27149 185th Ave SE #103, Covington, WA 98042


47.358295593883, -122.09769187506


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

Hibachi Restaurant in Covington, WA



Edamame $5.00

Soybean pods steamed and lightly salted

Gyoza $10.00

6 pieces chicken & vegetable potstickers

Vegetable Tempura $11.00

Medley of lightly battered fried vegetables

Shrimp Tempura $13.00

6 pieces lightly battered fried shrimp

Combination Tempura $15.00

Medley of lightly battered fried vegetables with two pieces of shrimp tempura

Calamari Tempura $17.00

Lightly battered calamari


Tofu Vegetarian $21.00

(no shrimp appetizer)

Vegetable Yakisoba $17.00

(no shrimp appetizer)

Chicken Breast $24

Shrimp $35.00

NY Strip Loin Steak $32.00

Calamari $38.00

Salmon $38.00

Sea Scallops $39.00

Ahi/Tuna $41.00

Filet Mignon $42.00

Twin Lobster Tail $73.00


NY Strip Steak & Shrimp $40.00

NY Strip Steak & Chicken $40.00

NY Strip Steak & Calamari $38.00

NY Strip Steak & Scallops $41.00

NY Strip Steak & Lobster $59.00

Chicken & Shrimp $34.00

Chicken & Calamari $34.00

Chicken & Salmon $34.00

Chicken & Scallops $36.00

Chicken & Lobster $54.00

Shrimp & Calamari $41.00

Shrimp & Salmon $41.00

Shrimp & Scallops $41.00

Shrimp & Tuna $41.00

Shrimp & Lobster $64.00

Filet Mignon & Shrimp $46.00

Filet Mignon & Chicken $41.00

Filet Mignon & Lobster $67.00

Imperial $49.00

NY Strip Steak, Shrimp, and Chicken

Shogun $73.00

NY Strip Steak, Shrimp, and Lobster

The Mizu $78.00

Shrimp, Scallop, and Lobster


Kids Veggie Tofu $8.00

(no shrimp appetizer)

Kid’s Fried Rice $8.50

(no shrimp appetizer)

Kid’s Yakisoba $12.00

(no shrimp appetizer)

Kid’s NY Strip Steak $21.00

Kid’s Filet Mignon $27.00

Kid’s Chicken $14.00

Kid’s Shrimp $22.00

Kid’s Salmon $22.00

Kid’s Calamari $22.00

Kid’s Scallops $24.00

Kid’s Lobster $42.00


Yakisoba meals come with grilled veggies and steam rice. Upgrade to fried rice for $4.50

Fried Rice Special $9.00

Tofu Fried Rice $17.00

Chicken Fried Rice $19.00

Shrimp Fried Rice $26.00

Shrimp Fried Rice $26.00

Steak Fried Rice $25.00

Vegetable Yakisoba $17.00

Tofu Yakisoba $21.00

Shrimp Yakisoba $29.00

Steak Yakisoba $27.00


Extra Egg $1

Onion Soup $2.50

Steam Rice $2.50

Side Salad $2.50

Side Fried Rice $5

Side Tofu $7.50

Side Yakisoba $7.50

Side Vegetables $8.50

Sautéed Mushrooms $8.50

Side Chicken $10

Side Shrimp $17

8 Piece

Side Calamari $18

Side Salmon $18

Side Scallops $22

5-7pc 10-20 Size

Side Ribeye Steak $36


Side Ny Strip Steak $17


Side Ahi/Tuna $18


Side Filet Mignon $24

5-6oz Tenderloin

Side Lobster $38



For Dine-in Customers Daily 3pm-5pm 8pm-close

Draft Beer $4

Bud Light, Lazy Boy, Hefeweizen, Space Dust

House Wine $6

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay

House Sake $10

Cold Sake $10

Gyoza $6

Chicken and Vegetable Potstickers

Shrimp Tempura $7.00

Calamari Tempura $12.00

Vegetable Tempura $6.00

Fried Rice Special $6.00

Yakisoba Noodles $6.00


Milk $3.00

Tea $3.00

Soft Drinks $3.50

Pepsi, sierra mist, mountain dew, dr. Pepper, unsweetened ice tea, lemonade, strawberry lemonade, root beer

Ginger Beer $4.00


Mizu Punch $4.50

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri $6.50

Virgin Pina Colada $6.50

Virgin Raspberry Daiquiri $6.50




“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

47 reviews for “Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

  1. Arron Kong

    Pretty good sushi takeout

  2. Ken Rhodes

    I would give them more stars if it were not for the issue of the 18% GRATUITY which they AUTOMATICALLY ADD to your bill!! To the owners of Mizu, A gratuity is not an automatic thing! And is in my mind stealing from all who enter and down right disrespectful!
    A gratuity is a tip that is for the customer to decide and reward given for the service provided if the service was worth it. Don’t get me wrong. I have never not left a tip and most times I tip more than required. But forcing a tip and then, when we pay by card, there is an extra tip spot when signing is laughable.
    Patrons be ware. We will not be revisiting this establishment.
    There are other options who are less greedy.

