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Maribella Ristorante e Pizzeria

Italian Restaurant in Anacortes, WA












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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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40 reviews for “Maribella Ristorante

  1. Jaime DeYoung

    We went to Maribella Ristorante this evening since it reopened under the new name. The food seems similar to the previous owner with an expanded menu but the service was very slow and they were forgetful. Also when we arrived it took the hostess awhile to notice us and she seemed confused what tables were available. I will order pizza to go but not dine in.

  2. A T

    So disappointed. We arrived at 4:30pm. I love Polio alla Valentina and have tried it in many places, I’m so surprised the same cook from Ciao Bella did was super salty and the veggies were a mushy mess. The meatballs were cold inside, but warm outside. Maybe thawed? The bread was good and it looks like the pizza is a winner from comments. Although the server was sweet, it was a mess, the table was dirty and we waited for 30 minutes between seating to ordering and then again 30-45 min from appetizer finish to dinner. I felt so bad, not one other server stepped in to help! I wouldn’t drop another $100 here again.

  3. Lyn Ward

    We went for Happy Hour today and were not disappointed! The meatball sliders were amazing and had a slice of pizza with a thin, yummy crust and beautiful balance of cheeses, basil and sauce. Service was friendly, food was hot and tasty even with some technology issues and new staff! Keep up the great work! Don’t let those impatient, self-important people get you down.

  4. Cherry Daniels

    First, we were seated at round tables pushed together at an awkward angle for 6 people and had to ask to be moved.
    Staff started opening/breaking down boxes right next to the table and making a lot of noise during the meal???
    2 of our parties food was served 30 minutes before the other 4.
    Only 2 of the meals that came out tasted good, and were not completely cold, inedible, chewy, or no flavor.
    The tomato sauces tasted like they were canned.
    Pizza did not even have enough cheese to cover the top.
    Overall a giant miss….waste of time and money. They weren’t even busy. Really no excuse. 2 stars because they comped the meals were not eaten.

  5. Ron

    My father in law (a foodie) and I enjoyed every morsel, and even the most slight imperfections added to the enjoyment of this meal. The best pizza crust and brick oven bread. Perfectly seared tuna steak and most enjoyable tiramisu I have had.

  6. Lisa Whittier

    This is by far our favorite Italian restaurant in the area. We love it so much we eat here about three times a month! Their pizzas and pastas are unbelievable and very fairly priced.

  7. Lisa C

    Stopped in after work from out of town. We are on the road a LOT. Thought we could get a good meal in since always stopping at fast food places. The Cesar Salad tasted a bit tart. Spaghetti was good but the meat balls were dry even with the sauce. Can’t complain about the service Dustin our server was good. I think they are a little pricey.

  8. Kate Ross

    I absolutely love this place! Great food, drinks and atmosphere. I will always come back to this restaurant for any occasion, (dinner with the family, date night, lunch or dinner with friends), when craving Italian food.

    And the new lunch menu with take out service is quick easy and delicious when I don’t have time to pack my lunch for work in the day.

    I can’t recommend going to eat at Maribella enough!!

  9. tom belnick

    Best pizza in town, as good as any slice from a NY pizzeria. Nice chewy crust, good amount of cheese. We’ll be back.

  10. Olivia Cornwell

    Thank the good Lord there is a new restaurant on the Anacortes foodie scene worth the money charged. Appreciate our friend Kana’s recommendation encouraging us to try Maribella. Perfectly prepared homemade pasta, pizza to make my husband swoon, a delicious spinach salad and off the chart service by Dustin assisted by my fellow native New Orleans guy Miles—how can a gal go wrong in this perfect Saturday date night perfection hot spot! The bar and wine offerings are the bomb! Appreciate you all and look forward to a tastier New Year thanks to y’all!

  11. Amy Locke Seward

    Ordered online the ravioli and the menu is not accurate. It gave me a pesto sauce and I thought I was getting a cream sauce. When I called the said a weird trio sauce is what is on it so not what is pictured or on the order menu.

