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Palenque Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant in Liberty Lake, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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60 reviews for “Palenque

  1. Robert Brinkley

    Great Mexican food. We had 11 people in our party and the service and food was excellent. I highly recommend this place.

  2. Melissa Domas

    I am in town for work, and seen you guys had awesome reviews online and your food looked amazing. I am traveling by myself but since you guys didnt have any “small” tables empty, I was told you were full. There were multiple booths and tables open but since I was by myself I couldn’t have a table. I was offered the full menu at the bar but I wasn’t interested, so I left.

  3. Jennie Ward

    The food is great! Our server was very fun! It’s a little spendy for Mexican food and drinks, but really good!

  4. Ross Simonds

    We absolutely love having Palenque in Liberty Lake. We eat there multiple times a week and love it! Family owned and great service. Shredded beef tacos, enchiladas and steak fajitas are fantastic. Highly recommended!

  5. Breena Zane

    Very good. Bar tender was awesome. Careful the drink was strong! They do cook some things with lard but were able to cook around my allergies.

  6. Elayne Semko

    The food was very good and the staff was friendly and attentive. We will definitely be return customers!

  7. Cynthia Elliott

    I placed a pick up order and when I got home which is about 15 min away with my order part of it wasn’t there. There was no rice with one of the entrees and I ordered a side of rice which I didn’t get. We also ordered a large nacho and it was the size of a small dinner plate. I called to tell them and the young lady who answered said “things happen”. I owned a cafe for 9 years and I would never had said that to a customer. I told the young lady the appropriate answer would be ” what can I do to make this right”. I didn’t want to drive back so I said we probably wouldn’t be back for awhile. I hung up and a minute or so the manager called me back and I explained everything to him. His solution was a $3.00 credit. REALLY! I told him that was OK but we won’t be going back. I know with covid things are different that’s why we try to order from places we used to go to to help them stay open. We won’t be helping them!

  8. Trevor Mee

    Burritos were ok but no where near real Mexican tasting and for a pickup order for my lunch they did not give any utensils or napkins and they were requested on the app and also pretty expensive $39 for 2 burritos that tasted worse than taco bell

  9. Dante Leaf

    Phenomenal restaurant, paired with great food. and outstanding service! i got the pleasure of being served by Gera and let me tell does he understand customer service. All of my needs were accommodated and i was not in shortage of anything once. highly recommend and will definitely be back.

  10. Amanda Carey

    Service was great. Food was bland and when we were getting ready to leave we saw our waiter dipping his finger in the bottles of salsa. Like he was taste testing?? Grossed us out a little bit.

  11. Ginger

    Great little place for mexican food! Rather typical food for the type of place. Would definately eat there again. The views of the course were really nice and the staff was extremely accommodating to me having my baby in her car seat. They brought me a cradle for it, so my 4 month old could rest comfortable next to me while I could eat in peace. Very friendly and would have to recommend their huckleberry margarita as well! Great place for a lunch date!

  12. Paul Ramey

    It may be that we arrived right at opening but I am the type of person that expects you to be ready to go if you are open, not still trying to figure out how to start your day. The waitress was not very friendly and I had to ask multiple times for things as simple as a light beer, and after waiting for what seemed like forever for our bill we just got up and went to the register where they still had difficulty finding our bill. The music channel they were playing kept having some very annoying barking noise in it. The food was ok but a little bland. The older gentleman (who may be the owner) was very kind and had a great personality. He is the reason this gets 2 stars instead of 1.
    I will go back at a different time and see if the experience improves.

  13. Jacqueline Vasquez

    I am a vegetarian, so I ordered a vegie taco salad. It didn’t have much flavor. I’m sure that probably their meat selections tasted much better. People who eat meat just don’t know how to make good tasting vegetarian food. I guess I’ll keep searching

  14. Jess Hughes

    We have been going there for many years. The food and service are consistently excellent.

