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Modoo Banjeom

Korean Restaurant in Bothell, WA

71 reviews for “Modoo Banjeom

  1. E Kim

    Very excited to see 짜장면 place in my neighborhood.. visited during soft open. As expected, service was great and food was very good. Not the standard thick sauce but I prefer the lighter sauce so it was perfect for my taste. Lots of seafood and veggies, sauce was sweet and salty, perfectly combined. Noodles were perfectly soft and chewy. Will be going back regularly to try other dishes.

  2. Jesus

    I think this might be the most delicious Korean Jajangmyeon I’ve had in Seattle. Unlike the original old Jjajangmyeon sauce, the color of the sauce was slightly lighter and looked bland, but it wasn’t at all. The Jjajangmyeon, glutinous rice, and sweet and sour pork served with a delicious fusion sauce were chewy and delicious.

  3. Jay Park

    Fast and delicious

  4. Alex Lanzas

    Really great place to eat I recommend eating here. Service was great, food was amazing, to top it off, very clean and organized.

  5. H G

    Like their original Modoo location in Lynnwood, you can tell the food and service was thoughtfully put together. Tasty food. Great service. I can’t think of anywhere else that compares in Washington.

  6. J G

    White d00d with tons of Korean friends and fam. We goto Moodoo in Lynnwood all the time. Tried this new spot and love it! Excited to have more good K-eats in Bothell/Bellevue/Woodinville area!

    Get.dat.Jajangmyeon. Nomnomnom.

  7. Jerry Koh

    Soft opening, Korean casual food (think jajang and jjamppong) opened by the folks who run the super popular modoo! Very yummy! Staff was super friendly (shout out to our server Ashley!). Restaurant is small with 5 small tables (4 top) and one long one (8 top) with some bar seating. Soft opening menu is typical Korean street food with all the studs you expect. The combos were quite fun and had the right mix for us. The flavor was great! And super yummy! Loved everything we ordered! Will be back!

  8. Michelle Ruan

    From the service to the food, everything was great! We ordered the friends combo A that comes with jajang noodles, jamppong, and tangsuyuk. It was a lot of food…I think it can feed 3-4 people depending on how hungry you are, we had a lot of leftovers. If you wanna come here for one thing I recommend the jajang noodles.

  9. Tony Kim

    Great Jjamppong!! So good!

  10. Mr. & Mrs. Kwon

    Used to go Hyangmi in Lynnwood twice a week for Spicy Jjamppong. However, this place is like another tasty one that impressed me. Tried Brisket Jjamppong with extra spicy including with bok choy, wood ear mushroom, brisket, mussels, clams, shrimp. Broth with red pepper oil & Vietnamese dried pepper was great. I may try Jjajang next time. Recommend this Modoo Brand restaurants never disappointed with service and food 🙂

  11. David Choi

    Delicious Korean-Chinese food. Reminds me of Korea

  12. Hyung Kim

    It was a soft opening, but there was a waiting list. I got my table after waiting about 30 minutes. We ordered Combo 1, which included Jajang, Jjamppong, and Tangsuyuk. Food was better than what I expected. It was so yummy. I really liked Jjamppong.

  13. mingun pak

    Jjambbong and sweet and sour pork were okay, but the jjajangmyeon was a bit bland for Korean tastes…

  14. Holly Oleary

    We enjoyed this new restaurant. The food was delicious, fresh, and the service was excellent.

  15. Sanghoon Kwak

    The best jjamppong (짬뽕) ever I have tasted in Seattle area!

  16. Brad Lim

    While they had some noteworthy dishes, noodle offerings seemed to lack the depth and complexity of flavors that I had expected (a little bland to me). However, the other menus were a delightful contrast, with their bold and savory flavors complementing the textures and aromas of the dishes.

  17. June Yang

    One thing the Seattle area has been missing is good jjajangmyun and so when I heard when this place was offering Korean-Chinese, I was excited. Unfortunately, my dining group found the dish to be too expensive for its quality. The jjajangmyun was simply passable. And There was a very prominent ginger taste.

    TL;DR – the food is just okay and the price was far too high. I hope this place improves! I know the restaurant is in its “soft open” so hopefully they get all the feedback they can and act upon it.

  18. Hyewon Cho

    The sweet and sour pork served with glutinous rice was delicious, and the seafood tray with jjajang was nice to have some ingredients. I think I’ll come here often. The wait was a little over an hour, but there was a Starbucks right next to it, so I waited while drinking coffee.

