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Pentagon Bistro

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “Pentagon Bistro

  1. Stephanie Lutje

    Happy hour is a good time to go. Small area and a bit crowded for dinning. The food is delicious but service was a little slow and we had to wait a while to get our check. If you want to try something different, I feel like it is definitely worth it.

  2. Frieda Berkenbile

    Food was fantastic. Brie was fixed different from what I am used to and I loved it! Waitress was awesome!

  3. Michael Smith

    Top notch. Excellent selection of top shelf whiskey and tequila, excellent food and outstanding service. I would recommend finding any reason to dine in at The PentagonBistro

  4. Nonna

    My 2 high school friends and I meet and had a 2 hour lunch. We were comfortable and encouraged to relax and take our time. I chose the onion soup with ‘no damn lettuce’ salad. Both were delicious. I’d definitely go back.

  5. War Eagle

    I’ve had good food here in the past few months but I honestly wasn’t blown away tonight. I don’t know what it was but I’ll be giving them another shot here soon to redeem themselves.

  6. Jolene Crocker

    A server split greasy sauce down the back of my jacket. I had to ask to have it wiped off. Then I was offered advice on how to clean it myself. The martinis were not so good.

  7. Natalie Patel

    Food is sooooo good! We went tonight for Inlander restaurant week. I had the chicken dijon and it was amazing as well as lemon cheesecake. We will be returning. Our waitress Courtney was so attentive. It was so busy but you wouldn’t know by how well she took care of us.

  8. wolfboi7243 wyatt

    Best food ever great service awesome atmosphere

  9. Mallory J

    This place is a step up front what was here before. I enjoy both of the other restaurants, Oval Office and White House as well. It is nice to see a good restaurant in Liberty Lake. Options here are so limited. Yes the restaurant is small, can be a little noisy, but honestly I prefer some noise over other tables hearing my conversation. Excited for the day we will be able to eat inside a restaurant again.

  10. Donna Nowak

    Excellent food and service!! Recommend for your dining experience!! We had the blackened salmon ceasar caesar salad and cioppino….delicious!!!!! Enjoy!

  11. set fogman

    The fettuccine was ok but was very close to a soup, it was just swimming in a super heavy sauce. Also since it is super super rich you might want to by a bathroom.

  12. Helen Wilson

    Great service, delicious food and the best martinis around. Highly recommend!

  13. Laura M C Dusek

    This was my first time here. The drinks were super good. Appetizers were excellent. I will definitely be going back

  14. Nellie Spencer

    The food was good, and the servers were pleasant. We had a reservation but they were behind so we agreed to a table in the bar. Unfortunately it was right under a speaker. The noise was overbearing. We asked to move to the dining room and were told they would let us know when a table was open. We were never re-seated and it took a long time to get our food. Not a good overall experience.

  15. Shae Holland

    This place was incredible! The flavor of the food is spot on and you can tell this restaurant takes pride in providing great quality dishes! This is a must try!

  16. Shelley Goodsall

    The Pentagon was wonderful!!! Our kids went there and told us how great it was, so we had to try it. We have more reservations there in a week for a birthday celebration for 6 people. We live right here in Liberty Lake, and we will be dining there often. The service is awesome and the food is outstanding. Be sure and make reservations because the word is out about what a great place it is to meet for a wonderful experience. You need to try it!!! You won’t be disappointed.

  17. Bill K

    Risotto bowl with sea bass is absolutely delicious! Same fish as the mixed grill at the White House which may be my all time favorite restaurant meal

  18. Emily Gehrke

    After having a horrible experience at another restaurant in CDA, we decided to finally try out Pentagon. It sucks feeling unwelcomed at a place you are about to blow $100+ at, so when we were immediately greeted with smiles and service at Pentagon, we felt at ease. Our waiter was phenomenal, made excellent recommendations, and was fun.

    This was for my husbands and my one year anniversary, and I am so happy Pentagon was able to give us a fun, delicious dining experience. We will definitely be coming back!

  19. Brian Stone

    Unlike the White House this place has a lunch menu. I ordered the steak sandwich and was not disappointed. The beer selection was seriously lacking but I was at a martini bar after all so no negative points for that.

