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Noodle Express

Chinese Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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68 reviews for “Noodle Express

  1. Pattie Speer

    My personal experience with this place was I don’t think the person who took my order knew what almond chicken is. This happen to me twice, it tasted to sweet to be almond chicken. I was hungry so ….guess what….I ate it anyway and it was delicious!! Maybe I should go in next time instead of sending in my ex to order😁

  2. Paula Grenvik

    third time my take out order was wrong. no osaka sauce for the chicken osaka. manager refused to make it right in any way except for me driving back into town on icy roads for sauce. I requested a refund since I’m not eating a bowl of plain white rice and was told no. I’ve had the chicken uncooked and unsealed containers leak in my car. never going there again.


    Personally I don’t think the food at noodle express is as good as it used to be.. I also think they should have a drive-through window to make it a little more convenient for those of us on the go.

  4. G Roberts

    The food was good, but very very small portion four tiny pieces of chicken, lots of salad and maybe a third a cup of rice. And you had to Serve Yourself, pick up your food, clean your table and they were trying to get you to tip them when you paid. I tip for service which there wasn’t any….very disappointing

  5. Daniel Lefler

    Love the Mustard Seed and thought this would be the same quality, etc. Twice I have ordered recently and got very little chicken and veggies in my meal. Got a lot of noodles and they tasted good…

  6. Kaity Trudeau

    I am beyond livid!!! We went here tonight with gift cards that we got from Christmas after we ordered the food over the phone. When we get there we are informed they aren’t accepting gift cards because of some system thing. So apparently our gift cards our worthless??? We ordered $55 in food and weren’t offered any type of compensation!!! I am beyond appalled!

  7. kathi smith

    Asked for vegetables on the side got salad again. 6 people standing against the wall and the place is filthy. Floor is covered with dirt, a glove left in my bag fn gross. Clean it up

  8. Nadine Skye

    I love Noodle Express and have been eating here since I was a kid. The food still tastes great, however, the rice bowls are almost entirely rice now with just a little meat /slaw. Even with “double meat”, it’s a pitiful amount. Definitely not worth $14. Please bring back the old proportions!

  9. kyle

    Don’t get the sweet Thai dish. Sauce was lackluster and the rest was bland. Was a pretty uneventful dish and would not get again. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

  10. Ann W

    Oh the chicken Osaka is very tasty. The cucumber salad that comes along with it as well. I keep going back for more.

  11. Jason Blain

    The food is good here, but a little pricey for the quantity. They also list “gluten-free”, but they really do not have anything safe if you are a celiac sufferer. Plain rice perhaps, but nothing really worth stopping in for.

  12. Shanny Marie

    Never had a bad experience! Food is always great and the service is just as good!

  13. Chris Parrish

    Noodles almost smell ammonia like they were old/bad. Got stomach ache n sick. Never again

  14. Jasön Evans

    The food is amazing. My only issue which is why I’m missing 3 more stars. Is that if you are cooking or are around my food.

  15. Ty Noe

    I ordered miso broth with chicken, the soup itself was barely warm, noodles are really hard not cooked enough.

  16. GrumpyCatWitchCo

    Went here the other day to try it out. Very cheap prices and the food was okay. The eggs rolls were actually really great, and I would go back to get a hole bunch of those honestly. Everybody working seems really nice and informative.

  17. Gabriela Takara

    The worst noodle shop. Seriously, top ramen tastes better.

  18. Conni Bendio

    Waited for over 30 minutes. Lots of bowls waiting in the kitchen…none going out.

  19. HotButter McBungus

    Pretty average. Not a lot of protein on the dishes but I guess this is the world we live in now. The place was pretty clean and the fountain drinks were all normal tasting. The bathrooms are single occupancy only which is pretty nice. Parking is always easy and there are few things around. I only ate here because I was a passenger. After eating here I probably won’t be rushing back to do it again.

  20. dee tee

    I ordered the miso ramen with chicken. Or was chicken soup with long noodles. Nothing about the taste of appearance said “miso”. Miso settles. This didn’t. I cannot image coming here again.

  21. Eunice Inman

    The worst experience I’ve had in years. I ordered by phone: chicken osaca noodle bowl & chicken osaca whole wheat wrap. When I got there I had to stand in line, then when an additional person came to the counter I asked about placing an order over the phone and was told to get in line, but I then had an additional 6 more in line. When I finally was waited on my order had sat on the counter over 10 additional minutes. I paid for the order which did not come according to what I asked for and was completely cold and disappointing. I will never come/call again!

  22. Tia Thieman

    So went to this location because my family was in the valley. We typically frequent the north side. Got the pan chicken with noodles extra sauce and vegetables on side. Did not even come cooked in sauce completely flavorless. Called manager she stated that she made it with extra sauce herself. I absolutely insisted it was not. Again completely dry and flavorless. She said she would send me a gift card to make it right. Been a week now and nothing. Been eating noodle express for 10 years and more. Never has it been this gross or rude.

