Erik Henson

    A great, traditional American food Cafe with a some “modern” items on the menu as well. Great staff and a super friendly waitress. It really had a friendly, home town feel to it. We had breakfast there, I had the Dad’s Omelet. It was pretty good. It was a traditional rolled omlet with the ingredients inside, like a burrito, not those lazy, folded in half scramble type omlets that so many places seem to make these days. Very crispy hash browns and pretty decent gravy. I don’t know if the freezer jam was homemade, but sure tasted like it. I also loved crepes with raspberry. If I lived around there I’d definitely visit there more often.

  11. Joseph Arlt

    Best breakfast in town!! Hands down!! Their pancakes are to die for. Their portions will leave you fat and happy. And the service is always spot on, kind, and prompt.

  12. Todd Leinweber

    Excellent food and service. The employees were polite, friendly, and competent. I’ll definitely eat here again.

  13. Curt Engeland

    My first time at Jenny’s and the place is delightful. We arrived close to closing time and we were seated promptly and served a tasty and substantial meal. I had taco omelet and my companion had bacon and egg. I recommend this cafe.

  14. Ty Snider

    Great breakfast at a great price. Friendliest customer service in the valley.

  15. Rebecca Walker

    We walked in 10 mins to closing. And they still served us food. (We didn’t do this on purpose.) We offered to leave, they said no worries, seat yourself. The staff treated us as if we had been customers since the day they opened. It was our first time in. Super friendly. The cooks did not take shirt cuts, as I’m sure they were ready to leave, since the kitchen was cleaned up for the day. They stayed and made us a delicious meal. We will return.

  16. Brandee Benicken

    Friendly service, great tasting food served hot and unlimited french fries – this place is worth a visit!

  17. Melissa V

    Best breakfast food every. Ooey gooey Cinnamon roll is to die for. It was our first time there and will not be our last.

  18. April Dawn

    The whole menu is delish . Those waffles are a treat!

  19. Jane Heney

    You know I have had a complaint or two about a place before, but this one definitely takes the cake. Their prices were high. My husband didn’t know the coffee was about $4 each. My husband ordered chicken fried steak that came with sausage gravy and I ordered a chicken omelet that came with sausage gravy and biscuits the total bill for it was over $36 plus tax and tip. But the really bad part was the taste of the sausage gravy. It was orange in color and didn’t taste anything like sausage gravy. It tasted like old cooking grease and whatever the meat was is anyones guess. Totally gross and I’ve never said that about any food that I’ve ever had out before. I couldn’t eat it. My husband said the same thing about it. I think they forgot to add cheese to my omelet. Tasted very dry and I couldn’t keep anything on the fork unless I separately poked it on with the fork. My husband wasn’t sure what kind of meat they used for his chicken fried steak but it was a nice large piece a meat but nothing like any chicken fried steak he has ever had. We both agree never again.
    I hope if they read this they will go check and find out what real sausage gravy is and also chicken fried steak. Sad thing is we went there because it was rated for stars and we find that most small cafes do a great job with great prices. I’m really sad to be having to post something like this.

  20. Devon Vawter

    First time here and my first thoughts were “what a wonderful place”!
    We sit at our table and all you hear is a waitress using her “outside voice” talking to another worker about how far behind she is on her bills and about getting this or that shut off due to being so farrrr behind…. holding the conversation across the building and into the back.

    This alone ruined the experience 😕

    My wife and I will be back for another try. The food was good and the menu extensive!

  21. Mary Compogno

    Daughter invited me to lunch at Jenny’s and it was good! Food was delicious and service was friendly and fast. Dined in. 😎

  22. Jared Denney

    Excellent homestyle breakfast and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

  23. Billie Rentz

    Food was amazing went for a mother’s day brunch , nice portions nice price nice people

  24. Marilyn Nielson

    It was the first time for all of us to go to Jenny’s Café on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. They were so busy, about a 20 minute wait before they could seat us. The waitresses were so nice, they were ‘up’! Our personal waitress was an absolute gem, she was fast, efficient and personable. (We left her a big fat tip!). Everyone agreed, there was four in our party, that we would come back here again and again!! If I could, I would give them a 10 star rating. Signed, ‘ A really satisfied customer’!! 👍🌹

  25. Rich Yokel

    Most expensive coffee ☕ in the Pacific Northwest! $4/cup!?!? Nice homey antique atmosphere, waitresses are very nice, military 🎖️ discount for my fellow veterans, the food is reasonably priced, and the best touch of all is that they love their customers enough to serve ketchup that doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it. For me, it lessens the blow of $4/cup of coffee ☕! 😎

  26. Patti Lee

    We had breakfast there today. We ordered the chicken fried steak and was very disappointed. It was tough, dry and dark by overcooking it. Could only eat a portion of it, we mentioned it and was told it had to be cooked to a specific temp which we understood but the cook went way past that point. We even took the chicken fried steak home and the Dog would NOT even eat it and that’s never happened before. The other food, including the hashbrowns( very disappointing) was very bland. No discounts offered either for the disappointing food. The waitresses were awesome and very nice.