  19. Yvonne W

    Food was authentic and delicious! Staff were polite and helpful. Two stars taken out because they got our order wrong so the waiter had to take it back to re make the seafood noodle which wasn’t a big deal, but when they brought the new dish out, there was a hair inside. I didn’t want to make a scene so we just paid and left. Eating food with hair in it isn’t gonna kill you, it’s just slightly gross.

  20. Bryan Lee

    We had tang su yuk and jja jang myun here the food exceeded my expectations it tastes just like the restaurants in korea. Plus the servers were super nice and attentive.

  21. Hayden

    I recently visited this Korean-Chinese restaurant and was blown away by the delicious food and cozy atmosphere. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm smile and excellent service.

    The menu was extensive and offered a great variety of Korean-Chinese dishes. I tried the Jajangmyeon and it was simply phenomenal! The flavors were rich and the noodles were cooked to perfection. The portions were generous and left me feeling satisfied.

    The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy and welcoming. The staff were attentive and made sure that all my needs were met throughout my visit.

    I prices can seem high, but having been to other places in the area, I can say that they are actually quite reasonable for the quality of the food and service. It’s understandable that some people may have different expectations when it comes to pricing, but if you consider the location and overall quality, it makes perfect sense.

    Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who craves Korean-Chinese food. I will definitely be returning soon!

  22. Uhyon Chung

    Finally a Korean Chinese (중국집) in the Bothell area! We’ve waited eagerly for this day. The Jjampong (red noodle soup) was pretty tasty (veggies were fresh) and the Jjjangmyeon (black bean paste noodles) were pretty good as well. My favorite was the Tangsuyuk (fried chicken pieces), because it had juicy meat (as opposed many places having too much of the batter.
    The reason why I’m not giving 5 stars on the food is that the noodles that need to be chewy (like oodong noodles), is more like thick spaghetti. I’ve heard this has been changed. I will update after I try the new noodles.
    Our waiter was really nice and checked on us a lot despite the place being very busy.

    The noodles have improved! They are chewy and exactly what I was expecting from a Korean Chinese restaurant.

    You should avoid coming in between 6 and 7pm because we had to wait about an hour the last two times…

  23. J. Y.

    Great food and services! Great addition to the area!

  24. Alex Nguyen

    I love modoo so I had to try their new restaurant! I was so impressed. The service was great and the food came out in minutes. Portion sizes are crazy. So much flavor, I’ll be coming back!

  25. Alex Kim

    One of the better places for Korean-Chinese cuisine in the greater Seattle area. Sweet and sour pork (탕수육) was excellent while the noodle dishes were decent.

  26. Thomas McElroy

    So nice to have korean chinese in the Seattle area! Tangsuyuk is crispy and juicy, jjajangmyeon is good though wish there were pork in the sauce too. Will definitely be coming back!

  27. David Oh

    Food and service was great! It has been one of the best Korean noodle dishes. But the place is small so you may have to wait for a bit.

  28. Sean Kim

    Wow. This place is the real deal for Korean comfort food. Everything was delicious. Service was excellent. Food came out fast and fresh. Top marks all around.

  29. Hannah W.

    What a wonderful find! It’s so hard to find good jajangmyeon, jjamppong, and tangsuyuk in the Seattle area and this restaurant’s food was delicious and satisfies all my cravings. Portions were a good size- especially the jjamppong. Love how there are combo meals available.

    The service was great- the waiter and waitress were so polite and attentive. I highly recommend, especially if you’re craving Korean-Chinese comfort food, and I will definitely be coming back (or order a lot of takeout)!

  30. Shuotian Cheng

    Having recently dined at this newly opened Korean fusion restaurant, I’m left with a blend of impressions. The cuisine leans more toward pleasing non-Korean diners, which may be a letdown for those seeking an authentic Korean experience.

    A traditional aspect I missed was the customary array of free snacks (Banchan) prior to the main dishes. Instead, we were served a small plate of pickled daikon, which, while tasty, didn’t quite hit the mark.

    We opted for the Food Set C, which comprised of three dishes. Each dish packed a punch in terms of flavors, perhaps a bit too heavily for my personal preference. The Tangsuyuk’s accompanying sauce wasn’t to my liking, so I requested salt and pepper from the server and created a simpler, more enjoyable dipping powder.

