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11:00 am – 10:00 pm


11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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Oddfellas Pub Auburn

Pub in Auburn, WA




Breakfast Sammy $11.99

A fried egg atop grilled sourdough bread, with your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage & finished with melted cheddar cheese, mustard, and mayo.

The Benedict Oliver $15.99

Two toasted English muffins topped with eggs & ham, smothered in a rich Hollandaise sauce. Served with our pub made hash browns.

Chicken Fried Pork $18.99

A juicy pork tenderloin, floured and seasoned perfectly, then grilled to perfection. Served with two eggs, our pub made hash browns, and toast.

Two Eggs, Any Style $13.99

Served with our pub made hash browns, ham, bacon, sausage, or Banger & toast.

Patriot Toast $14.99

Our version of the French classic. Three thick slices of grilled egg bread, served with butter, powdered sugar, maple syrup, or jam.

Dough Boy & Gravy $13.99

Two large, house made cheese biscuits smothered in our savory homemade sausage gravy.

Pub Hush $16.99

Our perfectly seasoned, house made corned beef is chopped & tossed in with our pub made hash browns, bell peppers, & diced onions, then grilled to perfection. Served with two eggs and toast.

Steak & Eggs $23.99

Our signature 6oz pub steak, perfectly seasoned and pan fried. Served with two eggs, our pub made hash browns, and toast.

Fully Stacked Flip Jacks $13.99

Three huge, fluffy pancakes stacked high. Served with butter, maple syrup, or jam.

Breakfast Nachos $14.99

Hash browns topped with scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, shredded cheddar cheese, and green onion. Grilled Onions & Peppers +$2.00


Served with hash browns & toast.

Ham & Cheese $14.99

Diced ham & Cheddar cheese

The Club $15.99

Turkey, ham, bacon and fresh tomato slices & cheddar cheese

Pot Roast $15.99

Savory pot roast, grilled onions, peppers, and gruyere cheese served with a side of brown gravy

Veggie $13.99

Onions, green peppers, tomato, mushroom & cheddar cheese

Mile High $14.99

Diced ham, bacon, diced onion, green peppers & cheddar cheese


Pancake $4.99

French Toast $4.99

Oatmeal $5.99

Bacon (3 pieces) $4.49

Ham $3.99

Sausage (2 links) $4.49

Banger $4.99

Two Eggs $4.99

Hash Browns $3.99

Seasonal Fruit $3.99

Bread $2.99

Wheat, sourdough biscuit, English muffin



Big A*# Pretzel $14.99

Giant Bavarian pretzel, served with house made beer cheese and stone ground mustard

Rooster Wings Market Price

A Full Pound of Plump & juicy rooster wings tossed in your choice of our signature Bravo Sauce or Traditional Buffalo.

Hot Spinach Dip $14.99

A creamy blend of spinach, garlic, Parmesan, and cream cheese. Served with toasted Crostini for dipping.

Pork Carnitas Quesadilla $14.99

Savory, house smoked pulled pork, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Pressed and grilled in a crispy tomato basil tortilla. Topped with sour cream and salsa.

Mother Cluckers $14.99

Tender and crispy Chicken breast tenders, fried to a golden brown, and served with Pub French fries. Served with House made mustard BBQ sauce.

Pork Candy $15.99

Slow roasted Pork Belly seared, Slow Roasted, then fried to perfection, smothered in Signature Sweet & Spicy Bravo Sauce.

Irish Nachos $15.99

Tater tots with queso cheese & bacon bits, topped with tomato, green onion, and sour cream. Add chicken, beef or chili $18.99

Hobo Clams $18.99

A full pound of steamers, finished in a garlic butter and white wine sauce. Served with toasted Crostini for dipping.

Gato Plato $15.99

Thick wedges of Tillamook White Cheddar Cheese, salami, prosciutto, and capicola. Served with Artisan flatbread, stone ground mustard, & pepperoncinis.

Poutine Your Mouth $14.99

A simple Classic! Pub French fries topped with creamy cheese curds, then smothered in our brown gravy.


All entrees come with a complimentary basket of our famous warm, cheesy, dill dough

The Pub Steak $25.99

Our signature 6 oz. Top Sirloin, grilled to your liking and served with our German vegetable medley. Add sautéed onions or mushrooms for just 2 bucks more!

Cottage Pie $16.99

Seasoned ground beef, onions, garlic, carrots, corn and peas in a rich brown gravy, and covered with our naughty mash. Sprinkled with cheese, then baked ’til golden. This one simply oozes with flavor!

“Cod” Fellas $17.99

Three Alaskan cod filets, served with Pub French fries and tartar sauce.

