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Natural 20 Brewing

Brewery in Spokane Valley, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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38 reviews for “Natural 20 Brewing

  1. Roxanne Brown

    Amazing atmosphere. This company does it so well. It’s warm and inviting when you first enter. The menu is simple and the food delicious. You must try their barrel aged Reeces Puffed peanut porter. They put real reeces puffed peanut cereal in it and age it in a whiskey barrel. Also amazing is their Caramel Machicato Porter they put, yes you guessed it Caramel and coffee in it and with an ABV of 11% it delivers.

  2. Dudley Bowers

    Best local brewery!

  3. Eric Johnson

    Great beer and food! Friendly staff! Fun place especially if you are into games, D&D or any nerd/geek culture like me! 🙂

  4. Melinda Van Dyk

    I enjoy coming on Thursdays for trivia so decided to stop by on a Saturday afternoon for a drink and lunch. It took an hour+ for us to get our food and ended up having to take it to go. Not being able to enjoy the delicious flat bread and beer cheese hot is heartbreaking!! 😥

  5. Bert Liebman

    Love the way the staff is always friendly while working hard to get your drinks and food! Yesterday was a packed house and they worked quickly and efficiently to get the orders out! Great place with good good and great beer!

  6. Avery Orth

    This place is amazing! Very friendly staff, awesome vibe out of the establishment as a whole, perfect for gamers, both tabletop and virtual

  7. Erik Pedersen

    Great place for good beers. You wont be disappointed. Always very fun to play trivia here on Thursday nights at 630pm

  8. Scott Hively

    Yum! Great place to bring the fam.

  9. Mel Cardenas

    Enjoyed our first visit! We were able to ‘test’ a couple before deciding.

  10. Chris Goodhue

    Nice clean atmosphere. Very good selection of craft beers, great food and service. We’ll be back!@

  11. Patrick Blum

    Good food, drinks are cool, we play Pathfinder 2e there on Wednesdays and usually have a good time

  12. Becca Neal

    Love this place, always have a great time, playing games or doing trivia! Their food is great and afforable.

  13. Sean Bahr

    Amazing food, excellent customer service, and the beer is out of this world. I can definitely see myself becoming a regular there. Try the Green Dragon for a pleasant surprise.

  14. Oliver Lawrence

    My first time here. The beer was good and food was fine. Order at the bar and take a seat. Pick up your own food when ready. Will try it again when in the area.

  15. Elizabeth Heinig

    So glad we went here! Coming in was a little awkward because we didn’t know how it worked, but after that it was pleasant.

    When you come in you order your drinks and food at the register and then you can pick your own seat. Just a tip for any first timers.

    The food is not only affordable but amazing. The menu items have fun names, though I would have liked to be able to sit and look them over.

    I’m not a drinker but my lemonade was pretty tasty and my friends LOVED their cider. They bought a growler to bring home as well and they’re glad they did.

    I expected a little more nerd decor, but having a bright, clean place to eat and talk was refreshing. I cannot tell you how nice it was to be in a bar with NO SPORTS playing on a TV! It’s also great that they have board games to bring to your table and if course some tables that are perfect for playing D&D.

    We’re obviously coming back soon

  16. Todd Leinweber

    Great spot. The staff are competent, and cool, the brews are fantastic, and the kitchen pump quality food.

    My only (minor) complaint in the overall lack of seating, and that most of the chairs could use a cushion.

  17. Jodi Rose

    Awesome food, fun game library and atmosphere and the beer is good too!

  18. Rachael Gonzalez

    This place was nice. It was surprisingly empty when we decided to try it out on a Saturday about 7pm. The service was more Deli style than pub, in that you pay 1st and get your food and pick it up from a window or pick up your drink from the bar. Beer and food were great! Would have given it a 4 star but there were at least 4 Pearl Jam songs in the span of an hour. That is 3 Pearl Jam songs too many. That guy’s voice ruins any date.