  12. Jeff Daggett

    This is some of the best Italian food we’ve had in a long time. Service was spotty but our waiter was great. It’s tough for restaurants now with maintaining consistent staffing so we’ll let it go. The lasagna was the excellent as was the calamari. Pizza was very good and obviously a big seller here. We were surprised by how good the bread was. All in all a very good experience and one we’ll definitely come back to.

  13. Thomas Hines

    If you want to experience as close to an authentic Neapolitan pizza as possible, order one at Maribella Ristorant E Pizzeria. What makes the difference?: San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella;; a 900 degree pizza oven; a blistered crust made from a custom blend of imported and locally milled flour; and the talents of the chef/owner who knows a thing or two about authentic, southern Italian pizza. I cannot speak to the rest of their rather extensive menu, but if their pizza and waitstaff are an indication of their commitment to a great dining experience, I’m definitely returning for a non-pizza meal.

  14. Lance Cross

    One thing though, would not recommend wine by the glass- at $9 a glass one would expect a decent quantity, but ours was a small glass and short pour.

  15. Waylon Walllace

    First time, ordered pizza. waiting 30 min, they say “a bit more time. waiting… checked with the cook, said “we just started making it” then we left. Not a good impression for a first time customer!!

  16. Whitney Eichler

    I’m just going to point out it’s Valentines day and I understand restaurants are usually packed in this small town.

    But I was not expecting a 2.5 hour wait after the initial ordering to remotely coming close to getting our food.

    We got there at 6:40. Ordered by 7 and I left at 8:45 to get my kids home to bed before even getting my food. That we finally had to asked for to go. Even after that they hadn’t even started our food.

    The resturant was half empty by that time.
    It even took an hour just to get our salads.

    My dad still paid the bill of $181. For food that we had to ask to be made so we could all go home.

    They didn’t offer a discount or even comp anything.

    Then even with the food that was given to us to go, the fish we ordered was undercooked.

    I have worked in the food industry for over 20 years and that was by far the worst experience ever.

  17. Tracie Y

    Great wood fired pizza, servers were so personable. I would go back if ever in Anacortes again

  18. Raea “Rev.” S.

    Superb, excellent, wonderful. The pizza is the absolute best in Anacortes. Make it a point to get the large size, the leftovers are the greatest!

  19. Tami Cortez

    We arrived late after traveling all day & were still made to feel very welcome. The dining room has a nice cozy atmosphere, the employees were very friendly & the food was delicious.
    We had the ravioli, a bianca pizza, jumbo prawns & a special order pasta. Everything was very good! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re craving Italian!

  20. Sharonne Elaine

    Super great service and food! A nice place to go for a quiet enjoyable happy hour!
    Awesome appetizers and drinks available for a good price! Try a delicious lunch special with a salad, the bread and dip is the best❤️🍷 highly recommend this place!

  21. 语诺

    Cost: $97 for three people without tip (two kids who can’t starve to death and are extremely picky eaters)
    🐰 Dad said that I need to take a nap in the car…. In fact, it is nothing more than playing the game last night. I can’t tell through it, I silently give myself a like👍, the beginning of improving the quality of marriage
    ‼ ️
    1. Good parking
    2. Deck seats, full chairs
    3. The bread is delicious, and different dishes will be served with different breads
    4. 🍅 All kinds of tomatoes are cooked deliciously, I feel that the standard standard of Italian order is delicious tomatoes
    5. My brother ordered a large portion of spaghetti🍝 with two huge meatballs. Even after eating a lot of bread🍞, he could still eat cleanly, which is really good
    6. I must say something about the pizza my brother ordered. The quality is very average, but it is really delicious.
    ‼ ️
    1. As shown in the picture, this store is not particularly eye-catching, and it will open if you are not careful.
    2. This time the soup is not good, especially salty
    ‼ ️
    👨 Finally, Mr. said: Bread is not suitable for packing home

  22. julie sullivan

    Went there for lunch there was a party of 5. Ordered salads to start, asked for tossed cesar salad what we got was a non tossed salad, not a big deal right. Well that took an hour to get our salads.
    The soup came at room temp, had to request it to be heated up.
    The pizzas were awesome! Cooked to perfection.
    I would highly recommend having some formal training for our server. She needs to learn the menu, ingredients. The kitchen was a bit behind and we were the only other table there.

