31509 3rd Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010


47.318999097401, -122.00580751795


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm


11:00 am – 8:30 pm



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Oshio 2 Teriyaki & Burger

Japanese Restaurant in Black Diamond, WA




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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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27 reviews for “Oshio 2 Teriyaki

  1. Christina Jay

    Hands down the best tofu teriyaki I have ever had. So crispy crunchy! Delicious.

  2. joe Henry

    I got chicken teriyaki with fried rice took about 15 minutes very over priced And servings are not very big I recommend Covington teriyaki

  3. AuKryptik

    Omg this place was so good I’d travel 20 miles just to eat here

  4. Jazmyn Carter

    First of all, the mix of American and Asian food is freaking awesome! My boyfriend, my friend and I all stopped in to give it a try for this reason 🙂 we got the double bacon cheeseburger and spicy chicken teriyaki meals and 🤤 wow. Yummy. 10/10 would recommend and definitely going back

  5. Chad Karlewicz

    Chinese, Teriyaki, Burgers. Usually restaurants that offer all of these don’t do any of them well. Not the case with Oshio 2! Burgers are great, teriyaki chicken is delicious and I love their Gereral Tso’s chicken! Super fast and the staff is great!

  6. Wendy McLaughlin

    Excellent food rating. Quick and friendly service. The food has never disapointed me =)

  7. Roman Boyko

    Discovered this place not long ago and so far they have the best tasting chicken teriyaki and freshest salad in town. Gyoza is on point as well. Definitely coming back when I get a chance 👍🏼

  8. Jessica H

    Great family restaurant! We love coming here! Never had a bad experience.

  9. Nil Pinto

    Simple but tasty Asian food

  10. Kazuya Sakakihara

    Lemon chicken was good

  11. Alla Skalikeu

    Our favorite place to stop for teriyaki , the burgers are heavenly,…we’ve been here many many time and not once did the food tast off, perfect everytime.

  12. Lexi Szymaszek

    I love to stop here on the way home from an adventure. Giant portions, delicious food, and the best crunchy tofu ever.

  13. Sirena Kalinski

    Absolutely hands down 100% the best spicey chicken teriyaki!


    It wasn’t fresh katsu was ehh

  15. Nikita Litov

    Friendly employees as you walk in and out, nice atmosphere too. The food was delicious and was made well. Many options to choose from. Overall everything is awesome.


    What a wonderful taste of Burger.
    It was nice coal grilled meat pet and fresh veggies.
    We enjoyed it.

  17. Kira L'Heureux

    Friend staff, good food, you can dine in but with Togo containers. Doesn’t bother me in regards to dining but hate producing that much trash when not necessary (know this was normal during deep Covid but it’s mostly back to normal at most places)

  18. Karna Cristina

    Our go-to teriyaki place!

  19. Pedro Herrera

    I will never go again. the food was to salty my friends end I order water one of them got Lemonade by accidents and they make him throw it away a coworker have lonch he was eating at the car I tell him to join us he was there for 5min went the guy come end get him out that was really rude we will never go again the don’t care about costumer service at all yest ther for the money

  20. Nicholas Moen

    Even if you have to wait the food is fantastic. Usually I get there between usual mealtimes and in the time it takes to grab something from the mini mart next door my food is usually ready. My favorite spot for teriyaki, gyoza and egg rolls.

  21. Tyler Dobbs

    Best mongolian beef I’ve had, the meat wasn’t chewy but savory, the rice wasn’t overcooked but soft and flavorful. Don’t know how you did it, but keep doing it. Was incredibly surprised how good the meal was. Good job.

  22. john “Bav” Bavendam

    Good size portions chicken was a bit more cooked than I prefer and the spicy was not my favorite overall decent place

  23. Ron Cox

    Always a great burger and staff is friendly.

  24. Trees

    I’ve only had the burgers so far but everything has been delicious.

  25. Hannah Varian

    I really like this place. Good food, quiet atmosphere and even when you get it delivered it’s just as good as fresh at the restaurant. I’ve tried a handful of items here and everything has been well made.

  26. Rod Sherman

    The chicken was so tough i could barely chew it. Stringy and tough as nails. No refund offered. Not for $18. Go anywhere else for better chicken.

  27. Raven Savage

    Always love their Yakisoba and Chicken Katsu! Great customer service and never have to wait long.

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