404 Salmonberry Ln SW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569


46.9504627, -124.150765


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


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8:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Oyhut Bay Grill

Bar & Grill in Ocean Shores, WA


61 reviews for “Oyhut Bay Grill

  1. Brittany N

    As someone who unfortunately has severe food allergies, they were so great about informing me of what options I had. The burger I had was delicious, the drink was amazing. I wish I could come back more often!

  2. Loreen Parkerson

    Girls weekend, Stopped for Happy hour, Appetizers were great

  3. Josh Preble

    We always come here for their delicious prime rib dips, but gave their brunch a try today and was not disappointed. They have one of the best chicken fried steaks I’ve had in a long time. House made, fresh, crispy, and smothered with a delicious sage gravy.

  4. John Altshuler

    Very pleasant, light and friendly atmosphere. I enjoyed immensely an absolutely hands down delicious Grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwich accompanied by a good sized mixed greens salad with candied pecans, goat cheese and a creatively appealing cranberry vinaigrette. I can’t say enough about Executive Chef Danica’s creative culinary creations. Service was perfect both for our eat in and take out experiences. In Ocean Shores Oyhut Bay Grill is at the top of my restaurant list.

  5. Joe Hughes

    Always great service…and amazing food!
    The best Reuben Sandwich I’ve had in years!

  6. Brenda Houston

    Fabulous food and great atmosphere!

  7. Peter Bautista

    Fine dining spot indeed in Oceanshores, WA.

  8. Dennis Durnell

    Great atmosphere, awesome food and drinks, all tucked into a beautiful little community. We have never been disappointed with anything, by far our favorite restaurant in the area!

  9. Virginia Reisenauer

    Delicious pepperoni pizza, huckleberry martinis and great service.

  10. Yaroslav

    the meat is very tasty, but a lot of salt

  11. Barbara Boede

    Server was always busy talking to people instead of serving us, long wait to place order or actually even to get a drink order in…Food was cold ..ordered prime rib had to ask 3 times for the dipping juice to b hot…never was…I had blackened tuna cold….took most to go to hear at home….would never go back…

  12. Brigette Gregory-Slayter

    Holy whoa!!! Scallops were on point!!! Loved it!!!
    Best skinny margarita ever too!!!

  13. Crystal Craig

    Fun modern atmosphere, clean, great service, great food! We’ll go back for sure

  14. Stephanie Bellon

    This is my favorite restaurant. I have celiac disease and have never gotten sick eating here. The food is amazing. The staff is amazing. And the atmosphere is amazing. I highly recommend!!

  15. Audrey H

    Delicious gluten free selections on the menu

  16. Lesley Chan

    I seem to always make it here with every Ocean Shores trip, one of the best restaurants in the city. They have really good service in comparison to the dozen other places around town.

  17. Mary Hill

    Stopped in for light lunch after movie. Excellent service and our soup was very good. Had a nice enjoyable time.

  18. John Beck

    Enjoyed dinner with a large group of friends last night. As usual it was a great experience.

    There are some new menu items and we had a number of them. Everything was really good. The restaurant was very busy but our server Tim managed to take excellent care of the nine of us.

    The Oyhut Bat Grill is one of Ocean Shores real treasures.

  19. Candyce Lowe

    The food was amazing. The eggs Benedict was beautiful and the egg was perfect. The chicken fried steak was awesome too

  20. The Mystic Spartan

    Great service great food and serving sizes the waiter we had was amazing constantly making us laugh and checking up on us regularly.

  21. Ventron

    Rueben was just ok. Needed way more dressing

  22. Justine!

    Oyhut Bay Grill always fills the heart with outstanding service and fills the tummy with incredible delights. Their roasted brussel sprouts are my favorite and tonight they were served alongside the most delicious seared halibut with honey mustard glaze – oh. my. word.

    Every time I return to the Shore the chefs and severs make me feel like family. Thank you all for the joy you pour into serving!

    ~Ms. Locke

  23. Riley Hoagland

    The food was presented really well. Basic breakfast set on a beautiful square plate. The tables there I’m told are custom built by a local. They’re all one of a kind and gorgeous. With peekaboo views of the ocean on the upper level. Staff was amazing and had a great time talking about the area.

  24. Russ Smith

    Nice restaurant in the resort community.

  25. donald laurence

    Delicious food, great service, nice area, would definitely recommend!!

  26. rebecca velayas

    The food was great. The service was a little slow in the beginning but then picked up. The prices were a little high for the portions you got and it was just the entree with no sides.