  15. LeAnn Aakre

    Just a few blocks from my home, this is the go-to spot for Mexican food! I really missed certain items it since moving from San Diego years ago.
    So this was a pleasant surprise to find in my new community; the chicken quesadilla is my favorite and half of it comes home with me for breakfast – double the joy!
    Very busy place, nice atmosphere, very attentive staff – family oriented as well. Nice to have the golf course view and deck dining in good weather too. Go there!

  16. Frankie Douglass

    Wait staff appeared very stressed out Saturday night. Kept hearing loud sighs as walked by. Served us water but never asked if we wanted drinks. Food was great. Asked us how we were doing as they went by to serve others.

  17. Jessie Baraga

    Food, prices, drinks, atmosphere were fantastic. The best part was our waiter. He had us laughing every time he came to check on us and was super friendly. Will be coming back.

  18. Melanie Alcamo

    The food is very good. Always have the best service!!!! We eat here at lest twice a month.

  19. Maria Marin

    The best food I’ve ever eat. Excellent service. Nice place. Love it. I will come back soon.

  20. Darlene Backes

    The Pork Carnitas Street Tacos are the best w fresh onions and cilantro. Their frozen Margaritas are so yummy and they definitely do not skimp on the booze. Fast and friendly service as well. Also, love the golf course and mountain view.

  21. Sahra Swaford

    Really great service. The rice wasn’t very flavorful. The beans were delicious. I had shrimp. It was good. Nice view of the golf course. The prices were great for lunch…so-so for dinner, for what you get. I would go again and just order something for lunch next time. My waitress was wonderful.

  22. Stephanie G

    Happy Hour 🔥 Cadilac margaritas with chips and salsa…Amazing!!

  23. Sam Foster

    I’m 6 months pregnant and got the worst case of food poisoning from this restaurant. I went there on a Monday and it is now Thursday and I’m still experiencing the aftermath of that experience. It’s a shame because I’ve come here for years but I won’t be able to come back. I had the chimichanga, and it came with lettuce, guac and sour cream. I imagine it came from any of these items.

  24. mark Brassington

    Not up to the usual fare…could have easily microwaved a pair of burritos and had a better meal.

  25. Robbin Dean

    Awesome food. Great service. Fair price.

  26. Monica Harper

    Palenque’s has always been one of my favorite restaurants. The great food. The beauty. But something has changed as far as the people working there. I feel resented, too much trouble. The waitress rolled her eyes a couple of times just asking for extra napkins or a spoon. I feel they don’t care about happy customers any more. The staff made me feel unwanted.

  27. Mel Zimmer

    Quick service for lunch. Patio overlooked golf course. All tables had own individual umbrellas for shade. Marquaritas were delicious! Enchilada lunch special was good… We split it but honestly better size for just one person. Good background music. Would eat here again.

  28. Corrine Schirmer

    How can you beat having great Mexican food out on a deck overlooking the beautiful little executive 9 golf course in Liberty Lake? The margaritas are fabulous, and I’m glad I ordered the medium! It was plenty big enough! Staff was very friendly from the moment we walked on! Waiter was great, attentive and very sweet. I’ll definitely be returning!

  29. Andrew Malara

    I’m from Colorado and this is the best Mexican food I’ve had in eastern Washington!

  30. Kendra Smith

    Celebrated our anniversary and enjoyed the owner and staff. Enjoyed it all!

  31. michael councilor

    Awesome food, great service. Bartender is quick and consistent

  32. Megan McCormick

    Delicious food and good service. Nice view of the golf course.

  33. Franky Velazquez

    I love this place. Been going there for over 10 years and never had a bad experience.

  34. Matt Seward

    Food was decent, waiter took our chips while we were finishing up as I ate.

  35. Misty Cusick

    I asked if there were any good Mexican restaurants and I was referred to Palenque. I didn’t really trust a Mexican restaurant attached to a golf course and Yelp had really mixed reviews. However, I wanted enchiladas so we went to check it out. I was very satisfied. I got the two enchilada and Chile relleno combo, as this is my go-to comfort food dish. It hit the spot. The enchiladas could use a little more sauce, but the flavors were good and the cheese was melty. The chile in the relleno was good. The beans could use some salt or see kind of other flavor, but it’s all good if you have enough sauce to mix. I went back and the food was consistently satisfying. I’m glad to know I have a place in Liberty Lake that I can go to for my enchilada cravings.

