739 W Main St, Auburn, WA 98001


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2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm


2:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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Kampo Cuisine

Chinese Restaurant in Auburn, WA



1. Egg Rolls (3 pieces) $3.99

Vegetable egg rolls

2. Edamame $4.99

3. Crab Cheese Wonton $6.99

4. Fried Red Bean Bun (3pieces) $7.99

Fried buns filled with red bean paste and coated with white sugar

5. Pot Stickers $7.99

6. Steamed Dumplings $7.99

7. Fried Pork Meat Wonton $7.99

8. BBQ Pork Bun (3 pieces) $8.99

9. Hot Spicy Wonton $8.99

10. Dumplings with Spicy Soup $8.99

11. Egg Rolls & Fried Pot Stickers $9.99

12. Cheese Wonton & BBQ Pork $9.99

13. BBQ Pork $9.99

14. Salt & Pepper Pork Chop $10.99

Thinly cut fried pork chops topped with salt and pepper, white and green onions, and garlic seasoning

15. Salt & Pepper Chicken Meat(boneless) $10.99

Fried chicken thigh nuggets topped with salt and pepper, white and green onions, and garlic seasoning

16. Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings $12.99

Fried chicken wings topped with salt and pepper, white and green onions, and garlic seasoning

17. Golden Four $12.99

A sample platter containing egg rolls, crab cheese wonton, fried pot stickers, and BBQ pork

18. Honey Prawns $13.99


with Noodle or Rice Noodle Add $1.50

1. Egg Flower Soup (medium) $5.50 / (large) $8.99

2. Hot & Sour Soup (medium) $5.50 / (large) $9.50

3. Wonton Soup (medium) $6.00 / (large) $9.99

4. Tom Yum Soup $10.99

20. Wor Wonton Soup $11.99

Mixed vegetables (broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, onion) along with chicken, shrimp, BBQ pork, glass noodles, and wontons in chicken broth


1. Vegetable Fried Rice $9.99

2. Pork Fried Rice $9.99

3. BBQ Pork Fried Rice $9.99

4. Chicken Fried Rice $10.99

5. Bacon Broccolis Fried Rice $10.99

6. Sausage Broccoli Fried Rice $10.99

7. Beef Fried Rice $10.99

8. Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice $11.99

9. Pineapple Bacon Fried Rice $11.99

10. Shrimp Fried Rice $12.99

11. Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice $12.99

12. House Special Fried Rice $12.99

Fried rice containing BBQ pork, chicken, and shrimp

13.Steamed White Rice (small) $3.00 / (large) $5.00

14. Broccoli Shrimp Fried Rice $13.99

15. Spicy Shrimp Chicken Fried Rice $13.99

16. Shrimp Beef Fried Rice $13.99

17. Coconut Chicken Fried Rice $12.99

18. Coconut Shrimp Fried Rice $13.99

19. Garlic Shrimp Chicken Fried Rice $13.99


or Noodle Add $1.00

1. Pork Chop Baked Rice $12.99

Cheese-topped thinly cut pork chops, onions, and mushrooms in tomato sauce over baked rice. Substitute noodles add $1.00

2. Chicken Baked Rice $12.99

3. Beef Baked Rice $12.99

4. Curry Chicken Baked Rice $13.99

Chicken, celery, onions, cabbage in a curry sauce topped with shredded coconut over baked rice Substitute noodles add $1.00

5. Curry Pork Chop Baked Rice $13.99

6. Curry Beef Baked Rice $14.99

7. Seafood Baked Rice $14.99

Cheese-topped mussels, shrimp, imitation crab, broccoli, onions, cabbage in a creamy sauce over baked rice. Substitute noodles add $1.00

8. Shrimp w. Broccoli Baked Rice $14.99

9. Curry Seafood Baked Rice $14.99

Mussels, shrimp, imitation crab, mixed veggies in a curry sauce topped with shredded coconut over baked rice. Substitute noodles add $1.00


Soft Noodle / Rice Noodle (Pan Fried Add $1.50)

