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11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

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Nakagawa Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant in Bothell, WA

37 reviews for “Nakagawa Japanese Restaurant

  1. R Iida

    Neighborhood hole in the wall, traditional sushi bar. The staff greet you from behind the counter, cool. Food is expertly prepared. I’d skip the teriyaki chicken.. It’s not grilled. Traditional in another era. Very reasonable. Under $50 for two. I’ll go back again and again!

  2. Brandon

    I had the tonkotsu ramen and it was delicious! I loved the addition of the sesame oil and ginger. The waitress was very friendly and attentive. I’m excited to go back with my wife and try more of the menu.

  3. Kiuk P

    4/1/23: Ordered 3 omakase sets. Very very good. Last time, hotaruika was included. This time, it was replaces with something different which is still very good.

    I like that they change 1 or 2 nigiri in the set depending on season. The server was very kind too. It was to-go-order but the server’s attitude was exceptionally nice compared to other places nowadays.

    3/17/23: Ordered 2 omakase set and 1 aji today. VERY VERY GOOD.

  4. Food for Thought

    4/23/22 – Still the best Japanese quality and service at a reasonable price.

    Extraordinary, inventive Japanese dishes worthy of a Michelin star IMHO. Matcha, sweet bean and cream cake is a work of art my wife and kids fight over. House original Ramen has Sansho and ginger overtones that are so deep and balanced it is therapeutic. Excellent service. Reasonable prices. Get your sushi, tempura, donburi or katsu curry fix. BTW, They make their own curry roux that is fruity, spicy and totally craveable!

  5. tani loves books

    We try and eat here a few times per year. It’s super high quality, but also super expensive (fairly so). Every cut of sashimi is thick and the exact right temperature. Their hot dishes are all wonderful. The staff is efficient, drops by just enough to check on you, and otherwise lets you dine without too much unnecessary attention. The place is very small, making it a cozy atmosphere, but do plan accordingly for Fri/Sat nights as it gets full quickly and there can be waits — there is no where to wait inside unless you block the only door so wear a coat in colder months as you’ll be hanging out outside.

  6. 김태안

    I went to this restaurant 5 years ago. The food at that time was excellent and seemed to be made by Japanese people. The pork cutlet was delicious, and the green tea cake for dessert was especially great. I will come again the next time I come to the United States.

  7. Nikki G.

    One of the best sushi places, and worth the drive when I feel like sitting in or taking out dinner. They seated a group of seven of us once for dinner, and the staff are attentive. Order a flight of sake, it’s the perfect amount to taste test and share with friends 🙂

  8. Mark Buettemeier

    Friendly, intimate Japanese restaurant with broad selection of authentic Japanese foods, not just sushi. We love it!

  9. JoAnn Oram

    Delicious fresh prepared food. Lovely presentation, service.
    I can’t wait to go back.

  10. Daniil Nikitenko

    First time here.
    The food here was so good I needed to leave a review.

    Everything was on point

  11. Garnet Shepherd

    Amazingly delicious food. Initial service was slow (we waited longer than a table seated after us ordered food before even our drink order was taken), but then a more experienced server helped us out and the rest of the evening was excellent. Their sushi specials were very unique (Japanese sardine – milder than I would have guessed, and flounder – very fishy) and their selection of cold sakes were delightful. This is now my favorite Eastside sushi spot.

  12. Serge Sim

    Great authentic family place with attentive service.
    Omakase and the sake sampler were amazing! We will be back 🙂

  13. Betsy Papaly

    Very slow service. Friendly staff, but not efficient by any means. I had to ask for the check, then wave it at her so she could pick it up. The food was not worth how long it took to have a simple meal.

  14. Joanne Yip

    Nakagawa has everything we love about an authentic Japanese restaurant: It’s homely, service is genuine, food is fresh and delicious.

    We ordered the sushi deluxe set, small sashimi, Today’s Special soup, and the seasonal dessert (hojicha crème brûlée). And it was all excellent. The soup and dessert in particular were exceptionally flavorful. So good.

    They also have a sake flight available and some interesting seasonal cocktails (yuzu sorbet sour, lemon sour etc) that looked really good, but we settled for Sapporo instead. The day was too hot.

    We arrived about 1140am on a Saturday and stayed about an hour. There was a steady flow of customers but still plenty of seats.

    Definitely recommended and we want to go back to try other things on the menu!

  15. Andrew Sotheby

    Nice waitress, oishi food, just slow on the tonkatsu ramen.

  16. Smiley Always

    Highly recommend this place. If you love Sushi, you should definitely check out this spot.
    And the best part, the owner and staff are very kind people!!

  17. Margareth K

    Food | I order the chicken katsu lunch bento box, it came with miso soup. The size was decent for the box but I wasn’t a fan of the chicken. The California roll was decent.

    Service | l got here around 12 on a Wednesday they weren’t busy. I was seated right away. Waitress was nice.