  19. Kohana Moonwater

    This was our second visit to this fine establishment. The first time we had tasty cider and delicious food. My party was delighted to see a place like this where we could play a new board game, watch someone’s twitch stream, and see the tables that could accommodate D&D. Today’s visit- and we should have had dinner here- we came in to get a gift card and a prize for a raffle basket for a community event we are doing tomorrow. The gift cards are freaking cool coins and the glass we bought is down right neat too! Thank you so much for being here, we really enjoy and appreciate that you are here!

  20. Betsy Smith

    Excellent beer, good pub food but the loud, profane patrons inside and out plus the ridiculously slow service make this a place to avoid at all costs. Truly a miserable experience.

  21. Thomas Hill

    Great beer, great service, great environment

  22. David Pace

    Food was good. No service. Not a good beer selection. Atmosphere of a hospital cafe.

  23. Elizabeth Lester

    Chill and relaxed environment, friendly staff, great and unique beers, filling food selection, fun events… This place has it all! New beers every few weeks with monthly events (themed trivia, murder mystery parties).

    FYI to newcomers, you order at the bar and pick up your food at a pickup window. Thursdays can be busy due to trivia; Wednesdays as well due to a mug club special.

    Regardless if you’re here for nerd culture, lunch nibbles, or just a pint, you’ll be warmly welcomed!

  24. Loretta Vernon

    Slow food “service” which staff can’t be bothered to deliver to table. Mediocre beer.

  25. Todd Arnold

    Ok place. Brew selection was also OK. Mainly went because I enjoy tabletop gaming, so was hoping for something like Uncle’s but with adult beverages. It could be someday, but it just isn’t at this time.

  26. Steve Young

    Great place. My first time visiting and we had a good time. I only wish they played more Pearl Jam. 4 songs in an hour just doesn’t cut it.

  27. Sam Finnell

    Pretty cool place with some nice flatbread pizza and tons of games to play! The only thing that was a tad weird was that there were children in the bar, but besides that we had a great time!

  28. Bryce Bear

    Great atmosphere, really good food/ drinks and the staff was super nice. Will definitely be returning and making this a regular visit

  29. Dustin Knodel

    Friendly and there food is insanely good for coming our of a tiny kitchen… and of course they have amazing drinks!!!

  30. Ally C

    Chill environment. People chatting and playing games. Ordered drinks and the Pineapple passion fruit cider was excellent. Food was soo good nachos and Flatbread well worth the cost. Great place to hang out. Will be back again! #nationaldrinkabeerday

  31. GrumpyCatWitchCo

    This is a small establishment with a great vibe, a wonderful selection of drinks, and actually some really great food. We stopped in last night to drink, eat, and play games and it was great. The employees were very welcoming and helpful. The tables were clean and I love the tavern feel/vibe of everything. We will definitely be going back. We loved moonsugar, multi pass, and the one with deity in the name that is currently escaping me.

  32. Kym

    I enjoy trivia night (which packs the place), but am gluten intolerant with extremely few choices. Makes me sad because I love hanging out with my friends…

  33. S A

    Come for the beer, not the food.
    Great beer selection but lunch was pretty bad, unfortunately.
    I’ve had cafeteria food better than the quality of sandwiches we received. Such a bummer since we wanted to have more beer and hang out. Probably not coming back 😫

  34. Nick Anderson

    I absolutely love this place fantastic beer selection always changing delicious flatbreads and sandwiches friendly staff awesome people a must visit when you’re in the Spokane Valley!!

  35. Keifer Blandon

    Ok beer, but the food is absolutely terrible. Their “nachos” are kettles chips with condiments and deli meat on them.I’ve ordered food 3 times at this point, anll on separate occasions, all bad. Got food poisoning this last time out. Service and beer were decent.

  36. Lena Cooley

    Such a fun place, especially if you are a Geek and enjoy table top games. Everyone is super friendly.

  37. Zachary Werner

    Great place to play D&D, great beers, great service too!

  38. Samantha Perry

    It was a super fun experience, went to play a game of commander MTG and they had tables big enough and plenty of other games to play as well.

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