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Nonna Luisa Ristorante

Italian Restaurant in Anacortes, WA




“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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86 reviews for “Nonna Luisa

  1. kathleen christenson

    Smoked salmon dish was delish. I was stuffed, took lots home with me for 2-3 more meals. I appreciate the good service & attention. I anticipated $25 but spent $50 including wine (we polished off the bottle )!! I loved the wonderful attention getting out of my “limo” and in when we left.

  2. Karen Berry

    Came here for our anniversary and had a wonderful first time visit. The owner and staff were very friendly and attentive the whole evening. The food was delicious! We had Rigatoni Bolognese, Fettuccine al Salmone, and the Antipasto Misto. People say the menu is on the more expensive side, and it is, but this isn’t Olive Garden….you’re paying for some real authentic dishes here, and they use fresh and locally sourced ingredients. To top off the evening, they gave us limoncellos after our meal to celebrate our anniversary, which was so so sweet of them!

    Reservations are highly recommended.

  3. Brian Dodds

    My wife and I had dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend tonight. The food, drinks and service were excellent. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was great.

  4. Amy Valchev

    This place is an absolute dream! The service, the atmosphere, the food! All outstanding. We arrived late on a busy Saturday night and thought we’d have to wait a long time. There were about 5 parties ahead of us, but we were seated in about 15 minutes due to the excellent staff turning tables over quickly. The “grandpa” (as we heard one server call) the presumed owner and greeter was as authentic Italian as you can get. He joked with customers as we waited and eventually came to our table later with the “specials” board to share all the secrets he had up his sleeve. The servers were attentive, the accordion player serenaded us for our anniversary and our food was delicious. 2 of us got the specials (an oxtail risotto and a fresh halibut special) and 2 of us went with the classics (seafood pasta and chicken parmesan). All of us loved our meals and if we lived closer we would be regulars!

  5. Debi Stapel

    Authentic exceptional Italian – the ciopinno was some of the best I’ve had

  6. Kenneth Edens

    The service was pretty good. Really accommodating. The food was just ok. I had something off the specials menu and honestly I regretted it. The dessert was top shelf though, highly recommend the pistachio cheesecake.

  7. Eileen F

    Family run restaurant which added to the charm and the selections and service. The menu is dramatized in the reading. All was a delight

  8. Megan Mazingo

    Celebrated my birthday here last night and am soooo glad I did! Our party of 6 were extremely happy with the food, and service. The atmosphere is not what we expected, but also really neat. Dark and eclectic. We all had dessert, and when I say the pistachio cheesecake is to die for, I am not exaggerating. Lobster ravioli, lamb shank and chicken parm were also favorites. They do not have a kids menu, which was a little disappointing, BUT when I asked for buttered spaghetti noodles and shrimp for my picky 6 year old, our server didn’t even hesitate to say “absolutely!”.

  9. Gogeta757

    Wow!!! Is all I can say, the food took me back to Florence, Italy…everything from the bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the calamari, the lamb, the pasta to our desert, the whole experience was just amazing…Will be definitely be coming back many times for years to come.

  10. Gillian Smith

    Now that we’ve tried it, we can’t believe it was our first time dining here, as we’ve lived in the San Juan Islands and have been stopping to dine out in Anacortes for decades – we’ve been missing out! Our go to for Italian had been Ciao Bella (now closed), and we’d just never ventured this far down the street. Nonna Luisa is almost at the very end of Commercial Ave. and looks small and unassuming from outside. So we were surprised to open the door and step into a large, crowded dining room and bar, with a very busy, rather loud, party atmosphere, complete with a strolling accordion player (who serenaded the tables throughout our visit)!! Luckily we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. We ordered the Caprese salad, Calamari in a tomato and olive sauce, and Bruschetta as appetizers. For entrees, three of us chose from the extensive specials menu: lamb shanks (very tender in a delicious red wine sauce), halibut (nicely cooked), and pork medallions in a yummy lemon caper Milanese sauce; all were accompanied by polenta and asparagus. Our fourth person had the Lobster Ravioli from the regular menu that was topped with shrimp in a creamy, garlicky sauce – delicious. Everything was very good, tons of choices, all classic Italian. The portions weren’t as huge as at Ciao Bella but we certainly left feeling satiated. The servers and bussers were very busy, and we had to get their attention in order to get all four of the place settings we needed, some bread for the table (very necessary for the Calamari app) and additional drinks, but we’re not fussy and it didn’t detract from our experience. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and only wish we’d discovered this place sooner — we’ve been missing out on a very fun experience in Anacortes all this time!

