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Korea House Restaurant

Korean Restaurant in Bothell, WA

30 reviews for “Korea House Restaurant

  1. Michael Hildebrand

    Excellent service. Large selection. Food arrived quickly and hot. Large quantities.

    My wife ordered Sweet potato noodles dish, which she enjoyed. And brought home tons of leftovers.

    I had the rice cakes w/fish cakes, lvl 3 spiciness. Plenty of food in that too, I was able to finish it. Good stuff.

    Side dishes were there, but wish they were there earlier, so we could snack before our food arrived. Tea was offered and refilled often. As was water.

    I think the pricing was fair, for what we got. Believe it was around $30 before tip, for lunch for two. Will def return to try some of their other dishes!

  2. Sidney L

    One of the best Korean restaurants around. It nearly has everything I enjoy eating. Our family has been going there for years.
    We have been going here for years.. and last time we went, the services was better than ever before.

  3. Jennifer Lee

    Very authentic and tasty Korean food. The side dishes were good as well as the kimchi, which is very important to me. The service as written in the other reviews is really excellent. They were very kind and were eager to help. Overall it’s one of the best Korean restaurants I’ve been to recently.

  4. lyoo122

    The restaurant is clean and has a nice cozy atmosphere. The gentlemen that run the restaurant are very friendly, attentive, and efficient. We ordered the maeuntang and stir fried squid rice and both were delicious. I’ve taken my picky daughter there before and she said that it’s the best Korean restaurant around.

  5. Khin T Aung

    Love the fact that they serve Korean “black rice”. Side dishes were delicious too. My family had soft tofu soups, hot pot and fried mackerel (My favorite).

  6. tharsis mendoza

    So far this is the best Korean food I ever taste in SNOHOMISH county! Keep it up!

  7. Cameron Bartok

    Great food and the best and friendliest staff anywhere. This is our go-to Korean restaurant.

    Edit in 2023: New ownership, not the same.

  8. Blanca Gabriel

    My family loves korean food and this is the best place so far for our taste,they have vegetarian dishes and is very authentic korean food,love this place we go very often giving then 10 starts for the customer service,the servers are very attentive and you don’t wait long for you food to be served 😊

  9. Shady Mina

    just had my second visit to Korean House in Bothell, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. They are simply awesome!

    The moment I walked in, the staff greeted me with big smiles and made me feel right at home. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease.

    Now, let’s talk about the food. It’s absolutely delicious! Korean House offers a wide variety of mouthwatering Korean dishes that cater to different tastes. Whether you’re a fan of classics like bibimbap and bulgogi or want to try something new, they have it all.

    During my visits, I tried several dishes, and each one was a delight. The flavors were perfectly balanced, and the presentation was impressive. The Kimchi Jjigae was a standout for me, with its rich and spicy broth filled with tender pork and tangy kimchi.

    The service at Korean House is also top-notch. The staff is friendly, attentive, and genuinely cares about ensuring you have a great dining experience.

    Overall, I can’t recommend Korean House enough. If you’re in Bothell and craving some fantastic Korean cuisine, this is the place to go. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

  10. Steve

    The beef tasted like plastic and they put so much wasabi in the 냉면 that it was inedible. This place is a joke just like most Korean restaurants in Washington State. There is a trend amongst Korean chefs with no skills. They know if they can’t cook they come to Seattle because they know they don’t have the skills to compete in Los Angeles or New York. The fake chefs keep opening up terrible Korean restaurants in Seattle serving disgusting, overpriced, unauthentic Korean food. Sadly people in Washington State keep patronizing these places because most people in Seattle are posers and they don’t even truly know what the dishes are suppose to taste like.

  11. Lance Lam

    We always have consistent food taste here
    It’s a place with all the taste you want!!!!

  12. Jessica Chhay

    Korea house is one of the best Korean restaurants I have ever been to. I’ve gone to this restaurant for years now. I truly enjoy the food so much. It is very high quality and authentic. The current staff and owners are very friendly and always make sure you feel comfortable. They always check up on you to see how you’re doing which I think is very sweet. I recommend this restaurant for everyone to try!!

  13. David Reynolds

    Absolutely incredible food and service. The sizzling plates of beef and short ribs, and the Japchae are wonderful. Ice cold water in stainless sweat proof cups to wash down the yumminess!! This place is a must try!!!

  14. Bumki Hong

    Go and try the food. You will walk out with a happy face.

  15. Nicole Mau

    We had a large group and they accommodated us! We all enjoyed ourselves. It’s very family friendly we had 4 generations present! We enjoyed the beef fried rice, pot stickers, and the jepchae.

  16. Katie Nguyen

    My absolute favorite place to grab a bite in the area!! I got the bibimbap spicy pork this time. Food and banchan were delicious; The service was super attentive and helpful, as always 🙂

  17. Dante Vázquez

    One of the best korean places Ive ever visited. Their beef tofu soup is superb

  18. Albert Yeh

    The restaurant looks like it was an old mexican restaurant and the decor is very random. The service is quite solid 5/5. The food was good but not the best. It is worthwhile if you are craving korean food, but it is not world class. Again still pretty good, don’t let me review scare you. Go if you are craving it.

  19. Roberto Ramos

    I love your food, been there countless time and never had problems until last night. When asked what to drink, we said hot tea and were brought lukewarm tea. I asked the waiter to please bring me actual hot tea and his response was that’s how Koreans drink it. On other times we were there the tea was actual hot, not sure why I was told that but I was disappointed to be lied to

  20. Jihyun Kim

    Food was so good👍🏻everything was nice!

  21. maria garnica

    Delicious, very delicious, I loved everything, the service is good, the place, the food, very good.

  22. Larissa P

    Delicious authentic Korean food. The best restaurant we have eaten in the area. Not expensive in comparison with other Korean restaurants. The service is fast.

  23. Michael Fenska

    Outstanding food and service, our new favorite Korean in the area. Squid was as good as any I’ve had after spending many years in Korean Town LA, we will definitely be back

  24. Jay Zee

    Food was average but man I got the sticker shock. These are some of the most expensive koeran food I seen around this area by far. Also, kimchi tasted below average (tasted like store bought tbh) and charges you after 2nd round of bonchon refill!! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this place but definitely not for the price.

  25. Antoanella

    Very nice restaurant I definitely recommend it

  26. Gaeul

    The place was great the food was good. The vibe of the place was nice and quiet. The servers were ok. Overall a good place

  27. Vladimir Rosales

    Came here with my boss during my first week back from the east coast to continue my foodie adventures. I enjoyed the place as it was not too packed and seating was very quickly. We didn’t actually grill and instead just ordered the lunch for 2 special that came with Mackerel , chicken strips, ribs, sundubi(1) we ordered another one separately and sum dumplings. Overall i think the best part was the soup very spicy just how i like it and very soothing. The katsu was meh, very dry not the best. My boss took the leftovers home. The fish was fresh and very good too another highlight for sure. The ribs i feel like they were just dumped/dipped in sauce. We obviously didn’t get to experience any of the traditional soju during lunch as you see in dramas lol but the food was an average for me. I have been told that the ownership is relatively new and better than what it was prior. So I’m sure with time they’ll improve and hopefully they see my review among others and take it as a constructive criticism.

  28. Julian

    Just awesome. Good food and best l have had so far as a transplant from the East Coast.

  29. Joshua Hall

    The food was great! Service was amazing! Would 100% recommend!

  30. Danny Dawes

    Great food and ultra responsive service! Had a great time with a large group and they got us seated right away. Definitely recommend this hidden gem in Bothell.

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