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11:30 am – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm

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Mike’s Seafood

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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36 reviews for “Mike’s Seafood

  1. Alex Huh

    Came here from New York and found this place on Google in the area. It’s definitely the best restaurant in the area. I couldn’t find another decent restaurant with such a selection in the area. The seafood is fresh and the service is great.

  2. Sara Bauman

    Beautifully prepared razor clams, delicious coleslaw, crispy fries and the cod was AMAZING!! Outstanding customer service and a clean and accomidating atmosphere.

  3. Justin Bergman

    Really enjoyed the halibut fish and chips. Good breading, good fries. Clams also very tasty.

  4. Siobhan D

    The food was edible, but the place did not seem very clean. I ordered Alaskan King Crab, but the crab that was provided was Red King Crab. I paid $50 for crab and french fries, and it was not really worth it. The waitress was very friendly and helpful in providing places to see while visiting… definitely not a 4 star

  5. Terri

    Great customer service. Fish and chips were delicious and so was the ice cold beer! Very clean and the portions of food were generous!

  6. Matthew Myers

    Fish did not taste fresh, more of a freezer burnt taste. Fries were okay, short wait time.

  7. Julie Miracle

    Just ate here. Crab cocktail for 19.95 and shrimp cocktail for 12.99. Rip off. Very small for the price. The crab was small dried out body and leg pieces. Maybe two tablespoons of meat. Clam chowder had lumps of flour in it. Very disappointed!

  8. Damon Marjanovich (DemiosVayl)

    Excellent Food (We tried the Fish & Chips, The Tortilini and the Crab on Linguine all fresh all great), Excellent Service (never an empty drink), and Mike is Awesome to chat with. Luckily we live close enough to head back again and again.

  9. Michael Lovitt

    The scallops were delicious and the staff was helpful and friendly

  10. Derrol Gammon

    EDIT: Date of Visit January 29th 2022 at 02:08pm roughly.

    Set for 15 minutes without anyone giving us anything other than a water and multiple apologies about low staff. However the restaurant was deserted. Only two tables occupied in the whole place in one of them was actually waiting for their check the entire time we were there. They looked miserable. Watching them made us pretty discouraged about our coming experience.

    I think the part that was the most defeating was their prices. $30 for one plate and $50 for another? Seemed a little high for a casual lunch. Went to the few other places in town and saw prices half that amount for solid food.

    They did finally take our order and we waited another 20. We ordered fried oysters. That’s it. Finally we were sick of waiting and hungry so we left. There was only two other tables the entire time we were there. Their bar was closed and the rest of the restaurant was closed off. There was no reason for the extraordinary wait times. I gave it two stars instead of one since they had tried their best with what they had but still not deliver.

    I’m curious what this place could do if it had better staffing. I’m still not certain why the prices are so high compared everywhere else in town. Maybe the meals were and for a group of people? The menu didn’t explain.

  11. Sandra Koch

    Mike’s was our favorite place to go. New owners, very nice but the food is not the same.

  12. Bobinator

    There is only one waitress and she was pretty busy. We waited longer than we wanted to.

    We had clam chowder. It wasn’t my favorite. The chowder was almost tasteless and lumpy. We had some nice dinner rolls with it.

    The tables were clean. The waitress was neat and clean. She was doing the best she could under the circumstances.

  13. rocks and stuff

    The salmon linguini was cooked to perfection, not overdone. Salmon tasted very fresh thanks for the treat.

  14. James Rowley

    I would fight to the death for these fish and chips. If we were attacked by zombies it would be me and Mike’s Seafood against the world.

  15. Larry Mantis

    This was one heck of a meal. Recently I took a few friends out to a late lunch, and we ended up at Mike’s Seafood. I’m not the first person to suggest grabbing seafood, but everybody seemed to be in the mood to try something new. I’m glad that we gave it a shot, as it turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve had in quite a while. I had the cioppino, which was new to me. It was an absolutely savory dish, the mix of shrimp, crab and halibut was exactly what I was looking for. I prefer a hearty dish that leaves you feeling like you’ve actually had a real, home cooked meal, and this definitely did the job. I also tried some of the baked salmon and stole a few bites of the pan roasted potatoes from a friend and they were AMAzING! (Honestly, the real benefit to going to eat with friends is the ability to steal food from them, just saying.)

    I’m glad we gave Mike’s Seafood a visit, and I will definitely be back! I saw more than a few dishes heading out of the kitchen that I really want to try out, and the customer service made me feel like I wasn’t just a first time customer. It was a nice change of pace from some of the local establishments in that respect =)

  16. Johnny Doughy

    Great staff here. Food was cooked well, not overcooked like some of the other places here. Recommend getting the chefs specials. If they have it on the menu, get it.

