900 Meridian Ave E, Milton, WA 98354


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10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:00 pm


10:30 am – 7:30 pm


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Oliver’s Sandwiches

Sandwich Shop in Milton, WA

21 reviews for “Oliver’s Sandwiches

  1. nazar bozhko

    Good bang for your buck😋

  2. Boonee W

    ALWAYS DELICIOUS! No matter how busy they keep everything tidy and clean, and the customer service is outstanding. The gentleman is very funny, he makes more of dry humor jokes but I love it. Being Gluten intolerant with all my friends being gluten lovers it is hard to eat out, however at Oliver’s they reassured me it was no trouble it would only take them a couple minutes extra and were hot on it. I always feel bad like I am putting food service people out when I go out to eat it feels really good to have a family run place that makes me feel like they actually value me as a customer and that it is really no trouble. This will be our weekly sandwich shop, plus I love knowing my money is going to a small family run business.

  3. calista breed

    Best sandwich place in edgewood!! the food is amazing, as well as the staff 🙂 this place never disappoints!!

  4. Dennis Munoz

    Oliver’s has great sandwiches
    If you’re a meat lover like me this is the the place for you. Service is good and the prices are on point.

  5. Jennifer

    Tried this place for lunch with my husband since we work in the same plaza and have heard other employees give good reviews. Maybe it was the time of the day, but we waited 40 mins for our order (which was past our lunch break) when asked when our order would be done, we were told “your sandwiches are done just haven’t gotten to your drinks” . We ordered bubble tea as well. They just kept starting other orders before finishing ours. Overly priced in my opinion and not that great of customer service. My sandwich was not that great either. I had a Philly that was over powered by the taste of earthy crunchy peppers and mushrooms, No flavor to the meat what soever. My husband had a Ruben and only took a couple bites because he said it tasted like how pool water would taste. Only good thing was the bubble teas. I’d prefer going to jersey mikes. Will not be returning here.

    Would also like to Add that the girl making the sandwiches did not change her cloves in between sandwiches and I also saw her wipe her cloves off with a paper towel! As well as the knife that was used to cut the sandwiches!

  6. Scott Holden

    best sandwhich ever

  7. Patrick Prater

    Love the types of sandwiches available there all delicious….

  8. Shaun Scott

    Best sandwich shop in the Pacific Northwest hands down!

  9. Tommy Bass (Bad Ass Sick Soundz)

    It gets busy and your sub might take a while to get made

  10. Gavin Bussell

    Friendly service, awesome food, definitely recommend

  11. Ruby

    100/100 veggie sandwich made to order.
    Sourdough, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, avocado, green bell pepper, mayo and cheese (one had cheddar one had pepper jack).
    Toasted bread would be good too but I loved it as is. Not a single scrap was left for either of us, we totally devoured it.
    We love it here.

  12. Sarah R

    The sandwiches were so great. The prices were reasonable. Next time I would do take out.

  13. Teri Lynn S

    OMG! This is quite literally the best sandwhich Ive ever had – and I do know my sandwhiches. Quality is excellent, everything was fresh, perfect combo of flavors, and seriously, you can’t beat the price for how great of a sandwhich you get. Yes! Im a little crazy about this sandwhich shop. And, I have to mention, the delivery guy was awesome (even though he doesnt work for Olivers). 5 stars, baby!

  14. Bill Craft

    Best Sandwich Shop in Washington

  15. Rachel Eastonuu I 8

    Very clean. Watched a lady reach down and tie shoes, immediatly washed hands. Another dropped a pen and took off gloves and got new ones after picking it up. Watched them prepare food and always kept clean and safe. Great food, well priced. Highly reccomend

  16. Dorel Radauceanu

    What a sandwich shop! Do yourself a favor and try this place! Get the Gladiator and the Philly Cheesesteak! As you can see I only have a photo of the Philly Cheesesteak as the Gladiator didn’t survive!

  17. Jessica Guiberson

    Idk……I asked the guy to make a bubble tea and he didn’t put the boba in it he put something else it in that made the drink not edible and apparently they were out of the boba but didn’t tell me before making? The gluten free sandwiches are good & I love the gluten free rice krispy treats that they have but will not be getting any bubble tea ever again there. Sticking to my gluten free sub only

  18. Olia M

    When ordering ask wait times…. waited about 30 min today. Would have never ordered if I knew how long this would take. Could have went to a sit down restaurant for same amount of wait for my food.

  19. Paul Dornisch

    It’s always a treat to go to Oliver’s in Milton. We live on South Hill and I hate that it’s not in Puyallup! 🙂 To be honest, we order the same sandwich, the Grilled Pastrami on Rye and we order it every time we go. We are in our 70’s and don’t eat as much as we use to so we share and are so full!! It is the best! The owner and his wife are great….friendly people. Prices are good ….. I would much rather spend my money on an Oliver sandwich then a fast food nightmare! Oliver’s is our favorite!

  20. Rhett Smith

    Matt & Jen are awesome owner’s. They make a great Philly and TBA on a Kaiser bun. They get busy around lunch. So call your order in or wait tell the traffic dies down.

  21. Drew C

    Always solid. For new customers— they make your sandwich then you pay. Feel free to hang out. A lot of confusion/hovering. Aside from that many tasty options all around, consistent and clean. My go to in the area. Only complaint is fry portion for the price.

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