  20. cats senescu-stuber

    Great food, drinks and customer service! The Blackened Salmon is the best ever!!! The Border Patrol is deliciously refreshing. Our waitress Berea was most delightful. We’ll be back!!

  21. Joe Claibourn

    It was clean, service was excellent, food was great! Enjoying garlic will be a necessity; I got chicken Alfredo. Plenty of food. It was busy and so the noise level is a little high, but I went in expecting it and was not disappointed with the experience!

  22. Brett Schoenberger

    My food was delicious, they can pour a good martini and the atmosphere is wonderful.

  23. Kind SupplyNW

    Quality control has taken a dip after closing for so long. Sea bass has been cold in the middle twice which means it’s probably par-cooked then broiled for a minute to get color. Not freshly made is what I’m saying unfortunately. Mac and cheese although very tasty has been ultra greesy the last couple times as well. We’ll try back in 6 months to see if any improvements.

  24. Aiden Ripley

    We loved the food, and drinks were amazing.
    My peppercorn steak melted as I ate it, and the mushroom app, was beyond words.
    Very cozy atmosphere and staff was very helpful and alert to are table

  25. Victoria Callaway

    So very good. Used the meeting room upstairs for a party of 28 and it was fabulous.

  26. Amanda Vandenberg

    Bartender was a bit cranky appearing at first but so am I, in the end we bonded over someone else’s selfie. Food was good, they also have a lot of fun drink names/concoctions here and a generously long happy hour. We will be back.

  27. Brian Sanders

    Absolutely amazing food and service! The food is so good! The atmosphere is wonderful

  28. Christian Foster

    Our favorite place to go. Amazing bar and bar tenders. Great food may I recommend the coconut shrimp soup, the fried brie and apples and oh my gosh the martinis. The atmosphere, the, we’ll everything. Top notch place

  29. B G

    This is a great place with good food and great drinks. The 2 bartenders were kicking butt on drinks and their customer service was amazing the young dark-haired hostess did a great job as well, I will say though when we arrived the hostess was busy trying to help someone and the tall blonde came to the podium a few times without greeting anyone ( yes greeting isn’t your job but in the customer service world doing those extra things makes your restaurant and owner look good not to mention yourself) but other than that the staff was great and worked hard on such a busy night.

  30. Tyler Holden

    They are too busy whining about politics to cook even a decent tasting burger.

    Do go here if you like to whine about politics

    Don’t go here if you want good food.

  31. Lliane Covington

    Angela was a rockstar server! This was our first visit, initiated by RESTAURANT WEEK. We thoroughly enjoyed our 3 course meal and the additions of a full size ceasar salad and meatballs. The angel hair pasta starter was absolutely amazing. Who knew a pasta starter could be sooooo very delicious! The ceasar was tasty with a hot garlic bite…the romaine crisp and the parmesan nicely shaved. The meatball appetizer was fiery hot, both in temperature and flavor, and oh so enjoyable. We ended up ordering a second starter pasta to combine with our left over meatball sauce , and that was amazing as well. The espresso creme brulee was a lovely, delicate finish to our evening…as was my bourbon on ice. The restaurant was bustling with business at our 630 pm arrival, but we had reservations and were immediately seated. As I watched the orchestration of service, it appeared the bartender, server, hostess and entourage of bussing staff were all working harmoniously together. Almost flawless….a well run establishment, teamwork and communication with an amazing aura of professionalism is a magnificent sight these days. This venue exudes a bit of a higher end vibe—due to the absence of cell phones on the servers and the definitive attentiveness to all the patrons.
    Thank you for a lovely evening Angela and entourage. We thoroughly enjoyed our epicurean experience this evening.

  32. E Davis

    The atmosphere was really cool with the fireplace going and some real classic rock playing in the background. I ordered an appetizer called I believe “Happy Mushrooms” the flavors worked so well together we instantly knew we were in good culinary hands. I will say that my chicken fettuccine alfredo had too much garlic for my taste which is what I remember from my Whitehouse experience, I think a little garlic goes a long way. I do want to go back and try something else it was fun.

  33. Bonny Maronna

    This is my new favorite restaurant, the food was off the he charts, the martinis were so good. The service was excellent, others restaurants could learn something from them. Customer service, the atmosphere. We will be back.

