27149 185th Ave SE Ste 113, Covington, WA 98042


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11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


11:00 am – 7:00 pm


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Nana’s Southern Kitchen

Southern Cuisine Restaurant in Covington, WA



1 Main & 1 Side $16

1 Main & 2 Sides $22

2 Mains & 2 Sides $30

1 Main & 3 Sides $24

Kids Meal $11

2 Chicken Tenders and choice of side


Fried Chicken $12

Four jumbo wings $12

Fried Shrimp $12

Ten jumbo shrimp

Pork Chops $12

Two pork chops

Catfish $12

One large filet

Chicken Tenders $12

Four chicken tenders


Candied Yams $6

Macaroni & Cheese $6

Potato Salad $6

Collard or Mustard Greens $6

String Beans $6

Cabbage $6



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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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44 reviews for “Nana’s Southern Kitchen

  1. Misty Acres Ravensdale

    Clean dining area, great food. I had catfish for the first time in my life and it was yummy 😋 Friendly staff.

  2. B Ferron

    11/10 can’t wait to stuff myself into a nap again 😩 the food is absolute heat and they even gave me a free side for my birthday. Beyond hospitable, beyond delicious. Cornbread is like a cloud, macaroni tastes like home and the portions humbled even the hungriest at our table. Please do yourself a favor and support this restaurant and the legacy of Nana’s spirit and cooking, thank you miss Kyanne!

  3. Nicholas Sindelar

    Loved all the sides and the chicken was legit! We’ll be back!

  4. Patrick J

    Mediocre food. I liked the Mac n cheese and green beans. Collard greens are somewhat bland. Potatoe salad is average. Largest complaint is the fried chicken wings, crispy coating but soggy skin underneath. Everything else is just very average, nothing I couldn’t easily do in my own kitchen and do much better. Prices are too high for this type of food also. Better options nearby

  5. Boris Lorezca

    First time here and I’m amazed! Friendly staff and service. Spacious dining area and simple menu. I ordered the chicken tenders and fried shrimp with candied yams & Mac and cheese as my sides. I will be back again for sure! Support local business!

  6. Alex Newman

    The food here impressed. Best fried shrimp I’ve ever had, perfectly cooked, still tender and full of flavor. Chicken was excellent. The string beans are a revolution, completely surprised me with texture and flavor. Corn bread is good too, loaded with browned butter flavor. Service great, prices are more than reasonable.

    This is our new favorite in the Covington/Maple valley area.

    Seen a few comments about the wings. You order chicken you can get wings or tenders. The wings are jumbo whole wings, not little drums and flats. You gotta work a little harder but ours were very flavorful. I wish they had thighs tho.

    I’m from WA so can’t comment on the authenticity of Southern style.

  7. Kiana Peper

    You know it’s going to be good when there’s only a few things on the menu. We got the pork chops, catfish, and fried shrimp. All delicious! Sides we had were Mac n cheese, yams, and string beans. They all had a unique flavor to them that I’ve never had. Definitely recommend and will be back!

  8. Jennifer Askew

    So good!! We got a little bit of everything to try it out. Everything was delicious, but my favorites were the catfish, shrimp, green beans, and cabbage. The kids loved the catfish, mac and cheese, potato salad, and yams. Definitely coming back! (Picture is my husband’s plate. We did take out.)

  9. Donna Chung

    Southern comfort food with southern hospitality. Love the chicken wings, collards, green beans, and lemonade!

  10. Bing Chen

    Really good food and friendly staff. Candied yam is the best side dish!

  11. Alan Chung

    1st time for us to drive that far for southern food. Was told they are good and it was. We ordered the usual wings and shrimps. Don’t come here looking for thighs and legs. All they serve are fried catfish, wings, chicken tenders, shrimps, and pork chops.

  12. Sara O'Neil

    Delicious food and quick service. We tried almost everything they offer and you can’t go wrong.

  13. Fudy Chacon

    Hit this spot up after a hike. The catfish was amazing! Staff was super awesome! Was greeted kindly by the family of the restaurant. I will never forget the catfish! 😁🙏🏽

  14. Keisha Lee

    While sitting here at Nana’s ready to write my review I ran across one that in my opinion was based off not having enough cash to eat for the rest of the week🤦🏾‍♀️. The reviewer stated that $20 was too much for his for food. From the price he had the same that I had 1 main (meat) & 3 sides. To say that it wasn’t worth it is absolution LIES!! Again this is just my opinion.

    I too like many enjoy me some good old southern comfort foods and Nana’s did not disappoint!

    My fish was seasoned and fried to perfection and more than likely fried in a professional kitchen do fryer as all fried food is. How do I know? Family business experience? Yeah that’s how we did/do it. My greens, yams and macaroni 😋 all flavorful and my cornbread 😋 as well.