    When it comes to pricing, it’s on the higher side compared to other local Korean spots. While the fusion concept is interesting, it’s worth noting these points for anyone considering a visit.

  31. Jeff Timmons

    Food is horrible. Jjajang is so plain. Jjambbong is so fusion. Also the source for the Tangsuyuk is sour, not sweet at all. Not worth to wait for try their food.

  32. Jookyoung Han

    This place is my best Korean-Chinese food in the area! Good quality and tasted really good!!

  33. S2

    Food and service was great!
    So nice to have Korean-chinese food in the Seattle area!

  34. 정규화

    So delicious!

  35. Jerry haper

    The jjambbong noodles look like they were made at home and the soup is thick.
    I don’t. The sweet and sour pork is neither glutinous rice style nor crispy, and the kanpunggi is too sweet. I’m very sorry.

  36. Shinhye Lee

    Super delicious Korean-Chinese restaurant. Glad that they have opened up in this area 🙂 you’ll need to get in early (5ish) for dinner because this place gets quickly packed. Impressive that they have a vegan Jjajangmyeon; hope they develop gluten-free options for noodles as well!

  37. Daycen Schmidtke

    Great food, medium service. All the noodle dishes I have tried so far are well above average.

  38. Youn Kim

    It was delicious when I first came about a month ago, but the food is getting salty so I can’t eat it now. The sweet and sour pork sauce is getting sour.

  39. J C

    I heard good things about this place that it had become the best Korean-Chinese restaurant, I arrived with high expectations. However, I was not impressed with the food. The portion size of the black bean noodles was small, and they were dry. The jjambbong was spicy but lacked other flavors. Additionally, the tangsooyook portion was small, and it had already become soggy on the bottom. While the service and atmosphere were pleasant, I don’t think I would go back for the food.

  40. Tom A

    Great black bean noodle and glass noodle, but do not order dumplings (it is supermarket level)

    Too long the wait outside. Should go on weekday and you can shop next door

  41. Howard Baek

    The restaurant’s ambiance was warm and inviting.The staff was friendly and attentive, providing excellent service throughout the meal.

  42. Teri Trethewey

    Food is great, I don’t know if it’s authentic or not, but I think it is. Service is fast and friendly.

  43. Huyen Nguyen (Sophie)

    The concept of the restaurant is very friendly as Korean-Chinese food. Food is authentic and delicious. Staffs are very friendly as they remember me and my order as a regular customers.
    Must try: Jjajang Noodle and Tangsuyuk with beef. Will bring my family here as well to try different food other than my go to order.

  44. Young Cho

    I recommend the jumping! Good service, great food!

  45. Chris Cho

    I was excited for this new spot because the type of food they serve (chinese/korean fusion), there aren’t any good spots in Washington. I would have to say this is by far the best spot for this time of food in Washington! I will continually come back here. I recommend getting Jjambbong!

  46. Yoon Kim

    Yummy authentic Korean Chinese restaurant

  47. 비비빅

    All the staff were so kind and gave a very deep understanding and explanation of the menu. Jajangmyeon and Jjambbong sweet and sour pork were all of a quality that reminded me of the nostalgic taste I ate in Korea.

  48. Rana K

    Best Korean-Chinese food in Seattle area. Food is delicious, service is good. Will come back!

  49. Caroline Choung

    modoo banjeom is one of the best korean chinese fusion restaurants in the area. I recommend the jjampong and yangjangpi. The tangsuyuk is chapsal tangsuyuk and it’s very chewy and yum. The service here is also really friendly.

  50. HeeSoo Suh

    I had the combo A with a friend and there was a lot of food! The jjampong was really good and contained a lot of seafood which was really great. The medium tangsuyuk was larger than I thought it would be and was definitely enough food for 2 people. I would recommend the combo A for a two person group

  51. Lena

    Bomb food. Bomb customer service. Bomb music. SHEEESH it’s a vibe.

  52. Paul Suh

    Worst 깐풍기 I ever had.
    I’m genuinely shocked by these high reviews.

  53. Soyeon

    It seems like the “Modoo restaurant” spanned their business with korean-chinese food at this time. I was craving for korean style chinese food and this was just opened, so I visited. We had seafood jajang and tangsuyuk which was great.