1. Vegetable Chow Mein $10.99

2. Pork Chow Mein $10.99

3. Chicken Chow Mein $10.99

4. BBQ Pork Chow Mein $10.99

5. Beef Chow Mein $11.99

6. Shrimp Chow Mein $11.99

7. Black Pepper Beef Chow Mein $11.99

8. House Special Chow Mein $12.99

Chow mein containing BBQ pork, chicken, and shrimp

49. Beef Tomato Chow Mein $12.99

51. Xiamen Fried Rice Noodle $12.99

Sweet & sour, tomatoes, shrimp, pork


1. Vegetable Rice Noodle $10.99

2. Pork Rice Noodle $10.99

3. Chicken Rice Noodle $10.99

4. BBQ Pork Rice Noodle$10.99

5. Beef Rice Noodle $11.99

6. Shrimp Rice Noodle $12.99

7. House Special Rice Noodle $12.99

Sautéed rice noodles containing BBQ pork, chicken, and shrimp

8. Singapore Fried Rice Noodle $12.99


1. Vegetable Egg Foo Young $10.99

2. BBQ Pork Egg Foo Young $11.99

3. Chicken Egg Foo Young $12.99

4. Beef Egg Foo Young $12.99

5. Shrimp Egg Foo Young $13.99

6. House Special Egg Foo Young $14.99

Egg foo young containing BBQ pork, chicken, and shrimp


1. Sweet & Sour Pork $10.99

2. Pork with Garlic Sauce $10.99

3. Mu Shu Pork(4pancakes) $11.99

4. Pork w. Mixed Vegetables $10.99

5. Bacon w. Cabbage $10.99

6. Pork Chop w. Black Pepper Sauce $11.99

7. Pork Chop w. Curry Sauce $11.99

Mu Shu Pork & Shrimp $14.99


1. Honey Chicken $11.99

2. Sweet & Sour Chicken $11.99

3. Mongolian Chicken $12.99

4. Lemon Fried Chicken $11.99

5. Broccoli Chicken $11.99

6. Chicken w. Mixed Vegetables $11.99

7. Chicken w. Black Bean Sauce $11.99

8. Kung Pao Chicken $11.99

Mu Shu Chicken& Shrimp $14.99

9. Garlic Chicken $11.99

10. Curry Chicken $11.99

11. Mu Shu Chicken(4 pancakes) $12.99

12. Almond Fried Chicken $11.99

13. Mandarin Fried Chicken $11.99

14. Orange Fried Chicken $11.99

15. General Tao’s Chicken $11.99

16. Cashew Chicken $11.99

17. Sesame Fried Chicken $11.99

18. Chicken w. Black Bean Sauce $11.99


1. Mongolian Beef $12.99

2. Beef with Mixed Vegetables $12.99

Mu Shu Beef $14.99

3. Broccoli Beef $12.99

4. Szechuan Beef $12.99

5. Beef with Black Bean Sauce $12.99

6. Curry Beef $12.99

7. Sesame Beef $12.99

8. Orange Beef $12.99

9. Braised Beef $12.99

10. Beef with Black Pepper Sauce $12.99

Mu Shu Beef & Chicken $14.99


1. Sweet & Sour Prawns $13.99

2. Curry Prawns $13.99

3. Szechuan Prawns $13.99

4. Cashew Prawns $13.99

5. Kung Pao Prawns $13.99

6. Mu Shu Shrimp (4 pancakes) $14.99

7. Prawns with Mixed Vegetables $13.99

8. Happy Family $15.99

Broccoli, mushrooms, celery, cabbage, shrimp, chicken, beef, BBQ pork, imitation crab meat sautéed in oyster sauce

Shrimp with Broccoli $13.99


1. Broccoli with Garlic Sauce $9.99

2. Garlic Mixed Vegetables $9.99

3. Tofu Mixed Vegetables $9.99

4. Curry Mixed Vegetables $10.99

5. Mu Shu Vegetables (4 pancakes) $10.99

113. Ma Po Tofu $12.99


Large orders may take longer to prepare.