  11. Beth Edwards

    The waitress was the best and Described the dishes in great detail, telling us that the fillet mignon has been described as the best thing people have put in their mouths, and she was right! It was absolutely delicious from the drinks to the dinner to the dessert. The environment was festive and we were happy and satisfied when we left. Thank you Nonna Luisa, we needed a night like that!

  12. Karen Lunde Hertzberg

    The ambiance, service, and especially the food at Nonna Luisa was delightful. If you’re in the mood for delicious Italian food, don’t miss it! But you may want to make a reservation; this restaurant is popular… for good reason.

  13. Kenny P

    Excellent service, friendly and inviting family atmosphere, and a very kind owner. Not to mention the food is amazing! 10/10 would strongly recommend !

  14. Rachael Rutherford

    This place is absolutely amazing! We discovered this gem by chance and have driven the 4 hour round trip MANY times just to dine here. From the second you walk in you are transported to an authentic Italian experience with the owner speaking Italian, music playing, and smells of amazing food wafting through the air. The staff is amazing, so polite, attentive, welcoming and enthusiastic. The food. Was absolutely incredible. I saw a couple of reviews left mentioning bland food and honestly I think they went somewhere else 😅 the food here is incredible. We have tried many of the different unique specials as well as some of the traditional items and absolutely everything on the menu, appetizers, entrees, desserts, wine left us completely speechless. If you are looking for a new place to try for a date night (whether first date or 50th anniversary) or just absolutely delectable food, this place is a MUST go. It’s now our go-to and we recommend it to all of our family friends and strangers on the street.

  15. Tony Wallace

    Great food and service, had the lobster stuffed ravioli with scallops and prawns. Wife had the flay with gsrgonzol sauce. We both loved the food and staff.

  16. Bryan Klein

    This is where to go in Anacortes when you want to treat yourself and those you love to something special. Sure, they have daily dining menu items that taste great, but the daily specials will leave an impression on you in a wonderful way, that will be difficult to forget. This is where we go when we want to share a meal that means something to us.

  17. Mark B

    I didn’t see much of the restaurant as I was just picking up takeout, but it looked very comfortable, and the staff were incredibly kind and welcoming. The food was DELICIOUS and I will definitely be coming back.

  18. Michael Pete

    Outstanding service food and atmosphere. Great wine selection easy to pair with the plates offered. We left wanting to try all the dishes because it was so fantastic.

  19. Rachel Grant

    Amazing food. Everyone is so friendly and inviting. All the locals go here so that should tell you something. 😂 Definitely going back with all my family when they come to visit.

  20. alvin valencia

    Always friendly and lively. The experience here is amazing and worth it to try. It is by far my favorite Italian spot. Great ambiance, delicious food, and attentive service.

  21. Chris Palmer

    Made reservations the night before for my wife’s 40th birthday. Waited 50 minutes outside after arriving and “checking in”. Watched multiple other parties get tables while we continued to wait in the cold. The host did offer us a seat at a shoulder to shoulder bar. Not exactly the night I was hoping to give my wife for her birthday. Ended up going to another Italian restaurant up a few blocks. Should have saved our time. And gone there to begin with.

  22. ridered786

    My wife and I reside in Anacortes and have been frequenting Nonna Luisa for a couple of years. We have supper here at least once a week and the food and service remain impeccable! Wonderful people and exquisite Italian dishes. Thank You, Papa & Staff!

