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Kokoro Ramen

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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48 reviews for “Kokoro Ramen

  1. Benjamin Lewin

    After too many bad attitudes and greasy broths, unfortunately I cannot recommend this place. The quality is inconsistent and prices are high. Additional ramen toppings are stingily portioned and taste as if they haven’t been kept properly. Three separate times I have tried the pork katsu buns to be let down with a dry, scant bite.

    I’ve patronized this business many times and given generous tips. I’m a big proponent of supporting local businesses, especially Japanese cuisine. The straw to break the camel’s back was a call I made tonight to inquire about delivery.

    Kokoro Ramen lists a delivery option on their site, however, they do not deliver.

    The person who answered the phone made me feel like an inconvenience and an annoyance. They would only respond in one word answers. A simple call felt like pulling teeth. The person wouldn’t offer me any alternatives or suggestions.

    I think it’s a bad decision to be so kurt to a loyal customer, especially coming out of trying times the pandemic has seen with privately owned restaurants. I will no longer eat at an establishment that doesn’t value me as a customer or at least have the decency (or sense) to be polite. Good luck, Kokoro.

  2. Kaori Nanaharu

    Amazing flavors, black garlic ramen was so good, crispy tastey eggrolls, and the boba is awesome too. Definitely gonna be back! 🖤

  3. Dale Mangum

    Amazing. Ramen and milk tea was perfect.
    I highly recommend giving it a try

  4. Sean Stoutimore

    Food was really good, but service was nonexistent. Sat for almost 25 minutes before our order was taken, and even then we were seen only after another table walked up and complained. Ordered a few appetizers, some ramen for my son and I, and a rice dish for my wife. Wife’s food never even showed up. Won’t be back, at least not for dine in.

  5. Alex Vann

    All of the food was good just the customer service wasn`t so great. The server didn’t seem that welcoming of us being there. She ignored us pretty much every time we said thank you for something before and after she brought our food. And the server we had just ignored us for the remainder of the time we were there when we needed a take out box.

  6. Rich Postera

    Delicious food, ordered and delivered by Uber Eats. Food was neatly packaged, and all food was the perfect temperature upon arrival.

  7. RedFangTabris

    Best ramen in Spokane! Amazing boba as well.

  8. freedragon661

    Great service friendly people first time eating here and the food was delicious cant wait to come back!

  9. Cody TuathaDé

    So normally I really don’t care I guess I might just be hungry which is causing me to be more annoyed
    The 1 and only reason I giving this review is due to the customer service, I called to ask about a recipe change and was answered by someone who never gave their name, after I asked how their day was I was met with a shirt and curt what can I do for you, then After explaining what I was looking for they didn’t let me know I was being put on hold just kind of disappeared for a few minutes only to tell me he doesn’t know them After I responded thank you (while still trying to decide of I want to give it another shot ) just hangs up on me.
    Look I don’t need an apology however I hope this lets management know that with the economy as it is, you can’t afford to treat people who call in like this if you want to survive, there are WAY to many other food options, eh just my unasked for 2 cents hope this aspect of their company improves

    Food: used to be great haven’t tried in a while b/c they changed their chicken and rice teriyaki recipe last year due to sauce shortages

  10. Arceus Gaming

    I absolutely love Kokoro Ramen! They are very kind, treat the customers extremely well! In what feels like the past 2 years of ordering food from them, they have always treated me kindly! Thank you guys for being so good! ♥

  11. Tony C

    The Minced Pork and Rice tasted like dog-food served on a bed of watery white rice. It was topped with an ice cold hard-boiled egg that was supposed to be warm and soft-boiled. I took two bites, paid, and left as fast as possible. A waste of $15 that I resent now. I’ve only left 8 reviews on Google my whole life–almost all 5-star, so watch out for this place.

  12. Sergio Bobadilla

    Starting to be my favorite place to get Ramen in spokane area. Their spicy katsu ramen is too good and affordable. Highly recommend it and ofcourse can’t go wrong with Boba smoothies, they have a whole lot of options. Always happy to go there!

  13. Jake Sims

    Definitely not as good as king of ramen but it’s closer to me so at least there is that, but today in my to go order the ramen had about half the ingredients it should including no soft boiled egg and hardly any meat, also the karage was extremely overcooked hard and stringy. I called and notified them of the issue and instead of being helpful or even sorry at the occurrence they were rude and offered me absolutely nothing in return. If you don’t want to give away food then serve people the correct order in the first place.

    100% will not go back
    the food is better and they will take responsibility for their own mistakes.