Choice of Soup: Hot & Sour, Egg Flower, Wonton Soup

Choice of Rice: BBQ Pork Fried Rice or Steamed Rice

Appetizers: Egg Roll, BBQ Pork & Cheese Fried Wonton

Dinner for Two $34.99

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef

Dinner for Three $45.99

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken

Dinner for Four $60.99

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Walnut Prawns

Dinner for Five $74.99

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Walnut Prawns, Mu Shu Pork

Dinner for Six $86.99

Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Walnut Prawns, Mu Shu Pork, House Chow Mein

Dinner for Seven $99.99

Appetizers, Soup, Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef, Sesame Chicken, Walnut Prawns, Mu Shu Pork, House Chow Mein, Happy Family











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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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21 reviews for “Kampo Cuisine

  1. Cristian Rodriguez

    Very tasty Chinese food and personnel. You have to call their number when you get there to pick up your food and they bring it out to your car. I even got a complimentary soda!

  2. Touched. By De'a

    It was one of the best I’ve ever had. My family enjoyed every bite.

  3. Josiah Baldwin

    Super friendly, great service, and amazing food

  4. Patrick Potter

    Actually excellent Chinese Cuisine!

  5. Danny Frantsevich

    Got the Singapore rice noodles. Nice thick portion for price I paid. Flavor is also on point.

  6. Joel Smith

    Great food, great price and great people. My family loves this place, if you have not tried it, please do as you will surprised at how good it is..

  7. Hector Avila

    I drive by this place all the time finally decided to stop and now I regret I didnt stop here sooner, food was amazing tasted like true home cooking, lady behind the counter was a sweet heart,

  8. Kelsey Holmes

    Since moving to the area a little over a year ago we have gone to Kampo for our Chinese food cravings and are always happy with it! Delicious food, great service, even included free sodas for our daughters. The Kung Pao chicken, Chow Mein and Sweet & Sour chicken were some of our staples. Highly recommend!

  9. Roxanne Hohl


    -beef broccoli
    -honey walnut shrimp
    -beef lo mein (just wish the noodles were thicker, but that’s just my preference)
    -shrimp fried rice!

  10. Marie McKenzie

    It was a wonderful experience ordering from kampo. The food was fres,hot and tasty. I will be ordering again for a fa.ily event

  11. mia boyd

    Authentic chinese cuisine, made it right and my golly was it divine. Will return thanks it was very delightful.

  12. Nate Swanson

    Called in order for dinner combination only to get call back 15 mins later to say sorry they don’t do dinner combos anymore. This place has been declining for awhile now and just lost our business. Go elsewhere save your time and money.

  13. DTanShin Jewelz

    Food was delicious and portions were generous we even got some freebies for the amount of order we placed which was just awesome! Definitely our new go to place for Chinese food!!

  14. Monica Robbins

    Excellent food and service!

  15. Minor but Major

    My new favorite place! I ordered today for the first time and am very impressed. Totally will be recommending this place to my friends

  16. Tawp Meedown

    It’s Thanksgiving and everything is closed. Luckily i came by this hidden gem. I bought a family combo and on top of the hefty portions they give. They also gave me free appetizers n drinks. The food was delicious. The Mongolian beef was second to none. Will definitely recommend!

  17. Moses C

    Everything i’ve gotten so far is amazing i would recommend it to anyone to be fair. They’re also really generous and customer service is better than happy express!

  18. GTB

    1st time ordering food from them. Convenient, friendly, will definitely try them again.

  19. Bobbe Hughes

    Since our go to Chinese restaurant is permanently :{ closed we started looking for a new place, tried Kampo Cuisine / Auburn loved the Shrimp dish, soft noodle chicken chow main not my favorite, but we will try again to be fair will try other dishes. Owner was very nice & might have delivered next time.

  20. Emily Krenzer

    Great food, the friendliest people.

  21. Allen Averkamp

    Always great food, small family operation that loves their customers. They are truly trying to live the American dream.

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