123 S Lefevre St, Medical Lake, WA 99022


47.5721967, -117.6822873


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm


6:30 am – 2:00 pm

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LeFevre St Bakery

Bakery in Medical Lake, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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94 reviews for “Lefevre St Bakery

  1. Leslie Papiez

    Friendly staff and great food! Love having the bakery for Sunday breakfast or a weekday morning cinnamon roll. Would recommend any of the breakfast dishes – we have tried and enjoyed them all!

  2. Shanon Knopik

    Wow, this morning I called the bakery to ask if they delivered, the nice gentleman on the phone apologized an said, no they don’t, but would I like to place an order for pick up? I explained, that unfortunately I don’t live close enough, but had wanted to send a friend something for her birthday today. He asked if I could hold, and came back on the line and told me he would deliver it himself! Within 30 minutes he had delivered the sweetest gift to my friend and was so friendly! I can not recommend Lefevre Street Bakery enough, thank you Jason for making that happen!

  3. Anthony B

    Great food! But will cost you a 30 year loan. For 2 sandwiches 2 coffees 1 lemon bar and a beer = 60$ plus tip

  4. Tiffany Richardson

    Old school bakery, the best kind. I love this spot and try to stop by each time I’m in Medical Lake. It’s got the good vibes.

  5. nicole unruh

    Great friendly service! One of my favorite places to go for coffee, but they also make fantastic chicken here (not exactly what you expect when going to a bakery). I have tried it on their breakfast biscuit, lunch sandwich and salad. We have been impressed every time!

  6. Jennifer Schlichtmann

    The food and coffee were great but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced better customer service anywhere

  7. Bonnie Berscheid

    The food and treats here are to die for. And customer service is amazing. We got the BLT and the Cuban sandwiches. The Cuban was the best I’ve ever tried hands down. The bread was soft and fluffy and grilled to perfection. We had a raspberry oat bar for dessert and wow! Delish. Will definitely come here again.

  8. Kieley Parker

    We were passing through and got this recommendation from a friend- the food was SO TASTY and the staff was extremely friendly! We had a good time chatting while we waited for our food. Also, I had alot of special requests which were all honored! The coffee is insanely high quality and was delicious as well. Totally recommend!

  9. Michael Parker

    Cute little bakery in the middle of a quaint town with absolutely delicious food and treats and a very friendly and informative staff. Will definitely go back next time we pass through the area

  10. Kathy St. Germaine

    I had breakfast there, so good and our server was great

  11. Jessica Sweet

    New owners seem really nice and place looked and smelled exceptional!

  12. KRIMe

    They open early and have a bakery that’s displayed right at the front cashier. Fresh pastries and hot food ready as quick as we sat down. Chef whipped up a breakfast that wasn’t as greasy and as bland as most. Coming back for sues

  13. Ramsey Farag

    Excellent food, excellent service and the price is right.
    The bakery is to die for, and they serve double dark roasted coffee 😊

  14. Juanita Cantu

    Biscuits and gravy really good.

  15. Ryad

    This place is a hidden gem 💎

  16. John Brown

    Decent service. Good food. Small but nice. A little pricey but generally well worth it.

  17. J Kelly

    Greetings from FL! Stayed near by when visiting last week. Stopped in here for breakfast. What a great pick! I dont even care that was a BIT on the pricey side, it was definitely worth it. I got The Carl, which was great, with some random pastries and coffee. Everything was amazing and the service was amazing. What a cool place. I loved that they had the front door wide open.

  18. Eric Carlson

    Granted I’m an out-of-towner (from Hayden, ID), but I was blown away by the outrageous prices at Lefevre St. Bakery & Cafe; I was charged $10 for a croissant and nearly $3 for a 12 oz. cup of drip coffee! I do a lot of traveling for work, and I’ve been to a lot of cafes and bakeries across the northwest… I’ve got to say that the prices here are 50%-60% more expensive than the average. I don’t mind paying a little more for an artisan pastry or gourmet coffee, but I didn’t feel like either was particularly exceptional. Considering you can go and have a pretty decent and satisfying meal at virtually any restaurant for $15, I wish I had done that instead. I’m sure I’ll come across as a cheapskate in writing this review, but I just didn’t feel like the value for money spent (in terms of the quality/flavor of food as well as portion size) was on par with any of the other establishments I’ve been to.