  23. Daniel Jennings

    Jojo was an amazing help. My fiance and I enjoyed our first time eating here. We will be returning

  24. Chris Gagnon

    The food is always great. Customer service is over the top!

  25. H Moseley

    I love the chicken Osaka bowl. I order it every single time.

  26. jordan collins

    It’s been good food since I was little. Been going here for years. Also love they haven’t upped their prices. Thanks!

  27. John Burnett

    Very good meal. Very courteous, would go there again.

  28. Tawnya Becker

    Oh my gosh – their Chicken Osaka can become addictive! And the green beans in garlic and soy, the best!

  29. Allyn Ankerbrand

    We always get the Osaka chicken rice bowl. I always call ahead so when I get there it’s ready. They give you the food in a plastic bag they charge you 8 cents for (which kinda burns me). You need to get your utensils and napkins before you leave because they don’t put any in the bag. The food is good and the people are nice.

  30. Richard Martin

    Good food as always, hot n fresh very friendly staff.

  31. Jeffrey R

    Great portion sizes, nice quick fresh hot food, they always provide the side sauces. Just visited back first time in 15 years and they still are pretty awesome .. Great food cool people..

  32. fred watt

    First time I ate there, will never eat there again, ordered a bowl or teriyaki chicken, while I was waiting two other people came in I heard them order food, they got theirs within 5 minutes each so I asked the lady at the counter why they got their food first she said that some food cooks faster than others, then I asked what time the receipt said that I ordered and she had said 20 minutes ago, and it was almost done. This Noodle Express is on Sullivan in the Spokane valley,

  33. Amanda McKiddy

    Amazing. Will definitely be back. I got the Sweet Thai chicken, definitely will be back for dynamite chicken.

  34. Cindy Valenti

    Best noodle and rice bowls. Very sauce is killer.

  35. Kenadee Higgins

    Yakisoba chicken bowl= food had no flavor
    Teriyaki chicken= children described flavor as tasting like cheese-itz

  36. Scott Eustice

    We did an online order and my wife picks it up on her way home. When she arrived at home there was missing items. When I called them they told me that online orders are there and customers just come and pick up and go. No one there to help my wife so she grabs the bag with our name on it and heads home. When I call they say there is someone to help give you your orders but no one came to help. When I ask why no one was there to help her she Hangs up on me. We did very much enjoy getting food from here but after this discouraging phone call we will take are business elsewhere.. I am sure we are not the only ones treated this way…

    I have been contacted by the general manager and she was very nice and apologetic. I appreciate the call back and the follow up that she did. Like I said we love eating here so we will definitely return. I am also using my stars because of the way everything was handled.

  37. Rich Yokel

    This place is always busy because the food tastes great, the prices are reasonable, it always appears clean, and I’ve always gotten my order in a reasonable time.

  38. cosmic superstarkilla

    I really like the food. However, the past five times I’ve tried to call in my order I get no answer. I ask when I come in and now have to wait, I’m told.. “We have our phones off right now.” Ridiculous. Are you trying to discourage customers and miss out on business??

  39. Alex Brigman

    Other than the fact they were busy cause it seemed like it was rush hour

  40. Karla Roberts

    Ordered 3 Osaka chicken noodle bowls to go. Very fast service. Got home and there was no Osaka on the dish (thankfully the person helping added a couple extras in the bag) and no sauce/dressing on the slaw. This is the second time my order has been messed up. Likely will not do takeout next time I eat there to ensure I get what I ordered or I’ll be that person digging through the bag before I leave 😖. Sad. Love Osaka!!

  41. Ben Ritter

    Update: Still smells like urinal puck, but now they’re adding plastic bag charges without asking and disparaging me behind the counter when I expressed I did not appreciate it. Don’t want my money anymore? Fine. Literally every other fast food around you has given up on the bag thing, and they treat me with respect. || Love the food, seriously best in town, but I can’t stomach how the whole restaurant smells of urinal puck. I mean I know it’s clean, but my perception keeps me away.

  42. Julie Williams

    My first time ever at a Noodle Express was completely underwhelming. The employee taking the order zoned out halfway through the 4 items we ordered. The large yakisoba bowl was the same amount of food as the small only in a larger bowl for $2 more. The potstickers were dried out and hard on the edges reminiscent of microwaved frozen potstickers. Probably won’t be back again, but definitely not to this location.

  43. Joe Hofer

    The cashier was not at all pleasant. She seemed annoyed that I was there. The food was great and the cook accommodated when I asked for my medium drink cup that I ordered. I give him five stars. In short a simple smile or a pleasant greeting from the counter would help to keep customers coming back.

  44. K A

    Not going back anymore. They have cut back so much on the qty of veges/meat, that the rice bowls are practically just a bowl of rice.