    I will give them another try, just wish my first time was a success.

  23. J E

    This was the Best Italian food in Skagit or Whatcom County. The sauce was mouth watering and trust me you would have not regretted or forgot about this place.
    Was the Best Italian anywhere
    when it was Ciao Bella.
    Now it was a total disappointment 😒
    Higher costs, much smaller portions and the sauce is totally not the same.
    My dine in order took forever to get to table and it was not what I ordered and it was miniscule in serving size, yet higher in price.
    No Italian music, hip hop music !!! Even after requesting Italian music for the ambiance.
    Overall it was a most terrible experience and Gino would be so disappointed.
    I give it two thumbs down any typical of most Italian restaurants in the area.
    So sorry to say I do not recommend this restaurant since it’s new owner took over.

  24. Lynne Morris

    My husband and I ate there last night. The food and the service were exceptional. We had drinks and prawns to start. The lemon cello mojito was very good and the prawns were superb. We had pizza as the main course which was excellent. We had dessert to go and it was wonderful. We look forward to our next visit

  25. Rodney Collins

    dinner 7/6/22, seated & ordered, then took 1 1/2 hrs before food served, appears a chef problem, the wait person was attentive, food was mediocre, not worth the wait for sure.

  26. Parker King

    Pretty nice hole in the wall place with great food. The two pizzas I had tasted amazing and were clearly made with great ingredients and by someone who knows what they’re doing. I would’ve given 5 stars, though, if it weren’t for 2 things. First, the wait. Yes, I understand that fresh brick oven pizza doesn’t pop out immediately but I waited around a hour for my pizzas to come out. I wasn’t in any hurry so it didn’t bother me much, but if you’re coming for pizzas keep that in the back of your mind. However, the one thing that stuck with me and honestly caused me to give a 3 star, was the cleanliness. All throughout the restaurant there were flies, and I mean EVERYWHERE. From the bar area to the main dining area you could see groups of them just flying around. Maybe I just caught them on a bad day, but seeing that many flies just buzzing around like nothing was very off-putting, and considering the price of the pizza I may not come here again. Time will tell, however, because I do love a good pizza.

  27. Dylan DeSantis

    I don’t know what it takes to get good people to come to work at your restaurant after a pandemic, let alone run a restaurant, manage finances, buy ingredients, then put it all together and wait for people to come in… But Bravo, because the food is delicious. Thank you for being here.

  28. KP HVAC

    Amazing food and fresh made bread. The Pizza is fantastic and so are all the pasta dishes I have had. The spaghetti and meatballs were so good!

  29. Tallen Houston

    Wow! Dustin specifically, a man of many hat’s running multiple facets of the operation, and his amazing crew made my night absolutely memorable. First with great customer service, an attentive staff despite being slammed and short handed, perfect mixology per my personal tastes, and food that had me wanting to meet the person who crafted it!!! Great dining experience…a must try for the area, and a new state favorite for me! 💯🙌

  30. Candice Caplinger

    Ordered 2 small pizzas we were told 45 minutes. Went to pick them up after 45 minutes as told. Asked to wait another 25 minutes and asked if I wanted to cancel my order because they had not started my order yet. Definitely would not recommend and will not be back. We ordered and cheese pizza and a simple meat pizza nothing crazy.

  31. s m

    I am reviewing as a Doordash driver who has picked up from this restaurant about five times. I never write reviews but I have been honestly shocked by the wait times but more so the treatment by the staff while waiting for the food.

    Tonight was the worst- it took one hour to wait for three pasta items. With the exception of one sweet waitress with blond hair who checked on me and apologized a couple times, all staff acted as if I did not exist. After standing there for 55 minutes and watching the person behind the counter drinking from a bottle, I finally approached to ask for an update. He said nothing and just went to the back. Another waitress with long black pony tail said “oh yeah it has been all boxed up waiting for you” then it took another five minutes somehow with multiple people standing around. When I got there they blamed it on a large party but the party was gone for 20 minutes by the time i got the food for the order.