    There’s couple of thing that can be better though: 1) the jjajang sauce was too salty. I heard several tables are also mentioning the same issue; considering this is not just personal preference of saltiness. THE SAUCE IS FOR SURE SALTY. 2) the tangsuyuk sauce is something that doesn’t taste like truly Korean style. Too sour. 3) we headed here at around 11:30am-ish which was lucky for us because there were a huge wait right after we just sat.

    But in general, I recommend this place.

  54. Snow

    I went there because I heard that there was a Jjamppong restaurant, and I ate all the Jjamppong, Jajangmyeon, and sweet and sour pork. The hot barley tea was also good. The staff were nice and friendly too.

  55. Youngrang Chun

    It’s more delicious than at the soft opening. However, I think the jajangmyeon still tastes a bit bland! The staff are really kind😀

  56. Daniel Pak

    Excellent food, hot off the kitchen, fresh ingredients, fast service, and the price was reasonable. It’s little small and being next to the open kitchen, it was slightly loud. Otherwise two thumbs up.

  57. Senok Hong

    The food was amazing and server was so nice!!

  58. Xiangmin L

    Definitely best Korean noodles in Seattle! N4(cannot remember the name) is just fantastic!!

  59. Song

    third time ordering from this place. jjajang which is not supposed to be spicy was spicy and salty. I think the chef stirred the sauce in wok that made jjangbong, which now questions the sanitary of the kitchen. I was planning on eating it with kids but nope. I hope this does not happen again.

  60. Jimmy Wong

    Jajang, tangsuyuk, jjamppong, boiled dumplings

  61. PedroDaGr8

    This place is an absolute hidden gem. It’s the sister restaurant to Modoo Korean Restaurant on SR99. I’m not Korean but I know a bit about Korean food (thanks to my wife). This place absolutely exceeded my expectations.

    We ordered the Friends Combo A which was supposedly for two but was easily enough for three or four. The star was the jjampong (they aren’t lying) which was spicy, rich, and flavorful. The tangsuyuk (fried pork) was yhe perfect compliment to the rich flavors of the jjampong.

  62. Sally Nam

    There is only onion in the chili japchae.
    As you can see in the picture, there is really no meat.
    It’s like sautéing onions in chili oil.
    It’s moderately spicy, so it tastes good, but there’s only onions.
    It’s onion japchae, not chili japchae. I guess I won’t eat it again.

    Seafood Platter Jjajang. wind chime. Everything was delicious. Chili shrimp is more delicious than cream shrimp.

    It was nice that all the people who work were kind and filled up what I needed at the time.

  63. David Lee

    Gotta say I was a little disappointed in the food. Maybe it was hyped up too much by the time I got to try it. It wasn’t bad just ok. We did only try a few things so can’t make final judgement until next time.

    Chicken was very good. The seafood noodle platter was ok. The fried pork with sweet and sour sauce was meh. Service was kinda slow and they didn’t check on us until we flagged them down.

  64. Shane Liu

    Jajang noodle is tasty! I would like to visit again.

  65. Ann Tseng

    Come with a group so you can order the family style combo options. Everything is amazing. The chili shrimp are jumbo shrimps on top of clean greens. What a good match! The jjajangmen does not disappoint, super moist, chewy noodles, and lots of seafood and sauce!

    The servers are also very kind. Group of 5 or more has tip included in the bill

  66. SUE

    All dishes are delicious and with large portion. The staff is attentive to notice that I need a apron. Nice service!

  67. ᄆᄋᄆᄋᄆᄋ

    First time they open, the taste was great but now, they put too much ginger in their jajang and its hit or miss and bit expensive for what it’s worth. Also, servers and cooks passive aggressively make fun of some customers behind their backs and smile in front of you.

  68. Travis Salmi

    Food was delicious, service for dine in is pretty slow due to what seemed like tons of takeout orders. Will go back for sure.

  69. Freddie H

    Food is really good

  70. Ray P.

    I’d say the gan-jjajangmyun is decent – but most importantly, tangsooyuk is a bit odd. The dough part that covers the pork is on the sweet side, and it’s not crispy. It tastes like if I’m having some dessert with pork meat inside. Truly odd.. I’ve only read good reviews, so when I had the the first bite I was super disappointed. But I liked the overall atmosphere, and attentive staff and I’d still like to go try other dishes.

  71. ROSIE Now

    Excellent food and service!! Kevin was a fantastic host. We’ll be back!!! Rosie and Sev

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