    It’s not “authentic” Mexican food. It’s comfort food, more akin to New-Mex style food. Cheesy, melty, good flavors. The salsa also has good flavor but it is super liquidy, which makes it difficult to eat on the chips. The chips also need salt, but there is salt on the table, so again, all good.

  36. Sandi Bennett

    Food was excellent! Street tacos and enchiladas. Margarita was not too sweet and a great price for the size. Service was good.

  37. m Brugger

    Diamond in the rough. Behind a parking lot for the golf course BUT…beautiful views of the golf course and mountains…nice “south of the border” atmosphere…and good food, fast service. Excellent happy hour Margaritas 🙂 loved it.

  38. Sondra Renz

    Food was amazing. We came in with a large group and they were very accommodating. Service was fast, prices were very reasonable, and everyone left satisfied. 10/10

  39. Mike Monk

    Not sure what to say.
    Third time here, first two experiences would be rated ” just ok”.
    This time….taco Tuesday….
    Two people.
    Two different entrees.
    Prices on the high side IMHO.
    How can an entree that has so many different ingredients ..taste…like….nothing?
    No taste, no spice, no zing, no caramelization, meat was supposed to be flank steak but had the consistency of damp beef jerky put in a laundry dryer with no taste.
    Fajita came out on room temperature platter. taste..verified by two different people.
    The portions are generous, everything looks relatively fresh ( veggies etc.) but somehow , combining all these ingredients resulted in a flat tasting entree.

    The chips were decent and the salsa was actually pretty good.

    We did not come close to finishing our food and declined boxes and dessert. At that point the loud , talkative waiter should have asked if we had found a problem with the food, or did we want something else…bummed. Many employees walked by eyeing full untouched plate…. pretty sure the guy in the red shirt was the manager…..nothing.

    Return…..not likely.

  40. Gale Goldman

    If they would give me a spoon, I would eat their salsa like soup. The food and service are always wonderful. My first choice for Mexican food!

  41. Sue Binger

    We had an absolutely delicious dinner tonight at Palenques in Liberty Lake. Fish Tacos were excellent, delicious and perfectly prepared. It’s so nice to have this wonderful restaurant so close to home.

  42. Sandra Held

    We are new residents to the area. We love Mexican food and are very happy with the entrees we ordered. Both entrees were delicious and generous in portion. The employees made us feel welcome and provided great service.

  43. Susan Farmer

    Great food and friendly service. The view of the golf course was nice. They were able to accommodate our large group. None of us are from the area, but if we come back we will definitely eat here again.

  44. Brian Morris

    Mexican food for white people. Not really authentic. Spicy level 1 to 10. I give them a 3. I give this place a meh at best.

  45. Kyle Johnson

    Palenque is such a fun place to come to and eat out on the balcony that overlooks the golf course. The service is friendly and the food comes out fast! My family hardly ordered and our food was right out! Not to mention the food was super good!

  46. Deb Schomer

    Finally got to try this place! The food and service were excellent! A great surprise was the refried beans were not run of the mill, they were a little spicy and yummy!

  47. Hannah Wolrehammer

    Good ole palenque’s! As someone who loves Mexican and has been to a lot of Mexican places I know my stuff. Here is my reason for two stars. The service was really good, friendly people and just a great environment. Let’s talk about the food. The food was ok my server told me hot plate be careful and she set my food down with a hot pad. After she left I went to move my plate closer to me and it wasn’t even hot! It was cold! I then went for a bite of my quesadilla and it was also cold the cheese was not melted. I give the quesadilla 3 out of 10. The rice was not my cup of tea and it was cold also so 3 out of 10. But, the beans tho were outstanding and were nice and hot. 8 out of 10. However; when I got my bill it was 20 dollars for my meal. 20 dollars! That’s more then I would normally pay for what I order l. Usually I pay about 10-12 dollars for my meal so a little pricy for cold food. Probably won’t come back as also I was told you are part of ranch viejo and they really suck!

