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11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


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Maxi Teriyaki

Maxi Teriyaki & Sushi Menu

Menu current as of 04/28/2024


A1. Gyoza (8) $6.99

A2. Egg Rolls (2) $6.99

A3. Prawn Tempura (5) $8.99

A4. Vegetable Tempura (10) $8.99

A5. Kimchi $5.99

A6. Edamame $5.99

A7. Miso Soup $3.99

A8. Wonton Soup $8.99

A9. Combo Tempura (10) $14.99

A10. Seaweed Salad $6.99

A11. Jalapeno Bomb $10.95

Crab meat, cream cheese, spicy tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce


Served with steamed rice.

E1. Teriyaki Chicken $13.99

E2. Teriyaki Beef $14.99

E3. Teriyaki Pork $14.99

E4. Spicy Chicken $15.99

E5. Beef Short Ribs $20.99

E6. Chicken Katsu $15.99

E7. Gyoza Plate $11.99

E8. Bulgogi Beef $16.99

E9. Spicy Bulgogi Pork $16.99

E10. Sweet & Sour Chicken $15.99

E11. Vegetable Stir Fry $11.99

Add beef, chicken, or pork $4.00. Add shrimp $5.00


Served with steamed rice

H1. Broccoli Beef $16.99

H2. Mushroom Chicken $16.99

H3. Maxi Special $15.99

Teriyaki chicken with gyoza, egg roll, and salad

H4. Mongolian Beef $16.99

H5. Broccoli Chicken $16.99


F1. Vegetable $11.99

F2. Chicken $13.99

F3. Beef $14.99

F4. Pork $14.99

F5. Shrimp $15.99

F6. Combination $16.99


Y1. Vegetable $11.99

Y2. Chicken $13.99

Y3. Beef $14.99

Y4. Pork $14.99

Y5. Shrimp $15.99

Y6. Combination $16.99


Served with steamed rice, salad, and gyoza

C1. Teriyaki Chicken & Beef $16.99

C2. Teriyaki Chicken & Pork $16.99

C3. Teriyaki Chicken & Prawn Tempura $17.99

C4. Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Tempura $17.99

C5. Teriyaki Chicken & Sweet & Sour Chicken $17.99

C6. Teriyaki Chicken & Katsu $17.99

C7. Teriyaki Chicken & gyoza $16.99

C8. Teriyaki Beef & Pork $17.99


K1. Spicy Soft Tofu Soup $16.99

K2. Spicy Korean Ramen $10.99

Add Chicken $3.00. Add Shrimp $4.00

K3. Tempura Udon Soup $15.99

K4. Pork Katsu Plate $16.99

K5. Kimchi Fried Rice $15.99


Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and house burger dressing. Add French fries $2.00

Chicken Teriyaki Burger $10.99

B1. Cheese Burger $9.99

B2. Bacon Cheeseburger $10.99

B3. Grilled Mushroom Burger $11.99

B4. Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger $11.99

B5. Monster Burger $12.99

Two patties.


A12. Steamed Rice $3.99

A13. House Salad $5.99

A14. Cucumber Salad $3.99

A15. French Fries $3.99

A16. Onion Rings $4.99

A17. Deep Fried Mushrooms $5.99


S1. Caterpillar $15.99

In: BBQ eel, cucumber. Top: Avocado / Eel sauce

S2. Dragon $16.99

In: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber. Top: BBQ eel, avocado, eel sauce

S3. Sunday Morning (Fried) $15.99

In: Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado and eel sauce

S4. Jalapeno $16.99

In: Smoked salmon, jalapeno, cream cheese. Top: Spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo

S5. Rainbow $16.99

In: Crab meat, avocado. Top: Fresh salmon, fresh tuna, avocado and house sauce

S6. Lion King (Baked) $15.99

In: Crab meat, avocado. Top: Torched salmon and eel sauce

S7. Riley $16.99

In: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber. Top: Fresh salmon, spicy mayo, eel sauce

S8. Picante (Baked) $17.99

In: Crab meat, jalapeno, avocado. Top: Spicy tuna, eel sauce, spicy mayo

S9. TNT $17.99

In: Crab meat, jalapeno, mango. Top: Spicy tuna, fresh tuna, house hot sauce, eel sauce, spicy mayo

S10. Maxi Roll $16.99

In: Shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber. Top: Mango, avocado, house sauce, eel sauce

S11. Salmon Lover $17.99

In: Smoked salmon, fresh salmon, avocado. Top: Fresh salmon

S12. Hot Night (Fried) $16.99

In: Crab meat, spicy tuna, jalapeno, cream cheese, eel sauce, spicy mayo

S13. Mr. Cosi $17.99

In: Spicy tuna, cucumber. Top: Seaweed salad, fresh tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce

S14. Red Dragon $17.99

In: Shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber. Top Avocado, spicy tuna, BBQ eel, house sauce, eel sauce, spicy mayo


R1. California $7.95

Crab meat, avocado

R2. Spicy Salmon $10.99

R3. Spicy Tuna $10.99

R4. Shrimp Tempura $12.99

Cream cheese, cucumber

R5. Spider $15.99

Deep fried softshell crab, avocado, cucumber

R6. Philadelphia $10.99

Smoke Salmon, cream cheese, avocado

R7. Tuna $10.99

R8. Salmon $10.99

R9. Eel $11.99

BBQ eel, cucumber

R10. Alaska $11.99

Salmon, avocado, cucumber

R11. New York $11.99

Smoked salmon, mango, cream cheese

R12. Boston $11.99

Tuna, cream cheese, avocado

R13. Salmon Tempura $12.99


V1. Veggie Tempura $12.99

Deep-fried sweet potato

V2. Vegetable $10.99

Avocado, cucumber

V3. Avocado $9.99

V4. Cucumber $9.99

V5. Golden Veggie $13.99

In: Avocado, cucumber. Top: Mango

V6. Fresh Veggie $14.99

In: Avocado, cucumber. Top: Seaweed salad, mango

22 reviews for “Maxi Teriyaki

  1. Jerrick

    Been going for years. I stick with the classics as that is their bread and butter. e.g. Sushi Rolls, Teriyaki, Gyoza.
    Owner’s are great people and treat you very well the moment you enter.

