3312 Auburn Way S A, Auburn, WA 98092


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11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm

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La Rioja

Mexican Restaurant in Auburn, WA



Guacamole $8.99

Fresh guacamole. Served with cotija cheese and green onion.

Tuetano $5.99

Bone marrow. Fire roasted bone marrow served with bread and cotija cheese.

Choriqueso $9.99

Queso fundido. Melted Oaxaca cheese with choice of plain or Mexican chorizo.

Rajitas Poblanas $9.99

Fire roasted poblano peppers with corn and cream sauce.

Papa Rellena $11.99

Large baked potato filled with melted cheese, topped with choice of meat, bacon, cream cheese, and dressing.

Jalapenos Rellenos $5.99

Stuffed grilled jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon.

Molletes $4.99

Mexican bread with melted cheese and refried beans topped with pico de gallo.


Carne Asada $25.99

Carne asada served with baby quesadilla, grilled cactus, whole pinto beans, chorizo and fire roasted salsa.

Rib Eye $29.99

12oz steak served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Peinecillo $29.99

Two 6oz steaks served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Vacio Wagyu $29.99

12oz thick steak and tender served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Zabuton Wagyu $29.99

Wagyu beef intense marbling


Choice of meats: carne asada, pollo asado, chorizo

Costilla En Salsa $14.99

Pork ribs covered in sauce with poblano pepper, served with rice, beans, and choice of tortillas.

Pollo A La Crema $12.99

Chicken breast covered with chipotle cream, served with rice, beans, and choice of tortillas.

Doraditos $9.99

Hard shell corn tacos filled with choice of meat, melted cheese, and refried beans.

Gordita $9.99

Thick tortilla topped with refried beans, melted cheese, and choice of meat.

Chancla $9.99

Fried quesadilla filled with choice of meat (carne asada, chicken or chorizo) of mushroom. Topped with cotija cheese, lettuce, sour cream and green sauce.

Taco Caramelo $8.99

Flour tortilla, Anaheim pepper filled with melted cheese, and choice of meat.

Vampiros (2) $8.99

Two pieces. Hard shell tortilla and melted cheese with choice of meat.

Quekas (2) $10.99

Quesadillas with flour tortilla and your choice of meat

Torta $10.99

Mexican bread stuffed with Anaheim pepper, melted cheese and refried beans filled with your choice of meat

Carne en su Jugo $13.99

Traditional beef soup in salsa verde with pinto beans and bacon

Tamales $8.99

Pork tamales served with sour cream and tomatillo salsa

Pozole $12.99

Traditional soup from Mexico made from pork broth, with hominy and different spices

Nopal Vegetariano $11.99

Grilled cactus with melted cheese and different kinds of vegetables sauteed in butter. Served with whole pinto beans and your choice of tortillas

Nopal $12.99

Grilled cactus with melted cheese and your choice of meat. Served with whole pinto beans and choice of tortillas


Steak $16.99

Vacio, rib eye, or peinecillo

Chicken or Carne Asada $10.99


Tacos (3) $12.99

Three pieces. Tacos with choice of meat pollo asado, carne asada, chorizo, rib eye, served with whole pinto beans, and roasted salsa.

Light Tacos (3) $10.99

Three pieces. Substitute tortillas for lettuce with choice of meat.


Plain Quesadilla $2.99

Frijoles $2.99

Tortillas (4) $2.99

Salsa $2.25

Cebollita $1.99

Grilled onion.

Jalapeno $1.99

Arroz $4.99

Avocado Slices $1.99

Chip Tortilla $0.99

Sour Cream $1.99

Salsa Flight $2.25









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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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30 reviews for “La Rioja

  1. Lynette Soto

    They were very nice, and they check up on your table a lot to make sure everything is good, the food was amazing and they have the best chiles hands down. I will definitely be going again


    The food was very good, just a small detail, we had to wait to be served.

  3. Moises Villasenor

    Best mexican restaurant very authentic

  4. chase dolan

    This place has amazing cuisine. Great service, best food i’ve had in Auburn by FAR. If you can’t handle spicy authentic food, don’t go here.

  5. Eduardo Romero

    Best Mexican restaurant I’ve been to in WA. Great service and authentic flavor.

    Portions are big. Salsas are great

    I highly recommend it!

  6. howard stevens

    Food is Amazing….we stop for dinner everything we go to the WhiteRiver Amphitheater

  7. Brian Bradford

    This place is absolutely amazing. From delicious food to amazing presentation to awesome service. This is by far the best food I’ve had in years.

  8. Besir Kurtulmus

    Came down here for the Torta’s. Did not disappoint!

  9. Jeaneth Delgado

    Besir Kurtulmus

  10. David Villalpando

    Amazing food!! Great service!!