  17. Catherine Conroy

    Super comfortable atmosphere. Really nice portions. Great drinks. And that Halibut was on point 👌. We’ll be back!

  18. Misha Smith

    The food was very flavorful which I was glad however over priced for what you are getting! The service was adequate! They were not ready for the holiday weekend President day” per the server so he was using this as his excuse. I would drive father out & get a nice fine dinning experience if that’s what you are looking for like I was.

  19. j w

    Woulda gave em 5 if everything was same temps and my food wasn’t so greasy. Even my veggies had an obscene amount. Fish and chips get 5 ⭐ HIGHLY recommend

  20. Chris and Sarah Fraser

    Clam strips are amazing and the cod was great. Very friendly staff. Loved how constant they came by to make sure we didn’t need anything else or to get us refills

  21. jason mitchell

    Best fish n chips in ocean shores awesome size pieces and their batter is excellent!

  22. Gary Lutz

    Just ate there today prices are super high for what you get. Bloody Mike was $17 and has two tiny shrimp and a couple olives not worth the money at all
    Food definitely not worth the prices that’s for absolutely sure and we are local people and will not go here again

  23. Max Bando

    Well this is a new one – a soft shell crab sandwich. I couldn’t resist trying out the newest item on the menu, and I’m glad that I did. The crab itself was really tender, and the recommended addition of slaw & tartar sauce really gave it a unique flavor. The fries were crispy and exactly what I wanted in a side. I judge a place by their ability to make a quality french fry, and you’d be shocked how many places fail at the basics. All in all I say they earned their 5 stars, and I’ll definitely try this delicious crabby boi again in the future.

  24. Tezara Dell

    Wait staff was very pleasant. Food came out super fast, nice and hot! Is a bit pricey but worth it. I got the razor clams, hubs got the fish and chips which he says are the best he’s ever had “melts in your mouth”. The razor clams could have benefited from some kind of sauce in my opinion but still delicious!!

  25. Marilyn Turner

    Very nice customer service. The food was delicious and the clam chowder was amazing. They remodeled since the last time I was there and it looks really nice.

  26. mrbill7853

    The wife wanted razor clams. Pricey, but very tasty.

  27. Matt Stone

    Very disappointed. The portions were small for the price. Seafood is supposed to be a treat but not very good at Mike’s. My wife’s food was full of oil, very off putting. I will give the server kudos for being nice and professional.

  28. Richard Fry

    Food is terrible, try to pawn off sirloin steak for rib eye, over priced, fish and chip was soggy and no flavor

  29. Marc Zicree

    Overall a positive experience. I’d seen a post about the razor clams and I had to try them. I was surprised at their size, had there been more than 2 on the plate I’m not sure I’d have had room for the delicious sautéed zucchini they came with. They were extremely savory and I can say I haven’t really tried anything like them before, but I won’t hesitate to try them again. The staff was competent and friendly, a welcome change of pace to be quite honest. I know I’ll be back =)

  30. uuu 777

    Bacon Cheeseburger. Came out fast but wasn’t very delighted with the taste. Way too greasy and too little “special” sauce. Patty tasted like garbage and there was barely and cheese.

  31. Michelle Breitenstein

    The food was ok. Expensive for what you get. Olive garden or Red lobster would be better.

  32. Aurora Kerr

    Fantastic service and food that will knock your socks off! I ordered the linguini with crab and my boyfriend ordered the Halibut and chips. They were perfect in every way and the service was wonderful as well. Highly recommend to everyone! Thank you so much, we will be coming again soon!

  33. Amanda Rogan

    I really wanted to love this place. The clams were pretty good but the oysters au gratin were not fresh and bland. Definitely overpriced for the lack of flavor. Won’t be returning here.

  34. Judy Justice

    Tortellini with shrimp, white fish, yummy. Try it.

  35. Big Hoss

    One of the worst food I’ve had in a long time. Server was great. The linguine that I got was “prawn” but were maybe 5 mini shrimp. I expected more for 29.95. The linguine itself was flavorless and bland. It was not appetizing whatsoever. The fish and chips was edible. The fish was good but not very flavorful. The fries were flavorless and unsalted. The only flavor present was old oil that they were fried in. Not impressed to waste $50. Very disappointed.

  36. Amy Eitel

    Had lunch here at this restaurant. Ordered the pan fried oysters. They were excellent! Friendly staff too. Not too busy until I was about done with my meal and then the customers began flooding the dining area. Beautiful artwork adorned the walls as well. This was definitely a great choice to dine.

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