  19. Riley Cooper

    Significantly overpriced for average food and below average coffee

  20. Danny Vigliaturo

    The service in the coffee or two stars that’s all I can say

  21. Savanah Humphrey

    The food was good but the chicken buiscut fell apart with every bite. The buiscut was pretty cake like…. It did taste good though!
    The cinnamon rolls were awful. Over priced for drizzled cream cheese frosting on a rock hard dry bun. 😫 they used to be really good! But the best part of the cinnamon roll is the middle and the frosting…😥

  22. Heather Ives

    I loved this Bakery/Cafe. Reasonably priced, fresh, homemade goods.

  23. Brenda

    The employees where so attentive and super nice. My daghter and I enjoyed there fresh coffee and fresh homemade delicious pastries . They have inside seating and a outside patio. It’s of exit 264, it’s write before heading to Spokane, Washington. Well worth stopping by!! My daughter and I will most definitely stop by again.

  24. Priya Fessard

    Amazing food! They put all their hard work and care into their cooking and baking! And very friendly service and they have a great selection on the menu and love that they serve white coffee! 😋

  25. Brennan cahill

    I love their breakfast! It comes out so fast you better order your latte before you order your breakfast!

  26. Heather Moon

    food was very yummy and the staff was awesome!

  27. Christine Baldwin

    Prime rib dip was awesome.

  28. Carol Stevens

    I had they’re chicken salad on Rosemary cranberry bread and it was good. I think it needed a little bit more mayonnaise. It was a little dry

  29. Maggie Ogden

    This was a gem to stumble across. We aren’t local and ended up randomly camping at Medical Lake. Hungry and wanting coffee we found this bakery. The food is DELICIOUS! The coffee was great too.
    They have chalk and a kids corner to keep kids entertained. I would recommend this place to anyone that’s gunna be in the area.

    I had “The Si” and it’s probably the best breakfast I’ve had at a restaurant ever.

  30. Sean Buckallew

    Amazing food. Amazing people. Due to covid wait for food is a it longer so make sure to pick up a pastry to snack on before your main course. You will not regret it!

  31. Megan Dueck

    The cinnamon rolls bigger than my head.. and so good!! Perfect to share if your feeling nice

  32. Kycia Warren

    We used to live in Medical lake and ate here all the time with friends and family. We were recently in ML for business and I decided to walk here with my kids in tow in their wagon. A 20 min walk from our old house to the bakery in 90 degree heat. I could not wait to order some smoothies for my babies. After placing my order I realized I had left my wallet with my husband. I dont recall his name but the tall man who took my order got us some smoothies. He was the absolute sweetest and was great. This place was even better than when we lived here 2 years ago. Its a hidden gem in a small town with kindness thats hard to find now a days.

  33. Kesi A

    Great pastries, quiche, and breakfasts. People who work there are always friendly and smiling

  34. Marie

    Best small town bakery EVER. LOVE the friendly hometown vibes reminds me of home. Super yummy breakfast and lunch. You won’t be disappointed

  35. Stephanie Hartwell

    Their food is delicious, the staff are very nice and give fast service. Cute environment to sit back and have a meal, coffee, or a treat in. It’s a gem in Medical Lake.

  36. Rachel Pellham

    Amazing food and service. The team was so patient and accommodating with our big group and young children. Absolutely will be back every time we’re out this way

  37. liz “Lizzy” A

    Sweets are great. Bread was good. Wish they told us how it worked. Order at counter, find a seat and food will come. People were super nice.

  38. Shelley Young

    Probably my favorite place to eat breakfast!! Always great food and plenty of it. The people who work here are fantastic

  39. Janet Adams

    Large sandwich selection on variety of freshly baked bread. Also variety of baked desserts and giant cinnamon rolls. Very clean and friendly.

  40. Tracey Waring

    Cute place on the main street. I had a ham & cheese breakfast sandwich and it was big enough for 2 meals! Desserts I picked up for dinner were delicious!

  41. Robin Kelley

    The Cuban sandwich is a must! Great food! Great people!

  42. Libbie Henry

    I live in the valley, and my sister lives a block away from the bakery. I’ve eaten here a few times, and let me tell ya, I think about the food constantly. Has my favorite sandwiches and the BEST biscuits and gravy. I make special visits to my sister just to get the food.

  43. Deborah O

    Best pastries around, absolutely love the maple bars an chocolate croissants

  44. Shelby McKinnon

    All the people there are amazing, the food was delicious, and the mimosas are so tasty!! Thanks for a great experience!