    The ambiance was just what I needed and beyond expected as I needed to stay in my state of mind and prepare for covering as I head back to Portland. So, while the various gospel artists played on the background. I ate and gave God the almighty the honor and thanked him for guiding me to Nana’s. It was just like being in my mama’s home with family.

    The staff was amazing as well and well Nana’s daughter was here. She greeted me and thanked me for patronizing.

    So, if your in Covington stop on in and give Nana’s a try you won’t be disappointed.

    I’m headed back to my home state of Arizona in a couple of weeks and I may not make it back to Nana’s before then. But I know one thing for sure. When I’m working in the PNW I’ll make my way to Nana’s. It’s worth the the hour drive.

    May God continue to bless the hands that cook, clean, serve and pay bills. May every vision that you have for Nana’s manifest.

  15. Amber Wilson

    I have have a few family & friends who suggested this restaurant. Im from the south so I am always searching for good southern food in WA. This restaurant is bomb and clean! The food was amazing and FRESH!! We got our food to go due to my anxiety but I will be returning too eat in house! I got the 1meat + 2 sides meal . I was able to eat some and save some for later ( great portions). Don’t change a thing!! Im excited too see this company grow!! Thank you for the amazing food and customer service!

  16. Jon Bowne

    Fried chicken to die for. Potato salad is just right. And collard greens…yum.

  17. Shad Johnson

    Best potato salad

  18. Rubymae Ramlo

    Very friendly staff, my mom and I felt very well taken care of. We have the 2 main + 2 sides to split and boy was it a lot of food! 4 huge chicken wings and a catfish filet, collard greens and Mac and cheese, we practically had to roll out of the restaurant with how full we were. Food was delicious and traditional southern fair. Collard greens were perfectly cooked, NOT mush! Max and cheese was REAL cheese. I will definitely be coming back for more!

  19. walter mccarthy

    They have the best fried chicken I’ve had anywhere…macaroni was amazing and the service was fast and friendly. I’m only sorry I didn’t come here sooner

  20. john “Bav” Bavendam

    Food was delicious. Please get out and try this under represented food in our area so glad that this establishment was put in!! That being said catfish was delicious and cooked perfectly the string beans were so good sweet top cornbread was excellent and some good Hardy Mac. I was greeted with a smile super nice friendly place can’t wait to go back for more👍👍👍

  21. Mary Molina

    Finally got a chance to try theor food. At first I was greeted by the cashier a young lady that gave me some history about the establishment. Come to find out she is the granddaughter of the founder. She treated us very well at our first time there. Food came out and The presentation was on point. The first bite of the chicken and I gotta say its probably the best fried chicken in Seattle rn. The Fried Shrim was delightful and the Catfish was probably the cleanest tasting most satisfying I’ve had in Seattle. Then the side ..OMG. on point must try. I love the story and the food. Must try…we will be back.

  22. Craig C

    Great southern food… fried chicken, catfish, mac n cheese, collard greens… all great!

  23. Jacey Ferguson

    My husband and I visited Nana’s for dinner this evening after seeing how much the community loved them on Facebook.

    While ordering, we mentioned that we’d never been in before and the absolutely lovely young woman up front (one of Nana’s granddaughters? great-granddaughters?) explained the portion sizes to us, gave us recommendations, and then explained some of her family history to us.

    Nana’s wonderful family keeps her memory alive through lovingly prepared dishes based on her original recipes.

    We tried the pork chops, shrimp, mac and cheese, candied yams, cabbage, collard greens, corn bread, lemonade, and sweet tea.

    The portion sizes were large, the food was fresh and piping hot!, and everything was delicious. The collard greens were an absolute BLESSING and my favorite part of the meal, followed closely by the shrimp and cornbread. My husband loved the pork chops and candied yams. The atmosphere was unique, special, and reminded me of all the best parts of home and family.

    We will absolutely be back and plan to recommend Nana’s as often as possible. 10/10 absolutely wonderful.

  24. Pamela Bonter

    We have ordered many times from Nana’s (delivery, dine-in, and to go). Tonight has us not wanting to order via delivery again so we can quality control our meal. Pork chops were so dry and lacking the normal flavor, shrimp seemed to have missed the light breading, catfish normally crispy and rocking fell flat and soggy, cornbread was so dry it fell to crumbles upon picking up, as for the sides the potato salad was still amazing but the greens were SO SPICY we could only try one bite, my mouth is still on fire, normally the heat was spot on. We hope this was just an off night for them as we loved Nana’s.

