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4:30 pm – 9:00 pm


4:30 pm – 9:00 pm


4:30 pm – 9:00 pm


4:30 pm – 9:00 pm


4:30 pm – 9:00 pm


4:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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Nonna Luisa Ristorante

Italian Restaurant in Anacortes, WA


67 reviews for “Nonna Luisa

  1. Robert Whisenhunt

    Fantastic real Italian food.

  2. Ernie Hayden

    Oso Buco was 5 stars! Our server – Jessica – was wonderful and on top of all our needs.

  3. Randi Levitz

    Warm, incredibly welcoming atmosphere, food was DELICIOUS!!!! The owner is always present and monitors every aspect of the experience. This was our third time visiting Anacortes and Nonna Luisa is a must stop!!!

  4. Claire Hayes

    Very good food but the service was terrible. My husband and I went to dinner a few months ago and our waitress and service was a disappointment. We wanted to give the restaurant a second chance as we have heard great things so we came back 8/26/23 and unfortunately got the same waitress. We showed up for a early dinner (5pm) so it was not busy. The waitress forgot our drinks at first so we had to wait longer for them (no big deal), then when we ordered our food she completely did not listen to what we ordered and wrote down the wrong thing. Our food came out and we said “oh this is not what we ordered” and she comes over and says “Well, what do you THINK you ordered”. As someone who has worked in food service, the way she spoke to us is not acceptable. Especially for a restaurant where the meals are $40-$65 each. Half way through our dinner our drinks were empty and she never asked if we wanted refills, we finally asked and she never brought us our drinks. We finished eating and just told her to forget about it as we were ready to go. Again, she only had 3-4 tables of 2.. not busy, but apparently she cannot multitask. Very disappointed and will probably not return after giving them 2 chances.

  5. Kerisa McCarn

    Wonderful experience! Family spent Thursday night celebrating birthday celebration, great food and wine. 5-STARS

  6. Leslie E

    Excellent food

  7. Tim Holmes

    Really, really good. My only regret is that we waited so long to find this place. We had a reservation for a table of 10, the service and food was top notch for the entire party.

  8. Alina Labizon

    It’s a little piece of true Italy in the middle of Anacortes. Loved it!!!

  9. B Johnson

    This place is an excellent stop! The specials were delicious (only complaint is the price!). Regular menu items priced well and the owner is very exuberant. Service was a bit slow if you sat outside, but really friendly!

  10. Christine Kelln

    I can’t say enough good things! The food is so decadent and delicious! Our friend and the owner were speaking Italian together all night. Highly recommend reservations and Maria, the most awesome server!

  11. Elizabeth Bonner

    This place is a hidden gem! The food was outstanding. It is the best Italian food I have had outside NYC. The service was great. Our server checked in enough to ensure we were OK but we never felt hurried or pushed. Did I mention the food. Amazing! I have nothing but glowing accolades for this amazing restaurant!

  12. Dustin Plymale

    This place is amazing exceeded each and every expectation i will definitely come back and recommend to my friends and family. Thank you

  13. Rhonda Hickman

    Great food with excellent service. Busy and lively. Old school family restaurant

  14. Al Medenbach

    I know Italian…THIS is Italian

  15. Philip Hageman

    Lively real Italian. Not a quiet, stuffy place, but fun lively with excellent food.

  16. Carrie King

    Our fave restaurant in Anacortes. Consistently good in every way. Make a reservation! Get one of the specials!

  17. Scott Petrick

    We had a great evening dining here. The environment was fun, and the food was great. Highly recommend if you’re in the area. It’s even worth a drive.

  18. Brandon Brodie

    This is the best Italian north of Seattle. Great vibe great food. Great atmosphere

  19. Joni Brown

    The day is cold and dull. It is getting to be dinner time, and you want to show your hunbun that he means something to you. Or you are hungry and have no friends to meet for dinner.

    You say, Let’s drive to Anacortes. I’ll buy dinner. I have an extra $100. (Silently hoping he will pay.)

    You walk into Nonna Luisa Ristorante. (they open at 4:30 pm) The place is rather dark, good. The decor is too random even to be called eclectic. But you scurry onto your table. Side note: bring a pen to draw on the paper table covering.

    You are both crazy vegans. So basically, your only choice will be Penne Primavera- an assortment of seasonal vegetables with garlic and extra virgin (something you will never get back) olive oil with pecorino. And ask for pesto to be blended in.

