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Memo’s Auburn

Mexican Restaurant in Auburn, WA



Ham & Egg $5.34

Cheese & Mexican salsa

Bacon & Egg $5.99

Potatoes and cheese

Chorizo Breakfast $5.99

Spicy sausage, potatoes, beans, eggs

Steak & Egg $6.39

Cheese, Mexican salsa

Machaca Breakfast $5.99

Shredded beef, bell pepper, onion, potatoes, eggs

Sausage Burrito $5.99

Veggie Breakfast $4.99

Bell pepper, Mexican salsa


Come with 2 flour or 3 corn tortillas, rice & beans

Huevos Rancheros $6.50

Ham & Egg Scramble $6.50

Cheese & Mexican salsa

Machaca Plate $7.49


Served from 6 am – 11 am

Eggs, Rice & Bean Burrito $4.24

Eggs & Potato Burrito $4.24

Eggs & Cheese Burrito $4.24

Ham & Egg Burrito $3.99


Served from 11 am – 4 pm

Includes rice, beans, and 12oz drink

Chicken Taco $5.84

Chicken Burrito $6.34

Carnitas Burrito $5.94

Three Beef Taquitos $4.44

Serve with guacamole and cheese.

Three Cheese Only Taquitos $3.04

Five Beef Taquitos $6.10


Served all day. Comes with chips, Mexican salsa, and 12 oz drink.

Fish Taco $4.59

Bean & Cheese Burrito $4.59

Bean Tostada $4.59


Chimichanga $6.99

Served with Guacamole, sour cream, lettuce & Mexican salsa on top. Filled with bean, cheese, and your choice of beef or chicken.

2 Enchiladas $4.99

Choice of chicken, beef, cheese, or beef & cheese. Served with lettuce & cheese on top

Memo’s Taco Salad $5.99

Served in taco bowl with your choice of meat, guacamole, sour cream, beans, lettuce, Mexican salsa, and cheese

Tortas $5.99

Served with lettuce, Mexican Salsa, and guacamole. Choice of filling: chicken, beef, chorizo or machaca, carnitas, chicken asado, carne asada, or adobada

2 Tamales $5.50


Plain $4.59

Ham $6.09

Chicken $6.09

Beef $6.09

Carne Asada $6.50

Supreme Quesadilla $5.95

Beans, guacamole, sour cream, and Mexican salsa. (no meat)


Fresh Chips $1.99

Fresh Chips & Mexican salsa $2.79

Fresh Chips & Guacamole $3.99

Super Nachos $8.10

Steak, guacamole, sour cream, beans, and Mexican salsa


Vegetarian $5.10

Beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, and Mexican salsa

Bean & Cheese $4.10

Beef & Beans $5.19

Chicken & Rice $5.10

Vegan Burrito $5.34

Beans, rice, lettuce, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Fish Burrito $6.50

Pollock fish, tartar sauce, lettuce, and Mexican salsa

Carnitas $6.50

Mexican style pork, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Chicken Asado $6.60

Grilled chicken, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Fajitas Burrito $6.60

Grilled chicken, bell pepper, onion, sour cream, and cheese

Washington $7.25

Steak, potatoes, cheese, and Mexican salsa

Carne Asada $7.40

Top sirloin steak, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Cabeza Burrito $

Guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Adobada $6.60

Marinated pork, guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Chorizo $6.60

Spicy sausage, and egg

Shrimp Burrito $6.99

Memo’s special sauce, rice, and cheese

Chile Relleno $6.50

Chile filled with Monterrey jack cheese, rice, beans, lettuce, and enchilada sauce

Machaca $6.50

Shredded beef, bell peppers, onion, and egg

Mar Y Tierra $7.99

Shrimp, carne asada, pico de gallo, rice, fries, and cheese


Enchilada Combos $9.99

Choice of chicken, beef, cheese or mixed beef & cheese. Served with rice and beans. Drink included.