  14. Serena Dunn

    Yep yuck yuck yuck yuck this is not my idea of top ramen freaking freeze dried seaweed it’s probably good for people that like that kind of noodle soup for me I thought it was disgusting it was gross I didn’t like it I didn’t even like the bra but the Bobo drinks are bomb

  15. BorninthePNW

    We are here for the first time tonight. Our waitress was awesome. She was very friendly and answered all of our questions. The restaurant was very clean. We ordered the Katsu Ramen, Vegetarian Ramen, Chicken Teriyaki with rice, Fried Tofu Appetizer, and Jumbo Shrimp Appetizer. The boba teas were all good…we ordered Thai Tea, Pineapple, and Strawberry Milk Tea. I wish I had left room for the mochi ice cream. My son had been wanting to try “authentic ramen” for a while now, and we saw this place and figured we would try it. It turned out to be a great decision! We will definitely be back to try some different menu items. It was a great Saturday early evening dinner!

  16. Jenny “J Bird” H

    Really good but I suggest eating in rather than taking it to go. Prices are reasonable. Cute little restaurant.

  17. TheSphinx

    We ordered vegetable ramen and tonkotsu shoyu ramen. I have been a vegetarian since the age of 11. Whether you agree with that lifestyle or not, accidentally eating meat or broth could make me very sick. And just on a basic level it’s good to know which meal is actually yours or not. When our food came via door dash, neither of the broths were labeled. We attempted to call the restaurant. They picked up the first time but didn’t say anything and hung up. We called a second time and someone answered but when we said something they didn’t respond so we ended the call. Then I tried to call twice and both times it went to voicemail.

  18. legotroop

    I’ve gone here twice and both times they’ve been out of the majority of their menu. The second time they somehow didn’t have any beverages besides tea or water, just outright crossing off their sodas?

    They gave us our main food first and never gave us our appetizers instead just leaving it on the counter so we had to go up and get it ourselves which was really weird.

    The first time in I assumed it was just bad timing and they were having a bad day but a month later I go back and they are somehow out of even more of the items on their menu, and while not as big a deal to me the employees don’t give off the most welcoming atmosphere.

    The food was priced high in contrast to the service and the food ended up not sitting well at all later.

  19. Joseph Seo

    I had the black garlic Ramen and it was amazing! The broth had a rich and deep flavor and the noodles were cook perfectly. The charsu was soft and tender. BUT the taro milk tea was gross…. it tasted super watered down with no flavor, very disappointing….

  20. israel raymond

    The ramen was very Bland katsu chicken was chewy looking for the waiter could never find them very dusty and dirty atmosphere.

  21. Bryanna McGann

    Restaurant was cool, I guess I’m personally not a fan of ramen. But they had milk teas and smoothies for days. The beef and rice plate was just like a grandmas casserole

  22. River Hagen (Average Riv)

    I usually don’t write negatives, but food was so gross we didn’t even eat it ): Got the Karaaga chicken, tonkotsu ramen, beef rice, and a passion fruit boba. Even the boba was garbage. Extremely disappointed. $45 later and were ordering food again somewhere else

  23. Kesslyn Hammrich

    The past few times we’ve gotten food from this location, the quality and care seems to have dipped. The last time we went there were multiple ingredients missing from the ramen including the chasu. If the restaurant is out of certain ingredients they should call the customer to let them know or at least give out a discount because honestly the prices are pretty insane considering the lack of attention now being put into the food.

  24. Margaret McCoy

    We were greeted and seated promptly. The bobba was refreshing, and the ramen was filling. The spicy is actually spicy, so get the spice on the side if you want to temper the amount you get. Our dishes were more noodle heavy than veg, but that wasn’t an issue for us. Glad we made this pit stop on our way through Spokane.

  25. Bailey Sampson

    Great new ramen shop. We enjoyed our ramen and a variety of appetisers. The karaage chicken was fantastic. Similar flavors to King of Ramen across town, but better service and better chashu at Kokoro. ❤️

    Update: still good. Both bowls of ramen were complete with all advertised toppings but a little bit stingy on the broth. The karaage wasn’t as good as good this time, a bit stringy (maybe it was cut in the wrong direction?)

    Service was friendly and fast. Boba smoothies were fine.

    Quiet place without loud music so it’s easy to have conversation.

  26. Chuck Henderson

    Really the only complaint I have about the ramen is the pork. It was very, very dry and hard. It was like eating a stale, burnt cracker. There were plenty of other toppings though. The bamboo was really nice and the soft boiled egg was cooked with the yellow slightly runny like it’s supposed to be. The broth might have been a bit weak but that might just be me. I tend to like a very flavorful broth. The noodles were springy and just right.