Red’s Irish Chili (cup) $6.99 / (bowl) $9.49

Made from an old Texas Irishman’s recipe of choice beef, beans, and a secret spice recipe. Simmered ‘slow and low’ until a perfect marriage of flavors is achieved.

Schnitzel $17.99

Traditional pork loin filet, breaded & fried to a golden brown, then topped with Oliver’s house made brown gravy. Served with vegetable medley, sauteed in our garlic herb butter.

Bangers N’ Mash $17.99

We grill these locally made, British style pork bangers and place them atop our naughty mash, with Guinness-braised onions. Served with our German vegetable medley.

Oliver’s Mac $13.99

A time-honored tradition of warm, gooey and cheesy goodness. We hand craft this dish with a secret cheese recipe, and custom elbow macaroni. Add pulled pork, german sausage, or longhorn chili for $3.00 more

Main Street Tacos $16.99

Three corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of southwest chicken or carnitas pork. Finished with fresh pico de gallo, cotija cheese, and fresh avocado. For marinated steak add $1.00


Dressings: Ranch, 1000 island, Bleu Cheese, Zesty Italian, Honey Mustard, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Reuben Chop $16.99

Chopped iceberg lettuce, corn, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and chopped corned beef. Topped with sauerkraut and tossed with 1000 Island dressing.

Sid’s Caesar $14.99

Romaine lettuce, chopped and tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing. Topped with Croutons and grated Parmesan cheese. Grilled Chicken Breast +$3

Pub Cobb $17.99

A classic pub salad built with chopped chicken, red onion, bacon bits, bleu cheese crumbles, boiled egg, tomato, and fresh avocado. Piled high atop fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce.

Wedge $15.99

Eat this masterpiece with a knife & fork! A full quarter head of iceberg lettuce, drizzled with bleu cheese dressing covered in bacon bits, chopped red onions & tomatoes. Chicken breast add $3.00

Chef $16.99

A generous bed of chopped iceberg lettuce, ham, turkey, bacon bits, tomato, hard boiled egg, red onion, Swiss and Cheddar cheese.

Chicken Ranch Chop $17.99

Iceberg, corn, black beans, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, onion, jalapenos, Cheddar cheese, bacon, and chopped chicken. Tossed in Chipotle Ranch dressing.


All sandwiches come with your choice of fries, tots, coleslaw, or naughty mash. Substitute ‘0’ Rings for just $2.

Carlo’s Cuban $15.99

Juicy pulled pork, thinly sliced ham, Gruyere cheese, deli sliced pickle, mustard, and mayo. Served on grilled sourdough.

French Dunk $14.99

A generous mound of thin sliced roast beef atop a toasted French roll. Served with Au Jus.

Cheesy Brit $15.99

Sliced ham, turkey, and roast beef with cheddar and Swiss cheese. Topped with pickles and our bistro sauce. Served on grilled thick cut sourdough.

D.B.L.T. $14.99

Double the bacon of a normal BLT. Stacked high on a bed of lettuce and tomato. Served with mayo on toasted sourdough. Feeling adventurous?

Pot Roast Philly $15.99

Perfectly seasoned, slow roasted pot roast topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, green peppers and melted pepper Jack cheese. Piled onto a toasted Hoagie and finished with our spicy ranch sauce.

Da Club $16.99

A double decker delight! Sliced ham, bacon, turkey, Swiss and cheddar cheese with tomato and mayo. Served on toasted sourdough.

Reubenesque $15.99

House made corned beef, ham, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Served with 1000 Island dressing on grilled, marbled rye.

Bump & Grinder $15.99

Prosciutto, capicola, and salami grilled & topped with fresh mozzarella, shredded lettuce, tomato, red onion and pepperoncinis. Piled on a toasted french roll and finished with a balsamic glaze.

The Spicy Swine $14.99

This soon-to-be-famous, house smoked savory pulled pork butt is mixed with our own Southern mustard BBQ sauce and topped with melted pepper Jack cheese. Served on grilled sourdough bread. Simply amazing!

Schnitzel Sandy $16.99

A juicy pork loin rolled flat, battered, and fried ’til golden brown. Topped with mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. Served on a toasted burger bun.


All wraps are served with your choice of our house made coleslaw, fries, tots or Naughty Mash.

The Pub Burger $16.99

Our 1/2 lb signature blend of Wagyu and Angus ground beef, grilled to perfection. Topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and mayo. Served on a toasted burger bun.

The Burgasm $18.99

Our 1/2 Lb. Angus/Wagyu Burger Patty topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Smoked Gouda Cheese, then Slathered in Longhorn Original Barbecue Sauce, served on a Brioche Bun with Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle. You might need a Smoke after this one!