Beef Taco & Enchilada

Bean Tostada & Enchilada

Burrito & Enchilada

Bean & Cheese Burrito

Two Enchiladas


Bean Tostada & Beef Taco $9.99

Two Chicken Tacos $9.99

Two Fish Tacos $9.99

Two Beef Tacos $9.99

Two Carne Asada Tacos $9.99


Come with 2 flour or 3 corn tortillas

Chimichanga $9.99

Choice of chicken or beef $9.99

Chicken Fajitas $9.99

Carnitas $9.99

Carne Asada $9.99

Chicken Asado $9.99

Chorizo $9.99

Adobada $9.99

Shrimp $9.99

Two Chiles Rellenos $9.99

Two Tamales Combo $9.99

Chicken Tamales $9.99


Carnitas $3.24

Chicken Asado $3.24

Guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Carne Asada $3.24

Guacamole, and Mexican salsa

Adobada $3.24

Onion & cilantro

Fish $3.24

Pollock fish, tartar sauce, lettuce, & Mexican salsa

Shrimp $3.24

Memo’s special sauce, rice & cheese

Vegan $3.24

Beans, rice, lettuce, Mexican salsa, and guacamole

Cabeza Taco $3.24

Onion & cilantro


Corn hard shell tortilla served with lettuce and cheese

Beef $2.44

Chicken $2.44


Served with beans, lettuce, and cheese

Bean Tostada $3.04

Beef Tostada $3.44

Chicken Tostada $3.44


Rice $2.10

Beans $2.10

Mexican Salsa (small) $1.34 / (large) $2.10

Sour Cream $1.34

Cheese $1.34

Enchilada Sauce (small) $1.45 / (large) $2.10

Guacamole (small) $2.85 / (large) $4.50

Lettuce $1.34

Chicken or Beef $2.10

Carne Asada $3.95

Chicken Asado $3.49


Memo’s Fries $2.99

2 Chiles Rellenos $5.69

3 Corn Tortillas $1.44

2 Flour Tortillas $1.44

2 Tamales $5.50


Includes rice, beans, and 12 oz drink

Quesadilla $5.24

Made with cheddar cheese

Two Cheese Taquitos $5.24

Bean n Cheese Burrito $5.24

Beef or Chicken Burrito $5.24





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King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

66 reviews for “Memo’s Auburn

  1. Rebecca Walsh-Dodd

    The only place around Auburn WA. that serve high quality food late night all night! Drive though! ❤️👍

  2. Kurt Kradenpoth

    Good food fast and great service!

  3. Matt clem

    Great food, fast service, friendly staff, & nice for Auburn

  4. Natalie Rivera

    I love memos honestly, and would love to continue eating here. And fell in love when I saw the vegan options. But I’d rather much much rather come at night.

    The times I’ve come around lunch, are the times the tacos are dry and the vegan options are sloppily put together. If you order vegan taco and a non vegan taco for someone else. Ask them to put them into separate containers, because they will put them together.

    Maybe new staff from the previous reviews I’ve read on “happy cow” not sure.

    If you’re not vegan you’ll love memos and everything along with it. If you are, but still want to try it. I’d suggest being firm on the no cheese or meat. Even though it sounds silly because theres no meat or cheese included. It still makes it into the food which isn’t appetizing.

    Vegetarian options: They definitely have the vegan taco and burrito. If you’re looking to get this, I’d probably be that person to mention no dairy and meat.

    You can add cheese to make it more to your liking. Just be sure to check your food for meat pieces.

    My man took a couple bites and started gagging because cheese and a piece of meat was in the vegan burrito.

    Idk if they understand the importance of having vegan options vegan.

  5. Shelley- Real Estate Expert

    Excellent food and service. Very tasty and many items on the menu to choose from. Dine in, take out or drive thru. I will definitely be going to this restaurant more often.

  6. Lamandalynne Promise

    Carne asada fries with my boyfriend.
    Pretty impressive!!

