9907 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206


47.657752746706, -117.27229645493


9:00 am – 10:00 pm


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9:00 am – 10:00 pm


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La Michoacana

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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33 reviews for “La Michoacana

  1. Jay Babbitt

    A hidden gem that fools you into thinking it may only be a grocery store, but so much more.

  2. Bernardo Pulido

    This place was so expensive I would of thought I was eating at a 5 star resort I ordered one plate and a drink n it was almost 40$ for 1 person

  3. Karri Sherman

    Way too expensive and the food is mediocre at best.

  4. Ari Brown

    This is spot for amazing Mexican food with authentic birria. The beers are large and ice cold! Get some pan dulce on the way out!!!!

  5. Tom Inglis

    I had three different kinds of tacos all three were excellent how do you recommend this place has great food

  6. GHOST 1893

    Just WOW! You can’t get more authentic feel for home cooked Mexican Food. Not over priced restaurant menu..this place is a true hidden gem in the Valley. Staff is amazing… if you are willing to atleast try then Taco Tuesday is a must!

  7. Mayerlin Martinez

    The food was nasty and overprice , the service was awful. Overall bad experience!

  8. Sterling McConnell

    One of my favorite taco places to go to. The staff are wonderful, the food is made quick, it’s delicious and the taco Tuesday specials are great. They also have wonderful burritos. Either the spicy or non-spicy are great.

  9. Charles Paradis

    This is one of those hidden gems. The food is ON POINT. So authentic and well prepared. Coming from a predominantly Mexican Town it’s fair to say that I’m a fair judge of the south of the border flavors. A must visit

  10. Stevie Sena

    Best Mexican food I’ve had in a long long long time!! No pictures because I was starving! I had the huevos con cherizo and it was the best cherizo I had ever had! I can’t wait to go back!

  11. Holliana Rodriguez

    Horrible food and paid $67 for 2 people

  12. Eflyn Hall

    Pretty decent Mexican food, very authentic. A bit on the pricey side but the food quality is well worth it. All the staff are very welcoming. On the side of the restaurant, they have a mini store.If you are a fan of Mexican candies, they have a wide range of selection. The front side is the bakery, which I highly recommend to try. They also sell meats and other products to make at home.

  13. Steve Matranga

    The best Mexican restaurant I have had the pleasure to dine at in the Northwest!

  14. zach beggs

    Good pricing lots to chose from and ill deffinitly be checking them out more. First impressions of their nachos wasnt good if its flavored by just the jalapeños. Not going to recomend their nachos if your not a fan of jalapeños like me im sure theres better nachos specifically elsewhere.

  15. ron damon

    Good food , decent portions place is being remodeled so it wasn’t busy at all , friendly waiters ,if u love ceviche that’s a must have !

  16. Johnathan Hannel

    The environment is really neat. Definitely an authentic atmosphere. The food is average, but certainly more expensive to comparable Mexican style cuisine. I would probably give 3 stars if the feel of the place wasn’t so cool. This is a place I may go again, just not often.

  17. Glitz

    The meat was somewhat good. We had gotten birria tacos here and it wasn’t good at all there was no flavor in the juice and we had gotten chips and salsa and guac was watery and no flavor. Not sure about their other items but from what i got there was no flavor. Ill be going somewhere else for my lovely birria tacos next time.

  18. Petra Bunchka

    Amazing! So very authentic cuisine! You know when the restaurant is full of the peoples from the same culture it is good.

  19. Mitchell Cunningham

    Food was ok. Just needs a little flavor some color. Service was good staff was very pleasant

  20. Ursel H. Cryan

    family ambiance,home made style Mexican food,had a very good Menudo!!!…will come back!

  21. Alter Ego

    Wow! This place is awesome!! The staff are very friendly, and the food is top notch. We ordered and our food was served in record time. The portions were so plentiful, that we couldn’t finish our meals!!! The atmosphere is authentic and relaxing!! There is a bar, a meat counter and also a convenience store. Explore and enjoy our world folks!

