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Max at Mirabeau

Traditional American restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA















“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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43 reviews for “Max

  1. Jennifer Shupe

    Great location and friendly accommodations. Very clean and spacious rooms and wonderful variety on the menu. Great for company meetings or private get aways. Highly recommended!

  2. Ann McLaughlin-Metting

    Great food! Best butternut squash soup I have ever had. All ingredients top quality fresh and service was outstanding!
    Server, who was also watching the bar, was wonderful. Just asked him if we could split meal a certain way and he got creative so that order was perfect & cost effective.
    Definitely a new favorite place.

  3. Lisa Barker

    Food was good, service was great, and the prices were what you’d expect. I ordered asparagus and it was cold. They put butter on it and it was too cold to even melt it. My only thought for it was that it is the same asparagus they use in their bloody Marys 🤷‍♀️ my husband said his blue cheese pasta was overwhelming. But the food was visually appealing like amazing. My biggest problem was the smell. As we were sitting there we kept getting this overwhelming smell similar to that of the disks they put into porta potties. It was awful. We both agreed that it wasn’t horrible not was it a place we’d rave to friends about!

  4. Arthur Radtke

    Food was excellent. I had the chicken yakasoba with a cobb side salad and warm sliced bread served with butter and a pesto glaze. Nice touch. I’m going to try one of their pizzas next time.

  5. Peggy Taylor

    The facility had multiple Christmas parties going on this night, and several staff members had called in sick, so service was incredibly slow. But the food was great and the servers were friendly and doing their best. I have been here quite often prior, so I know this is not usual. It would have been nice if we were given a heads up so we could have made an informed decision to stay or go elsewhere.

  6. Dave Doran

    The duck was good, but the ribeye was sub par and sloppy, especially for $60. A staff member (the manager?) was removing full size tables, dragging chairs through the restaurant, and VACUUMING during the Christmas dinner time frame. He must have been bitter that he was working on Christmas and not getting tips. I don’t plan on eating here again.

  7. TearsOfAJadedStar

    The portions were decently sized, the restaurant is clean, and the staff was adhering to the Current Covid regulations. I would have preferred a few more options for chicken meals.

  8. Oliver Lawrence

    Good restaurant to frequent especially during happy hour. Wednesdays are half price bottles of wine. Good selection of food and drink and it’s tasty too. Service is always great and attentive. Thank you Tiffany for great service!!!

  9. Nicolas Burton (Mint Fox Talks)

    The food was good with generous portions. It is a bit pricey. The service was… Meh. Quite a few mistakes with orders and the waitess was easily flustered. She was friendly though. All in all it was a good lunch. Might go back sometime when not in a large group to see how the service is then. We had twelve people in our group today. Not easy for the waitress to keep up with I’m sure.

  10. kimberlie price

    The Beef medallions with gorgonzola gnocchi was so unbelievably good. Tender and touched by the brown sauce. The bread was a little crusty, but perfection with the butter in balsamic and oil.

  11. Corrisa

    Jeremy made it such a fun experience. He had a great sense of humor and rolled with our extremely unorthodox personalities. He had great recommendations and was an over all joy to be around.

  12. Natalya Moskalenko

    This was just okay. I got there with a reservation and was seated promptly, the staff were unremarkable, good, but just doing there job, nothing stood out. I was impressed to see management stepping up and serving too and was happy with the food. But, not a place to go back to. It was just ok. The food was ok. I ate it. I’m not going to remember it fondly. It was my first time trying duck confit it was very dry. Needed lots of water to get down, the wings I got for my 1st part of the meal were also dry, kind of felt like they were sitting under a hot lamp for a long time. I ate one. The rice and the sauce served with the duck were awesome. The dessert I didn’t have time for at the place so I can’t really rate how good it was. Took it home. Put it in the fridge. Felt like a honey puck when I took it out. Tried to warm it up thinking it would be better and it was not. Maybe an off night for the chef? Maybe I am too critical? Who know. I just know I won’t be back.

  13. arnold moss

    Awesome food and great atmosphere! The one big gripe I have is there is only one vegan option for my wife. I got to really enjoy my food but had to watch my wife try to eat a spicy curry dish that was her only option besides just veggies that were just steamed. This did not have to much bearing on our evening though still everything was awesome.

  14. Deirdra Sinclair

    Tiffany is probably the worst waitress I have ever had. She greeted us and took our drink order then walked pasted us for 25 minutes while we were waiting to order and never even brought our drinks over to the table because she was done for the night… but yet never let us know (or again just bring over our drinks over and tell us another server is coming??). Just laziness from a place that claims to be classy.