  7. Branden Owens

    Quick service, large portions.

  8. Carrie Wilson

    This has always ben my favorite little late night snack on my drive home!

  9. Tim Lambert

    Quick and the food was good.

  10. Enrique Martinez

    Good food but the place kinda smells bad.

  11. Justin Camp-bell

    All around (great food, great view, better server) definitely go back

  12. M M

    Pretty horrible experience. 20 minutes in the drive thru lane (only 3 cars in front of us) the order wasn’t right, no shock as the lady taking the order couldn’t have cared less about what we were ordering. Then the food was pretty bland and certainly not worth the wait. This place literally sucks, I couldn’t imagine anyone aside from an internet Gomer giving this place anything higher than a 2 on a good day.

  13. Loretha Davis

    It was ok

  14. Brooke S.

    I love this for a quick easy breakfast option that isn’t “fast food”. Try the Machaca plate or steak breakfast burrito…Muy delicioso!
    The carne asada fries are good too and the Fajita burrito with chicken.
    Even when I’ve gotten the wrong order…it happens we’re all human, it still tasted great!

  15. Sarharose Jackson

    Got the Mimi’s fry’s and got lit less for the same prices a Washington burrito that was ok not as good as before the service has changed in the last 2 months

  16. Joel Smith

    This place is open 24 hours a day, and the service nor the quality seems to ever change from GREAT. My fav is the Carne Asada Fries are amazing as many things they have. My kiddos love the fresh Churro’s. Pricing is below what most other places are charging in the area.

  17. Robert Jimenez


  18. pawel sosnowski

    Walked in was pleasantly greeted by a very polite cashier. Since I was hungry I quickly asked the cook what’s his favorite. I ordered exactly what he said I love restaurants where you can see a grill btw…
    This is probably the best tasting food around and I am Mexican food expert. Hope you enjoyed my review. 💪

  19. Kirsten Ivliyev

    Hot food, prepared to perfection! I have never had any complaints when dealing with memo’s!

  20. Matthew Dinep

    Great food and open late. One of our go tos when we want to grab something good in the evening.

  21. Breaking Hearts

    Food is always good and they are open 24 hours

  22. Lena Fernanadez


  23. Ivan Yasku

    Carne asada tacos are amazing

  24. Kaden Stevens

    Love this place, love the service, but I have gotten the wrong food a few times. I always get the Carne Asada Fries, but somehow have tried sandwiches and tacos. It’s all delicious so I’m not mad, but those fries are so good! For those who have never had Carne Asada Fries, this is the place for you!

  25. stanimal P

    This my go to place for quick authentic mexican food. Their prices are decent and food is not bad, but their drive through is sooo narrow any bigger car can say RIP to the wheels, it’s curbage heaven, they should open a wheel repair place next door

  26. veronica ramos

    Food was okay. Late night snack love they are open late. Woman at the cashier has a awful attitude so that killed a lot of it for us. If u work in customer service then u need to have a better outlook on life. She looks like she hates the world. My hubby was not thrilled I told him just shrug it off and all we can do is enjoy our meal. We would have loved to have had a better experience but it is what it is. I hope someone speak to her about learning how to treat others.

  27. Glae Roland

    Freaking awesome food the drive thru needs to be bigger though

  28. Feo Fave

    Love coming here after long day and night of work always my go to in auburn

  29. dankstar400

    Cashier lady is very rude and made it feel very un welcoming. Handles money then turns around and touches food with her hands no gloves. I’ll miss the breakfast burritos but won’t be back.

  30. Laura Johnson

    i’m having the worst food poisoning of my life right now and the same thing happened to my husband recently. we both got it after eating food from memos. i usually love it here and their food is tasty! i just might have to stop going because i can’t risk getting food poisoning like this again 🙁

  31. Josie White

    We had super nachos and a breakfast torta. The torta tasted very strange, it had a smelly taste, the eggs were a weird consistency. We didn’t finish it. The nachos were edible but not even better than what you can make at home.