  23. Bonnie Irish

    Amazing dinner: we will go again! Great food perfect dinner! Great wait staff and the cook knows what he is doing! There was 6 of us and they did wonderful 👍😊

  24. Kathryn McNeill

    Wow! Great fancy date night place! We went in the Friday before Valentine’s Day. Very romantic, candies on every table. My husband had the veal parmigiana. So good. Really light and crispy and the sauce was SO GOOD! I had the shrimp scampi. Yummy too. We also got the salad, the pistachio cheesecake and the tiramisu. All of it was delicious. We hit cocktails, the margarita and the poolside in Italy. Everything was deletions. Over $200 for dinner after the tip, but worth it. Great date night spot!

  25. Anna Sika

    We visited the place last night for a date night. Glad we called in a reservation because they were extremely busy.
    The ambiance was spectacular. I absolutely loved the lady playing accordion! The tables were impeccable, small flowers and candle.
    We didn’t order an appetizer but we both had lobster ravioli, one of the specialties. The ravioli was really good. Both my husband and I agreed that the scallops though tasted off, so we just took them off the plates. Grabbed desserts before we left and they were enjoyable.
    Overall it’s a great place and we’ll definitely be back!

  26. Frank Petrilli

    Nonna Luisa is a place like no other.

    I’m an Italian-American, and don’t generally go to Italian restaurants because, frankly, they don’t cook like my Nonna did.

    The amazing staff at Nonna Luisa have outdone themselves in creating the pinnacle of Italian dining. The ambience is beautiful, romantic, and serene. The staff are delightful, personable, and attentive.

    After having the specials described in vivid, mouthwatering detail by our amazing waitress and making our selection, we had the opportunity to observe the fluidity and precision with which the restaurant operates by way of its skilled staff (speaking Italian!). Watching other tables receive their plates only served to elevate our anticipation; I already knew the food would be amazing. As our meals arrived, I was reminded of the uniqueness that makes Italian cooking such a respected cuisine. I had the Osso Buco, and my fiancée had the Tagliatelle in Pesto; both meals were beautifully made and presented.

    The Osso Buco was a lovely veal shank, slow cooked and falling off the bone in a sauce that accompanied, but didn’t overpower the meat. Every bite was rich with the flavor of meat foremost, not of its individual spices, but of their melody together.

    The tagliatelle was adorned with shrimp, scallops, and a lobster tail, all of which were in sizable portions. The noodles were made fresh that morning, and sat in a lovely light pesto sauce that was absolutely addictive. Every bite of seafood was crisp and extremely fresh. I’m extremely picky about shrimp, but ate this one with zeal.

    We had the opportunity to speak briefly with Raffaele and to thank him and his staff for the tremendous experience. I explained my normal hesitation towards eating restaurant Italian, with which he sympathized, and I described how his establishment managed to live beyond our wildest expectations.

    I will absolutely come back, and bring along mia famiglia next time we’re in town! Thank you Raffaele and thank you to all the staff at Nonna Luisa for an incredible evening.


  27. nathan scott

    Definitely my favorite Italian restaurant if not my favorite restaurant in Washington have been two times and will be back for more.
    The overall feel and staff are amazing and the food also reflects that

  28. Kitt Katt

    The food and atmosphere was amazing EVERY SINGLE item was absolutely delicious, the desserts are out of this world! I took home 3 cannoli’s because I couldn’t pick one out of the three and I still can’t pick the best one out of the three because they’re all delicious. I wish we would’ve taken some pictures but we were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even pull out our phones. I definitely recommend this restaurant, this is our new favorite place

  29. Rocky Abarca

    Food was great not to talk about customer service it was ah Great friendly environment drinks ware good bread was warm wether is ah candle like dinner or ah family dinner I highly recommend this place I’m town for work but I will definitely eat here at least 2 more times before I leave

  30. Darla Feetham

    Best to call and make reservations, I got lucky on a Saturday night service for one. This is a fantastic establishment. Fine dinning great cuisine.
    Appetizer, glass of vino, main course, dessert with coffee.
    I felt like family here. It appeared that everyone was also treated as family.
    Highly recommend Nonna Luisa Ristorante!

    Features: Very well practiced at cleanliness as upscale restaurants are.
    Neat orderly clean lavatory as well.

  31. Jim Cavagnaro

    Authentic Italian restaurant. Need I say more. Those of you who have been there are probably trying to keep it a secret.

