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7:00 am – 2:00 pm


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Little Euro

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  

38 reviews for “Little Euro

  1. Joe Deviny

    Got the breakfast cake plate and the breakfast poutine. Everything was fresh and delicious. Staff was very nice as well. I did have to call about my order because the online ordering through chownow didn’t have either of the dishes I ultimately ordered available.

  2. dee tee

    The brisket poutine was excellent. I would have loved to have had squeaky cheese curds, but the smokey meat and rich gravy won me over immediately. Being kind and civilized, they left me an insulated coffee carafe. Wonderful. There’s a lot for me to go back and try, and I fully intend to do so.

  3. Ryan Tobiasson

    This is a mom friendly restaurant! It’s small, but they’ll make room for the little ones. The server was so great with my 8 month old son and brought him some applesauce! Not to mention… The fresh orange juice is to die for!!! My son loved it, I loved it, everyone loves it. My meal was cooked perfectly. And they have GLUTEN FREE options!!!! Highly recommend.

  4. Cindy Morris

    Food was great. Had a party of six and we all ordered something different. Everything was tasty and was served quickly. The only negative is this place is small, but they made room for us by adding a table to the booth. It didn’t help that my 3 grandsons are Sasquatches. We’ll go back!

  5. Bran'sBach

    Little Euro is the expansion location of the Old European! We love Old European and the message continues with a more modern, homely vibe in the form of Little Euro! You can expect the same awesome food, great staff, cultural experience with a upbeat, fun, energetic vitality. Little Euro adds a contemporary splash to a classic favorite! Highly recommend!

  6. Curtis Noble

    This is, hands down, the best breakfast cafe in Spokane County. It’s our “go-to” spot regularly and we always have an amazing experience. They’re very friendly, attentive, and committed to providing very high quality. Also there isn’t a better value! The amount of amazing food you get for the money makes it hard not to choose Little Euro over anything else. The Goulashes are amazing. Get the full order though and you’ll have great leftovers for later! The Brisket Benedict is my favorite as well as the raspberry jam crepes.

  7. Snowflake_Ilove

    I can see why the wait was long. Well worth it!! I had a morning date and my date suggested meeting here. He totally won some cookie points for this! The food was phenomenal as well as the service. Would definitely come back again the next time I’m in town.

  8. Haley Whitaker

    A long but well worth it wait! This place is popular for a reason. Great coffee and even better food! I got the brisket eggs Benedict which was delicious, I’m picky about my hollandaise sauce but there’s was just right, undertones of the lemon but still creamy and delicious. My sister got the crepes which were huge and spectacular! Perfect for our sister date, will definitely be back!

  9. Destini Agz

    Great breakfast spot. Some of the menu items are not your usually breakfast orders like Ebelskeivers , German Hot cakes and Crepes.
    Also recommend the Orange Juice – Freshly Squeezed. 😋

  10. Sarah Lawson

    Absolute best breakfast food in town! We go here all the time and love the experience each and every time. This smaller branch of the Old European is on the small/quaint side, so if you want to take a big group or just have more room to spread out, maybe go to the original. Love that this option is close to home with basically the same menu! Take my word for it and try the cinnamon swirl french toast as your side option…legit the best and it’s like a second meal! 😀

  11. Anorak

    No pictures because I was starving and dove in before I thought to take a Pic. In the words of Gordon Ramsey, finally some good BLEEP food. A quaint little restaurant with absolutely delicious European based food with a dash of American burger options. You can’t go wrong by skipping IHOP or driving to Post Falls. Get your breakfast fix here at Little Europe!

  12. Ann Marie Wise

    Very delicious food! We had breakfast and it all seemed very fresh! Can’t go wrong with fresh squeezed orange juice! They also gave me a free cinnamon roll on my bday! Cool!

  13. Mike Coleman

    The food was good. Ordered the country fried steak and some biscuits and gravy. Very large portions, had enough left over for another meal. The kids had french toast and said it did not have very much flavor but I disagree. My wife had the Eggs Benedict and said they were just alright.

  14. Bev Brockway

    Idk if i was in on an off day or what given all the good reviews, but I’ve had way better food and experience at the north side and post falls locs and won’t be back to this one. The bacon in my omelet had large raw chunks and the avacado was brown all through, not just surface. French toast was lovely, my son’s food was fine. The servers weren’t rude but they weren’t nice either if that makes sense. Kind of an end of shift, i wanna go home demeanor.

  15. Sandy Howell

    My sister turned me on to this place, the food is ethnic and so very fresh! I can’t recall the names of what we ate, but I believe anything on the menu is probably great. Ask what the dish is, and the helpful staff will give you hints on what is most popular. The food is served beautifully in this very cozy and unique foody favorite.

  16. kevin coulter

    Very nice facility, clean, and the staff as well as the folks attending were very pleasant to be in the presence of….. They had a guest from SanFransisco sharing the good news of scripture who I believe was, is very sincere in his ministering of the word of Elohim, “God” from Old and New Testament. I personally would like to hear God and His only begotten Son’s true name’s spoken as it is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls “is the origins” of the New Testament manuscripts…. The true Name of Elohim, “God” written in the Dead Sea Scrolls is YHWH, “Yahuah” and has been retranslated 7000 times into titles most people use today being, “God, Lord, and Jehovah” along with His only begotten Son’s true name, Yahusha Ha’mashiach, to “Jesus Christ.”