  27. JessieandherBabies

    We love this restaurant. It’s our favorite place for breakfast!

  28. Jeffrey Clemens

    This place is amazing! People are super friendly, lots of locals seem to come here. Many of the guests know the servers by name meaning they have a large repeat customer base.

    Portions are generous for a reasonable price and service is fast. My chicken fried steak was wonderfully made!

  29. Jamie Bennett

    Food was cold and way over cooked. Told them about it only and they did nothing about it charged us full menu price. Will never eat there again.. horrible food

  30. Max Lommers

    Had a great california Benedict here. There were unlimited hashbrowns here, and my family and I made sure to take advantage of that.

  31. Sara Griffin

    Mini veggie omelet with hollandaise sauce added was DELICIOUS!! And plenty of food for one person. Fabulous coffee and great service!!

  32. Jenny Bliesner

    I love this place and not only because I share the name. The food is so good! Best breakfast place in Spokane.

  33. Raymond Holten

    Was seated right away. Waitress was friendly and courteous. Coffee refills were on time and hot. Food was delicious and hot. An overall excellent experience. Will definitely try and come back.

  34. lil frito

    Usually the food is good but order the steak this morning and it was the worst thing I have ever eaten wouldn’t even feed it to a dog

  35. Shirlea Fletcher

    Delicious food and fairly inexpensive. Big fan of them having homemade jams too 👌

  36. Kevin Deesten

    Always great food. Great breakfasts with all you can eat hashbrowns
    Got to try the Cinnamon rolls!

  37. gcleff11

    Great griddle fare for both breakfast and lunch. Always busy, with friendly and efficient servers. Nice country decor. Best to leave your veganism in the driver’s seat, and keep on driving past this place, Princess…

  38. Aimee Swager

    Get the cinnamon roll!!
    Everything is really good and there’s a large variety to choose from. The portion sizes are large, so you’ll be full when you leave.
    You won’t be disappointed!

  39. Douglas Womack

    Very good Eggs Benedict. Food was cooked to my liking. Great friendly service.

  40. Liesa Mueller

    Our waitresses were fun and our breakfast was outstanding !

  41. Kristi Eaton

    Great breakfast, friendly staff and an old fashioned “homey” vibe. My husband and I both agreed that Jenny’s had the best tasting pancakes (sweet cream) we’ve ever had at a restaurant. We will definitely be going back for more!

  42. Mark Milewski

    Great Eggs Benedict! Get homefries instead of hashbrowns and get some country gravy to dip in. 😋

  43. Richard Harmon

    This is good place to show up early for breakfast, especially if you have a large number of people in your group. Waiting lines are to be expected. Coffee is so,so.

  44. Jeremy BA

    My mom and I went there for breakfast after finding another restaurant was closed.
    The food was pretty decent and the coffee was so-so.
    I was surprised that the coffee was free.
    Overall, it was a pretty decent service, despite the waitress, who did a superb job.

  45. Angelo Chavez

    first time experience. Great food and service. Bring an appetite 😋. I will always go there from now on. Go early very busy, popular place..Angelo

  46. Shawn (Nohealsforu)

    The best breakfast I’ve ever had. Service was amazing, staff was constantly checking on us making sure we had everything we needed. Even the jam was perfect. Couldn’t help but eat every crumb off my plate. I am from Seattle and I’m brainstorming road trips that will have us pass through here just for this breakfast. Cheers

  47. Justin B

    Hearty sized delicious breakfast and lunch options served hot and quick by peppy super friendly staff. I always leave with leftovers.

  48. Carrie Cole

    Kid-friendliness: They have things for the kiddos to sit in and on. And I do believe they have a child’s menu. Plus they have kiddos pancakes 🥞 with the yummy stuff on them 😋

  49. Eric Svenonius

    Food is tasty and decent portions. Service is fast even when they are busy. Nice ambience!