    You will also be sipping Prosecco, which, for some reason, tastes better in a champagne flute. The meal was delicious. The bread at the table is unlimited and yummy, with the balsamic dressing and oil at your table to dip in.

  20. Heather Lee

    We didn’t know a reservation is recommended but we were given the best table anyway. Amazed! The food was delicious!!

  21. Jamie Coupaud

    Excellent service! Everyone we interacted with was so kind and accommodating! We will be back soon!

  22. Lindsay Nason

    Excellent food, attentive and friendly service, cozy atmosphere! Will definitely return any time I’m in anacortes

  23. Michael Hernandez

    Place was amazing. I would call this the best place to eat for true Italian food. Service is unmatchable and definitely worth the menu price. I enjoyed a candle lit dinner w/steak wine and bread. I will be back again

  24. Alex Thomas

    Beautiful location and delicious food

  25. Sarah McCown

    I honestly cannot say enough nice things about Nonna’s. Between the ambiance, the amazing food and the service this is mine & my husbands go to for EVERY date night. I’ve even started taking my kids on dates there because they love the authentic Italian food. Thank you for always giving me a full stomach when I leave and for giving us the feeling of being in Italy for an hour or so. Can’t wait until we see you again!

  26. Melissa Reynolds

    Your dinner is held at a romantic, candle light,linen draped table with live accordion music serenading the establishment throughout the meal. Service is out of this world. Astronomical! The food is deliciously hunger quenching. I highly suggest eating off the chefs menu for an explosion of flavors that will dance across your taste buds. The cocktails were fabulous and I recommend the chocolate cream martini…or two!! Don’t pass up the dessert menu and snag a little treat before you leave. I will love revisiting Nonna Luisa Ristorante very soon!

  27. Sarah Clevenger

    The food was incredible! The employees were amazing. They were so busy and didn’t miss a beat. We were seated at the bar and had view of the kitchen. They didn’t have an empty burner the entire time we were there. The husband as well as the guest next to me (who said she was up here house shopping form CA) said it perfectly, “it’s like a dinner show”.
    I work about a block away and every evening I come outside of work I can smell the food cooking. It smells delicious and makes everyone hungry at work. I am sad it took 2 years to finally try it and we will definitely be back!

  28. Kelenia Crowe

    Excellent food, love their desert. Impatient to return

  29. Steven

    This is “real Italian”. There is nothing in Washington to compare to the great food. The food is amazing. I had the crab bisque and there is nothing like it. The owner meet us at the door and was going to the tables taking to customers. I loved that they had a huge selection of specials for the day. I had Osso Boco, which melted on my fork. I had a list of Itailian places I wanted to try from Seaside, Oregon to Vancouver, BC, but I think I found a home.

  30. Christena s. Largent

    Love it all around

  31. Rod Standing

    Simply delicious!

  32. Desi Riley

    An ABSOLUTE MUST! If you love Italian you will LOVE Nonna Luisa! The service is great and the food is amazing!

  33. Melanie Palmer

    My husband and I had my birthday dinner on November 24th our waitress Jessica was fantastic along with the authentic Italian dishes. Recommend eating there for great Italian food.

  34. Darren Burke

    The food is great and the staff is even better. Love coming here when I’m in town.

  35. kristina Useman

    Candle lit dinner with someone you love or first dates. Its amazing food and atmosphere. The food it pricey but 100 worth it. Best food i have ever had

  36. Daniel Wickersham

    The best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to in the United States. The food and service was phenomenal as they handled a large 30 person wedding party. I ordered the Filleto Di Manzo and it melted in my mouth.

    Flavor 😋
    Hot Food 😋
    Live accordion ♥️
    Well staffed and knowledgeable!

    I’m definitely coming back here in the near future!

  37. Jenna Hawkins

    So good! I love how the menu switches up. Our server was super helpful, everyone was very kind & the food was so delicious. Great date night spot.