  34. Patti Brockman

    Fantastic food and drinks. We had to try several different drinks as the choices were all fabulous. Love the names of all the drinks, very creative!

  35. Cohen Rachoy

    The food sucked but the prices were high!!! Chicken Alfredo made out of fish it tastes like. 🤢

  36. Evanyell E

    Absolutely delicious. The food was incredible and exceeded expectations. Flavor town got nothing on this place. 10/10 would recommend.

  37. Ashley Owen

    Raci and his crew do it again! This restaurant is GREAT! The food is fresh and flavorful! All the servers are kind and take care of you. They have a great happy hour menu for apps and martinis… The Best Martinis! Go here, and you will have a great experience!

  38. Colton Barton

    Yes!!!! Just go!!!

    It was so good we didn’t even take time for photos. Most people need reservations but if you call or stop by you can always check to see if they can get a table for you.

    Service was good. At least 3 different servers helped out table. They were each very nice and ready to serve.

    The food was excellent and priced perfectly. The rbeye and New York steak were excellent cuts of meat and cooked perfectly.

    All the sides are delicious and unique.

    Their drinks are wonderful. I had a old fashioned martini, actually two of them, and it was so good and strong enough to be worth the money.

    Just Go!!!!!

  39. C C

    Delicious food and very sweet waitress. Post Falls Risotto was new favorite dish between here and White House. It was pretty busy and quite a wait. I think our waitress forgot about us after our apps lol. Food was still worth it even with a wait. Will be back! Just probably at a less busy time.

  40. Sheila Borst

    Great service. Good food. I had to send an order back as my chicken fettuccine tasted like seafood. I thought it was me but the two other people dining with me said theirs tasted like seafood as well. Not sure what would cause it but it was a bit disappointing. I bagged it and took it home for my husband, he also said it tasted fishy. They still charged me for the meal so that was weird. My appetizers were great and add on salad was delicious. Nice atmosphere.

  41. Yedidyah Kent

    Great food, prices are much lower than comparable restaurants. Drink names are great! Staff was on top of everything.

  42. Lynsay Bryson

    The BEST waitress/bartender there is Jessica R… She makes the absolute best martinis you can get in this area. Her service is outstanding and she strives to make her costumers happy with their dining needs!

  43. Holly Merrill

    We love this place! Great indoor and outdoor seating. The blackened salmon is great, and the cioppini is a definitely a repeat order.

  44. J Hopkins

    Good menu and staff. Nice atmosphere. The menu was kind of political which was annoying and unnecessary. It kind of sets you off on the wrong foot to start. Just not what I want to think about when I’m out for a nice meal.

  45. ZnH Hockley

    This was a great experience, calamari was hot and fresh, the Manhattan martini was delicious, and the lamb chops were cooked to perfection. Can’t wait to visit here again!

  46. T B

    Bit spendy. If you like garlic it’s just like his other place called The Whitehouse. Everything we tried was garlic but the alfredo. The martinis are awesome. Many are $10, but for a night out they are worth it. And finally besides the martinis, try the hummus. It’s a wow factor. It would be 5 stars but I’m not that much of a garlic guy. At least not that much.

  47. Randy G

    Great food but a bit noisey on a Friday night…. But the food really was awesome! This photo is of my wife’s favorite at the Pentagon, blackened salmon salad. The piece of salmon was huge and fortunately she want able to eat it all and gave me a huge chunk. We topped off a great meal with a piece of awesome lemon cheesecake!

  48. Matt Hepler

    You got a love it when your ribeye is cooked exactly how you asked, perfection! Absolutely awesome for takeout food I would rather come back in and sit down but it was too busy tonight will come back soon. Thanks!!!!