  50. Kristine Smith

    Amazing food. Big plate with lots of food. The decor is cool. Good prices and great service. I recommend that you stop in if you are in the area. Loved it!!!

  51. Lpfjscj

    First time for my friend and I and it’s a really cute restaurant. Comfortable and don’t forget that it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT hash browns and or country potatoes. Hash browns could be cooked a little more done and coffee a bit weak but we’d definitely go back.

  52. James McIntosh

    Wanted to branch out and visit a “mom and pop” type breakfast place that I hadn’t been to yet. Jenny’s was great!!! When I go to a place that has a Monte on the menu I feel like I am obligated to get it. I use it as a “measuring stick” lol If a place has a horrible Monte then I probably won’t come back lol Jenny’s did FANTASTIC! It was actual French toast used for the bread. Won’t lie and say it was the “BEST”…but it was damn good! The potatoes were on point! My daughter really enjoyed her waffle …I tried just one bite but I don’t need diabetes that bad lol …Overall SUPER amazing value for the price and super friendly service, I highly recommend.

  53. DJ L

    First time eating breakfast here. Atmosphere was friendly and safe, great for family and friends to come to have a wonderful and great food 😊

  54. Greg Purviance

    First time supporting this local business. Great service and wonderful breakfast we will definitely go back.

  55. James Clifford

    Good food, great service, comfortable dining, 2 thumbs up!
    Ordered the Dads favorite omelet with a Belgium waffle. Great choice, very flavourful . Invited newcomer that really liked the food and atmosphere.

  56. robert williams

    Great atmosphere. Fantastic Service. And the best ” hand breaded” chicken fried steak I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Can’t believe I’ve lived in spokane for 30 years and just recently found this place. Can’t wait to return

    Edit 10/9/22
    Idk but it seems they may have changed the breading on the cfs? I could be wrong but def tastes different today

  57. Pixel Stephens

    The food here is quite good in comparison to other breakfast places in the Valley. They always have some interesting specials up for grabs! However, do not come here on a weekend. The service is painfully slow. The waitress seemed nice but it took over an hour just to get my order taken and then about 45 minutes for the food. She didn’t apologize to us about the wait or inform us about any delays in the kitchen.

  58. Amanda Ewing

    Wow, so yummy! Can’t believe I waited to try it. Staff was delightful, food came out quickly and was fresh and flavorful. I can’t wait to go back!

  59. Jared Bogyo

    Excellent food! Homemade jam, and unlimited hash browns! Fantastic service as always, loved my breakfast burrito 🌯

  60. Dave Farmer

    Best chicken fried steak in Spokane! Jenny’s has absolutely amazing food and service; their portions are spot on. Not too much, but satisfying. Very reasonably priced menu with more than enough selection to satisfy everyone in your party. The decor is so cute! I love the staff there, they were on top of it and so welcoming. Definitely a top pick for regular dining in my book!

  61. Stephani Norby

    Last spring I ordered chicken fried steak and it was over cooked, dried, hard impossible to eat. Today I tried them again and the eggs were way under cooked, the gravy and biscuits cold, the chicken fried steak was warm.
    I will never go back. It was my favorite breakfast place for over a decade.
    The plates weren’t cleared from the table until we left the restaurant.

  62. Bryan Knecht

    Great food ,service and you will not leave Hungary. Big portions of anything ordered and all you can eat hash browns.

  63. Joseph Garcia

    I should have known not to come here because of the name being the same name as my ex-wife. Not sure why this restaurant has four stars. The special was the most expensive item on the receipt. Ordered one coffee got charged for two. Got a gluten-free breakfast and got charged extra for the gluten-free even though it wasn’t advertised as extra. The service was great but the food quality was awful. Hash browns were luke warm strange texture and the pumpkin waffle was strangely the same. 3.99 Denny’s quality coffee and a normal Grand slam style breakfast was $14.99 advertised as their special.

  64. joey rosa

    Great Place to eat Breakfast food is very Good!! Oh Yeah the Cinnamon Rolls are to Die For

  65. Sara R

    Everyone here is wonderful. They can have a wait but the food is worth it. This is one of my families favorite breakfast places. We have been going for years. They make a point to learn the names of their regulars.

  66. SM

    Jenny’s Cafe is another local favorite. Good food and service.
    A little hard to spot unless you know. (just west of Discount Tire)
    Always a great place to eat.

  67. Russ Kircher

    Had a great lunch with the family today prices were not bad for amount and quality off food and service 👍👍highly recommend

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