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La Rioja

La Rioja Mexican Cuisine Menu

Menu prices current as of 5/3/2024 per Uber Eats (dining-in prices may be differed)


Papa Rellena $16.99

Large baked potato filled with melted cheese, topped with choice of meat, bacon, cream cheese, and dressing.

Rajitas Poblanas $13.99

Fire roasted poblano peppers with corn and cream sauce.

Choriqueso $13.99

Queso fundido. Melted Oaxaca cheese with choice of plain or Mexican chorizo.

Tuetano $13.99

Bone marrow. Fire roasted bone marrow served with bread and cotija cheese.

Empanadas $14.99

Three pieces. Beef empanadas made with a meat picadillo filling.

Guacamole $12.99

Fresh guacamole. Served with cotija cheese and green onion.

Jalapenos Rellenos $10.99

Stuffed grilled jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon.

Molletes $10.99

Mexican bread with melted cheese and refried beans topped with pico de gallo.


Salad with Steak $21.99

Vacio, rib eye, or peinecillo.

Salad $16.99

With chicken or carne asada.


Salsa Flight $2.99

Plain Quesadilla $3.99

Chip Tortilla $2.49

Arroz $5.99

Frijoles $4.49


Salsa $2.99

Avocado Slices $2.99

Tortillas (4) $3.99

Cebollita $2.99

Grilled onion.

Jalapeno $2.99

Sour Cream $2.99


Carne Asada $32.99

Carne asada served with baby quesadilla, grilled cactus, whole pinto beans, chorizo and fire roasted salsa.

Pollo Asado $22.99

Grilled chicken with orange marinade.

Rib Eye $37.99

12oz steak served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Vacio $36.99

12oz thick steak and tender served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.

Peinecillo $34.99

Two 6 oz steaks served with beans and choice of flour or corn tortillas.


Vampiros $15.99

Two pieces. Hard shell tortilla and melted cheese with choice of meat.

Torta $17.99

Mexican bread stuffed with Anaheim pepper, melted cheese, and refried beans filled with choice of meat.

Pozole $18.99

Soup from Mexico made from pork broth, with hominy and different spices.

Chancla $17.99

Fried quesadilla filled with choice of meat (carne asada, chicken or chorizo) of mushroom. Topped with cotija cheese, lettuce, sour cream and green sauce.

Burrito $15.99

Quekas $17.99

Two pieces. Quesadillas with flour tortilla and choice of meat.

Gordita $14.99

Thick tortilla topped with refried beans, melted cheese, and choice of meat.

Doraditos $15.99

Hard shell corn tacos filled with choice of meat, melted cheese, and refried beans.

Tamales $14.99

Pork tamales served with sour cream and tomatillo salsa.

Taco Caramelo $11.99

Flour tortilla, Anaheim pepper filled with melted cheese, and choice of meat.

Nopal $17.99

Grilled cactus with melted cheese and choice of meat. Served with whole pinto beans and choice of tortillas.

Carne En Su Jugo $19.99

Traditional beef soup in salsa verde with bacon topped with pinto beans. Tortillas on side.

Pollo A La Crema $18.99

Chicken breast covered with chipotle cream, served with rice, beans, and choice of tortillas.

Nopal Vegetariano $16.99

Grilled cactus with melted cheese and different kinds of vegetables sautéed in butter. Served with whole pinto beans and choice of tortillas.

Costilla En Salsa $18.99

Pork ribs covered in sauce with poblano pepper, served with rice, beans, and choice of tortillas.


Tacos $17.99

Three pieces. Tacos with choice of meat pollo asado, carne asada, chorizo, rib eye, served with whole pinto beans, and roasted salsa.

Light Tacos $16.99

Three pieces. Substitute tortillas for lettuce with choice of meat.


Aquas Frescas $6.99

Horchata limon con chia jamaica.

Mexican Sodas $6.99

Sodas $5.99


11 reviews for “La Rioja

  1. Jeni H

    This place was amazing! I had the grilled cactus w Carne Asada on top. And the grilled poblanos in a creamy sauce with toasted corn tortillas was divine.

  2. P Senn

    One of the best Mexican restaurants I’ve been too…
    The rib steak torta…out of this world!!! Perfectly cooked steak, full of flavor!

  3. Jason Hall

    The food is very good!

  4. Suwida

    Guacamole, Choriqueso, Pollo Asado, Carne En Su Jugo were delicious! Jamaica and Horchata were too sweet. The queso fundido would probably be better if it was served in an earthern ware dish or in a container that held the heat in, so that the cheese doesn’t get hard quick. They close early depending on what day 7/8pm. You don’t get free chips and salsa.

  5. Ana Dammel

    Good attention
    The portions serve you very well.
    I will definitely return with my family.

  6. Josh “Cyncate” O

    Very low key Mexican restaurant with great food. Love the Carne asada quekos!

  7. Brandon Theinert

    The place looked nice and had decent reviews, not rightfully so. The food was a major let down. 60% rice, 25%lettuce and 15% bean and meat in my burrito. The server was a very nice guy, but obviously didn’t understand the feedback I tried to leave at the restaurant. So I’m leaving it here. The place is empty because the food is below subpar. Hire a new chef

  8. Kiri Lee

    Amazing food and the takeout is available quickly after calling in the order.

  9. Aurora Adair

    To start off I’m Mexican American born in San Diego California. I grew up minutes from the border going to Mexico and visiting family. I moved here 2 years ago and miss my mom’s cooking so much. I’m pregnant now and all I wanted was chile rellenos. These were just like my grandmas.
    The food is that authentic the meat is seasoned like traditional carne asada so it was also a nice taste of home. The tortillas were my favorite. Since moving to Washington I’ve struggled to find tortillas that don’t have that disgusting sweet flavor. I bring my own when I visit home. But these were so good. Even my daughter said the rice reminded her of her Mama’s house.
    I will definitely be coming back.
    Also the waitress and owner were very attentive. 10/10 recommend.

  10. crystal gonzales

    Absolutely the best food! And the best service! I highly recommend visiting!

  11. Alicia Robles

    I recommend it!
    It has everything you ask for in a good restaurant.
    Very delicious food, good service and great hygiene.

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