  25. Cotton EyedEm

    From the moment we walked in today, we felt so welcomed. ❤️❤️
    Lovely person explained menu, portion sizes etc. Also gave us the history. So happy they did! What a wonderful legacy this family member is continuing!
    Ordered chicken wings, cat fish and sides of Mac&cheese, collard greens and green beans.
    Wow oh wow! Chicken wings were crisp and tender juicy, cat fish was ah-mazing! Breaded perfectly seasoned coating.
    Collard greens and green beans were really delish.
    The corn bread was also a delight!. Not too sweet, nice and fluffy yummy!

    Thanks so much we shall return!

  26. Carmen Fuala'au

    I come here every month or so and have a delicious meal – pork chops done just right and the mac-n-cheese is over the top!

  27. J SM

    Our family’s first time here. I can’t believe that we had never visited here. The granddaughter was working at the register. She was so welcoming and upbeat. It was refreshing to see, compared some restaurants that seems to have employees with no hospitality attitude. She shared with me the family history which was appreciated. The inside is large and very clean. One of the few places where the inside looks like you can eat food off the floor. We ordered the combo 2 main dishes and 2 sides. I am particular about my fried chicken (Korean fried chicken is best, so far) so here goes, I ordered that with macaroni cheese and collard green. Wow, the chicken was amazing. Hardly any grease yet the chicken was crispy. Seasoned well. Mac cheese and collard green was perfect. Best I can explain is that it tastes homemade, healthy, and made with love. I will so be here for more to try their catfish, shrimp, to pork. We wish you many blessings and success!

  28. Mark Pidgeon

    From the time you walked in and stepped up to the counter it was an excellent experience. Kayia greeted my wife and I and made us feel at home. She earned her 20% tip right at the start, she gave us the the history of Nana’s Southern Kitchen, Nana, and Nana’s Way. That was really awesome. She went into into great detail into the four entrees that they had. You don’t see that kind of customer service. Kayia really went overboard to make sure we could make an educated choice on what to order. My wife ordered the catfish with the collard greens, mac and cheese, and yams. I ordered the fried chicken and double mac and cheese. The catfish was the best I ever had. I have fished for 60 years and I liked it as much as I like my own, and I’ve never said that about someone else’s catfish. The fried chicken was excellent, crispy, tender, and moist. The mac and cheese was outstanding. The sweet tea was delicious. Top that off by superlative service from Kayia, it was a fantastic place to dine. I’ll be back!

  29. David Groh

    1st time was amazing. All bigger, better, for less. Cooked to death thin, small pork chops, missing tail portion on half the the 10 small (size of a quarter) “jumbo” shrimp. Cornbread yummy but small. Sweet potato pies are small tart size with soggy crust and overpowering soapy taste. Who puts bell peppers in sautéed cabbage? Wasn’t there last time, ya know? when it was good.

  30. XD

    I admit I wasn’t impressed by the chicken tenders, but the wings, shrimp, collard greens, corn bread, and candied yams, hit different. The staff is also very friendly. Great soul food

  31. Andy Peck

    My wife and I tried Nana’s because of very favorable comments in the Maple Valley community FB page. We weren’t disappointed. The arrangement is to order at one end of the counter, then pick up your meal at the other end. It is a simple system that is geared to high-volume customer service. I like it. Likewise, the menu is simple and understandable. Customers don’t need to spend much time deciding on their order, and the kitchen is able to operate efficiently. Customers have five choices for entrees and six choices for sides. Dessert is available, as are non-alcoholic drinks.

    The downside of a simple menu is that I was expecting to have a more complete experience of soul food. I was satisfied with the choice of entrees, though I was surprised by the chicken offerings, which were wings and tenders. I associate tenders with fast food, and wings with the Northeast. I’ll assume that the tenders are a concession to younger diners. I was hoping for some of the more interesting side dishes associated with soul food — think black-eyed peas, hush puppies, and okra, among others.

    I would consider the menu to be a West-Coast version of soul food, much like most Chinese restaurants serve Americanized versions of Cantonese food. That’s not a bad thing for Chinese food. I spent considerable time in Asia with the Navy, and I’m not really a fan of authentic Asian food.

    The food was attractive and tasty. We were surprised by plastic utensils for a dine-in meal on a tray. I hope that they were compostable. That choice does reduce the need for dish washing.

    The woman behind the counter was very pleasant and helpful. Learning that this was our first visit (and because the dining room was empty), she explained the history and philosophy of the restaurant, and the family behind it. They moved from Connecticut, not the Carolinas, as one might expect.

    The dining room’s decor is simple and clean. The walls are adorned with family photos and newspaper reviews of the restaurant. This is clearly a family-owned business. Prices are reasonable. I appreciate that prices are in whole-dollar amounts.