  32. Nayara Montoya

    I love this place! My husband is Italian and every time we can over, it’s like home for us! The owner is so funny and respectful and the staff is so friendly! We really love this place
    And the food is always an amazing surprise

  33. Katherine Atwood

    We absolutely love this place! We took a friend who had never been here and he felt that Nonna had “soul”, unlike most restaurants these days. The mushroom ravioli special was excellent.
    Avery was our waitress and she’s no rookie! She was amazing. We love talking to who we call “Grandpa” who is the traditional Italian man and the face of the business. His son is truly amazing and has created a gem, together, with family and the amazing staff. Anacortes has restaurant quality that exceed most cities in Washington!

  34. James Cameron

    Most amazing Italian food you can get in the area, the owner is amazing at interacting with his guests and makes the restaurant feel like a home

  35. Sally B.

    Brandi excelled at suggesting dishes and being a personable and efficient member of the wait staff. The food was excellent and portions generous. The seafood with pasta was amazing. Had the leftovers the next day for lunch..we would highly recommend this restaurant.

  36. John Hereth

    When you are craving superb Italian food look no further than Nonna Luisa. Restaurant is run by seasoned veterans that understand restaurant operation forward and backwards. You are made to feel like one of the family here. Service is outstanding. In the food is second to none. Well worth any drive to experience this superb Italian restaurant.

  37. Daniel Ferraro

    Pretty good food. A little on the expensive side.

    Fresh baked bread with a nice basil infused extra virgin olive oil.

    Antipasto was good overall. Mortadella was disappointing.

    Shrimp dish was okay. Too much paprika in the sauce. It overwhelmed everything else.

    Osso Bucco and pork scallopini were delicious. Very generous portions and both proteins were cooked exquisitely! Scallopini needed a fair amount of salt & pepper. But better to add than it be made with too much

    Bolognese sauce over the rigatoni pasta was fine, but not to my particular taste.

    We felt a little rushed as the staff was constantly wanting to take our plates before we were done. But they were also very attentive and quick.

    However the staff did not know if the Panna cotta was blackberry or cherry as “it is made at someone’s house and then brought in”. It was good and it was blackberry.

    Tiramisu was very good!

    Espresso was okay. Waitress admitted: “I hope it turned out okay cause I did my best”. We had been told by another waitress it may take longer to get because there was only one person there who knows how to make it right. But then he didnt make it.

    Overall a nice evening out.

  38. Paul Kenney

    Our new favorite restaurant in the world. Every plate Our family ordered was amazing. The staff was incredible. We will be eating here every time we come to Anacortes.

  39. Devon Loerch

    We showed up without a reservation, and the owner went out of his way to find us a spot at the bar. The restaurant was packed for good reason – the food was wonderful! Our waitress, Avery, went above and beyond checking on us. From our spot at the bar, we could also see that she was helping out in every place that needed assistance: washing dishes, answering other server’s questions, etc. At the end of our night, we realized that our appetizer was inadvertently left off our bill. After letting them know, they still comped us for it. And, the owner came back to check on us and how we enjoyed our meal. And then, after Avery thought we left our card, she ran out to us to try to give it back. Turns out it was someone else’s but we appreciated the effort. Great place with a warm and busy old-school vibe.

  40. Rob Hodson

    Always amazing! The best truly Italian food I have j.g ad in many restaurants across the country. It’s a two hour drive and we go regularly.

    Highly Recommended!

  41. Ilana Moss

    I have eaten at many Italian restaurants, but I never knew Italian food could taste like this 😋😋😋 Amazing! I want to try everything on the menu!

  42. Ryan Bettger

    One of the best Italian Restaurants I’ve ever been to. Don’t think the lobster ravioli could have been any better.

  43. Payton Johnson-Dozark

    Food was really good. I git the chicken fettuccine pasta and my husband got the bolognese rigatoni dish. His was really good, mins was pretty good. For once I finally found a dish where they cooked the chicken the way I like it! The service was great and they were super busy/packed.

  44. Vickie Vance

    Big disappointment. The bread was good, the wine recommendation was good and the Tiramisu was good. All 3 Dinners were not good. Very disappointed.