  17. Brittney Fisher

    The hostess and waitress that helped my family this morning were amazing. The food was great too! The portions were very large, plenty of leftovers for second breakfast.

  18. Natalia Karptsov

    This place always has delicious food, and a very nice relaxed feel to the place, and I go here with family every once in a while. But one thing I don’t like, is that the last two times I have gone there, including today, I found hair in my food. Short and black. Last time I mentioned it, they gave me a new meal, but it was a very akward exchange, almost as if the the person helping us thought it was my hair in there but I was trying to get a free meal or something even though I have longer blonde hair. I didn’t mention it this time, not wanting to make a big deal about it during peak hours with a packed place, but I found two short black hairs again in my food, underneath the sausage gravy. I am now a little skeptical about coming back again, but who knows, maybe it’ll end get better.

  19. Jenny “J Bird” H

    Best breakfast around by far. I had the crepes and my niece had the avocado toast. Be there early or you will wait. Prices are a bit high. Plan on minimum $14 per plate.

  20. Fitgirl Legbusta

    I base my reviews on whether a place is good enough to make it worth the while to leave my own kitchen. Takeout (and food in general) has become so expensive that it has to be a justifiable expense. A treat, not a defeat.

    This place is a treat. The Little Euro offers so much in such a unique and specialized way for a great value. When the staff at a business cares, it comes through in every facet of the results. This place is amazing. Try the hollandaise, surely but, experience those potato pancakes

  21. Bubblez Lynnay

    So absolutely delicious it’s almost unbearable. The bacon? Out of this freaking world. Vanilla cold brew? Amazing. Very busy but was still seated in a reasonable amount of time. Food came quickly after ordering. Very nice staff. 100 stars from me!

  22. Marina Bean

    Waited 30 plus minutes for a table (were told 10-15 min wait) then sat down waited 45 mins to get food and it had no flavor. Very expensive prices for flavorless food. We can say easily, We will not be coming and I would not recommend it for anybody else. Tried it and hated it.

  23. Joshua Kinney

    Went between my eye appointment and work and was able to get excellent food, staff interaction, and a calming environment all before my shift. It was busy and short-staffed and yet, I felt like I was the only customer in the building. 10 stars

  24. shawn Schmidt

    Best breakfast place ever!! A wide selection. The crepes are out of this world!! Yummy!! The aebleskiver’s were a fun treat! I highly recommend little Euro.

  25. Jayke Spinks-Vazquez

    Price was definitely 2 dollar signs, but the food was mid and the portions were McDonald size, the waitresses weren’t attentive ( no water refill, no follow ups, and had to ask for the check 10 minutes after finishing my meal)

  26. Michael Ball

    $15 bucks for one waffle and a cup of joe out the take out window. Waffle — while it was flavorful — was cold. Not warm… cold. Was a special treat but should’ve stayed home and made my own.

  27. Kaley Mendoza

    Our first time here, and Nikki was absolutely amazing ! Her energy and punctuality was very entertaining and made our visit even more worth it! The food alone was WORTH EVERY PENNY. mimosas? perfection , versatile. Eggs benedict ? moist, and filling. Chicken fried steak? Crispy and home style. EVERYTHING 10/10 and will definitely be returning for more!

  28. Brandi Coordes

    Breakfast sandwich and biscuits and gravy were AMAZING!!! Sarah (I think that was her name) in the drive thru is such a kick! Absolutely hilarious and such a joyous person. Will definitely return! 🙂

  29. Jeremy BA

    My wife and I went here for brunch after we got done with our errand. The food was good itself for me, but not very good for my wife. I gave it four stars because the waitress did a good job refilling our water and checked up with us whenever she came to our table.

  30. Debra Baker

    From the long line outside to the Christian music they play, it is a wonderful place. The service is great and the food was delicious 😋

  31. cailyn rogers

    I had a great first experience here. A very friendly and modern environment. They have gluten free pancakes and a gf waffle on their menu which is awesome!! I got the waffle with a side of hash browns – I wasn’t too blown away by the food but it wasn’t terrible. I am excited to come back and try more of the many options on their menu. I also got my food VERY quick.

  32. Bridget Bridget

    This place! All eateries need a little education from this place!!!! Clean. Fresh. Kind. Variety. The icing, Cheerful and bright decor.

    Never have messed up my order in the 3.5 years I have been a patron.

  33. Amanda Munns

    Food is excellent! We love getting the goulash and sharing it. the crepes are so delicious! It is a little crowded inside so we usually get it to go.

  34. Jim Zimprich

    Be prepared to wait a minute…
    Absolutely worth that minute !!!
    Gourmet treats for your culinary pleasure.
    Oh… The wait staff… Extraordinary. The banter was perfect.

  35. Michael McNeilis

    Excellent food, fantastic service. It was just too cold in the restaurant.

  36. Dave Hiill

    I’ve never been there before, but food and service was quite good.

  37. Hazel Kay Victorious

    Good place but expensive. Gotta try their little donuts. They come in different flavors.

  38. Mark Michaelis

    I love eating breakfast here. The food is great!
    P.S. I love the fresh orange juice.

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