  48. Brittany Allen

    Wrote a review a week ago about how thier takeout is terrible in comparison to eating in. I deleted it because the workers are nice. Husband just picked up takeout tonight and we both threw ours out. Wet soggy tacos and my husbands was missing half a shell. He was begging me to try the tacos he had in person last week with his work team. I told him to go at Palenque is awful. He said let’s try takeout again, maybe it was just a fluke. Nope! Literally cold soggy tacos. We opened the trash can and tossed them. We will give our business to Mexico Lindo from now on. They actually care about the quality and not just about their profit!

  49. Haley Amsel

    Really good! They moved a block west next to wake up call, the new building is very nice! 🌮🌯

  50. Steve Curran

    Very disappointed.. Been coming here for 9 months now on average I come and eat here about 3-4 times a month. Wife and I came in on 9/15/22 for lunch and ordered the Arroz Con Pollo. It was full of grease and the rice from the grease made it very mushy.. I know I won’t be ordering this dish ever again, as this dish was my favorite. Hopefully the new location didn’t make your cooks cut corners and become lazy.. If there was a way to post a pic of what my lunch looked like, I would of have posted it with this post.. Have to think hard about trying Palenque again…

  51. E Davis

    Palenque has moved, unbelievably nice brand new restaurant…unfortunately the food still lacks flavor, some things over cooked. New venue but still the same underwhelming taste!! Wifes shrimp are brown almost burnt in photos.

  52. Laurie Weatherbee

    They recently moved from the golf course to a new location a few blocks west. The new restaurant is beautiful and the staff is really attentive. I would have liked my food a little warmer but it was delicious! A must to visit for a good meal!!

  53. Bryan McLelland

    Pablo and Marco are gentleman and scholars! The new facility has fabric designed and made in their hometown! The pictures on the walls are painted with Love by a women and artist from their home village. Modern, authentic decor with food that will make you eyes bulge with delight! The food is hot, fresh, tasty and authentic. The drinks are ice cold and poured steep so buckle up for friendly service and an amazing experience.

  54. Jada Bellrose

    Love this place! The food is consistently good and the staff are frickin awesome. Fun to sit on the patio overlooking the golf course and watch people play (especially when they’re playing poorly… which is often.) Service is fast, chips and salsa are delicious, and the margaritas are tops.

  55. Brett Schoenberger

    Delicious and decently priced, clean restaurant and friendly staff. Well lit and generously portioned.

  56. Desi Ray

    Service was nice, as they tried to accommodate for the food, which was sub par at best. Ordered the combo chili relleno and shredded beef chimichanga with refried beans, and hubby had combo taco and chili relleno. His shell looked and tasted like box shells and came cracked. Manager without asking was kind enough and brought a fresh taco, but we didn’t want to complain cause shell was not the only issue. Mngr said, “every time the shell breaks. Always.” Well when they’re not fresh made, they will. The chips and salsa had a lot to be desired too, was runny and just 2 pieces if onion in it, very mild, so we ordered pico de gallo, but the bill had a $2.50 charge on it for it, which they did not inform us of. It was mostly white onion and tomato, no cilantro to speak of, or any serrano or jalapeños at all. Chips were served cold and hard, and tasted stale. Mngr warmed them which helped, but I’ve had better bagged chips sadly. The beans were watered down and just tasted weird. I’ve had better canned, again sad to say. Chili relleno was just ok, and not very good if I’m being honest. Chimichanga was okay. Just beef inside. Price point 16$ for 2 items and beans and rice. Pics will look ok, but taste is surely lacking. We had high hopes for this new restaurant to the Liberty Lake area, but I’d suggest keep looking or cook at home if you want Mexican food. We won’t be back. Sorry.