  3. Natalie Zora

    Super fun, very tasty Food. Our Chef Kirby kept the table entertained the whole time, Server was on top of it with drinks and food orders. Definitely worth the try! I am from Portland and will definitely be coming back when in town!

  4. jeff-diane

    Early COVID and before, we use to enjoy eating in the bar. We were back about 2 months ago and were told no menu service at the bar. Bar drinks only for in house dining. We do not enjoy eating at the larger tables so I guess we will be looking for an alternate. If Mizu still offered at the bar, I’d bump the rating up to 4 or 5 stars.

  5. KoKo Simmons

    This place is absolutely AMAZING!!! Perfect for date night/anniversary. The food tastes great and they pour really stiff drinks, which is a plus for me. 🙂

  6. the manzats

    Update 02-2022 : wife convinced me to give this place another try. Went in at 5 pm. Had our bellies full and satisfied by 5:40 pm. Much better experience and kids loved the show. Food was great.

    I really wanted to like and experience this place but unfortunately, we never got the chance. We made a reservation for 5:30 PM, was seated at 5:35 PM. We waited until 6:55PM for our food yet no chef. The last straw was when we saw two other tables got a chef before us, even though we were there before them. Finally we got up and paid for the drinks and left. Just our experience with this place.

  7. Wesley Linebarger

    Great food! Great show and service. Beware they automatically add a 18% tip to your bill.

  8. Carin Anderson

    Great service and fantastic sushi. We will definitely be back! We were so happy to see the restaurant so busy. Thank you 🙂

  9. Jada Knoll

    We went Saturday night at 8pm. I believe our waiters name was Andrew. He provided great, friendly service and our chef was fantastic! Food was delicious and well worth the money spent. We haven’t been to Mizus in a couple of years so it was great to be back! Highly recommend if you haven’t tried them to give them a try. I recommend the hibachi NY steak or chicken and shrimp. The fried rice is perfect and the cooked veggies and so yummy!

  10. Nikki Linder

    Went here Thursday night with my auntie For dinner this is one of my favorite restaurants, we had the worst experience, They had no menus we had to look it up on our phones, we sat at a regular table not the hibachi table and our food was wrong not cooked correctly it took a very long time for our food they didn’t bring us our salads or our salads or are soup until right Before our food came, the service was not great and on top of everything else they now add their own gratuity even to a party of 2 they add gratuity to any tab they get, So if I return to this restaurant it will be the one at South center not the 1 in Covington not a good experience. If they’re gonna Automatically add Gratuity It might as well
    go to South center where I know the service is good and the food is good

  11. Rick Drury

    Exorbitant prices for a dinner show. $200+ for 4 persons and the food was average. First and last visit.

  12. Mark Melsness

    We had a super awesome time last night at Mizu Japanese Steakhouse! The fried rice was wonderful and the stake, chicken, shrimp, and scallops were perfect. Our chef was very friendly and kept us totally entertained with jokes, spinning utensils and even FIRE! The price is a bit on the top side and totally worth it. We sat nlwith two other couples and git to have fun knowing then while eating. It wasn’t crowded and we had no reservations. however we were seated and served very quickly. Come on down and try it out yourself.

  13. Big John

    Serious sticker shock when the bill came. My wife and I had one drink each and the bill was $200. I’m not going to make a habit out of eating here. Food was flavorless and over cooked.
    I will say you missed the boat on automatically adding a 18% tip on my bill. I generally tip 20% so you missed out. I’m one and done with this restaurant. We won’t be returning. A dozen friends asked about our experience at your restaurant. They probably won’t be dining here also.

  14. Ambie Star

    Would have loved to order sushi from here. Apparently they don’t do that on Sunday or Monday. I don’t see that anywhere on the website 🙁

  15. Jessica Young

    The show was great but none of us got the soup that was supposed to come with hibachi. Only reason I did not bring it to the attention of our waiter was because they never came back until closer to the end of the meal and because we were full by then. They were super inattentive and very distracted when talking and serving us.