  22. gerry c

    40 bucks for a burrito. Hahahahahaha. Have been coming here for a few years now. They remodeled the outside and decided that they could triple their prices. Should have snapped a picture of the menu. I get it…rising food and labor cost, blah blah blah. I have very recently been to several other Mexican restaurants in the valley with prices that are still reasonable given the economic climate. This place is charging 40 bucks for a burrito. They must think the fine dining atmosphere justifies the price… with the gas station style front door alarm going off every 2 minutes and the blaring music from the completely empty bar area.

  23. Pablo Garcia

    It’s been remodeled but food just isn’t what it was few years ago. Asada or meat is old and reheated the next day.

  24. Jeremiah Johnson

    There’s always the fear that the hole in the wall gems that you love become too well known to be enjoyed later. This is one of those places. Hands down best Mexican Restaurant in the area.

  25. patrick Schatz

    Food was not up to par for the price, the margarita was garbage for 15 bucks, and the service was absolute garbage, a middle aged lady with a terrible attitude served us, she kept rushing us to order when we had barely sat down, after ordering drinks she rushed us to order food and told us they will make our drinks soon. She was very rude and ignored us the entire time, we sat for 15 minutes just waiting for a check then another 15 waiting to pay for the check. Wouldve been nice to have that much time to have a drink and order food. Ended up throwing my money on the table and walking out, i will never go back or recommend this place.

  26. Merle Craner

    Quality of food here went down significantly when they moved here. They just finished a major reno and glad to report food quality is back up. Muy buĕno.

  27. Ayaan Pathan

    Enjoyed the food. Good portion sizes and respectable prices. Had a Mexican bakery in the restaurant too. Would recommend and will return here soon.

  28. Alex Dayton

    We had a great experience here last night – some of the best cevich I’ve ever had. 🙂

    …also, the bakery treats we took for the road were super solid.

  29. Edna Martinez

    We had this market back in San Antonio so it was a pleasant surprise to find it in Spokane Valley Washington. I live in Missoula Montana and there is NO WHERE HERE LIKE THAT TO SHOP FOR OUR CULTRAL FOODS ,SPICES AND OTHER PRODUCTS.

  30. Twaveler O'Carnage

    My favorite Mexican food in Spokane. Carne Asada … was very good, love the chips, bean dip and Guac sauce. Really good had several things, never disappointed.

  31. Katie Yetter

    I felt like I was in Mexico. The La Lengua taco, pork tamale and salsas were perfect. It was very clean and family friendly. Nothing like tacos at 1030am!

  32. Mike Plante

    The Carne Asada and tortilla soup were amazing. Also they sell the best pan dulce in the area.

  33. Nancy Fautch

    So my husband and I decided to try this place due to the fact that casa de Oro has STILL not repaired their plumbing and it smells like raw sewage the minute you walk in the door. We had high hopes. Too high, apparently. Quaint inside and a beautiful menu. We were pleasantly surprised to receive white bean dip and a tablespoon or so of red sauce instead of the usual salsa. Something different! And it tasted good! We ordered the fried jalapeno appetizer which arrived late after a reminder to the bartender, who was only at our table to tell me that they were out of Coors light. No big deal. Bud light will do. Our food arrived and I noted that the rice was a beautiful golden color. I guess no one in Spokane valley makes any tacos except the tiny street ones any more. What was supposed to be shredded beef was…well I’m not sure. Some sort of beef mush on two tiny 3 inch corn tortillas. Instead of melted cheese on my cheese enchilada was a portion of cotija cheese, cold and hard. The enchilada itself was more dried up than my grandma. It came with some sort of roasted onion piece. There was a squeeze bottle of watery avocado…something, on the table that squirted all over my phone. My husband’s rellano looked like no rellano that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a few. Flat. Cold. Limp. Terrible. It was very expensive. All in all, the rice and the beer was delicious. Never going there again.

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