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La Sabrosa Taqueria

Mexican Food Truck in Bothell, WA

36 reviews for “La Sabrosa Taqueria

  1. Rachelle Moore

    Soooo good! I’ve been meaning to come here awhile, definitely regretting it took me so long! Got 3 beef tacos for 3 dollars each with the green sauce. So. Dang. Good. 🤤 Service was great, came out hot and quick. Will be back. 😁

  2. Devinne Caples

    Best taco truck in Bothell!

  3. Randall Park

    Best around!!

  4. Randy G

    I don’t know how so many others enjoyed their food, but the food I just got was very greasy, and was absent of several ingredients. I even specifically asked if my item would have avocado and was told yes, and then there was absolutely no avocado. I would have happily paid for it. Lame…

  5. Viki M

    Good food. I tried the carne asada torta and it is so far in my top fave places for tortas.

  6. Jessica Li

    Best tacos around, but you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Everything is made fresh to order and there are some tables you can eat at (outdoors and there is a trailer for indoor dining), or you can take it to go. Dine in is very no frills, self serve, but the staff is friendly and the food is absolutely fantastic. If you like a bit of heat, ask for salsa on the side!

    Update April 2023:
    Food and service are still amazing, there are some slight changes. Prices went up by a little bit, still very reasonable considering the current economy, definitely more than worth it. I’m not sure if this is a permanent change, but they didn’t accept cash anymore. Not a huge deal, definitely not a dealbreaker, but worth noting.

  7. Eric Torres

    Reasonable to cheap prices for great tasting authentic Mexican food

  8. Zertero Musical

    Great place for tacos or burritos!

  9. Yantao Shen

    best taco I have ever got

  10. Baban Kaur

    Beat Mexican food truck . You never eat at another place .

  11. edwin aquino

    This place is great! Such good eats! I have had nearly everything they offer and each one was delicious. Whatever the weather, it’s worth the trip and standing in like. Go here! You won’t leave disappointed (or hungry!)

  12. Denis Mapa

    Must taste for tacos in Thrashers Corner Bothell.

  13. Cameron Bruno

    These guys put out the best Mexican food in the area. Everything is always done well and their homemade hot sauce is incredible. 10/10. The tortas and burritos are a staple

  14. Adam Bailey

    Great food and service. Close to the highway, a little noisy.

  15. Emery Goudy

    Food was fast and good

  16. Charles Diaz

    Amazing Atlantic Mexican food

  17. W J C

    Good tasting food and drink.

  18. ricardo Flores

    Its ok

  19. William Bateman

    Soooo good! I’ve been meaning to come here awhile, definitely regretting it took me so long!

  20. Madeline Davy

    Not a huge deal, definitely not a dealbreaker, but worth noting.

  21. Kali Barnes Pimenta

    Friendly and receptive staff.
    Very fast service also.

  22. Fausto Mesino

    Good food and efficient customer service…

    Thank you

  23. Neil Gupta

    I’ve eaten at every taqueria in Seattle and found myself hungry in Bothell. Stopped by sabrosa on a whim and I was totally blown away. Incredible food!!!

  24. Sarah K

    I have visited here twice, both times excellent service and even better food. I love the chicken tacos and the burritos were so big and filling. It was worth every penny and I would have happily paid more for how delicious their food was! Although I haven’t tried much on their menu I trust that anything you get, you will be happy with.

    A nice feature they have is outdoor and indoor eating. A feature that I wouldn’t expect this kind of establishment to have.

  25. Luis Serna

    So I bought two burritos to go one of them was tripa an other cabeza , they were to big but very salty and full of overcooked beans and rice. I will never go back there.

  26. Austin Vanasdale

    Came through last minute with a big order. And it’s damn delicious!! Much appreciated!

  27. DeForest Brown

    they lost my order and then when i got it shorted me a taco. sat for 30 minutes in 90 degree weather until finally asked where food and then took another ten.

  28. Ryan Olney

    This place is consistently amazing, from food to sauces it never disappoints. Highest recommendation I can give!

  29. Mark Hernandez

    Quick,Easy good food

  30. Octavio Hernández

    The food is delicious and fast, the only drawback is that there is no bathroom or where to wash your hands.

  31. Daniel Henry

    Such amazing flavor! I’ve tried a lot of taco trucks, but this beats all of them in the area. The flavor and freshness is second to none! Portions are good too.

  32. Donna D

    The first few times were great. The last time however, I had to wait an additional 15 min for my online order pickup. They obviously didn’t check for it which is okay, but acknowledge the error and apologize to the customer about it. Then when the order was ready, she yelled out ‘ready’ from inside the truck. Really? No, I’m done.

  33. Ashwanth G

    I used to order here for a longer time. As years passed, I can see that the quantity has decreased so much while the price for food has increased a lot.
    The burrito size has reduced almost to less than half the size it used to be. Very poor. Be true for the money you get while you keep expanding your business.

  34. Eat Drink Travel Repeat

    Minus 1 star because the prices on their food truck menu were not accurate. I ended up paying a few dollars more than the advertised price.

  35. Nolan Rader

    Good food. Had al pastor wet burrito can’t wait to try other items.

  36. Sean Burt

    Their Mulitas are the best around. My past three orders haven’t had guacamole, even tho the menu says it comes with it. When I brought this up he offered to give it to me on the side. The street tacos are good as well, their tortillas aren’t quite as crispy as other trucks offer in the area. But overall they use good ingredients, and are always polite. Would give 5 stars for service if they didn’t cut corners and leave out the guacamole.

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