  2. Joel Belmont

    Really good sushi and really affordable! Our kids devoured it! Loved the Mr Cosi roll and the TNT roll the best. Spider roll and Jalapeño rolls were good too. Service was fast and enjoyed the Ginger Beer they had. Highly recommended, we’ll be back!

  3. Seani Fitzpatrick

    Great food and owner is very helpful, goes above and beyond and is funny

  4. Kim Mehin

    Well, I’m ashamed to say this is the first time that my husband and I have ever been to Maxi Teriyaki and Sushi. But we are excited to say it won’t be our last! This is the best teriyaki chicken we have ever had. My husband had the teriyaki chicken with fried rice and I had the spicy teriyaki with steamed rice. We cannot say enough good things about this place! It will be a regular stop for us from now on. If you’ve never tried it and you only kind of even like Asian food you still will love the food! 😍

  5. Kirin C. (IsTheWub)

    It’s such a chill place, and the food has always been great. Portion size is also very good for the price. Their box lunches are so neat 🙂
    Thales also had flavored water that wasn’t carbonated which made me very happy. And their gyoza is addictive, I zoned out and stole 2 from my friend. I got the chicken and sweet and sour chicken. The salad was a bit heavy on the dressing but aside from that 👌

  6. Jordan Gillespie

    I’ve been going to Maxi teriyaki for the sushi since I moved to Westport, top notch great food, i
    Get jalapeno roll or volcano roll.

  7. Laura Cinert

    Ordered a door dash order for lunch today and unfortunately, it came incorrectly and I had to drive over to pick it up. I had waited over an hour for my delivery and then had to wait an additional 45 minutes for the remainder of my order. I was a little irritated, not going to sugar coat it as I had to leave work to go pick it up. However, the restaurant was completely slammed and they were short staffed. The owner apologized. When I got back to work to eat, it was so dang good I couldn’t even be upset. So fresh and tasty!! I highly recommend the Lion Kind and Red Dragon. This place is such a hidden gem in our area!

  8. Scott Pierce

    Great food! A bit expensive but the people are great.

  9. Lisa Ashley

    Seriously great food! Wonderful people! My husband had the burger and said it was as good as it gets! And he is very stingy with the compliments! I had chicken teriyaki and we received complimentary ragons which were delicious! 5/5!!!

  10. Libby Guyse

    The food is great. But they must use MSG. I wish they would not. Some of us cannot tolerate it

  11. ken mehin

    Great food, great service, great location.

  12. Leabers oliver (leabers)

    Clean place,cozy but very small and dated. Food was pretty good but rolls came with sauce that was not on the menu and sauce was not good. I was surprised by the selection of vegitarian options ♡

  13. Scott Pena

    It’s the best every time!

  14. Jesse McClusky

    This place has some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. Their signature “Maxi Roll” is definitely my favorite. Pretty much everything they make is good quality and high flavor. Family owned, and very attentive and friendly. I make a point to stop by anytime I’m in the area.

  15. C2CTreats

    Caring, Friendly Staff I must say the Best in Grays Harbor.! Huge Sushi! Try the Jalapeno Bombs. Delicious 🤤

  16. Ann H

    Great prices for huge portions. Delicious, hot, flavorful food. Slight upcharge to change from steamed to fried rice. Definitely got two meals from my one lunch order. Delicious tender chicken teriyaki. 🐔

  17. Brandon Hull

    Speciality roll Mr. Cosi was huge and delicious! Bolgogi delicious, yaki soba delicious! Best food I’ve had in a while and visiting from Seattle. Worth the stop!

  18. angela

    Best Teriyaki in the county, maybe best on the entire peninsula. Absolutely delicious and worth going out of your way to Cosi!

    Super fresh, hot chicken, cooked exactly right, with BBQ crispiness on the edges. IYKYK…

    The sauce is beyond! Smooth, silky, not too sweet, not salty, it’s spot on; not at all watery, and not stiff or gloppy. You can tell it’s made by someone who cares to perfect it.

    Gyoza, spot on. Egg roll, spot on. Ate it so fast, forgot to take a pic. Guess we have to go back!


  19. Yeet Yeet

    Great food and the owner is really nice too, the place looks really nice inside too

  20. Alyssa Ludwig

    They have amazing sushi! It was my first time trying sushi and I was recommended the “Lion King”. Crab meat and avocado in the center with torched salmon and eel sauce on top. It was delicious and their portion sizes are huge.

  21. Anthony

    Best Teriyaki in the harbor by a long shot. I have always went to Happy Teriyaki in Aberdeen which left me depressed. Come here instead you won’t be disappointed.

  22. Brandy Fenton

    Love the sushi and yakisoba and chicken food is great!

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