  57. Shanna Simmons

    My mother and I went for Mother’s Day and boy do I feel bad for making the choice to eat there. It was the first time for both of us and they have been there for years so I assumed it must be good. It was about 3pm when we got there. It was a very bar atmosphere the entire time. Loud, maybe a little tipsy talkers. A toddler crying too. Busy. I was suprised how little of selection the menu had. Took me forever to decide on something to order. I asked for mild salsa but it wasent mild. Asked for pico de gallo instead but it tasted terrible. The tomatos were green and orange. Not ripe. Yuck. Asked for a bean dip. It was a little spicy but better of the other 2 choices. I ordered a blackberry margerita. The picture on the menu looked so good. A deep plum color. My margarita was white with a few streaks of plum color. WASENT ABLE TO PUT THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF FLAVOR IN IT. Had to send it back. ???? WTH? My mom ordered a tostada. When she got her plate, it looked like a plate of basic bagged salad mix. She couldnt find the tortilla. She asked the waiter and with his help she was able to find it. WHAT??? We ordered some carne asada fries, California Fries they call them and I had no words for what they gave me. If you search google for carne asada fries images, you would never find anything that looked like what they served me. Fries, cilantro, steak and a light layer of grated parmesan cheese. Like you would put on your spagetti. WHAT??? I ordered nachos and the meat had a different taste to it. Looking at the texture, I would say it wasent just ground beef but I dont know for sure to say for sure. My mom didnt finish even half of her “tostada” and didnt want to take it home. Took the fries home with plans of making them the “carne asada fries” they were supposed to be. HOPE! We had originally ordered an order of nachos to take home to my dad but after the meal so far we canceled those plans. Im posting some pictures but I dont think the pics get attached to the exact review that they were posted with but I hope so so that people are able to see. And after all that, $70 bill. Make me sick to my stomach. Everything about the experience was not good. Blows my mind.

  58. Carlie L

    Location is great to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the view of Trailhead golf course. Service is always fast and friendly.

    Food and drinks are decent. I like the fish tacos, housemade chips and salsa, and quesadilla. My husband enjoys the burritos and enchiladas. I always get the house margarita since it’s a bit less sweet than their other drinks.

  59. Jeff Stewart

    They recently moved from inside Trailhead golf course to their own new building. We were excited to check out the new look. They have always had great food but the old place looked old.
    The first impression of the new place was that it’s oddly broken up into several areas. The first area seems like there are tables in what should be just the entrance or lobby. Then you walk past some tables around the corner that feel like they are in a hallway. Finally we were led to the back or the front depending on how you look at it because that is the street side. It was a very nice room with great decor but the lights were super bright. I mean no exaggeration at all it was bright white lights. Very difficult to enjoy dinner under that much light. We told the hostess who sat us that it was too bright and she just laughed it off. We told our waitress if it could be dimmed but she said no.
    So they still have great food but I will not eat there again unless they change the lighting.

  60. Dave Griffiths

    This place had mediocre food and tried to not honor the prices for drinks on their menu.

    The drink menu clearly states that the normal price for a “house margarita” is 9.50.

    At the bottom of the menu it says happy hour prices for a “house margarita “ is 6.95

    Happy hour is 7 days a week from 3:00-6:00 pm.

    After we were charged full price, I asked the manager and he said he would not charge our bill, that we needed to speak with our waiter.

    Waiter said no that’s the price. He said we needed to point to the menu and ask for a happy hour house margarita. I literally started laughing, so you get one half the size for a 2.50 discount!!! Do you hear yourself I say.

    I point to the menu and ask what is the difference between a “house margarita” and a “house margarita” the truth is the special is 2.50 off the normal price and they didn’t want to give us the discount that’s on their own menu.

    This is on top of the fact that 7 of us had dinner and the check was 160.00 , which is fine. But arguing with us about not giving the correct bill after spending that much is terrible business.

    I will never go back. If you go please test them and order a happy hour margarita, I quarantine you it will be the size as the one that’s normally 9.50. I hope they read this review and our embarrassed.

    I have included photos of their menu so you can see how dishonest they were with me. All of ours were ordered on the rocks just as the menu required for the discount.

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