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Kro Bar

Cocktail Bar in Bothell, WA

47 reviews for “Kro Bar

  1. joe ricco

    Best handmade cocktails in Washington. Happy hour cheeseburger to die for and unique dishes that rival fine dining restaurants. Risotto and gnocchi will keep you coming back!

  2. Joe A

    Fantastic cocktails. Great recommendations from the server. The gnocchi was amazing. Pork chop and ling cod were delicious. We will definitely be coming back.

  3. garr larson

    Just a fantastic little “speakeasy” find! Creative drinks, great service, witty bar tenders, and great appetizers! Going back for sure!

  4. Shantelle Russell

    Great atmosphere, but I feel the food was a little overpriced for the quality. The drinks, however, were a 10/10!

  5. L A


    This is our new favorite hangout. We absolutely love Kro Bar. They have had amazing vegetarian options the last few times and their cocktails are on point. We just make reservations and have been good to go. We’re even on the books for the Buffalo Trace tasting dinner and we absolutely cannot wait. This place has to be around forever. There is no other cocktail bar like this with food, drink and staff this amazing around here anywhere. Five stars guys, great job!

    Previous review:

    Cocktails and bartender were phenomenal. Wish we could have gotten a table, but we had no choice but to make bar reservations because this place is rightfully popular. Other guests sitting at the bar were chatty, which is a positive or negative, depending on your mood. I was in no mood to small talk with strangers, but my husband was feeling really friendly, so I let him take the wheel. The food menu is very small, and mostly delicious. I was just disappointed that there weren’t any real viable vegetarian options. The potatoes were fantastic, but the tomato salad with the weird ground up seed topping was not good. The textures were off-putting. The atmosphere is good and the drinks are the best. Definitely come here for cocktails.

  6. Kelly Kerschner

    This place was awesome! The food was creative and unique and the ambiance was a nice touch to this little hole in the wall. I had the burrata and thought it was delicious and filling – great bang for your buck! I also had the mushroom risotto and the flavor was good but the portion size was small. I’d definitely come back next time I’m in the area

  7. Marty Waylen

    Small space but each table feels private yet part of the larger atmosphere. Drink menu is diverse and fun. Food is very well executed along with the service.

  8. Rob Entrekin

    Bartender and “spiritual advisor” Cameron is a master mixologist with an encyclopedic knowledge of spirits of every kind. The wait staff are extremely kind and attentive, and the kitchen produces an awesome menu – much more elevated than the typical “pub grub” you find elsewhere.

  9. Katylan J

    It was amazing

  10. Sondra Truffat

    5/10/2023 They say the difference between excellent service and a poor service is how complaints & problems are handled. Cameron reached out personally with a gracious apology which was very much appreciated. This laps of service was very well handled and I look forward to my next visit, glad to know their quality is intact.
    5/5/2023. We have been to Kro Bar frequently since it opened but have not been in a bit and had a really unfortunate service faux pas tonight. We 5 minutes early for our 8:45 reservation. An 8:30 reservation was late. There were three tables available, a cozy booth for two, a cozy booth for four and a decidedly unpleasant table for two directly in front of the door. We were made to wait until the late party arrived, they were seated in the cozy booth for two. We noted we did not wish to sit directly in front of the door, and were told we could either take that table or wait until someone else left. So ….. this is the reward for being on time at Kro Bar – even after dining there repeatedly. We left and dined elsewhere. It appears they no longer want our business.

  11. Hector Velez Cruz

    Awesome food, service and location.

  12. D C

    Drink menu has gone stale. Would like to see newness in their offerings. Expansive spirits selection at their bar. Food is ok. Prefer having Cameron behind the bar.

  13. Rajesh Golani

    Great cocktails! Amazing food and desserts!

  14. Ashli Thomas

    amazing everything!! thank you!

  15. Kimberly Dang

    I’ve been to this small bar 3+ times so far and have loved the food, drinks, and ambiance every time. The flavors are top notch and the drinks are so creative but not over the top. If there is a spirit and flavor profile that you like the bartenders can make something up for you too.
    I recommend ordering yourself a plate or 3 of the white cheddar gougeres and have your friends get their own because they are so delicious. I would make reservations; the only time it wasn’t crowded was when I arrived right at opening on a weekday.
    I appreciate a good cocktail and quality food and Kro Bar definitely delivers. Enjoy!

  16. Jonathan Munoz

    Found this nice hidden little gem on Main Street in Bothell

  17. Vishal Vishal

    Great cocktails and top shelf bourbon collection. Great value for happy hours

  18. Robert Dillon

    A fantastic place in Bothell too hang out. Great menu, excellent cocktails, and the staff are knowledgeable and clever. The atmosphere of the place is fun and a bit gothic. Recommend to reserve a table as it’s quite popular and has limited seating.

  19. Aly Daher

    Great find! Unique atmosphere, unique drinks, unique food. Limited food menu, but everything we tried was SO good. Small venue. Definitely make reservations.