  27. Morgan Brown

    We went here expecting to pay a little more for the fine dining experience. We ordered the steamer clams and calamari to start, then we had a pear and prosciutto pizza. Everything was wonderful and the staff was kind and attentive.

  28. Dale Hawkins

    everything was above average, while at the same time, not too much stood out. nice view. the fries were pretty good, and the burger looked to be cooked perfectly. the portobello sandwich was quite good.

  29. Matthew Fisher

    My family (5 adults) met here for dinner. The atmosphere is conducive to a great dining experience. The servers were spot on, especially Leslie. The Chef came out and said, Hello to us. The menu had a selection for all of us. I had the Curry Coconut Butternut Squash. Others had scallops, prawns and Seafood Fettuccini. The portions were good; we took some home. We didn’t eat dessert. We didn’t have drinks other than water. Overall I would highly recommend Oyhut Bay Grill.

  30. ABlun

    Came for Thursday night bingo. It was very fun! Got a couple of beers and shared the chicken taco salad, which was delicious.

  31. Jarrod Dean

    Lovely little surprise. I had brunch with my wife and it was great. Food was delicious and the service was wonderful. We’ll definitely come back. This place gets very busy during peak hours and weekends so just plan for it.

  32. Mithias Spencer

    Oyhut Grill is worth every penny

    Our server Brandee was phenomenal! We had the 14 oz Rib eye which was tender and juicy and melted like butter with each bite the asparagus was cooked expertly and the potatoes were light and fluffy and flavorful.

    Drink wise we had the Peachy keen cocktail and The Maeloc Blackberry cider. Which were light, refreshing and delicious.

    I mixed the Cider into my ginger ale and *chefs kiss*

    If you’re in Oyhut bay and looking for a relaxed but upscale atmosphere and phenomenal food couple with spectacular service look no further than Oyhut Grill!

  33. Kaitlynne Donahue

    Very, VERY expensive for what it is. We had the peanut butter bacon burger, cheese and Hawaiian pizzas, and the Mac & Cheese. The standout was definitely the burger with the Cajun tots. The pizzas are a pre made crust and were okay but the cheese was hardly melted in an effort to serve our food quickly. For the same price as my medium pizza, you could get an XL at Red Genie, be much more satisfied, and feed your whole family. Mac was watery (it seemed like it was a reheat from frozen?) but ultimately tasted good.
    If you come for steak and seafood, I think you will be pleased but anything else on their menu is filler, expensive, and not really their forte.

  34. Mike Rogers

    We had a reservation for 7pm and arrived right on time. They decided to give our table to a walk-in group that got there about 5 minutes before we did and ended up wearing us at a table in the bar. No big deal right? WRONG! We waited over a half an hour for a server to even bring us water and then waited another 10 minutes to please an order. That’s right. We were at our table for over 40 minutes before even placing any kind of food or drink order. We ordered 1 appetizer and our meals at the same time. Our appetizer came just after the 1 hour mark. We then proceeded to wait another 20 minutes for our food. Unfortunately the staff wasn’t really apologetic. I’m not looking for a free meal or a whole song and dancem But maybe at least apologize for the long wait or say anything to us at all while passing by us several times while waiting on the nearby tables? I had the peanut butter burger which was so-so at best. It was overcooked and pretty dry. My wife had the scallops and they were fine. Not the best I have tasted but not the worst either. Long story short, you couldn’t pay me to go back here.

  35. xsz dad

    Great little place. Brunch was amazing the chicken and waffles were delicious!

  36. roxana arias

    Wonderful all around

  37. Don Hopwood

    Also amazing wine! Charming spot 😻

  38. Heather Mueller

    Very impressed by this restaurant. Went there for my birthday, amazing good and great drinks. Even had non-alcoholic cocktails! Staff was super friendly and prompt and there was live music. Cant wait to go back!

  39. Rory Skaramuca

    Not quite off of the beaten path, but definitely not on the main drag. Great
    Food at a reasonable price. Yummy, I couldn’t have asked for my family to have chosen a better place to celebrate my birthday.

  40. Anne Trent

    Good food, but they do not have take out orders during busy hours.

  41. Paul Oliver (Pauliver)

    Great for a cocktail or dinner. If you have the flexibility in your plans, show up for happy hour between 3 and 4.

  42. Ganna Golovenko (Anna)

    Wonderful cozy place and at the same time a lot of space and a lot of tables both inside and outside. Wonderful decor, great menu, tasty food.