  15. O's Auto Glass

    Had the steak tips and a French onion soup.
    The prices are extremely high for my flavor.
    The service was a 8 out of 10.
    The food was a 10 of 10 for what I had.
    Fine dining in a good environment. Light are dimmed just enough to give a relaxing feeling not too dark not too light.

  16. Tim Dunn

    Daughters b-day. Had a great time. Food is always excellent. And this time we went for easter buffet and was very impressive spread….salmon prime rib and steelhead loks

  17. BEnfield4

    Came in for Easter brunch. Food was good and my 13 year old son loved the prime rib. Service is always good here so it’s a good bet.

  18. Eric Lobdell

    Every meal I have enjoyed at the MAX has been exemplary. The food there is always a notch or two above other places for both flavor and presentation, with a lot of variety on the menu. Generous portions, excellent service. It is expensive but worth it. At our table of six adults, everyone was completely satisfied. Highly recommended.

  19. Kyshia Bauer

    My fiancé and I had a great time at the max the other night, the host manager Ashton was great! He was very welcoming when we arrived to the restaurant, gave a great run down of the happy hour menu and was beyond helpful. At the end of our meal he even recommended a great dessert, it was DELICIOUS. Our server was awesome as well! We will definitely be coming back again soon!

  20. robert thomas

    Great food and wine.. My company and I were well taken care of by a Great server, and she was spot on! Handled a little problem ASAP and with a smile 😁. Love the food and drinks, great atmosphere.

  21. Chandler Laruex

    You walk in here expecting to pay top dollar for your meal and walk out feeling like you have got the best value for a top tier dining experience.

  22. Merle Craner

    Can’t quite move to five star territory. Seems something lacking every visit. Had very good meals a couple of weeks ago, server was exceptional, but the bar service just lowered the overall experience. A one off doesn’t normally sway me but the bar at MAX painfully slow. And consistently so. When meeting friends here (not often) we know to go directly to the bar and order before taking a seat.

  23. Chris Twelves

    Took my wife, daughter in law and grandkids here for Mother’s day brunch. The food was good lots of choices, and service was pretty good as well. The only thing I would say about it, is their set up was awful, you had to walk so far to the buffet and it was so packed that you bumped into everyone around you, and there was no organization as far as a line for the food. My wife is disabled, so I had to get plate for her, and by the time I brought it back to our table the food was just warm at best. If your going to put on a dread like this for Mother’s day or any other event, I suggest maybe having two buffet stations, so your guests don’t have to walk so far to get there food that they pay a premium for and that they can enjoy it while it’s hot.

  24. Ron Ramirez

    I wanted a good steak dinner cooked exactly a certain way and they delivered 100%. They server was excellent and seem to come exactly when we needed. He didn’t continue to bug us when I was trying to eat and ask us a question when I had food in my mouth. Great atmosphere and great food.

  25. Paul Callahan

    Genuinely the best steak I’ve ever had. The peanut butter pie is criminally good. Cool environment in the restaurant, service was phenomenal. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a fancy night out, I would 100% recommend this spot.

  26. Todd Folsom

    As always the food, service and atmosphere were great. I would suggest the water served should be filtered. It tasted like tap water. I think all restaurants should filter their water. Filtered water is cheep and really makes a difference in the whole experience of eating and drinking.

  27. Display name

    I don’t even know where to begin. The entire experience from Tiffany, our waitress, to the food was absolutely over the top! My bf, Karl, took me on my birthday and I can’t recommend this place enough!!!

  28. Gene Wong

    Buffett breakfasts came with our room since the hotel was busy, otherwise vouchers sometimes allow ordering off the menu. The staff was attentive. Inviting smiles.

  29. Devin Hannas

    Beyond 5 stars. Yes it’s expensive, more so than most places in the valley. The food and service are well worth it though. If you feel like treating yourself to dinner without going downtown or to CDA, this is the spot. Janelle was our server tonight and she seemed to have way too many tables, but still made it work.