    You can get far better food at a food truck for a cheaper or same price. If you want 24/7 Mexican food, Aliberto’s Jr. has fresher, tastier food with larger portions than what we had here.

  32. Lawlygagging

    i ordered 2 steak and egg breakfast burritos and got 2 chicken burritos? hello?

  33. Lori Jerome

    Love this place, but they forgot my sour cream last time.

  34. 12 12

    Why oh why did it take me this long to try this place out?!? Seen it a gazillion time and drove passed. But, today was my lucky day. Very good tacos!!burrito!!and tamales!! Damn!! I’m definitely coming back for more.

  35. Kimberly Anders

    They have the largest portions and awesome quality! Love love love this place!!! Oh and the best part is the prices are reasonable!!!

  36. Sloth Bait

    Highly recommended, terrific food and amazing cooks. Every other week, my wife and I find ourselves out there ordering burritos haha.

  37. Eric Betts

    The folks there seem nice but the food was very meh.

  38. Rachel Battle

    We did take away so we could enjoy it at home. Overall it was good. We did crispy tacos and a fajita burrito and a carne asada burrito. We’d go back, especially since they are open 24/7. Good for a 3:30 am craving.

  39. Nathan McDaneld

    Delicious. Efficient as can be. Great way to start the new year. New year, new me. Start it off with memos

  40. Caleb Friend

    Taco salad is very tasty.

  41. Leonardo West

    NOT VEGAN!!! Do not order anything “Vegan” here. All the tortillas are heated up on the same surface as the beef. They messed up my order in the drive through and I had to go in to get it fixed, but I watched them cook it this way and when I mentioned it to the woman working she argued with me it was vegan and to get out. The people who work here DO NOT CARE.

  42. Terresa Vertz

    Love their food!
    Inexpensive and you get a ton! It’s delicious 😋

  43. Tristan Rosellini

    Great food and portion sizes. Always fast and fresh 👍

  44. Pooky Rider

    What a find! And 24 hours! Do not pass up a chance to go here!

  45. Francesca Mazur

    Pooky Rider

  46. Audra Pineda

    I love this place! Tacos are delicious! Nachos are also delicious 😋

  47. Noe Macias saldana

    The food was good, and a good price but customer service was awful. The lady was in a hurry. I was going to ask her for some lime , and she kept saying OK bye. She wouldn’t even let me finish talking.


    Our favorite place for Chile Relleno with rice and beans.
    Very good meal AAA+++

  49. Dawn Martin

    Fast drive through, good food, moderately priced.

  50. Lori Lippert

    I’d give the atmosphere a 5 but I went through the drive through. Great value. Big portions.

  51. Celine Nembote

    Sincerely, I adore memos and would dearly love to keep dining here. Upon seeing the vegan options, I instantly fell in love. However, I much prefer coming at night. The tacos are always dry and the vegan options are haphazardly put together when I arrive around lunchtime. If you order a vegan taco for yourself and a non-vegan taco for a friend. They will combine them, so ask them to place them in different containers. From the feedback I’ve seen on “happy cow,” perhaps fresh personnel has been hired. You will adore memos and all that comes with them even if you are not vegan. If you are but want to give it a shot. I’d advise being adamant about the cheese and meat ban.

  52. Courtney Braswell

    Memo’s, you think it’s ok to serve this to children? This is unacceptable. Sad thing is this exact thing keeps happening.

  53. CartelHoodboy

    Late night dinner!!!

  54. K

    The food needed more flavor. Great service, atmosphere, and very appealing from the outside.