  43. Marissa Peralta

    Now, this was unfortunate. I’ll explain.
    We clearly caught them on a very poor/busy night. The weather was great this weekend, which I think brought a crowd of people that they were unprepared to serve. We were a party of 5. It took over two hours to receive our order, and we didn’t even get everything we ordered.

    At 6:30 we were seated. At 7, our order was taken for drinks and appetizers. At 7:30 (without apps on the table and first drinks being brought out, they took our dinner order). At nearly 9pm (when they close), we received our mains, with no appetizers. Then, once done with our mains, they said the appetizers were finished…..

    It was a nutty night, and personally, the food was not worth the hassle (I ordered the ribeye).

    I’d like to note that our server was very sweet, and this was a kitchen back-up issue. It was just a very unfortunate experience. I know in my bones that if it weren’t so chaotic from the random good weather, this wouldn’t have occurred. This was just unfortunately the evening I experienced.

  44. Jeff Davis

    Possibly the best Filet I’ve never had, cocktails on point, loved the vibe

  45. Lorie Brady

    We came to Oyhut for my birthday. We had the pork belly appetizer, vegetable beef soup, scallops, mac and cheese, and a cheese pizza. I had a mint julep. All of the food was delicious and presented nicely. The drink was strong but tasty. The food was fantastic, but the service and ambiance were the highlight of the evening. If you are in Ocean Shores, be sure to visit this quaint area that is out of the way of the city center.

  46. Jonathan Swanson

    Great food 10 minutes from Ocean Shores. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is amazing.

  47. Jane Raymond

    Such a nice little place. I had their chicken sandwich with the garlic truffle fries. It was soooo good. I will definitely being back and trying their ribeye out next! The waitress that served us was very polite and friendly.
    Definitely a MUST!

  48. Claudia Ionescu

    Great restaurant, so happy we discovered it !

  49. Amy Hoppe

    Very loud inside.

  50. Victoria Staehler

    The food was amazing. But the service may have been the worst I’ve ever encountered. Horrible waitress. 45 year old brunette. Didn’t get her name. She was also training someone. I feel sorry for them.

  51. Kurt Del Rosario

    Enjoyed the food calamari and halibut fish and chips were good

  52. Deborah Arora

    The wait for food was way too long. Had to ask for water 3 times. A medium filet came rare, sent back for a re-fire and it was still rare. My husband carried it to the kitchen and watched them re-fire it, twice, and they were “snarky” about doing it. No compensation. No apology (or even acknowledgement) from management. It’s one thing if this was a $30 steak – but it’s not. This was a $60 steak.
    If you’re going to charge Seattle prices, then offer Seattle service.

  53. Yevhen Karychkovskyi

    Amazing place! We were really impressed and satisfied with food and service at this place. The quality is really high for its price

  54. Estaceli Loui

    This place is so cute! That alone made me wanna check it out but the food was incredible! All perfectly prepared, seasoned & cooked. My favorite was the curry clam chowder (the server said it’s won awards!) and the steamers. The bread was super tasty too, even just on its own but especially dipped in the steamers broth.

  55. Andrey Morokhov

    The food is good, and the service more the five.

  56. Andrea Zimmerman

    Wonderful food, loved the live music and vibe. My husband and I were in town for the weekend and found this gem of a restaurant. We chatted with Danika and Jackie who made and served up great food as well as delightful conversation. The place definitely gives off ‘Virgin River’ Jack’s Bar vibes.

  57. Steve Mills

    Reconsider How Much You Can Eat, The Staff Was Amazing and Dang, So Much Foot To Take Home. Seriously, Adjust How Much You Can Eat As This Shop Does Not Skimp On Quality and Quality!

  58. Suzanne S

    One of our favorites!

  59. John Kelly

    Food is amazing!!! Price is high.

  60. Reece Resnik (John)

    Not worth the high dollar price. Oyhut burger was burnt, Mac n cheese not worth the price at all. Only good thing was the pork belly

  61. Kathy McKnight

    We first came here 1 year ago and the food was fantastic. We came again for our anniversary because of that experience. Our server Melia was awesome on all levels! Potatoes and grilled vegetables were great but the ribeye steak was obviously a lesser grade of meat. There was a lot of gristle and steak was tough. We always order ribeye as it’s a forgiving cut, even if cooked medium well. We didn’t complain as we were enjoying everything else.

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