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7:00 am – 2:00 pm


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Little Euro

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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46 reviews for “Little Euro

  1. Jere Johnston

    Since it’s increased in price, it would be nice for 1/2 or 3/4 meal sizing… Just seemed a little high for serving size. All in all very good.

  2. Jesse Williams

    Its pretty good

  3. Chelsea Kenison

    On a busy weekend morning, our server, Nicole, not only met every need, but did so with professionalism and personality, making us feel like her most important customers of the day. The food was incredible and came out in a timely manner. They had great options for kids. We will come here again.

  4. Kaitlin Goltz

    This is my all-time favorite brunch spot! They have a great selection of breakfast items which ranges from more traditional items such as pancakes and french toast to the savory Hungarian goulash. They have great coffee, and you absolutely can’t go here without getting the fresh squeezed orange juice! While it is a bit pricey, I think it’s well worth the money. Plus, you’re supporting a local business so it’s a win-win.

  5. Katherine Hood

    A great spot to have a sweet and/or savory breakfast with your friends and or family. My friend and I were well taken care of and felt special! A pretty diverse menu. I chose the Spicy Southwest pe’ suggested by friends, it’s not spicy to me by any means, but the table hot sauce did the trick. The cream cheese cinnamon roll was divine and will satisfy my sweet tooth for a while. Add Little Euro to your breakfast must-try list!

  6. Kurt Salquist

    The best breakfast spot in the valley!
    For the past 10 years, a group us run at different locations across Spokane and we all dream of bacon and coffee, especially in the winter months as we run the icy trails, so breakfast has become part of the tradition. The Little Euro has become our go to spot in Spokane Valley. The servers are friendly and very accommodating and they have great gluten free options.

  7. Jessica Ashcroft

    Cute little place. Loved the different breakfast options from your traditional American breakfast. I had the poutine and it was so good! Great ratio of fries, meat, and toppings. The crêpes were good but not very memorable. I wish I had tried the orange juice but will get it next time!

  8. Rupert Butler

    Great Food, fantastic service. The tables were too small compared to the size of the plates.

  9. cindy Damschen

    Exceptional food and service

  10. Cundiff cundiff

    Really good biscuits and gravy.

  11. Nicole Armstrong

    Always get the Scandinavian breakfast skillet. So good, also they had a Mimosa flight which was very good as well

  12. Black Diamond Electrical Contracting

    Great find for your brunch needs! Delicious home made feel food! Cinnamon roll was delicious! Chicken fried steak was as desired!! Crepes were yummy too. Service was fun and easy to joke around with. Full restaurant when arrived and they sat us in min and food came out at a reasonable pace! Will definitely eat hear again! Thank you Nicole B!
    Also, even had some Crowder on the radio, my fav!

  13. Barbara Harsh

    Best breakfast place ever. Friendly calm environment. Staff is always jolly and helpful. Fresh squeezed orange juice is to die for.

  14. Jordan Folk

    Food was good and server was nice, pregnant wife is excited to go back and try some more items when she can eat them 😊

  15. Games and garbage trucks

    Amazing food! A bit on the pricey side but very large portions.

  16. Gail Bishop

    Some of the best food in Spoka e.

  17. M D

    Love the food here. My wife and I always enjoy the mimosas and breakfast menu. I especially enjoy the smoked brisket eggs Benedict. Can get pretty busy sometimes

  18. Christie Anderson

    Best Breakfast in Spokane Valley.

  19. Jeremy McClintock

    Wonderful food and service, our families favorite breakfast spot.

  20. Raquel Rice

    Great place for breakfast. Great size meals and great tasty food. Overall, it was a great place. Things to improve would be better customer service and keep their bathroom clean.

  21. Ukrainian BORSCH

    A friend of mine invited me over for breakfast. This was the first time I ate here, and I left very satisfied. One item that I truly appreciated was their, ‘fresh squeezed orange juice!’

  22. Scott Moon

    Food was good- i got the goulash and a grapefruit for the side. The grapefruit was nice and ripe-perfect. They could have used one more person as wait staff. The contemporary christian music being played kinda turned me off…

  23. Shane Ontiveros

    Always a wonderful staff. Fast and friendly service with great food.

  24. Stacey Carr

    This is my favorite breakfast place in Spokane. They have a gluten free waffle that is the best treat.

  25. Jeff Hawkins

    Waitress was amazing and food was just as good. Will definitely be going again.

  26. Bryan Masino

    This place is AWESOME! The orange juice has like 7 real oranges squeezed into it and is SO fresh. We tried the Danish Ableskiver combo which was such a good call- they are yummy and make for great accompaniment! The dish sizes are very decent, I left quite full (and happy)!