    Ambiance | The elevator music was relaxing but it was a little loud. The place is small just tables along one front and side of the restaurant and you can see the sushi chefs.

  18. Baxter Miller

    Fantastic restaurant. The house ramen is great, the katsu curry is great, the sushi is great. Will keep coming back

  19. HJ

    Food is decent and service is good.
    Dining area is pretty small and it gets noisy during peak hours.

  20. David Lee

    The food was very good and fish was fresh all with excellent service. Definitely will return.

  21. Michael Kaplin

    Food was so good. I mean there ramen was the best. The service was super was fast even tho there was some people there. There is nice music playing and you can hear the pan sizzling with your yummy food on the way.

  22. Potjamarn Arpornratn (Yui)

    It’s my first time in this restaurant. But I have to say: I really like Calamari here. Spider roll in this restaurant is much bigger than other restaurants I’d tried. Price is reasonable to me. I definitely recommend this restaurant.

  23. Zen Traveler

    I have a classified this as amazing food and amazing service with make-do spacing and ambience. My first impression is this is family owned then you can tell the food is made with TLC. What’s more the food is delicious, high quality and the desserts? Something to write home about! They definitely step it up with their desserts! Homemade in house!! 🙂

  24. Heather Wise

    This is the best dining experience, relaxing and truly the moist enjoyable and delicious meal. Everything was fresh and came out with perfect timing. The service is incredible and the food is indescribably delicious!

  25. Brianna Hawkins

    Excellent food – we ordered a bento box and the fish was fresh and delicious, as was the miso soup/salad. Tempura was amazing as well. Great service – we will be back for sure.

  26. Michihiro Aoki

    Jun-san (The owner) is amazing! I go to Nakagawa every once in a while, but I never get disappointed. My favorite is Katsu curry!

  27. Sandra Torres

    My kids and i love this place and try to come back when we can.

  28. Vivien Khachatryan

    Nice place, great food, just a little slow on service.

  29. J Choi

    Loved all the dish here. Pretty reasonable pricing and good quality fish. Liked their Deluxe sushi set – also Deluxe Bento was good too. Must try dish : Calamari Leg Karaage!

  30. Dominick R.

    This is the best Japanese restaurant I have been to since I moved here. The food is always fantastic and the service is great. The katsu curry here is my favorite.

  31. Dazzle Rae

    If you’re ever craving legit and superb quality sushi and sashimi, Nakagawa is a MUST! It’s tucked away in a hidden corner of an unassuming strip mall shared with a PCC Market and facing a Taco Time drive thru. Although its surroundings don’t do it justice, everything else about this restaurant is OUTRAGEOUSLY phenomenal!

    Serving sizes are just right to be able to share and finish, which allows for room to try so many things! And that’s just what we did! Prices are going to be a little higher, but you will be able to taste why. I can’t remember the last time I had quality, fresh fish like this in the north end. We tried the fresh oysters and ordered more. The sashimi was magical. My new favorite roll of all time is their Deja Vú roll with soft shell crab, I will definitely be dreaming of this one! The sake sampler was perfect to try three completely different flavor profiles, again tasting the quality.

    We came an hour before closing, but service was attentive even after closing as the last table to leave. The roll took the longest to come to the table, but it was worth the wait!

  32. Tsuyoshi Watanabe

    In the past, my family and I often went to Vere Review’s conveyor belt sushi, but even the conveyor belt sushi can be quite expensive, so for that price, I thought it would be better to eat each piece of sushi that was delicious. For several years now, I have only been to Nakagawa, and I always order “Omakase”. After all, sushi is a reward.

    Furthermore, considering the price and quality, it can be said to be rather cheap.

    Also, when a customer wants to eat sushi, I always bring them to Nakagawa.

  33. A

    Their chirashi bowl is of such good value!! Fish were fresh and portion was generous. Very nice staff and cozy vibes as well! Would highly recommend this hidden gem!

  34. Kiuk P

    3/1/24 : ordered two omakase and 2 rolls. Very good.

    1/31/24: ordered two omakase and 2 rolls. Very good.

    4/1/23: Ordered 3 omakase sets. Very very good. Last time, hotaruika was included. This time, it was replaces with something different which is still very good.

    I like that they change 1 or 2 nigiri in the set depending on season. The server was very kind too. It was to-go-order but the server’s attitude was exceptionally nice compared to other places nowadays.

    3/17/23: Ordered 2 omakase set and 1 aji today. VERY VERY GOOD.

  35. Rebecca Manriquez

    Everything was phenomenal. Excellent quality.

  36. Food for Thought

    Flavors are not authentic. Gyoza soaked in teriyaki sauce, tempura sauce tasteless, poke bowl fish not marinated long enough and no wasabi. Bento box took 30 mins longer than other food. Other table cancelled their udon due to long wait.

  37. HY GAO

    Best place to have Japanese food in Eastside! You can tell the difference from the freshness!

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