2216 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221


48.504002483476, -122.61268289222


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm


11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 9 pm

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Naung Mai Thai Kitchen

Thai Restaurant in Anacortes, WA












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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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44 reviews for “Naung Mai

  1. Teresa B.

    Incredible food. Cozy atmosphere. Anyone on their way up to the ferry terminal needs to stop here to grab a bite first. It’s worth it. Couldn’t even include a photo because me and my buddy ate our food so fast. Delicious!

  2. Ellen Schoenmaker

    This placed was slammed with orders at 6:30pm on a Tuesday which is how you know it’s going to be good. Pickup orders have their own dedicated window so you don’t clog up the main dine-in entrance. I ordered there twice in two days it was that good. I highly recommend the See Ew and Runa Noodles with tofu. I’ll be back next time I’m in town!

  3. Enisha Sehgal

    Great service and vegetarian/vegan options! Loved the yellow curry and pineapple fried rice.

  4. Meridith “KillianDrake” Fishkin

    To Go was hopping, call your order in!

    Good food. Saute chicken was amazing. We will go back.

  5. Lee Babarovich

    Great place to eat! The chicken pad Thai needs to have more chicken, every time I get it
    Always has a lot of noodles and just 6-8 piece of chicken in it. Soon as they fix that, get my 5 star.

  6. Catherine Hovind

    Wow! This little place runs like a well-oiled machine. It was hopping when my husband and I stopped in for dinner, but the service didn’t miss a beat. The food was super yummy too!

  7. Don Odegard

    Great food as usual. The new location is nice, however it would be good if they could do something to dampen the sound. It’s very loud and hard to hear someone sitting across the table.

  8. Alexis Romero

    Delicious. First time there. Very fast service for knline ordering and pick up. Food hot and ready. Ordered a 2* for heat i love heat but wasnt sure since i hadn’t eaten here before so a little light for my taste will definitely go up next time but would definitely eat here again

  9. Lori Brown

    Nice Thai restaurant in Anacortes – we ordered the Crispy Spicy Duck and Spicy Basil with chicken as our entrees and would definitely recommend both!

  10. Anand Ramalingam

    Was there at 5:30 and was welcomed to almost empty restaurant with any table to pick. Exited a full restaurant. Food was good and service was great and meticulous. I was chatty and distracted the person taking my order but she came back to check if I wanted brown or white rice and just didn’t make things up. There is a wide spectrum of hotness and I would go for 5 next time.

  11. Trevor Oster

    New Thai in Anacortes…really really good food.

  12. mha_villaindeku

    Best food ever I love there food and the new place I’m so happy how well there business has thrived over the years

  13. Amber Vargas

    This place is amazing. The food is so delicious, I place my order online, and it’s always ready by the time I pick it up. The staff is very friendly and super helpful..

  14. Isha Alexander

    Some of the best most flavorful thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand! Excellent service, quality and portions. The flavor combinations were complex and perfectly balanced. I cannot recommend it highly enough……. you won’t regret eating there.

  15. Gerit Bowman

    Food is good. The only issue is the fact that they have messed my order up too many times to count. On one occasion, I ordered tofu pad Thai, with no egg. They brought out tofu pad Thai with egg in it. No problem, I sent it back to be made with no egg. They come back with chicken pad Thai with no egg. I send it back again, and they asked if they could pick the chicken out. I said I would like it to be made correctly. The third time it came out the correct way, except it was cooked very fast and wasn’t good. I believe the cooks were getting annoyed by that point.
    This most recent time is what pushed me to write a review. But there has been many other wrong orders in between that weren’t the end of the world.
    I ordered Thai chicken teriyaki as takeout. I go in, pay, and take the tied bag. Once I get home, I realize that there is the chicken and garnishes in the container, but no container of rice! I called to let them know my issue. After talking on the phone with multiple people, I said I would like the meal taken care of. They said that is against their policy and they could give me free rice with my next meal or deliver me rice in 20 minutes. I will be switching Thai restaurants. The food isn’t their problem, their customer service is.
    They did end up bringing me a new meal after some discussion. I do appreciate that.

  16. Cheyenne Griffin

    Seafood medley was really good! I definitely will be ordering again 😁

  17. Tad Reid

    The Kee Mao is as tasty as anything I’ve had in Bangkok. Their currys are also quite good.

  18. Damien Christensen

    I would give this place 5 stars but for constantly messing up my orders on door dash delivery and blaming the carriers fault is unacceptable! If you can’t fulfill the order which is pretty hard to read that ticket! Then maybe you should start delivering the menu instead of relying on a third party.

  19. Ernie Hayden

    Nice, clean, new restaurant. Great yellow curry. Nice and friendly staff.

  20. Carl Sgambelluri (Spamlover Spambelluri)

    Good Thai. Anacortes has mostly American fare so this place was a welcome change.

  21. Robert Demarest

    Not Impressed – Hope they improve
    This was my first visit and I was anticipating some great Thai. I live in the San Juan islands and spend lots of time at the ferry, so local hot and tasty food would be great. I found the Panang Curry to be watery and rather bland. Could find no sense of lime leaf they mention in the menu. There were few basil leaves and few squid (a relatively cheap protein). Although I asked for it to be very hot (“five star/Thai hot”) it clearly was not. I have spent considerable time on the streets of Bangkok and it is my favorite cuisine.
    The fried squid appetizer would have been better with anything other than their sweet/sour sauce. My wife enjoyed her fried tofu app. And lastly, I received a text message that my order was ready about an hour after I left the restaurant.