  38. Raven Fletcher

    Do you need reservations? Yes. Is it spendy? Yes. If you stop reading there, this place isn’t for you. I have ate several places since moving to Washington many, many years ago. And this, by far, is the absolute best restaurant I have been to in the whole state, if not in my whole life. Every single morsel that came to our table was layered with fresh, complex flavors. Our party of 5 were passing forks, plates, & rave reviews of each new bite. Bruschetta? Something so simple has zero business being THAT GOOD! Nor were they greedy with the amout of toppings either. I honestly can’t tell you the name of my dish. For one it was a special. For another, I honestly couldn’t pronounce it. I can tell you it was $50. Again, there are cheaper options, but if this again stops you there, this place may not be for you. It was a round pasta in crab, lobster bisque with a seafood medley. Scallops were thicck (2Cs, no mistake), clams were few, good amount of seafood over all. With muscles, clams, even calamari. Do I recommend it? Have you ever had food so good, you actually have to close your eyes & hold those flavors on your tongue? No? How about flavors so good, so beautiful that your mouth waters while you are chewing it? This was that meal. This while restaurant was. Over 5 dishes came to our table. From high dollar specials (more than my plate, to the humble & grateful $8 Bruschetta.) To the free bread. It was all amazing & worth the price. My husband had a pork special that was so amazing with mushrooms that was so tender a knife never came out. It was what I could only describe as the beefiest pork I’ve ever had, & I don’t mean bulk. You can actually pick out specific flavors. It was all just… wow! I see why they are so busy & highly recommend. At 5:30pm on a Saturday they were packed. A lovely lady played wonderful skilled music. The owner was so sweet & funny to guests. The staff down to the servers, & cleaners were amazing. Our waitress Jessica KushKush a sweetheart & awesome about answering all our questions, & we had a lot! Was funny, professional, but still remained light-hearted. The chef was super friendly & approached us a few times to talk of our meals, travels, & love of style. Not in any way that was lingering with any staff either. The whole evening was just wonderful. Would definitely recommend & be back as a treat. You can dress up or down, which was honestly a bit cool. You never felt too good or not good enough here. You just felt, welcome. And yes, no food pics. It was love at first bite & we never thought about pictures.

  39. Wes Sharp

    Amazing experience! Service was the best. Our waitress could have sold me just about anything she wanted, cuz I knew it was all going to be delicious.

  40. Mary Quintrall

    It was really good. The special menu is very special and we both ordered off of it. The owner greets you in Italian. But he corrected staff in from of customers, which i find uncomfortable. The cannoli was one of the best I’ve had and the macchiato was pretty good. Hubs said the tiramisu was really good. Food was hot and yummy!

  41. korelinlakes

    Delicious food, friendly servers, and a cozy atmosphere.

  42. Amy Pfeffer

    THE best caesar salad in Anacortes, Mt. Vernon & Bellingham and probably the rest of the US.

  43. Gerry Maginn

    The owner was there, barking instructions at the staff. He is too loud and almost obnoxious.
    The food was great and so was the service.

  44. Renee Larsen

    I have been here many times. The service and quality of food is above expectations. The Caesar salad is the best I have ever had and the Eggplant Parmesan *Muah* A Worthy stop for excellent authentic Italian food.

  45. David Regula

    Great food

  46. Robert Anderson

    Amazing food, great service. 10/10 Can’t wait to go again.

  47. Lindsey Carlson

    Over the top service, spectacular food! Can’t say enough great things about this place. We stopped in for our first visit last night, and I can’t get the meal out of my head. So tasty! We did drop some $$. Both of us ordered off the specials menu, got a bottle of wine and a whiskey on the rocks…

    We will definitely be back. This place was stupendous!!

  48. Erica Larsen

    What a jem! The wine, food, staff & overall experience were amazing!

  49. Lee

    Another busy day demanded a search of Commercial Avenue for sustenance.

    Nonna Luisa and her steamy windows beckoned…. inside was very busy. With no reservation, managed to aquire a table.

    Staff very friendly and handlng the busy night well. Ordered the main and wasn’t disappointed, the Ravioli with prawns was delicious, and more bread would have helped to mop up the Alfredo Saffron sauce.

    Will be back for more, next time in Anacortes.

  50. Amy Adams

    This is a must go restaurant, wonderful food, nice people, papa is friendly. Highly recommended.

  51. Enjoylife2040

    Really great italian food experience. The eggplant parmigiana is to kill for. The bread and salads are amazing. They have a huge daily selection of specials. So far we haven’t found any favorites in the soecials, but we’ll keep trying. The service here is truly amazing!! They have plenty of staff, who all make you feel welcome and pampered. I wish they were also open for lunch!

  52. Kevin S

    I hate leaving negative reviews, particularly of independently owned businesses. But I really don’t understand how this restaurant has such positive reviews. There were so many odd things about our experience. We were a party of four, and none of were a fan of our entrees. And their list of specials is strangely over-priced. The base menu is all in the $20-25 range for an entree, which is quite reasonable, while the specials were all in the $40-$50 range. And it was odd that there were so many options. There were about 15 specials. The restaurant would benefit by narrowing their offerings and honing a core set.