    One guy who seems to be a bartender maybe manager?? with a beard and always wears a cap. It’s like he goes out of his way to make you feel uncomfortable and a burden even though I am a service worker just like them. When I asked for update he ignored me and started talking to the one person at the bar so he wouldn’t have to acknowledge that i had been waiting one hour. It’s crazy.

    I’ve never said a peep but “thank you and no worries” but they treated me so disrespectfully every time. Never waited less than 20 minutes. Food can be great but service must count for something? I am legit never picking up from them again lol

  32. Marco Lucarino

    I was in with a large group for my Nonna’s birthday. I was personally satisfied with the very delicious bread at the beginning and I thought my ribs were a bit over-cooked, but a delicious fig glaze.
    A lot of my family members were dissapointed with their meals. There were two calamari’s sent back. Then when entree’s came, we had to send back my cousin’s pasta which was undercooked and overly starchy. My aunt’s carbonara had too much egg/pasta water mixture at the bottom of her plate, which is off-putting, but she did eat it all.
    Overall, everything took a very long time. It had been an hour at which point we received appys, soup and salads. From there took 30 more minutes for entree’s. Since all of my food was good, I would come back.
    However, the owner Andy left a bad taste in our mouths when we asked to speak to a manager. We were told he’ll be out in a sec and then 5 minutes later were told we was unable to come see us due to kitchen demand. As a restaurant manager myself, I thought that was unprofessional across every facet and hope he wasnt scared to confront his own customers. Feedback and communication is really important in hospitality and that was my biggest let down was the lack of such things.

  33. John Culver

    Okay, so I’ve been looking for a good formaggio pizza and they delivered! I love gorgonzola (traditionally in a Quattro Formaggio pizza (four cheese)) so I added it to their Formaggio pizza.

    Oh mama mia! It was truly the best pizza I’ve had in probably two years! It must have been the pizza oven they had imported from Italy. Two years since I’ve had a good pizza. Now that I have had this pizza, I will not have to wait two years to have more GREAT pizza!

    The bartender made excellent bourbon cocktails (I let him choose what to make for me). They were delicious! They were also inexpensive enough that I could afford two!

    I will definitely come here again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for good pizza!

  34. S Kinne

    Came in for pizza tonight. After drinks and bread, we were told that they didn’t have pizza tonight. The waitress was very pleasant, but didn’t know her menu at all. She kept having to look to see what they had. Food was delicious and I will call next time to make sure they have a full menu.

  35. Rashmi Iyer

    Atmosphere was cozy, and the place was nice and clean. Waitress was kind but the food took a very very long time to arrive (which wasn’t acknowledged at all) and left a lot to be desired. The bruschetta was soaked in oil with way too much raw garlic, and the bread was burnt. The entrees were also far too oily. Expected a lot better with the prices in the $19-$28 range.

  36. zane stein

    This restaurant is impossible to get ahold of or to place orders from. Although they have different times listed on their website and on the internet, this even occurs among regular hours of operation. Phones are always turned off, they are never on any takeout applications, and majority of the time the online ordering menu is cleared or simply in a status of not taking orders. I have eaten here before and the food was very good; but if this restaurant is a dine in only experience, they should not advertise that you can take food to go or advertise that you can even call them. Services which are not legitimately available.

  37. Zach Carter

    Got the Chicken Parmigiano. It was so chewy. I don’t know what was wrong with the chicken but it was inedible. Sorry for the negative review but I had to throw away an expensive dinner.

  38. Nicole Geleynse

    The lasagna was amazing!!! Everyone that I was with had wonderful dishes. In fact, everything was so great we ordered pizza and salad to go!

  39. David Navarro

    Awesome place with great food. Great service would go back.

  40. Jacki Mayo | The Mayo Home Team

    Great Italian restaurant with a wood fired oven and real pizza.

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