  45. dan98584

    Ok, other then cashiering and cooking, pretty much a self serve. Decent but nothing I’d right home about?

  46. Valeria Valiente

    I eat the chicken Osaka salad weekly. Simple and healthy: salad greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, grilled chicken and a pungent tahini ginger salad dressing. I love this weekly lunch for under $10.

  47. Dan Kerns

    One star is for friendly service but ur quality is really bad now. Unbelievable u guys screw up my order almost every time. Again tonight my order not cook the way i asked. And no sauce for pork egg rolls. Management at this plus sucks. The loud RAP music while waiting for a screwed up order, PRICELESS. Owners should be very proud because this place flaout suks now and used to be my favorite place to get takeout. I demand a refund!

  48. Jeremy Hopson

    Good food. Service is just ok. The building is rough shape, and kinda gross. Protien portion is on the small side.

  49. Shari Peterson

    One of my favorites! Always delicious! I like the cooked veggies with my bowl! Not many know about this! Keep up the good work Noodle Express!!!

  50. Dennis Chambers

    Good place for bite to eat. Love the osaka

  51. Jeana Allison

    Chloe was very sweet and patient. The cook was AWESOME! sorry don’t know his name. EXCELLENT GRUB❣️🙂

  52. Scott Blakesley

    The Chicken Osaka bowl and the Teriyaki Beef Bowl are the best!! Very good over white rice.
    Good food fast!! Noodle Express is a family favorite.

  53. Debra Miller

    Yakasaba Shrimp was yummo

  54. Hunter Allen

    The food was nearly as great as the service! Overall an amazing meal and service!

  55. Tiffany Mayo

    Completely disappointed. Went to this establishment to settle a week long craving. Upon entering the building we were less than kindly greeted by who I assume to be the on shift manager. She helped us at the register with what I can only predict is a non-desire to be at work. We waited for our food (a simple order for the 3 of us with 2 small bowls, a large bowl, one single egg roll and some potstickers) for about 15 mins. When our food was finished, the eggroll was still frozen, the potstickers were cold and gummy, and both small bowls were cold. I sent mine back, at which point they cooked up more chicken and tossed it on the cold meat. No replacement or warming of the other dishes. To add insult to injury on the fact, my dish came back with hair in my food as well. I do not think we will be returning to this restaurant in the future. I’m disgusted by the dirty interior, the obvious lack of customer satisfaction, and the unmotivated attitude of the staff.

  56. Paula G

    Chicken Osaka to go. Got home and it was teriyaki sauce in the cups. Took the cups all the way back for Osaka sauce, couldn’t even get an apology. Put the Osaka sauce on my chicken and realized the chicken was teriyaki. Disgusting. Second time they’ve messed up the sauces. Attitude the last time, no apology either. I’m done.

  57. Sandra McKinley

    Always good. Reasonable prices. Lots of leftovers.

  58. Ayperos

    I ate at this place 2 or 3 times a week for a couple months, their broccoli and chicken teriyaki rice bowl is my personal favorite and damn it’s tasty. The chicken is good white meat and the taste is great hands down better than panda express. Service is pretty fast and the staff were friendly and helpful every time.
    I’m going to miss these guys I need a duplicate every where I go.
    I have no complaints of this place.

  59. Richard Riley

    Holy Chicken Osaka! I love this place! Generous portions and great service as always!

  60. Sally Furman

    I used to live in Spokane for 22 years. Always looked forward to eating there. Move back to my home town, I don’t get the chance to go there as much as I used to!! My daughter & I shared a teriyaki shrimp rice bowl & it was delish!!
    The only thing that I can think of is, that she asked if she could split the bowl for us, but then she charged us to do that & tell us that was a charge to do so!

  61. Dave Farmer

    Great service, amazing food, and awesome variety. Easy to get to. Noodle Express will not disappoint, definitely try the Miso! I love how warm and inviting this location is, it’s super clean too. Definitely worth coming back again and again.

  62. Manuel Lin

    Fiance ordered double chicken on both bowls and only on was correct. One was supposes to be a 5 on spice and its more like a 1. So please refund.

  63. Cherie Steele

    Usually the food is very good here. But today it was not.

  64. Sarah “Stakagrip” Zimmerman

    The chicken bowl was awesome the steak Bowl was so so great value for the dollar and food was fresh and delicious for the most we’ll definitely go back for the chicken bowl

  65. Coylene I

    Love the Noodle bowls. We enjoy phone ordering and picking it up on our way home.

  66. Syd Westberry

    The shrimp in the shrimp Osaka was raw, the rice was way overcooked and chewy, and in all four rice bowls there were tiny brush hairs in the food

  67. Anthony Michalski

    Spokane needs more places like this! Great food here a must go spot in the valley.

  68. William Montgomery

    Young blonde kid bagging up orders did a pretty bad job. Pretty bad attitude as well

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