Cali Chick $16.99

A thick and juicy chicken breast, grilled perfectly and topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, and fresh avocado. Served on a toasted pretzel bun with our own ranch dressing

Turkey Cobb $15.99

Smoked turkey breast, Parmesan cheese, tomato, avocado, bacon bits, shredded lettuce, tossed in bleu cheese dressing and wrapped up in a tomato tortilla.

The Club Wrap $16.99

Longhorn bourbon smoked ham, turkey breast, bacon bits, Swiss & Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, tossed in honey mustard then wrapped up in a tomato tortilla.

WTF Wrap $16.99

Fish taco done the Oddfella’s way. Battered and fried cod, wrapped in our tomato basil wrap with pico and slaw. Topped with our own delicious white wasabi sauce. What the Fish!

Veggie Wrap $14.99

Garden fresh tomato, cucumber, avocado, shredded lettuce, red onion, and mushroom, tossed in our House vinaigrette, wrapped up in a tomato tortilla.


All of our signature pizzas are 12 Inch. Substitute Artisan Flatbread OR Gluten Free Dough $1.00

Pot Roast Classic $19.99

Slow cooked, tender pot roast, mozzarella, pepper Jack, red onion, and mushrooms on a bed of Alfredo sauce. Finished out of the oven with our Bistro sauce drizzle. OMG!

BBQ Chicken $19.99

Oven roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese on a bed of our very own BBQ sauce. Topped with chopped red onions and cilantro.

Big Meaty $20.99

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, salami, and mozzarella cheese on a bed of red sauce.

Supreme $18.99

Sausage, bacon, salami, mushrooms, black olives, red onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese on a bed of red sauce.

Hawaiian $17.99

Canadian bacon, pineapple, and mozzarella cheese on a bed of red sauce.

Funky Chicken $19.99

Oven roasted chicken and mozzarella cheese on a bed of our very own Alfredo sauce. Topped with mushrooms, chopped red onions, bacon bits, and tomatoes.

Crazy Fitch $19.99

Sweet and Spicy Bravo sauce headlines this CRAZY good combination! Garlic Alfredo base, Mozzarella, crispy bacon, seasoned chopped chicken, and mushrooms topped with our signature Bravo sauce. Finished with cilantro.

The Cubano Pizza $19.99

Swiss Alfredo base, Bourbon Smoked Ham, Pulled Pork, Dill Pickles, finished with Yellow Mustard. Dynamite!

Pepperoni $17.99

Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese on a bed of red sauce.

Vegged Out $16.99

Tangy red sauce topped with bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, and black olives. Finished with Mozzarella.


Dill Dough $3.99

Cheesy Dill Biscuits served with Strawberry Preserves

Naughty Mashed $3.99

Pub Fries $3.99

Roasted Red Pepper Gouda Bisque Cup $4.99 / Bowl $6.99

Tossed Green Salad $5.99

Iceberg, Carrots, Onion, & Tomato. Available Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Honey Dijon, Italian, Balsamic, Vinaigrette.

House Tots $3.99

O-Rings $5.33

Pub Slaw $3.99

Side Caesar $6.79


Odd Selections for the younger crowd! 12 UNDER ONLY PLEASE!

Kids Smokey Mac $8.99

Cheesy Mac with little sausages

Kids Rooster Wings $9.99

Available in BBQ, Bravo, and Buffalo. Three Wings served with your choice of Fries or Tots.

Kids Burger $9.99

1/3 Lb. Ground Chuck Patty on a Brioche Bun, served with Fries or Tots.

Kids Cluckers $8.99

3 juicy tenders served with your choice of Fries or Tots.

Kids Grilled Cheese $7.99

Served with Fries or Tots.

Kids Pizza $7.99

Peperoni and Mozzarella cheese layered on flatbread.


Everyday 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Irish Nachos $7

Tater tots with queso cheese & bacon bits, topped with tomato, green onion, and sour cream. Add chili, beef, or chicken $3.00 more

Bangers N’ Mash $7

We grill these locally made, British style pork bangers and place them atop our naughty mash, with Guinness-braised onions. Served with our German vegetable medley.

Hot Spinach Dip $7

A creamy blend of spinach, garlic, Parmesan, and cream cheese. Served with toasted Crostini for dipping.

Mini Street Tacos $7

Corn tortillas topped with your choice of filling, taco chicken, pork carnitas, marinated steak or battered cod. Topped with our homemade pico, sauces, and cotija cheese. Battered cod add $1.00

Flatbread $7.00

Served atop a crispy flatbread, with marinara, mozzarella, and your choice of pepperoni, sausage, or cheese

Boneless Wings (8 pieces) $7.00

Tossed in your sauce of choice. Bravo, buffalo, barbecue, or naked

Red Pepper Hummus $7.00












Uber Eats




King County Restaurant Inspection Rating


“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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