  27. gcleff11

    Good option when you are shopping and want to keep on the move. It’s not fast food, but you’re in-and-out pretty quick. Broth was great, and I loved the nice thick cuts of char suiin the Tonkatsu ramen. I got spicy, and the heat didn’t overpower the meal. Apps were fine. Staff was aloof, but that never bothers me…

  28. rachael neeser

    Went in today for take out after placing an online order, the guy at the front said they didn’t get it. I was really friendly and understanding, but there was no sorry about that or anything. I loved this place when it opened, it was really good. The quality now just sucks. The staff has always been, well not very friendly but I felt that I was honestly inconvienceing them today. The miso ramen really lacked flavor and the pork was just gross. Like I said it was good one they opened, but the last few times it’s just gross. I won’t be returning, save your money and make your own with a 25 cent ramen pack, it will probably taste better.

  29. Sam Falk

    Received the wrong order. The broth was bland and watery, the noodles were ok. The chicken karaage didn’t seem fully cooked. Egg rolls were fine. Avoid this place.

  30. Jonathan Moore

    What an awesome place…I love ramen and was so happy to find this one.

  31. Eddie Taidrik

    What kind of fried chicken are these so try and over cooked I don’t even know what part of chicken I am eating?omg!

  32. Yadira Villanueva

    I usually go in for their boba, and each time I go In, the guy working up front seems to be bothered by absolutely everything. I had my boyfriend go in for me last time because I honestly cannot handle the rude behavior, but I do enjoy the smoothie with boba. But today I just got an updated charge, for a $6 tip.. the boba itself is $6 and my boyfriend gave them a dollar tip. So the guy working decided to change the tip himself and add $5 more. That is theft and completely unacceptable. He didn’t even offer receipt. They never do. So now I just have to deal with it but I hope you guys read this and start paying attention to who works up front. Never getting business from me or my family again.

  33. Kim Pekrul

    Nope. Not clean, floors weren’t swept. Dusty. Chicken bones in the fried chicken almost choked my friends. Ramen bowl 🍜 was only so so.

  34. Jacob Briscoe

    Suppppper goood chicken and rice. Super good tofu rice. Boba tea fresh and everything comes nice and sealed if you get it delivered with Uber eats. Sooooo goood

  35. gary plumlee

    Well I am a ramen head. This place was phenom. I will definitely go back.

  36. Duke Taylor

    It was really good! I ordered the miso ramen today which was really filling and super good. The guy who took our order was nice to us, I would definitely go back there.

  37. Benjamin Raugust

    Good service, interesting menu that tastes good, brought down by their use of processes off the shelf sauses for their entries and the flavors in the bubble tea.

  38. Robert Walker

    Great food, knowledgeable staff, and very friendly

  39. Kim Cerimovic

    Great Ramen

  40. Levi Park3r

    Would give 0 stars if able. Terrible food. Terrible staff. Terrible smell especially. Would not send my enemies here

  41. Ashley Burk

    This cozy place had really good food! We opted to try the unagi rice bowl and the pork shoyu ramen bowl and both were very delicious! Highly recommend and will be coming back! I warn you that the seating is limited but we were able to get a table very easily. Also the bubble tea was good as well!

  42. Astrid Jakubenas

    I’ve ordered more times than I can count, and received amazing food and boba tea! I’ve ordered takeout, delivery and have dined in. But recently, I’ve received 2 boba teas with more than 1 fly in each, dirt at the bottom (not tea mix, actual muddy stuff) and I just ordered again, despite my last experience, and my Kokoro buns are overcooked and dry with the thinnest pickled radish ever. My recent experiences have been extremely disappointing and I think I’ll be finding a new place for bao buns and boba tea.

  43. Adrian Mendoza

    Items were missing from my order, and I couldn’t get a refund until I returned “all” the food. HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO RETURN THE FOOD I DIDNT GET. Horrible customer service and very disappointed with the quality of the food.

  44. Tiffany Weishaar

    All around wonderful experience.

  45. Emily Johnson

    Ordered the tonkotsu ramen and kokoro bun. The ramen broth, noodles, egg, etc were great and flavorful. But the cashier pork in the ramen and on the buns was dry, stringy, and flavorless.

  46. Paul Hoy

    The food is excellent. The ramen is just what you need on a cold winter night.

  47. Ashley Presnell

    Great food! Amazing and friendly staff.

  48. Christopher Lancaster Parisi

    My new lunchtime favorite. This place probably doesn’t get the business it deserves. Try it out.

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