  45. Tim Louis

    Arrived as the shop was closing so we ordered quickly and had to take our food outside as the doors were locked. My wife ordered the bagel and got cream cheese that was yellow and had mold spots (didn’t eat the cream cheese – had to eat the toasted begal dry since they were closed and couldn’t go back for fresh cream cheese) I ordered the bacon croissant – it tasted a little off so I stopped eating and tossed it. By evening I was married to the toilet with explosive diahrea. $22+ for a couple coffees, a bagel and a bacon/cheese croissant($10 alone)was a shocker. The staff was pleasant, but the prices and freshness were a major problem.

  46. Mia Arn

    Great food, pretty okay coffee. The owner is awesome and we love the strong community feel of this bakery. A little on the spendy side, so we really only come here as a treat if we have friends or family in town.

  47. Matthew McDermott

    Food was awesome and the service was amazing! this will be our new place to frequent on the regular. Th memorial you guys had on display for the marines in Kabul brought tears to my eyes. such. classy move! thank you for all you guys do!

  48. Alex

    Some or the best chicken fried steak I’ve had in years.

  49. Deva Cher

    Omg, get the Carl. So good

  50. Brad Widman

    Stayed at an Airbnb near by and found this place for breakfast before leaving town. Great service. Hopping place for a quiet town! Amazing selection of pastries as well as breakfast and lunch options.

  51. Krista Widman

    Such a quaint, welcoming, and expansive bakery! We had a delicious breakfast and outstanding coffee. Would definitely come back and we highly recommend to those who want the options of pastries or a biscuits and gravy.

  52. Cody Newberry

    Fantastic food and people there biscuits and gravy are to literally die for, coffee is strong and yummy, the bakery has the most fantastic choice’s I HIGHLY recommend you stop in and try them out! To the staff thanks for an amazing breakfast!!

  53. Robb Mercer

    I had to drive from Seattle to Medical Lake to pick up a motor for a vehicle. I looked up “Breakfast restaurants in Medical Lake”. Lefevre St Bakery & Cafe popped up and looked good…. but you know how the internet is… they make it all look good.

    Well, the internet got it right this time! Mike greeted me when I walked in. He took my ordered and wasn’t a robot about it. He was very friendly and personable. A very short time later Jessica brought my food out. It was quick, hot and most importantly….. delicious!!!

    The pastry display is irresistible. Jessica answered all my questions. I told her, “You are speaking fat boy to me and I am sold !!!” I ended up leaving with several of their heavenly treats.

    If you are anywhere near Medical Lake I would encourage you to give this little corner of heaven a try. If you are not near Medical Lake…….. make the drive….. it’s totally worth it !!!

  54. A

    Cute Cafe in Medical Lake. I have been there twice their treats are good, but the food is lack luster. I had their Cuban and the pork was super dry like it had been over cooked it was also in big chunks, not really what I think of when a menu mentions pulled pork. Previously I had their Prime dip and it felt as if it were under cooked. Overall I wasn’t impressed with my entrees. My husband always gets their chicken smothered gravy biscuits. He really likes it and the potatoes it comes with are really good I end up eating those because I’m not impressed with my meal. I’m sure we’ll be back because my husband likes it and I will continue to try new things, hopefully I can find something I like.

  55. David Ayers

    Small locally owned Bakery and Restaurant when quality and customer service are top notch! We have been in twice in three days during our stay!

  56. Tracia Johnson

    Oh my goodness, we love this place! It’s the heartbeat of quiet downtown Medical Lake and always worth the drive. Their baked goods and food items are all made on-site…you can see the bakers hard at work with sheet pans cooling with pastries that are on par with any French bakery I’ve been to. Try the maple glazed donuts. The employees are always so kind! The mimosas are amazing (just wish the glasses were bigger!!) 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  57. Keturah Guidry

    Love their food and it’s always fresh! The service is amazing and very welcoming. They have a kids corner full of books and stuff that my daughter loves!

  58. Gordon Kirk

    What a sweet small town bakery! Best prime rib sandwich I’ve had in years! Huge cookies, pastries and pies and a sit down breakfast and lunch menu…locals approved. Super 😎 cool

  59. Bob DeBolt

    Great Bakery, must see and try for yourself!! Start with a Latte and a Huckleberry Danish! All fresh made!! Super service!

  60. Mark Buck

    Had a biscuit, gravy, ONE egg and a coffee. $15.61 before tip and I left hungry. Friendly staff but first time I spent that much for breakfast and left hungry. It was fresh and good but VERY small portion for the price.