  20. Sarah-Marie R. Boerner Albertson

    Overall a really nice spot. Nice ambience. The decor and table spacing was a touch crowded for my personal taste, but definitely went with the theme of the space. We were able to be seated in-between reservations, and the staff was welcoming and accommodating. The drinks were good. Definitely marketing itself as a higher-end cocktail bar, so on the pricier side, so don’t be surprised by high prices and small portions. Would recommend and is a great place to meet friends or bring visitors for an evening out.

  21. Logan Linder

    I came here to celebrate a belated birthday with my girlfriend, and everything was perfect. Sinag was our waiter and he was very clearly a professional. He made excellent drink recommendations, was incredibly attentive, and brought a service that made me feel like we’ve been friends for a long time. The food was also incredible. By far the best pork chop i’ve ever had, and the guinness chocolate cake was to die for. My sincerest complements to the chef. KroBar is my spot when I want to really enjoy my evening.

  22. Denis K

    It is one of the next, actually is the best places in Seattle metro area . Food is fantastic, service is great and food and drinks are amazing. Must visit place!!!

  23. Paul Secord

    Expensive but unique and fun. Only downside is being told when you sit down in an empty room that you need to be out in 90 minutes so they can turn the table.

  24. Urebril Sener

    Great ambiance, friendly customer service, amazing food, and fun drinks. I am in love with this place. Make reservations prior to visiting for the most optimal experience.

  25. Ryan Clough

    I am super happy to have a proper cocktail bar in Bothell! The service has been consistently on point. The bartenders know their stuff and are happy to geek out and share stories. It’s sometimes hard to get a seat here, so you should absolutely make reservations if you’re considering going.

    This has everything I want in a cocktail bar, and after seeing an exquisite attention to detail and consistency since opening, I know I will be back many more times.

  26. Sydd Kleven

    It’s very aesthetically pleasing but that’s really it. I do like the black and white movies projected on the wall. But appetizer portions are extremely small and expensive. The restaurant itself is super tiny and I felt claustrophobic the whole time. The bartender was also too busy socializing with a customer(friend?) and ignored me several times. The food isn’t really anything to write home about. Menu is very limited, the kitchen was very loud, lots of chatting and laughing. It was hard to concentrate on a conversation with all the noise.

  27. Nick Giersdorf

    Krō Bär in Bothell exceeded all my expectations with its exceptional offerings, especially the delectable duck and the buttery Chardonnay. The duck dish was a masterpiece of flavor and presentation, showcasing the culinary artistry of the chefs. Every bite was a perfect blend of tenderness and savory goodness that left me craving more.

    Pairing this exquisite meal with their buttery Chardonnay was a stroke of brilliance. The wine’s smooth and rich profile complemented the duck perfectly, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes that lingered on the palate.

    Krō Bär’s dedication to creating an extraordinary dining experience is evident not only in the quality of their dishes but also in their thoughtful wine selection. From the succulent duck to the exquisite Chardonnay, every element of the meal was a testament to their commitment to excellence. This is a dining destination that truly understands how to elevate flavors and create lasting memories.

  28. Leyla Thorne

    I’ve been twice now, service was excellent both times, food & drinks are great and I absolutely love the detail in the decor!!

  29. Eat Drink Travel Repeat

    Really exceptional place for drinks and food in Downtown Bothell! Their menu is small but mighty! Highly recommended

  30. Lex C.

    krō bär deserves 10 stars. This place is a true gem. As you enter, you’re transported to a world with the most delicious cocktails, mouthwatering food and welcoming staff.

    The space is intimate. The theme of the bar is perfectly executed – from the dark furniture and antiques to a black and white film playing above the kitchen area to the book you’ll receive at the end of your visit with your receipt. It feels exactly like a speakeasy.

    The cocktail menu boasts over twenty concoctions, including three non-alcoholic options. While the “Classics” are made to perfection, it’s the “House Provisions” you have to try. They are creative and complex, yet balanced and fun. The Silent Cry is my personal favorite, but the different variations of Aqua Ardens or The Chotch have given Silent Cry some competition. For those who don’t like cocktails, there are wine and craft beer selections to choose from as well.

    The food menu is fairly small, but everything I’ve tried has been delectable. I love the burrata, gnocchi Parisienne, chocolate Guinness cake and the lemon shortbread with its heavenly yuzu and lemon curd.

    Lastly, there’s the staff. “Spiritual Advisor” Cameron is one of the best in the business. Not only does he possess the knowledge and skills to make the most beautiful cocktail you’ve ever tasted, but his personality makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years. I highly recommend reserving a spot at the bar to watch Cameron or Sinag, who is just as awesome, do their magic, teach you a thing or two about cocktails, or create a custom drink for you.

    I’ve never been compelled to write a review, but krō bär, simply put, is special. I’ve been numerous times, too many to count at this point, and it continues to exceed my expectations each time I visit. It’s a high quality experience every single time. I highly recommend stopping by, just make sure to make a reservation before you do. You won’t be disappointed.