    Note that Google Maps is unaware of this location, which is the second Nana’s. The other is in Kent.

    Parking: This Nana’s location is part of a strip mall across the parking lot from Home Depot. Lotsa parking available.

  32. Camie Herkomer

    We tried Nana’s for the first time. The chicken wings are the biggest we’ve ever seen. They were delicious! The collards and sweet potatoes were also very good.
    The gal at the register was friendly and very helpful in explaining the menu to us.

  33. Antonio Corley

    Me and my fiancée heard great things about Nana’s so we had to check them out. First, I want to say that the service was very welcoming and professional. The food was the kind where everyone stops talking because they’re all too busy eating. All of our mains were perfectly fried and seasoned and I strongly recommend the Catfish. We got Collard Greens, Mac N Cheese, Candied Yams and Cabbage as our sides and they were all amazing. We definitely will be coming back and I can’t recommend Nana’s enough! I meant to take pictures but I was too busy eating.

  34. Tania McLaughlin

    Nana’s deserves more than 5 stars.

    It’s so clean, they take their time to cook THE BEST quality food I’ve had, and the chef coming to our table was such a highlight.

    The seasoning on the catfish and shrimp was so good you don’t need sauce. The candied yams taste like Christmas. The fried chicken was cooked perfectly, no grease and not over-breaded.

    Missed out on the desserts since we showed up late, but we’ll be back!

  35. Navia Bacon

    Very disappointed pork chop was greasy mac n cheese tasted old the yams had too much nutmeg and not enough sugar 32.00 and it was trash. Even left a tip love supporting small businesses but for the cost they definitely need to do better the pork chop was a couple days old refried. Most likely will not return EVER!

  36. tom Burt

    Really good southern styled foods. I had the chicken wings, Mac and cheese, candied yams and banana pudding cake. Wings were crisp and flavorful, mac and cheese was what you would expect and yams were delicious. The pudding cake was devine, if it hasn’t sold out make sure you get a piece!

  37. Charlie Chhun

    This is place don’t disappoint. Very good fried chicken and greens, Mac and cheese, potato salad. Fresh to order too.

  38. erica enrico

    I ordered the catfish, chicken tenders, shrimp, green beans, yams, mac and cheese and collard greens. Every single item was delicious. Nothing was too salty and everything was flavorful. The staff was very welcoming. I can’t wait to try some other items. I highly recommend this place.

  39. Gabby Baby

    Easy to be the best when there’s no competition. Green beans, cabbage and lemonade are the best items on the menu. Fish, chicken wings and mac was bland. Shrimp didn’t have the breading like I see in the pics and was also bland. Corn bread literally crumbled like sand. Pork chops were okay, really thin though. Paid like $3 for 2 ketchup and 2 hot sauce.

  40. Emma

    We were not happy with the food, although I’ve never had catfish before it didn’t have any kind seasoning. The chicken was over cooked and chewy. The Mac and cheese was flavorless and the green beans were over salted. The special sauce was tasty. I was disappointed because the reviews are amazing. The staff was super nice and friendly and the lady that took our order, gave us a wonderful overview of how Nana’s came to be. I loved that.

  41. John Hed

    First it was way overpriced. $12 for a main. $6 sides. We ordered a “Main + 2sides” for $20 and split it. We got the chicken tenders. You get 4 large tenders so that was 2 each. Unfortunately they were really dry and the coating was just average. Wouldn’t get that again. Side of green beans was good. Yams were just so-so. If I go back it will be to try the catfish, which is hard to find anywhere. Otherwise probably won’t be back…

  42. Alicia

    Went here for 1st time and catfish was very salty, didn’t eat it. I ordered chicken, got wings, mac and cheese was ok, I think it had tuna…corn bread was great.

  43. Matthew Ryan

    Skip it. Food was bad, weird environment, smells funky. I’ve had good southern food and this tasted worse than frozen meals from the grocery store. Green beans tasted like they were out of a can, Mac and cheese tasted microwaved, fried chicken was dry and the breading was soft, catfish was mediocre at best. On the positive side, it was edible, didn’t get food poisoning and not super expensive. Left a lot to be desired. Don’t think it’ll be in business for more than a year. If you’re gonna have a southern restaurant in this region you need to be bringing way better food than this.

  44. corey rivers

    Lovely, airy space with great ambience and emphasis on clean lines and lack of clutter. Best catfish I have ever had in my life, albeit coming from a super-pale white guy from the PNW. My wife had the chicken wings, and loved them. That catfish completely destroyed all other deep-fried protein sources. No really. I’m not kidding. You must eat this catfish. I’m serious. Don’t disappoint me. I’m watching you.

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