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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


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Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant in Ocean Shores, WA






“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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38 reviews for “Moby Dick Seafood Restaurant

  1. Jenn Bearden

    This is where the french fries went to die! I wouldn’t feed this to my dogs, also did you notice the portion size for each basket. Did you guys clean out the bottom of the fryer and dump the contents into my burger basket? Trying to be a supportive local but, it’s time for us to say never again! Three times in a row it’s been terrible.

  2. Vadim Kulakevich

    I am updating this review from a previous 5 stars.

    We ordered a clam burger with fries and a large clam chowder.

    The clams in the burger were almost non existent but tasted ok.

    The clam chowder was tasteless and watered down, canned chowder tastes better.

    Total with tax came out to $30 which in my opinion is $10 too much.

    The service was with a smile and a nice attitude.

  3. Rockie Reddick

    Its your basic seaside fast sea food restraunt,, remember when it was first opened the food was the best in town definitely a5 star experience then now it seems like there just trying to make it…. . sad

  4. Margie Stotts

    You know order at the window, eat it in your car. Food was good 👍. Window service was excellent.

  5. Ron Biberthaler

    Always my first stop when coming to town.Today was my first disappointment in years.Orderd the two fish and fries with clam chowder and when I made it to my destination two miles away
    I find my chowder was missing and the fish was nothing like all the other times. Half the size and tasted like it was freezer burned.I will definitely try it another day to see if it’s back to great tasting fish.

  6. Jason Montgomery

    Horrible my onion rings tasted like fish and burnt fries and the burger was nasty 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 ok never again will I punish myself or my friends

  7. car nut

    I don’t know about their other menu items but don’t get the fish n chips. Unless you want a $15 order of fries. Its hard to mess up that. But they do. No flavor. All breading and very little if any fish.

  8. Ryan Mounts

    Love this place. Great quality fish!!! Fries are good. Friendly, and an awesome old fish shack. Great price. I payed 12$ for high end fish and fries. Amazing.

  9. Angela Turner

    Awesome Prices and even better Food!!! This will be our permanent food spot when we come to Ocean Shores!!! Can’t wait to come back and eat again!!!
    Year 2: Still the best choices, quality, service and price in Ocean Shores!

  10. Crystal Collier

    Every time I go to ocean shores I eat here. It’s under rated. Great food!

  11. Annette Verschaeve

    Yummy fish and chips and fried clams. Locals go here. Some vegetarian options!

  12. cassandra soelberg

    I was super excited about fish and chips… I was super excited but….. they were burnt and dry NP edible! Won’t go there again for the price we paid for our dinner it wasn’t worth it!

  13. Fawn Bridges

    Good fish and chips for a decent price. Just a small cute little place. Lovely owner who went out of his way to bring my food to the car.

  14. Jason Smith

    Really good fish and chips

  15. Leo R

    It has gone downhill in the past few months. Maybe they changed owners or staff but I would NOT recommend, sorry to say. I had fish and chips and the fish was pretty bad.

  16. Adrian Padilla

    I came inside to find myself with a very welcoming staff. They are amazing at their jobs and every effort is appreciated. The food was delicious and the ambience was very calming. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!!!

  17. Willie Powell

    Food taste burned, grease was old and bad tasting

  18. СОНЦЕ W

    Drop by the place and wanted to have some fish and chip only my wife wanted it.

    The ambience was a nice little old fast food restaurant. We order it on the front with the lady.

    Fish and chip was very nice with tartar sauce.

    Kids got the kids hamburger with fires and I got the same for adult. The burger was nice. But unfortunately all the FRIES have FISH SMELL to it. I think they fried every thing in one fryer.

    A nice place to try. But they do lock the door at 2pm I think.

  19. Bowin Coberly

    The fish was incredible.. crispy thin batter thick moist flakey fish. Will stop in next time I’m in the area.

  20. Christina A

    Worst place on washington coast
    Waited 40 min for our cheeseburgers yet only one car before us.
    Fries were terrible. Old oil and no seasoning at all. They were soggy. When we went up to adk if theyd called us she said , NO WE THREW IT IN THE TRASH! What kind of place says that and does that. Waste of 30 dollars. I didnt even eat my burger but a few bites. That place bathroom fthy and no soap, no paper towels.
    Ok hope i am appreciated for honesty here.