  61. Jason Kreissig

    $11 for a small cupcake and muffin is a little outrageous. I guess I should have asked the price first. This was my third and final time I will go here unfortunately. I spent $11+ on a small burrito, and over $20 for a cinnamon roll and carrot cake previously, but so far I have yet to enjoy any of their food.. sorry.

  62. Enrique Ortiz

    The French toast is probably the best I’ve ever had

  63. Ahava Bee

    This place has incredible food. The chicken fried steak breakfast I would order again. The Geman sausage also fantastic. Great vibe place.

  64. Dave Adams

    A perfect cafe and bakery for a full breakfast, lunch, or just coffee with friends and family. Food is delicious and very well-priced, and the environment is clean and comfortable. I really enjoy stopping here to meet a friend or read a book.

    UPDATE 04/22: So glad to see this local business growing over the years! They have added a lot of bakery goods, and some swag. Service is still friendly, but they are busier than they used to be. Always a table available, though, when I go.

  65. Nonna

    A Wonderful Find
    Our 1st visit to this bakery/cafe and we were so pleased. I had the grown-up grilled cheese on sour dough and it was great. Brought half home. We both ordered a pastry and they were delicious.
    It has a homey atmosphere. Worth the drive from Spokane. Closes at 2.

  66. Joe Boo

    They have a wide variety of pastries and treats. The food is delicious and so is the coffee. Staff are always friendly. I miss Chans, but this is easily the best restaurant in Medical Lake. Military discount? Yes, as of this review.

  67. Robert Martin

    Well the eggs weren’t cook the way I requested. And their wasn’t any towels to dry your hands with I. The bathroom . Until afterward I told that them lack of responsibility.

  68. Rebekah Read

    Absolutely love this bakery! So many different items and quaint atmosphere.

  69. Terinna Pelley

    I had biscuits and gravy not complicated and it was cold not sure why they weren’t busy my husband got chicken fried steak and his was hot but the hash brown’s were barely cooked 🤔

  70. Kaori Nanaharu

    Cheese Danish was AMAZING! So light and fluffy, and that filling 🤤😍

  71. Rhonda Haffner

    A rare find, a bakery where everything is homemade, fresh and delicious! Very impressed with the breakfasts too.
    -new customer for life

  72. Kelly Hewson

    I stopped here for lunch over the weekend the staff was super friendly! Food was really good and I will be coming back to try the cinnamon rolls which are huge!

  73. Dallas

    New staff is rude, not helpful and doesn’t even put forth the effort to learn the online menu. Out of everything on there own menu abs the food they did have was not worth the 50 plus dollars we spent on a couple of chicken sandwiches. This place use to be one of my favorites. Is mediocre at best now

  74. Bridgett Taylor

    This place is really hit or miss for me. The cinnamon french toast is decent. The huckleberry coffee cake is awesome. All of the coffee drinks I’ve tried taste like they’re made from a store bought powdered mix. The fish and chips look and taste burnt. The fries taste old and like they’ve been fried twice. I almost always opt for the Mexican restaurant, El Ixtapa, across the street, which is amazing. I’m just not always in the mood for Mexican food.
    Not many choices for food when you live out in Medical Lake unless you’re willing to drive 20-30 minutes.

  75. Phillip Lowe

    Super friendly business. Everything me and my wife have gotten has been delicious with enough portions to bring some home. You spend slightly more than a chain restaurant but it’s worth every penny!

  76. Green Truck

    Did not get what we ordered ordered the all meat breakfast burrito said it comes with sour cream and salsa but nope it did not my orders were togo so did not find out till we got home no jelly for the toast food just ok wife can make it at home way better expected a 20% tip for togo orders and didn’t get even close to what I paid very disappointing we use to go here 3 or 4 times a month with the old owners don’t think we will be back just ok food nothing special to write about stay home and make it your self

  77. Cindy Nielson

    My grandson and I had breakfast, he said his biscuits and gravy were the best he ever had ! My chicken fried steak breakfast was perfectly delicious! Friendly staff as soon as you walk in the door. Next we’ll come back for lunch, then we’ll be back for dinner! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

  78. Belinda Snow

    Excellent food and lovely bakery’s item, love their gaint cinnamon rolls

  79. Mommy Klein

    Very rude service! Will never return and I’m warning everyone that I see! We just moved to the area and would have been regular customers with our very large family. They refused to honor their coupons and I don’t appreciate the rude manner that we were spoken to. Completely unnecessary!