  22. Lindsay Y.

    The food is good, but since they moved into their new location the portions got smaller and the prices went up. I always order extra chicken in my Pad Thai which is an extra $3, however there are literally only 2 more peices than the regular order of Pad Thai with Chicken. One of the last times we ordered take out from there, I opened up our order of Orange Chicken with veggies and found a long, thick black hair in the food. I understand these things can happen, but when I called to let them know they weren’t apologetic and did not offer any resolution other than cooking our food again and having it ready for me to come and pick up. I would say the customer service is lacking a bit.

  23. Hanan Chudnoff

    We were very pleased with our meal here. Our party was really hungry so we told them to bring the food whenever it was ready and they brought each dish out as soon as it was done. Cooking was quick, the service was quick, and it all tasted great. It also looks nice inside. Good job, everyone.

  24. G C

    We went for lunch today and it was a great experience overall. Its in a prime location easy to find. Host was so courteous and food was great tasting. Very clean restaurant, well done interior and clean bathrooms. Food was very tasty. I highly recommend this place.

  25. Sofie Broznowski

    Tiniest portions ever 🙁 sooo lame

  26. Tula Bagwell

    The coconut juice and garlic plate is the way to go!! New favorite place!

  27. Brett Roberts

    Ordered beef teriyaki and a side of spring rolls. Spring rolls were still raw dough inside and tasteless. Ordered beef teriyaki which was 2 dollars more and got 3 to 4 ounces of flavorless beef, with the chili paste casually tossed on it in a pile and 3 pieces of steamed broccoli on a bed of carrots. Waste of money and now looking for something else to eat after having spent 30 bucks on lackluster food.

  28. Allen Allen

    Best Pad Thai I’ve ever had by far. Spicy duck was fantastic as well. Great staff

  29. Luke Cuculis

    Great food, plenty of veggies, tofu was actually seasoned and flavorful.

  30. kam 007

    Papaya salad special. Get it! Super service. Fresh and tasty.

  31. yesha Shah

    This place has all my heart. We were visiting Anacortes and we landed at this restaurant at about 3-4 pm. Let me start with the place; so so so comforting, felt like they really took efforts to give customers a pleasant dine in experience.
    We started with soup, an appetiser, an entree and desserts 😍
    I felt everything was absolutely delish!

    – Tom yum, tom kah soups
    – orange curry
    – desserts. I forgot the names but I am attaching picture. I am in love with desserts made from rice 😍

  32. Felipe Ospina

    Had a great experience at this restaurant, very good food and great service. Recommend the seafood Po Teak and the Seafood curry

  33. Craig Murdoch, CRMP

    My mother and both of us loved the food, I had pineapple fried rice. The service was excellent and nice atmosphere. Would highly recommend.

  34. Keith L

    Food was great. The restaurant was very nice! Beautiful remodel. We will be back often, happy to have a good Thai restaurant in town

  35. Hizfoe

    nice people. Good food. best thai in Anacortes.

  36. Jenn

    Been here multiple times and haven’t been disappointed once!

  37. Austin McNeill

    Beautiful family ran restaurant. Arguably the best Thai in Skagit county and surrounding.

  38. Joe Harbaugh

    Okay I’ll put it this way I was very very disappointed in this restaurant they did not warn me that even though I asked for zero heat because I can’t take hot spicy foods after being on chemotherapy that the whales they put on the food was extremely spicy the chili oil so when I attempted to eat my dish it was so hot I couldn’t finish it I could only maybe eat a part of it small part that is. My wife’s dish was all right when I told the waitress that mine was way above zero Heat she went and told the manager instead of compensating me for an undesirable dish he suggested two other dishes that we eat the next time we’re there and charges the full bill needless to say my wife and I will never go back to this restaurant and only give it one star if I could give it half a star I would

  39. joyce cory

    Marvelous food. Great selection. Excellent service. Prices fair. Outdoor dinning available.

  40. Kel

    None of it was bad but it also wasn’t great. The orange dish was alright but half of it was literally a cut up orange and for almost $15 that is the most expensive orange I have ever paid for. The garlic dish was good, not as heavy handed as other places that we love but we LOVE garlic so this dish would probably be much preferable to other places for those who like garlic but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it. The Penang curry had a good amount of spice but seemed like it was lacking ingredients and was more soup like than curry consistency. All in all it was ok, but not somewhere we would go back to. The staff did seem very friendly and got our food ready quickly which I do give them points for so if you are on a time crunch this place has a good turn around time.

  41. J. Peak

    Excellent service and delicious fresh food. I especially love the curry puffs!

  42. Amaryllis

    The pad kee mao here is the best!

  43. Swati Rupani

    Must visit when you are in Anacortes
    Loved the Tom yum soup, crispy spring rolls and sweet Thai basil fried rice

  44. papanana40 junthakee

    The best restaurant 😋
    Friendly and the best foods 😋

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