  16. Kenny Stevens

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to expensive and the give themselves a gratuity tip of 20% i like to determine tip on service not worth spending 300$ on a dinner for 3

  17. Marijane Jones

    Service was great, the chef was entertaining, and the food delicious!

  18. Patriot

    Food was OK but over $100 my wife and I paid did not worth it.

  19. Beth Houghton

    The hibachi was very good. Comes with soup and salad. Has sushi also but didn’t try it. It is pricey though.

  20. Emily Fan

    The food was getting worse,and the service wasn’t as good as before.They charged tips automatically 18% ,it doesn’t matter how bad the service was.It was very disappointed!We won’t return anymore!

  21. C B

    The sushi was fantastic and the service was good, but on our check they over charged us and there is a standard 18% tip included. There’s still a line to add more tips, but for a party of two adults and two kids, when has this ever been accepted? We don’t come here that often, but I’m guessing tonight was our last.

  22. Floryn

    My hubby and I have been here several times but we came here 30 minutes before closing the last time and I just wanted to leave a comment because they were so kind and gracious. As usual, our meal came with salad and miso which is always so good and our fried rice and filet cooked to perfection as usual!

  23. Austin

    Overpriced for hibachi. The filet mignon was extremely salty. Decent food otherwise. Might recommend it for a fun time but Im not gonna be going back.

  24. HonesT Abe

    Over priced for little amount of food.I have been to a ton of these places and was very unimpressed.

    The only thing that they gave a lot of was fried rice.
    The filet mignon was way to salty. I am not sure why they put so much soy on a great steak. Most hibachi places
    use butter they just used tons of oil.

    So much oil that when they tried to toss my son a piece of shrimp it stained his shirt and mine. Final safety thing I want to mention as a previous restaurant owner. Never take raw chicken and place it on the grill, then go right to serving the cooked food to someone’s plate.
    If board of health saw that your food rating would plummet and you are lucky no one has gotten sick.


    We went here for my son’s birthday and had a BLAST. The food and atmosphere is amazing. We go here often and always have the best time and great food. The staff members are always polite. I recommend this place 100% Kerman was the BEST

  26. Mike L

    Somewhat entertaining but overpriced for that quality of food.

  27. Yvonne “Hannah” Pasuang

    We’re family of 4 came to celebrate my bday. We were happy the chef was funny, performed some tricks and engaged our kids with the show, pretty entertaining actually. Service was good, restaurant very clean and food surprisingly much better than other 2 hibachi place we went to before, although portion a bit smaller. It was a bit surprising for us they added 18% gratuity on our bill while most restaurants do it for party of 5 or more. We appreciate the chef so we tipped extra. But.. after we left I realized I didn’t get my shrimp order! My husband only got his scallops, supposed to get scallops & calamari. I ordered NY Steak & Shrimp, side salmon. I got all of them on my plate but my shrimp! Lol.. oh well next time I will pay more attention. I guess the chef didnt realized it too

  28. Carrie Crnich

    When the bill came we found out that the gratuity of 18% is included on a party of 4. For every bill no matter how many people. When we asked about it the manager gave our card and told us to never come back if we aren’t going to tip! We normally tip 20% and then give the chef an additional tip! Instead of explaining that it’s on the menu that you have to look up on your phone and that it’s something new they have added.. Our food wasn’t that good either so we won’t be going back to the Covington location!!

  29. Arwen Dotson

    I was pleasantly surprised by this restaurant and must say the salmon, lobster and steak were delicious but the scallops were off the hook perfection. The hibachi chef was absolutely fantastic as was the service. I definitely recommend giving them a try. My expectations were low going in and must admit I was incorrect; these guys are fantastic. 👍👍

  30. IMR

    They were very accommodating. It was mentioned that I do not like onions so the chef fried my stuff separately carefully making sure there was no onions in my food. The food tasted great & very fresh. I have never been to a restaurant with the chef cooking in front of me before and it was extremely entertaining. I would definitely go back.

  31. Jan Lambert

    Food was delicious. Please get out and try this under represented food in our area so glad that this establishment was put in!!

  32. Ashish Thirunavalli

    Food was delicious. Steak was cooked to perfection.

  33. Nicole Jean

    We love Mizu, we always enjoy the show that the chef puts on while making our food. The food has never disappointed!