  30. Mollie Bivens

    Our group of six met at the bar without a reservation on a Wed for drinks & nibbles. Our service was excellent & the gal was patient as we drifted in in one’s & twos, returning repeatedly to take orders. I’m not a hambuger fan, but my friend suggested sharing the HH sliders & they were decent as were the shoestring fries that came with crispy cheese & spices. My friend had the fish & chips & was happy, although he wasn’t as crazy about the fries (different taste). I am not a coleslaw fan either, but theirs isn’t generic, being a bit more substantial rather than chopped to mush with a sweet sauce = not my jam but if like coleslaw.
    The reuben passed muster with our corned beef lover & the two boys who ordered the house burger which came with bacon were quite happy.
    HH wine (rotating one white/one red) was tasty at $5.50 & the beer drinkers were happy with the IPA & Stella Artois respectively, but the HH Manhattan was not to our two whiskey drinkers’ taste, but we’re picky!
    The space is large, but it was 100° & the AC wasn’t quite up to cooling it. I was warm & I tolerate heat well. And as the bar filled, it got loud for our old ears to hear each other.
    Over all, we all agreed we would go back, but the non HH food tends to be spendy, so it’s a splurge

  31. Jailyn Hastings

    We got there before the main dinner rush and it took over an hour to get our appetizer, even when we ordered it as we first sat down. The food was great but terrible service. We sat at the bar and I ordered a lemon drop, one of my favorites and the bartender made it wayyyy to sweet. When I brought it up to her she was really rude and threw it back into my face like I don’t know what my favorite drink is or whats in it. Someone, (Joice F. The bartender) should learn how to take constructive criticism. She did remake my drink but put no simple syrup in it, I was to embarrassed for her to mention something again so I choked it down. First time coming and will probably be the last. The food was really good I will say. Joice kinda ruined our anniversary dinner not being able to order cocktails..

  32. Denise Bolton

    Breakfast was ok. Pancakes were HUGE.
    I couldn’t finish two. Eggs were good. Bacon was good, perfectly prepared.
    But next time, if any, I’ll order a la carte.
    Service was excellent!

  33. Isaac

    Went here in passing heading to Idaho. They had excellent service and an outstanding presentation on food and the restaurant itself. I would recommend this place as well as go back again to see their other unique options on the menu

  34. Scott Geddis

    Food was great, had a Salmon dish. Server was good. Place was a bit noisy. The 4 stars not 5 is because as a single dinner I was seated at an awful table. Restaurant had many empty tables of all sizes all over. I get a mini table almost in an aisle next to the busy bar.

  35. Lori Kobayashi

    Every single thing I had here was amazing. The breakfast omelette was fabulous. The special Bat Pig dish for our event was delicious.

  36. Michelle Wright

    My first time here and it was excellent. We stopped by for breakfast, the food and service were top notch. We’ll be back for more!

  37. Casey Dunham

    Went to the Max at Mirabeau for the first time and the entire experience was amazing. Sirloin tips, spicy shrimp, steak salad, and the most delicious dish the 3 cheese & prosciutto stuffed chicken. The best part of our visit was the service. Kalidonia (Kali)was incredible. She was so sweet to us and was on her game. Outstanding service! Can’t wait to go back.

  38. Michael Lindsly

    Have never had anything but a wonderful experience at this hotel and restaurant. It must start at the top, Management. Seriously twenty years of frequenting this establishment. Highly recommend.

  39. Mike U

    Food was excellent and server was very attentive. We enjoyed the chicken skewers with peanut sauce and seared Ahi Tuna. Finished with the cinnamon banana sundae which was excellent. A little pricey but great overall

  40. Margie Peterson

    We were there for a banquet. There was over a hundred people. Tables were set perfectly. So inviting. Ironed tablecloths and napkins. The silverware, glasses, plates, were marvelous. Staff was incredibly friendly and efficient. They were close if something was needed and to clear. The food was amazing !! We were served a perfect Turkey dinner. The bird gave up thick slices of perfectly moist, delicious meat, served on top of nicely mashed spuds. Green bean casserole, soft rolls, stuffing. I can’t say enough.

  41. Pet Nanny

    Ok, this place is AWESOME!! Came here alone on Thanksgiving and sat at the bar. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, it made me not feel bad about being solo. One top of all that, the TG buffet was AWESOME, and worth every penny. That said, I HIGHLY recommend this place.

  42. D Clinton

    Good food but we’re there on a night they had a huge event. Parking lot was almost entirely full and we had a new waiter so service was really slow.

  43. Janet Petersen

    Buffet was not that good had a reservation still had to wait 20 minutes per table then it wasn’t big enough for the people that we had reservations for the buffet was overpriced and wasn’t that good the desserts were okay however I won’t not ever eat there for a holiday dinner or anything

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