  49. Susan Varga

    We recently held a bridal shower in the upstairs banquet room of the Pentagon restaurant. We reserved the spot for 24 guests many months in advance. The manager offered a printed menu specific to our event and a choice of which menu items we chose to offer. Three weeks prior to the event I confirmed the number of guests and the menu items. I requested the prices be left off the menu. I did ask the manager if I could view the menu prior to the event. I was told I could see it after it was printed. It was printed at 6:00 pm the evening before the luncheon. I noticed that items were left off the menu and was told menus were printed and if the guests needed to know anything, the server could tell them. The next day we arrived 2 hours before the event to decorate (approved in advance) and noticed the tables were set for 20 guests. Upon speaking with the manager, I was told the room was set for 24. I asked her to take another look and see we were one table and 4 place settings short. She told us that they were there the night before and she basically accused us of removing them. The manager went on to tell us she had no more tables and was very abrupt. We were very surprised at her behavior. I tried to speak with her privately and told her that maybe we got off on the wrong foot somehow. She was very curt. I then told her I have arranged a number of events in the past and was surprised at how unprofessional she was being. I was told by the manager, “Did it occur to you that you are the one being unprofessional.” I just turned and walked away. The ONE server we had for all of our guests was wonderful! Obviously, she couldn’t handle the entire group so we ended up clearing plates and pouring wine to help out. The manager did help bring up the lunches. The food was a big disappointment. My future daughter-in-law was excited about the location because they like the food normally. On this particular day, the chicken dishes were so dry that not one person ate more than a few bites. The risotto was nothing more than white rice. Such a disappointment. I understand we never know what people are going through in their lives, but I have to say our dealings with the Pentagon manager were unfortunate. I have tried to contact the owner numerous times and no response. There is absolutely no way I could recommend this establishment for an event.

  50. Josh Newton

    My wife and I went to the Pentagon for our anniversary. Everything was fantastic, from the atmosphere to the drinks to the food. I’ve traveled around the world for my job and had some incredible meals. The seafood tortellini was right up there at the top. We will be back!

  51. Steven Baumann

    The food is still outstanding. There is no attentive help however. We were not asked if we wanted a drink before dinner. Once dinner was served another ordered drink never showed up and the server never checked on us as to how dinner was. If you can’t get enough servers, close part of the restaurant so the dining experience is first rate. Otherwise repeat business is going to go away.

  52. Kathy Miller

    Awful. Paid $34 for two burgers that were well done (we ordered medium and I asked if I should order medium rare or medium) and tasted like old shoe leather. The fries had so much paprika on them I could smell it when I opened the box. They were unedited. Yuck. I should if gone to McDonald’s, I’d of at least had a better burger. Never again. Total rip off.

  53. Carrie Southwick

    The bartender I was sitting in front of was simply amazing! The place was packed. Inside and outside. She was making all the drinks for the entire establishment! She did this while taking care of the people sitting at her bar and the tables! I didn’t wait and neither did anybody else! She was enjoyable to watch. I was getting food to go so I wasn’t sitting there long but she must have made at least 50 martinis. While also taking orders, serving food, changing kegs, recommending food/beverages and never missed a beat. Very impressed with her and this restaurant. Will definitely be back!

  54. _FAB Brandon & Atarah

    Customer service was definitely on par. Made sure the drinks were consistently topped off. The food was average and the wait time was average. We came in on a Wednesday and it was extremely loud to where if my wife talked away from me instead of directly to me you couldn’t hear what she was saying. She ordered the Chicken Fettuccine and she said we could of made it at home and made it taste better. I ordered a Dealers choice and was presented with a Chicken Dijon the chicken was pretty dry and the sauce around it didn’t compliment the food at all. The only part of my meal that surprised me was the asparagus was cooked perfectly. They took the cheap way out and it tasted like they poured the asparagus juices over the rice that is recieved as well rather then trying to do anything with it. Outside we had high hopes because it smelt amazing but was overall let down. Best part about this place was their humorous menu.

    Berea, thank you for humoring me with my dealers choice, your pick was perfect but I think the meal prep it’s self was lacking. Thank you for the meal. Keep up the great customer service.

  55. Jennifer Bailey

    Excellent food and service! The Weiner (Jalapeño Martini) is the BEST! So are all of the appetizers! We always get the Brussels Sprouts, sweet potato fries, mushrooms, and the Indian Pizza. The salads and all other items on the menu are amazing also! Can’t wait for Oval Office to open again but we will continue to drive to Liberty Lake until then!

  56. Peter Marshall

    Great addition to the dining experience in the Inland Northwest. Fabulous eats & drinks!

  57. Valerie Paxton

    If you like happy hour, martinis and appetizers, the Pentagon is your place. Good local beer selection too.

  58. Kevin ferrell

    We had super tasty meals! Excellent team and wonderfully clean restaurant. We will definitely be back!

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