  45. Julie Grandstaff

    Excellent fresh food and service! The ciopino sauce was the best I’ve ever had.

  46. Katie Keller

    Excellent authentic Italian cuisine! The seafood dishes were delicious and the owner checked in on us personally. Atmosphere was welcoming and they even brought my husband and I each a complementary drink as we were celebrating on our honeymoon. We will be returning!

    Follow up: We returned again the following night to explore the menu further and had another excellent experience! The wait staff treat you like family and the food again exceeded expectations. This restaurant will definitely be a planned stop any time we are anywhere near this area!

  47. Richard & Dawn Metcalf

    Staff are wonderful, food is great. We are locals and dine here frequently. The staff know us by name and treat us like honored guests. The regular menu is great but the chef’s specials are extra special and change with availability. I have never had a bad meal or bad service.

  48. George Biggins

    Excellent food! Amazing fresh menu!Service was great! We were thanked by the staff when we left. The owner was chatting with another group of diners as we were leaving, but came out of the restaurant to thank us! Judging from the full restaurant (on a Tuesday) quite a few folks feel the same.

  49. Amit Levy

    This is an amazing Italian restaurant. The atmosphere is authentic and the staff is great. But the food… the food is simply delicious and high quality Italian food. One if the best spaghetti di mare I ever had !

  50. Matt Chapman

    Great food, great service, great waitstaff. Our server, Avery, was very attentive from seating through desert, and courses were brought out just as the past course had finished. The entire operation seemed very well orchestrated with the food quality to match. We will be back.

  51. Aryn

    Anyone who gives this place less than 5 stars is a monster and wrong! This is the best Italian restaurant I have ever been to!! I’m hesitant to share this secret little gem because if everyone knew about it there would be a year long waiting list! We will be back anytime we are within 30 miles of this place. The tortilline was so soft and wonderful! The sauce so delicious. The gnocchi was soft and pillowy and yum yum yum yum!! Also an older lady took a dive off the stairs tumbled over a chair (willy Wonka style) and the staff was genuinely concerned for her.. it’s really a place that you can tell is family run and they treat every customer like they are extended family over for dinner! Every single dish we tried was the best version that we’ve ever had!!

  52. Melissa Andersen

    The risotto with ox tail ragu was one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time. The service was attentive and friendly! Will definitely be returning!

  53. Natalee Lopez

    The best spot, with great service, people and food. We enjoyed everything we ate including the bread that came to our table with oil and balsamic. I ordered the house ravioli and my partner ordered the tortellini— both were delicious but the tortellini was fantastic. The wine selection was also good. Thanks to the staff that made the experience even more enjoyable.

  54. Alan Potts

    Amazing food and service. Started out with nice, fresh bread and the most amazing balsamic and oil. The dinner was so delicious and fresh. The drinks were quite delicious as well. And then dessert. Cannoli and tiramisu. So flipping delicious. Will definitely be back.

  55. Jen Milton

    Excellent Italian food with a fun atmosphere. We sat outside so not sure what it’s like inside, but the staff were amazing and seemed to truly enjoy working together. Best tiramisu and canolli I’ve ever had. They sang me Happy Birthday in Italian. ❤ Dinner was delicious as well, as were the cocktails. Will definitely be back!

  56. peggy combs

    Service started out good and then fell through the cracks. We had 2 specials of the night as regular menu was very limited. The only carne on menu was chicken. Very dismayed veal parmiagna was served with flavorless risotto not pasta. My lobster ravioli meal was better, but seafood served with was undercooked. First time customers, disappointed in this Birthday meal.

  57. Amanda Puckett

    Hands down the best restaurant in Anacortes! Everything is handmade with fresh ingredients and their specials menu never fails to disappoint! The entire staff is friendly and provide excellent service. Don’t miss out on this restaurant!

  58. J&C Engrissei

    Great food and service is excellent. Raphi had several places in Seattle and Seattle customers often drive the 1 1/2 to 2 hours to enjoy his menu. We’ve been glad to have his dishes for over 25 years at his various restaurants.

  59. Escape Pilot

    The food was very good but the server tried to only show us only the extremely high priced specials with NOTHING under $30 a plate. She acted indignant when we asked for the normal menus! If you want to be tricked into wildly expensive specials this is your place! I recommend passing on this place.