  80. Winky Twinky

    Customer service is awesome…
    And needless to say I am SO glad I got to break my chocolate crossiant “cherry” here 😋 And that sticky bun 🙃 YUM!!
    They also have a super NOM worthy breakfast and lunch menu!! Highly recommend!! #worthit

  81. Jasmine mccollough

    Charming and great food

  82. Pam K

    Pastries and coffee were excellent, but $19 for 2 pastries and 2 drip coffees seemed a bit much.

  83. Terry Wren

    Awesome staff and good! Quick service and food for the entire family! This will be a regular stop!

  84. Trent Dean

    Listen, half of this negative review is not the fault of the staff. I waited an hour for my food because their system had an issue and never printed the ticket, and the system up front is stuck at a 20% tip unless you ask the staff how to fix it to tip them less. As far as the food it was not worth the price by any stretch of the imagination. Got a fritter from the case, it was dry and largely bland other than the fruit in the center. Their supposed cinnamon chip French toast had maybe two cinnamon chips per piece of bread, I will say the honey butter it came with was delightful. We ordered the eggs scrambled and they came out just flat, over hard, completely unsalted or seasoned just poorly cooked eggs. We also got a Cuban sandwich, and I’ll just be frank it’s a disgrace. The pork on it is flavorless, dry, and stringy. The ham on it is pan fried but somehow not warm in the middle, like they threw it on at max heat to char it then called it a day. The breads fine, pickles on it are decent, the cheese is neither good nor bad it simply seems to exist as a binding agent to the bread to hide the fact they put a cheap mustard on the sandwich as well. I would’ve been upset if I paid $30 for this but after the mandatory tip it was in fact $50. Just skip this place it isn’t worth the drive.

  85. Gregory Siegel

    I’ve only had breakfast but I heard lunch was better.

  86. Kaeli Welsh

    Lafevre St Bakery & Cafe is the PERFECT spot to go for breakfast! This cafe has definite curb appeal. It is such a great location and is well decorated. There is seating available to dine in or dine outside. I love how kind and professional the staff members were. My group ordered a horseshoe almond cookie that pairs perfectly with their coffee, a cinnamon roll (which was big enough to share, and a hot chocolate. They have bathrooms available inside as well as a “Kids Corner”. The food and drinks were honestly amazing and I highly recommend checking them out! I realized when we arrived that they also serve lunch and dinner.

  87. McKenzie Schexnider

    The customer service is always good but the food really is not. The price for the food you get really is very poor. They recently have made changes to the menu and the kids classic is pathetic now. It’s loaded with tons of potatoes and now only one pierce of meat and a teeny tiny amount of eggs. And the taste just isn’t there for me for what they are charging. It’s disappointing.

  88. C B

    This little cafe is amazing. The staff was nice and friendly, the food was amazing, and the prices not bad. This definitely a favorite go to for breakfast and lunch. Highly recommend. Oh and thank you for telling my daughter what type of mayo you use. Hahaha she really liked it.

  89. Raymond Holten

    We stopped for lunch. Ordered the fish and chips. Big mistake, fish appeared to be cooked in old oil. Batter was overcooked. Tartar was awful, even adding Ketchup didn’t help the flavor. Local news did a favorable review of this restaurant so we decided to give it a try when we were in Medical Lake. Don’t believe we will return.

  90. Tracie Rauscher

    Recently stopped in the grab some lunch for myself and daughter. Ordered the chicken biscuit sandwich, Turkey with cranberry sandwich a slice if coconut cake and a can of Pepsi with tip of 5.00 it was over 40.00.
    As much as I like to support the local community business the price is to high. No sides offered with the price of the sandwich at least a bag of chips. The can of Pepsi was 2.25 was not expecting it to be so high for a 12oz can. The coconut cake tasted stale was disappointed.

  91. Anthony Davis

    Great little place had breakfast it was very good

  92. Scott Roberts

    $22 for 2 bacon reheated potatos and 2 eggs with 1 piece of toast. $32 for 4 pastries . 20% tip is applied on top of that. . $67 out the door. No Thanks

  93. K.h. OcKander

    Was my first time eating at this place. Wonderful service and the food was amazing. I left my purse and didn’t notice until after closing. I messaged the restaurant on Facebook messenger. The owner immediately contacted me and met me at the restaurant hours after it closed so I could retrieve. I will definitely return.

  94. Kennedy Myers

    What a nice experience here! We had just a quick stop for coffee and breakfast sandwiches. My bacon egg and cheese on a croissant was huge and absolutely delicious! My fancy coffee order was made just as asked. The service was fast and friendly. A large menu with lots of breakfast and lunch options, as well as speciality coffees. Highly recommend!

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