  11. Jazzlo

    Very rich tacos and delicious avocado sauce.

  12. Katarinare Zimmermann

    Delicious food and friendly service.

  13. Brad W

    The best Mexican food I’ve had in decades. It’s a smaller, but very focused menu compared to a lot of other authentic Mexican restaurants. The meat was cooked perfect, the sauces were amazing. I can’t recommend enough!

  14. Lisa Mach

    This restaurant is delicious! It’s my first time here and I absolutely enjoy their quality ingredients, cooking skills, and the atmosphere is so beautiful. The owner is super sweet and a friendly professional. I will definitely be coming back and letting more of my family and loved ones know about this location as well as the one in Capitol Hill Seattle. Thank you! Muchas gracias!

  15. Karen O'Neill

    Highly recommend! Excellent food and a variety of options that you don’t always see on the standard Mexican food menu. Excellent quality, good prices. Service was very friendly and attentive. We aren’t often in this area, which is too bad because we would make this a regular.

  16. Hector Garcia

    Authentic Mexican food with rich homemade flavor. Try the ribs in sauce, they are mmmm.

  17. D Rudnick

    This place is excellent! Really nice staff and service, totally delicious food. They aren’t lying when the tell you the tomatillo salsa is spicy 😊.

  18. Suwida

    Guacamole, Choriqueso, Pollo Asado, Carne En Su Jugo were delicious! Jamaica and Horchata were too sweet. The queso fundido would probably be better if it was served in an earthern ware dish or in a container that held the heat in, so that the cheese doesn’t get hard quick. They close early depending on what day 7/8pm. You don’t get free chips and salsa.

  19. Ali Horri

    Superior cut of carne asada in my opinion. Food came quickly and we enjoyed every bite.
    Thanks for the great meal!
    We’ll be back the next time we go to Mt. Rainer.

  20. Danny Owens

    Selection was limited, but what we had was very good. I had the chicken Ala crema with rice & refried beans. The crema was a good compliment to the chicken breast. Didn’t care too much for the refried beans. The wife had the vacio steak. Was way more steak than expected. She enjoyed it. Rice & brown beans. I tried her brown beans. Not sure how it was cooked or flavored but it was the best brown beans I’d ever tasted. Three different salsas, the green salsa was spicy & tasty. The waitress gave me 4 to go cups. I’d buy that by the jar. I highly recommend my wife’s vacio steak. For $ 35 bucks it’s enough for 2-3 people. The leftover steak, we’ll have tomorrow night with grilled onion, red & yellow grilled peppers & probably some rice.

  21. Vincent S

    We went there a few weeks ago and the food and atmosphere were great. The owner and servers were smiling and friendly. I ordered the Chacla plater and it was delicious!
    We went back recently and ordered the same thing to go. I don’t know what happened; maybe a new cook or cook in training. My asada Chacla had literally three bites of meat. The rest was all soggy dough with two bites of cheese. I was so disappointed that I took the bites and threw it away. This is such a charming little place with great food that I have to give them another chance. The food is pricey but tasted authentic when we dined in. I can’t honestly recommend them for take-out, but if you have the money stop by for lunch or dinner.

  22. Antonio Leal

    The pozole is good, small cup of spice served on the side to add as much heat as desired

  23. MEL KS

    First time we visited this place, I will definitely return, the roast beef and the michelada, luxurious, good customer service, good seasoning in the food, with everything and affordable prices, we were all delighted👌🏽

  24. Chris Peck

    Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. This was our (My wife and I) first trip to La Rioja. I had the tacos and my wife had the chancla (fried quesadilla with chicken, covered in cotija cheese, lettuce, sour cream and green sauce). My tacos were pretty good( meat, 3 salsa choices and beans), but the home run was the chancla! It was a flavor bomb on steroids. The green sauce combined with the cheese and the fried tortilla was the perfect combination. The meat was quality and had a nice grilled flavor. We will definitely be going back for more.

  25. tyler l

    I’ve been here 3 times so far food is always excellent and I think the price is good. But my girlfriend ordered a soda I was thinking oh one of those big glass soda bottles or a fountain drink free refills But nope, 5 bucks for a regular can of diet coke I get inflation but 5 bucks for a can of coke?? And maybe next time don’t use the loud vacuum while everyone is eating.

  26. Cheryl Rosso

    Delicious food, authentic tasting Mexican food, Meals are good size portions which is reflected in their pricing.

  27. Verito Jimenez

    Good service, very tasty food very homemade

  28. Colleen Magana

    Highly recommend trying their ribeye torta!!! My husband and I live in Seattle but we drive all the way over here just for their food 😊

  29. Cathelina Salas

    Delicious food. I highly recommend this establishment.

  30. Arnoldo Ayala

    Best food ever

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