  31. Paul Klimashev

    We love Kro Bar!! Always consistent great service, amazing cocktails with large variety and tasty food.

  32. Elizabeth Kumin

    Drinks are top notch; the bartenders super knowledgeable and passionate about their craft.

  33. Rohit Singh

    Staff and patrons were really friendly. A+ for drinks and food.

  34. Randy Forsyth

    The Kro Bar is an amazing place for the best bites and cocktails. The creativity of the bartender shows in the quality flavors. The award winning Manhattan in Main is the best Manhattan you will ever have.
    Try this place and return often, I know I will.

  35. Johnny Martinez

    Great cocktails and food! The atmospheres snd service were lovely also

  36. Shawn “Mars” Nagano

    Everything about this bar is top-notch from the drinks to the food to the atmosphere! It’s becoming a true gem here in downtown Bothell.

    First and foremost however, is “The Master Mixologist” Cameron, who is truly one of the best in the business. Not only does he make the best classics in town, but he possess the knowledge and skills to craft some the most tasty, beautiful, and ORIGINAL cocktails you’ve ever tasted. All the while he makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years. And if you are interested, he’ll even give you the inside scoop on bartender competitions and let you have a “preview” of his next creation.

    If you get the chance, definitely come check this place out! It’s usually busy though, and they require reservations. So, make sure to get a table ahead of time.

  37. Renee Markert

    Happy hour (3-6) on a Wed was a fabulous mid-week outing with good friends! We had a reservation but may have been able to sneak in. Cocktails were unusual and delicious as well as the food. Not the usual bar food or atmosphere. We’d enjoy going again and sitting at the bar to watch the magic of the bartender. So much thought was put into this Bothell restaurant. Highly recommend!

  38. Jason Prahl

    Pricy but they certainly know how to craft a cocktail.

  39. Natalie Dahl

    Amazing food, delightful service and classy drinks. Had a fabulous time! Can’t wait to go back!

  40. chris landrum

    This review is long overdue as I’ve been a patron of the Kro Bar for quite some time.
    This is the first place I think of when I want a well-crafted cocktail on the upper east side.
    The amount of care that goes into their menu for both cocktails and food shows in the quality and service they provide.
    Cameron and Sinag are masters of their craft, both able to create various offerings based on your specific taste profiles. You want a chocolate covered gummy martini? Done. A classic Gimlet? Done. A timeless classic like an old fashioned? Done. But done extremely well. That’s been the difference. You’re not going to find any store-bought premixes as everything is made in-house.

    Scott has done an amazing job creating an intimate and cozy spot right in the middle of the bustling fun on Bothell!

  41. S Lian

    Always a wonderful time here. Sat at the bar instead of a table for the first time, and the bartender was attentive, engaging, and really cool to talk to! Also happy to make custom drinks (alcoholic or not) and talk through what you’re tasting.

  42. Michael Schmidt

    Quaint, but bustling cocktail bar with food to die for

  43. Vaun McAleer

    Unforgettable! Truly a cocktail gem on the eastside!

  44. Amir Abby

    I like this cosy place in Bothell.
    Very respectful, polite, and professional staff working here.

    Staff is patiently waiting for customers to ask questions or figure out what they want.
    I never felt rushy situation like many other bars.

    Good work team at Kro.

    Food and drinks are awesome but a little pricey and expensive. I would recommend some inexpensive options for food or drinks during slow days or time. Economy is bad and people can’t barely afford food/drinks.

    I love the decorations and crow is my favorite animal. I was so connected to this place. I felt like I am the share holder : )

    Thank you all.

    My recommendation to the management:
    Add more options for inexpensive items on the menu. Just a few for each category.

    Play more background music. It was very slow and quiet without the music. I would recommend some deep chill out house music in the background.

    Other than these two recommendations everything is great.

  45. Sima Arian

    beautifully designed. Reservations required.
    I enjoyed.

  46. 44mroliver

    Nice atmosphere, decent drinks, the food is a bit strange. They are trying to be too fancy and offer exotic dishes. I think if they pulled back and brought in some classics with the same level of quality they would knock it out the park. Definitely a good experience worth going once, I don’t see a need to revist.

  47. Diana Nguyen

    The absolute BEST craft cocktails (trust me, I’ve tried most of their drinks) & the MOST fun & talented bartender in town! Food is delicious, though some days can be heavy on the salt than others. Food menu is limited but the rotating menu of small bites and speciality entrees never disappoints! You can never go wrong with their scallop dish if they have it, and the pork chops is solid. The moody and dimly lit ambiance makes you want to confess your deepest secrets. Overall, a great date night spot or meet up with friends. They do have a table limit time wise, between 90 mins to 2 hours but it can be annoying when they’re late to seat you and/or service is slow but the hostess definitely will rush you out when time’s up so be prepared to chug chug CHUG! Also, the bathroom has complimentary mouth wash, just in case you want to make out with someone later…

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