  60. Clean1

    Our waitress was not the most attentive. When we did finally receive recognition, she made us wait, and than gave my wife a different wine. Salmon was ordinary, and dry. Spinach salads saved the day, they were excellent, but if I want good food in the are, I go to 13 Moons, at the swinomish hotel.

  61. Eduardo Bruno Martins

    The best Italian food outside of Italy, and better than most in Italy. The owner’s dad is Italian, a chef for over 40 years. He helps his kids. Wonderful guy. The burrata appetizer was unbelievably good. The cannelloni was to die for and matched their delicious Barbero. My daughter loved the gnocchi. Their balsamic and olive oil come directly from Italy – delicious. The tiramisu is out of this world. The staff is extremely friendly and they clearly enjoy working there.
    If you have time, chatting about Italy, Ferrari and F1 with the owner is worth it.
    I cannot recommend the place enough. 10 stars out 5!

  62. Manager

    Delicious food served up by a family of local chefs and hosts! They were thoughtful and considerate regarding my food allergy and suggested multiple dishes that would fit my needs. The seafood spaghetti was incredible… I haven’t had anything that good in years! We will definitely be back when we are in the area again!

  63. John Quay

    Some of the best Italian food we have had in the US. We lived in Southern Italy and this is very comparable. Very friendly service. We will definitely be going back.

  64. Kenny Della Valle

    This place is amazing, had an unforgettable meal here tonight. I had the tortellini with pancetta and peas in a cream sauce. I can’t remember another dish as good, it was perfect. Even the olive oil and vinegar was absolute perfection. You can’t come to Anacortes and *not* eat here.

  65. Becky Jones

    Best meal I’ve ever had!! My husband and I enjoyed every aspect of our experience here! We both had specials: crab stuffed prawns and lobster ravioli are on the every day menu but we can’t wait to try everything! Everyone working there were extremely nice and attentive and even the owner’s father, who is from Italy and has had restaurants all over in his life, even stopped by our table to see how we were enjoying our meal! We didn’t get to try dessert but we will be back to do that as soon as we can! If we could give ten stars we would!

  66. Jared Krall

    Absolutely amazing meal. If you want a great Italian atmosphere and absolutely incredible food then this is the place for you. I would absolutely recommend and will be going back

  67. King Louie

    Real and authentic italian food. Service is top notch. Expensive but you get what you pay for.

  68. Estonian Family

    Great dining experience. Loved meeting “papa” which is orchastrating it all with his family of staff being very attentive to our dining satisfaction and enjoyment. Food was awesome. My wife says best bisque she has ever had. Her main course was also excellent. I tried a pork chop with crusted breading and parmesan cheese and side veggies and potatoes. Was very tasty and could not finish it all. Not inexpensive but if your looking for a great experience with excellent Italian food choices and execution then this is a good choice.

  69. hope siedler

    A surprise diamond dining experience. Good wine selection. Food excellent, large portions. The night we were there the restaurant was short staff but we had excellent service

  70. Milla Barnes

    Nonna Luisa is without any doubt the best restaurant in town and the best Italian restaurant in the area.
    Please don’t go home without trying the pistachio cheesecake.
    Book ahead if possible.

  71. AZ Rider (arznplyr)

    I have personally been in Italy and this is the closest I can get to the food I ate over there as well as when I was in Sicily. All I can say is the filet mignon is to die for.

  72. Brandon Roberts

    Extremely good customer service, great gnocchi and margarita. Cute old world charm. Definitely worth a visit!

  73. Michael Mann

    We had spaghetti del mare and sautéed calamari in marinara sauce as an appetizer. Both were superb, cooked to perfection and delicious. Fast, friendly service by a wait staff and maitre d’ / owner who take pride in the delicious food they offer. Nice relaxing atmosphere especially outside. Highly recommended.

  74. Lisa Whittier

    If you order off their main menu, the price is fair but the quality is lacking. To get a delicious meal, you need to order off the specials which is $50+, super over priced for what you get.