  55. Gil Smith

    I have to give 5 stars based on my own personal taste. The best American-Mexican food around here. This was my first time trying Memo’s, and it’s just what I wanted: delicious filling Mexican comfort food. I ordered via drive-thru the No 10 combo: beef Chimichanga with refried beans and Spanish rice. The Chimichanga had sour cream and guacamole on top. Lots of melted cheese on the refried beans. The Spanish rice was soft and rich. Again, maybe not authentic-style cooking, but it’s what I like and I will be returning to this place when I’m hungry for Mexican food. Not spicy at all, unless you add the two kinds of salsa that they provide in separate containers. Generous portions of food for the price. 👍🏻

  56. Alexis Pratt

    Super speedy service, fair price, large portions, great price One of the few places around here that you can get good food after midnight.

  57. KittensCrochets Etsy

    In and out Mexican food with good quality. Definitely some of the more authentic Mexican food restaurants top it, but for getting food at 3am it was absolutely the best i could ever ask for and has good portions for the price. I only got 2 enchiladas and only was able to get through 1/3rd of my whole plate.

  58. Nathan Scott

    Carne Asada burritos are incredible, just check your bag if you get it to go, sometimes it’s your order, sometimes it’s something else.


    Ok food rude drive thru lady. Nice thing is open 24hr

  60. December's Reviews and Stuff

    How can you not like Carne Asada fries? Looking for a whole lot of protein? Try their Carne Asada burrito with no onions. I call it the swole-ritto. 😆

  61. Kakashi Hatake

    Best carne asada fries in Auburn plus the surrounding areas. Large tasty food for good price. Always faster to go through the drive thru. Only had one instance where meat was over cooked. This time however they gave us an extra order of the wrong item charged us for the wrong item and then made us order the original item we wanted and pay for that too

  62. alex aleman

    Food is sub par. If you order carne asada you will get ground beef and burnt on top of it.

  63. Kalin Jones

    The food is good for the most part… However, when I asked for guacamole added in m order and was at the register, I noticed that there was none so I told the old lady who draws her eyebrows on and she got an attitude with me and grabbed my order then when I got it back I pulled out of the line so I could leave. After pulling over so I can eat, I noticed that not only did she make sure I got guacamole she DUMPED IT all over everything like it was bathed in it..I called when I got home and thought I was leaving a voicemail because I heard the beep then a lady answered the phone and I told her I was just there and told her what happened and she hung up on me and wouldn’t answer when I called back. Things like this have happened a few times there and it’s only when that old lady works… If she doesn’t like to deal with customers she shouldn’t be at that restaurant…I mean we are the reason she gets to buy Wet N’ Wild 2for1 eyeliners and lip liners after all…

  64. Heather Prince

    great food, friendly staff and good service… BUT, there is always homeless people in the parking lot harassing customers in the drive thru while they wait for there order

  65. Cherry DuBray

    I love this place, their food is great along with employees and atmosphere.

  66. William Dickson

    I’d be lying if I said this joint had the best Mexican food ever, but it’s well priced, hits the spot, and where else am I gonna find a Chile Relleno Burrito at 11PM?

    You know what you’re getting, you can get it literally whenever you want, hit them up when you’re hungry and in a rush. Better value and far better flavor than any other fast food restaurant at any time of the day, and infinitely better when everything else is closed.

    Got a Chile Relleno Burrito, which was MASSIVE, little light on the cheese inside, and kinda a mess from stuffing two Rellenos in a tortilla with rice and beans, but super comforting and filling. Also got a Carnitas soft taco for about $3, it was massive, like as much food as a Taco Bell burrito, and the Carnitas were on point, crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside, well seasoned, but could have used a little “kick”. Hot sauce was plentiful, but disappointing if you have a favorite Taco truck or Taquaria, kinda bland and homogeneous. But the lime crema was 💯% fire and could make cat food taste good. I’m a large, hungry individual, and I was coming home from vigorous physical activity, but I couldn’t finish my order. I happily reheated and ate the last half of my burrito the next day.

    4 stars for everything, except convenience and value for money, which are both a 10 out of 5. Consider this joint for a quick Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, go out of your way to hit it up if it’s 1AM and you’re drunk or stoned.

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