  34. Jacqueline Racine

    Super good and wonderful friendly staff and the chefs at the table are super funny. And they were very kind and understanding about my calamari allergy 🤗

  35. I Do Stuff

    Paid $280 to come home and have all 5 of us have explosive bathroom intervals. Not to mention the prices on their website are not the current prices when you get into the restaurant and scan the QR code they are like $10-$15 more. Less food than you used yo get but more expensive by A LOT!!! The waiter brought the 4 kids soups with no mushrooms or green onions and just assumed they didn’t want them when they actually did and didn’t even bring them the salad because he said he assumed they wouldn’t eat them because kids typically don’t like salad…I had to ask for them after I realized he wasn’t planning on bringing them at all… forgot to bring the edamame we ordered for the appetizer until I had reminded him we ordered it…they don’t do anything special for birthdays anymore either. No birthday song, no more sherbets at the end of dinner…we left disappointed and used a bunch of TP when we got home. Something wasn’t quite “right”

  36. Stacey Peterson

    The server was prompt and accurate. The chef seemed inexperienced. The food was just ok. Given the cost, we would not go back.

  37. J J

    It’s run down and dirty inside. Walls need to be painted, the floor is sticky, everything just feels worn down and dirty. Also they had removed sushi from the menu! It used to be one of the best sushi restaurants but it looks like the business is decaying or nearly dead. It’s not worth the high price any more. Sad to see the once beautiful restaurant in such a mess.

  38. tricia morrison

    Food was just meh especially for the price. Our chef person was very blah! After he left the table we watched the other chefs and they were sooo much better. It was our first time at this location and was very disappointed!

  39. Morgen Faasse

    Fresh vegetables, steak & chicken. Cooked in front of you. Just like Tokyos in federal way. Bit spendy gratuity included plus asks for a tip. Don’t be fooled!

  40. Sean Keenan

    Taste of food was bland not very tasty but the show was good. Service was good.

  41. Brittany Arthur-Cobb

    Quick but cool experience. Staff was great, chef/cook was fun and great host, food was delicious. Atmosphere has a dark lighting setting, colder feel because of the fans needed for cooking the food in front of you.

  42. Dave McCrindle

    Big portions definitely going back

  43. Steve Hartwig

    Great chefs and staff, awesome food, and just a great restaurant!!

  44. Zak Tazmon

    They were great! The was on 10/20/22. The rains returned to the area. Driving sucked. They had construction on the main street. Delays on top of delays. We had a reservation for 10. Everyone was late. 40 and 45 mins late. Horrible night and we had the last reservation before closing. The place was empty except for us. They gave us top notch service. And the staff stayed late for us and not a single one of them made us feel rushed. I was the one trying to get everyone out the door because we stayed past closing. They really made us feel special! They could have closed early if it wasn’t for us and we appreciated it since this was a going away event.

  45. Kate Cecil

    This place has gone WAY downhill since the pandemic. It smells of grease when you walk in, and not in a good day. I wiped the high chair down for my baby with Clorox wipes and they were brown- and they didn’t cut the layer of grease on the entire seat at all.

    The food and service were mediocre at best. Even the “yum yum” sauce was unflavored and watery. I ordered steak and chicken and somehow only got steak. When he was serving the chicken I lifted my plate and he asked if I needed some for the baby? (Uh no I am paying for it??)

    Mizus was a good option before the pandemic. Not a higher level teppanyaki experience but way more interesting than 98% of Maple Valley, but I honestly won’t be back. Way too expensive to not get what you order and have some foods unseasoned.

  46. Nina Schultz

    We came here on a date night and was unimpressed. We had reservations at 7, checked in and told that our table was just being cleaned up but in actuality the chef was still cooking! We didn’t sit down until 745 and we got water around 8. We finally ordered and the chef got to us at 825. He cooked quickly, made some mistakes on some of the “showy” parts of the meal and then left. There wasn’t a ton of showmanship which is a bummer since that’s what you come to this type of place for. Food was decent, not amazing, I would have expected more. The drinks we ordered were horribly mixed. We paid immediately after we ate and left. I don’t think I’d go back. Also, we were there for teppenyaki but had we been there for sushi we would have had to find somewhere else, there was a sign saying no sushi available.

  47. Kim Blakely

    Cook was great food was good very pricey. Service was not great. Waiters were impatient and did not refill drinks without us flagging down. After spending Hundreds of dollars we were rushed out door

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