  75. Stephanie Wheatley

    Beautiful and intimate setting, and I love the lighting. My husband took me there on a date and their food it good! Big portions too! Recommended!

  76. Sarah Scott

    Menu item prices are reasonable but food is only so-so. Specials started at $65… not worth the money when you have to wait almost 2 hours for your food. Extremely understaffed but they had the place packed!? Also, did not enjoy listening to the manager(?) constantly yelling at the employees who were working their butts off. Will never go back to this restaurant.

  77. Lauren Koch

    Most delicious and authentic Italian restaurant I’ve ever dined in! When you walk in, you immediately feel like a part of a family environment and you’re treated incredibly! I am working in Anacortes and whenever I travel here, this is the first restaurant I come to. Their specials are to die for, the cannelloni being my favorite! I’ve had it prepared three different ways and they’ve all been excellent! Will always come back here!

  78. Eileen Korey

    We had such a wonderful experience the first night on visiting Anacortes, we returned for a second night! Kat (Katerina) was the perfect server, incredibly attentive and a great menu guide. The dinners were so very delicious, bursting with flavor–and very plentiful. This will be our go-to place whenever we are in town.

  79. Heidi Haidle

    We loved it here! The Italian dining experience you’ve always dreamed of: a boisterous host greeted us warmly and loudly and when we sheepishly admitted we didn’t have a reservation he responded with ‘What’s your name?! Now you do!’ and showed us straight to our ideal seats at the bar. The servers were exceptional, the service excellent, the ambiance enchanting, the food sooooo delicious. There was a live musician, friendly conversation all around and overall a beautiful Saturday date night dining experience… 10/10 can’t wait to go back. If you aren’t having this much fun, why even restaurant???

  80. Dan Peterson

    Food is perfection! We ordered the chicken Parmesan and spaghetti di mare. The sauces were fresh and delicious and the pasta was perfectly al dente. Ask for a booth if you prefer a quite table. This is one of the little gems we found in Anacortes and we will definitely return.

  81. Brandon Smith

    Wow, this place looks unassuming from the outside but my gosh does it deliver. The owner seems to be a wonderful man who cares deeply about his restaurant. The staff is friendly and seem like they genuinely enjoy their jobs. And the food… it’s truly authentic high quality Italian, fresh ingredients cooked to perfection. Probably one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve found in WA

  82. Kate Stone

    This place has CHARACTER! What a riot. Put yourselves in the hands of these guys. Generous cocktail, delicious pasta, rascally Papa.

  83. WW

    Nonna Luisa Ristorante (Anacortes), highly recommended! ! ! A lot of delicious and authentic food, especially their seafood noodles, the favorite of all! ! ! Friends around Seattle must try it (the atmosphere of the restaurant is also good, the staff is very enthusiastic, and the boss is very nice)

  84. J S

    Super friendly staff. Food was amazing, don’t be afraid to try something you never had before. The Saffron Alfredo was so delicious! The owner was so helpful describing all the daily specials, answering all questions about them. Only thing that was not to my liking was the glasses for the wine were huge, making it look like you were getting very small amount of wine. I am sure it is all measured out but the appearance was deceptive. Wish I had room for dessert!

  85. PAT Hogan

    Just amazing from the time you get two freer from the door. Papa welcomes you in and seats you while lighting you candle. “No candle no dinner “!!
    I have never had a dinner that you just wanted to slow down and experience the atmosphere and savor the taste.
    My taste buds are born again!!!

  86. Nick Johnson

    This place always gives me a good excuse to come up from Renton to visit Anacortes. You will not get better service or atmosphere anywhere else. From the moment you walk in, you feel like family and they treat you like family. Maria did an amazing job explaining all of the specials to us. Clearly we couldnt decide on just a couple plates and shared everything. Everything was delicious and was amazing to try new items we had never tried before. From the moment you sit down at the candle lit table, you feel like you’re at home. The bread is even amazing too! I cant remember the names of the dishes we had but they were delicious! And the dessert was on another level.. delivered straight from France! The best Italian food and service I’ve had anywhere. The owner even stopped by to make sure we were well taken care of and enjoying our meal. (Hiiiii Maria.. you’re amazing!)

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