    Another issue is that the staff was just not synchronized. The owner and waiter were constantly bickering, which was honestly unprofessional and stressful in front of customers. And further, various staff members would tell us different things. Everybody was pronouncing the Italian dishes differently. One server told us that the calamari appetizer was a soup, which we thought was odd, while our server reassured us that it was not.

    As far as the entrees themselves, I had the lasagna, which was good, but nothing to write home about. It was strangely liquidy, and a bit mushy. My wife had the cannelloni, which had several aspects that were a bit off. The sauce was overly sweet, the texture of the pasta was too soft, and the pork was not very tender.

    For positive notes: The appetizers and dessert were the highlights. The unlimited house-made bread was a very nice touch.

  53. Lorna F

    We’ve lived in Anacortes since 2021 and have enjoyed every single item at this restaurant! The owner and staff are very accommodating. We love the family small town feel.

  54. Natalee Lopez

    The best spot, with great service, people and food. We enjoyed everything we ate including the bread that came to our table with oil and balsamic. I ordered the house ravioli and my partner ordered the tortellini— both were delicious but the tortellini was fantastic. The wine selection was also good. Thanks to the staff that made the experience even more enjoyable.
    get the cannelloni!! Heaven.

  55. Jo McMinn

    I don’t understand why this place gets such good reviews. The layout is poor. It’s very noisy. There’s way too much emphasis on their “specials”, which are mediocre at best and very pricey. I’ve been there twice recently with others. Both times we were all disappointed.

    Also, the staff is very loud. They attempt to make this part of the “ambiance” but it’s still very unpleasant. Not recommended.

  56. Woodruff Boero

    Fantastic dinner at this surprisingly charming classic Italian restaurant.

  57. Drew Langlow

    Our food was delicious and server #7 was awesome!

  58. Marianne Anderson

    We enjoyed the food at Nonna Luisa’s, everything was tasty, fresh, and well prepared. The service, however; left a little bit to be desired. I’m not sure if our waitress was new or just having a bad day, but she was not at all attentive. It wasn’t the service we had expected from what seems to be a fine dining establishment. I did love that they put real candles on the table and that the restaurant was dimly lit for ambience. Their tiramisu was easily the best I’ve ever had.

  59. Paul Buehrens

    Great food and ambience, not quiet, and two operatic happy birthdays!

  60. Benjamin Kierulff

    Their machine won’t take Visa gift cards. It’s a Visa – that’s the whole point. A Disappointing end to an otherwise fine meal.

  61. Steven R

    The place is worth the visit. Get there early. The food is incredibly delicious. The sea bass portion was more than expected and the desserts are wonderful. The scallops could have been cooked about another minute for my taste. Overall, our server, Ms. Lola, was nice and the service is great. The accordion music played by the young lady added to the delightful atmosphere.

  62. Jordan L.

    This place is dialed in and what makes it so great is they offer expensive good meals and reasonably priced standard ones too. The chicken with red peppers and fettuccine were amazing. Loved the whole vibe here and the owner was cool and accommodating. People complain about the loud, noisy atmosphere but I disagree and like drowning out the individual blowhards that you’d hear if it was too quiet. Can’t wait to come back

  63. Annie

    We love this place. My favorite restaurant in Anacortes. The food is wonderful, the staff is like a big Italian family, and somehow I always feel like I’ve been transported to Italy when we eat here. It’s sometimes a little crazy but in a good way. Watching how the place works is almost as satisfying as the food.

  64. Kimberly Allen

    Never had a bad meal or experience here! Food and atmosphere are SPOT ON!!!

  65. Toni Knudson

    I’ve enjoyed the best food here.. it’s the real deal in honor of their deeply rooted Italian family.

  66. K Griffin

    Wowwww impressive with every aspect of our evening at Nona’s! The setting, service, and both our dinner’s were amazing gourmet spectacular – and to leave without dessert would be the criminal!!! I ordered the Limoncello Cake and have never in my life had anything like it – sooooo perfect in every way. Thank you for the wonderful experience. We will be back. Karen

  67. Patrick Norbert

    Everything about Nonna’s has been amazing!! We have been there multiple times and the food is tremendous. You can pick a random dish and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The staff is top notch, so friendly they make you feel like family. I highly recommend stopping in!!

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