    Despite having a great and diverse menu, the staff and ambiance give it a very cozy and small-diner feel. The poutine that I got was also incredible. It’s not cheap, so expect around $20 per person, but it’s WORTH IT.

  27. Janene Gomez

    We frequent little Euro often and always get great food and service.

  28. The Picky Eater

    Small restaurants with yummy food! Not a lot of seating but we expected a wait for brunch on Mother’s Day! Food came out quickly! All the food was very good especially for price. I got the Hungarian meat goulash with a side of sausage gravy and raspberry crepes. Everything was very good, my only criticism was of the gravy which I thought lacked flavor. Husband got the breakfast poutine which he enjoyed. He was just hoping for a little more brisket. Kids got the danish aebelskivers and they were so good!! If we get to come back as we are not from here we will definitely get those again!!! Blueberry and regular were both really good! Flight of mimosas were okay was just hoping for a little more flavor. Great service!

  29. Kadeem

    Probably been here a dozen times by now and gotten something different every time, every experience has been incredible, 10/10

  30. Athena Perez

    The people that work here need an attitude adjustment. I placed an order online directly from the restaurant for pick up. When I got there they gave me 1/3 of the order. Got out to the car and realized 2 whole breakfast orders were missing. Went back inside and they argued that they “didn’t see” the other orders. After telling them to check again they had to cook the other two to get the order right. Apparently they only saw one breakfast?? No apology, no “we will fix this right away” just rude! When I got home and opened the breakfast the hash browns weren’t even thoroughly cooked. I’ve ordered many times from them despite the high prices and I will never order from them again. Appreciate your customers, do your job and show some humility.

  31. Patrick Peterson

    Great…again! Delicious breakfast, awesome and fun service.

  32. Benjamin Truex

    Quiet little nook great for breakfast

  33. Colin Bailey

    Amazing food and service!

  34. janet ECKERT

    The food & juice are great! Twice now we have been told the patio is closed due to being short staffed. This time they said it is open on weekends only.

  35. Holly Berquam

    Excellent food and it is impossible to go away hungry!

  36. Raskal kavaklian

    I give this place a 5 star rating. This was the best breakfast I’ve had in spokane wa. I recommend eating here the orange juice is freshly squeezed daily..

  37. Kyle Ybr

    My number one problem with this restaurant is you guys are way overpriced four slices a bacon and two eggs with some toast for $20 that’s insane it doesn’t even cost me that much to make that at home

  38. An Lo

    The Benny was pretty bland honestly. I had to add so much hot sauce and salt to the plate.

  39. Ballaurena13

    The fresh squeezed orange juice and crepes are worth going for but the brisket in the goulash was dried out and awful. It could have really used some gravy or sauce to help. The omelettes were good and I loved the hollandaise sauce. Service was a little slow when the restaurant was crowded but not too bad.

  40. Jezreel puckett

    When I first looked at this place online the photos looked amazing. However, the food is subpar. Hashbrowns tasted like they’d been frozen or old. Hollandaise sauce wasn’t made correctly and didn’t have the right flavor. Hair on my food. Sad to say but I’ll never go here again even though our waitress was lovely

  41. Dawn Marlin

    Love there german potato cakes..

  42. Richard Noordam

    Quick tasty breakfasts

  43. Jacques vonMolendorff

    Excellent 👌!!!! Loved it!

  44. Richard Bowles

    All around excellent. Friendly and attentive service. Some interesting selections for breakfast goulash — take a look.

  45. Chris Brooks

    Still trying to figure out why they call it Little Euro; it must be the crepes. I have been to Europe and lived in Europe (about 14 years at different times), and breakfast in the old country greatly differs from the offerings at little Euro.
    Typically the breakfast in Europe is an assortment of meats and cheeses, bread, jam and jellies, fruits, teas & coffee, a variety of pastries, crepes if you’re in France, sardines if you’re in Italy or Portugal, hummus in Greece you know–not the American breakfast choices which they seem to have more of than anything remotely European. One thing they did get right is the expense; it’s pricey. Three of us went to eat there for a business breakfast, which would cost roughly 60$ (that is crazy expensive for breakfast, but a sign of the times as that is about the norm everywhere I’ve been lately).
    Europe is very expensive, but typically not for breakfast, usually, dinner is costly but still affordable, if that makes sense. Overall, the service was good, the folks were pleasant, and our server was fantastic. But no Euro breakfast here, folks; I’ve yet to see an excellent European eating opportunity here in Spokane, but I will let you know if I find one!

  46. Mike Bennett

    Great food. Great service. Great mimosas.

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