  21. Bryce Kuhl

    The cashier I had wasn’t good at all. She clearly doesn’t know how to do her job at all. Ordered a Halibut Sandwich and ended up getting fish and chips instead. My girlfriend tried to order a drink off the menu only to be told they don’t serve that here and they only have one flavor for milkshakes. She went for unsweetened tea (it was on the menu as well) and again we were told they don’t have that. She gave up and just ordered water. The cashier asked her coworkers if they serve water. I didn’t get asked what I wanted to drink. 5 minutes of waiting and the same cashier brings us this tray full of food. Way more than what I purchased. It was for the customer next to us. We waited a little longer and got our food. My girlfriend had to ask for the water she never received and the same cashier looked absolutely puzzled. We get to my car and she went from car to car with a bag of fries. Goes to our car asking if we ordered a bag of fries (we didn’t). Honestly, I work in food business so I’m more patient, but it was still a dumpster fire situation that I really don’t know if I’d ever decide of coming back. Waiting 7 to 10 minutes for my food is nothing, but when you have a restaurant with employees that really have no idea what they’re doing, that’s a different story.

  22. Barbara Apodaca

    I’ve had really good food there and I’ve had pretty bad food there. I guess it depends on the cook..

  23. Field Cady

    What nice people!! The fish and chips were great, burgers good, and the strawberry shake was fantastic

  24. Keith Felt

    Good fish and chips…not as great as I had hoped..fried bread was ok..

  25. Melissa Pidarson

    We must have came at a bad time yesterday.
    The older man that took our food order seemed very tired and very much over being there. I was surprised by the complete lack in customer service, and felt bad for being there. He needs to be in a recliner with a beer, not interacting with customers.
    The tables and chairs were dirty and sticky. The bathroom soap dispenser empty. Paper towel machine broken.
    We had 2 cheeseburgers and fry meals, $30. The fries were good 👍.

  26. Brenda Knight

    This was an awesome place to eat. The food was amazing ( Burger & fries ) The service was the best in town!! When you go here to eat be prepared to wait a little bit but rest assured its very much worth the wait! Thank you for the best cup of coffee, conversation & meal. A new friend from Yelm Washington.

  27. Todd Abernathy

    Very good food at reasonable price. Fast and friendly as well. Highly recommend it. If your in Ocean Shores, make sure you try this restaurant.

  28. Christian Foster

    The greatest girl working there and guy cooking what nice people. We tipped them large and the food was amazing like seriously it’s a favorite place to go when vacationing in ocean shores. Go there you won’t be sorry

  29. Dawn Marie

    Good fish and chips. Hubby likes their burgers. Always hot, fresh and yummy.

  30. mukilteomarjhan

    Some if the nicest people I’ve met at a restaurant. These owner-operators welcomed us and very quickly served us our first round of fish. We ordered the all-you-can-eat and was surprised at how fresh it tasted. We learned they get their fish daily and batter it themselves every morning. Plenty inside and outside seating. They were suffering a bit from supply chain issues with a few items out of stock but made up for it with free deep-fried pickles, yum! Second round of fish was equally good with two kinds of dipping sauce. Didn’t get to try their shakes but will go back the next time we are there!

  31. Roger Hensley

    Oysters were crispy coating and tasted like they should good food, but parking had potholes.

  32. kapil rajpal

    There were flys in the restaurant fish and chips were way below average the only reason for not giving it 1 star was because very friendly and helpful staff in reality this is a 1 star restaurant based on food price and quality oh forgot in the criticism the clam chowder soup was the only thing good

  33. Christoffer Gray

    ALWAYS our first stop when coming into Ocean Shores. Been a family tradition when I was a little one and now I bring my little one. If you don’t know what to get, get the clam chowder! It is the best!

  34. Alex AO

    I decided to have clam chowder for the first time in over 5 years. I’m so glad I did because the chowder here was so delicious! I also tried their fried mushrooms and omg were they juicy and flavorful. Our food was even served to us by a friendly ghost. Highly recommend this place if you’re out touring the area 💙

  35. Christopher French

    This place was bad. It was like a Captain Ds or Long John Silvers in a family owned local kind of way. We ordered over the phone and arrived early. The staff made milk shakes for my niece, brother and myself. It was nice.

  36. Tina Barnash

    Awesome seafood at a great price! We had Cod and prawns; both were fantastic and tasted fresh. My favorite was the Cod. The fries were crinkle cut, I believe frozen, but good. All the sauces were great, and they have Pepsi, my favorite. Friendly service and great location right on the main road. To top it all off, we loved the walk up window for easy, fast pickup of our food! 🙂 Over all, I highly recommend this place and will definitely recommend!

    Update May 2022: Still a great place to eat in Ocean Shores! Didn’t even raise thier prices much since last year despite the economic upheaval. I still give it 5 STARS!!!

  37. Lucas Mousley

    Food was good. The place was not very clean.

  38. Tyrie Hoxie

    Great customer service for some reason the fish and chips didnt taste like it usually does

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