21718 E Mission Ave, Liberty Lake, WA 99019


47.67359920601, -117.11178127582


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Happy Hour Monday – Friday 3pm – 5 pm

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Piccolo Kitchen Bar

Pizza Restaurant in Liberty Lake, WA









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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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36 reviews for “Piccolo Kitchen Bar

  1. Yolanda Pavey

    Wonderful food, great service, great smells! Small with a great atmosphere. I would wish for more plant based options,

  2. Larry Massey

    Excellent pizza and ambience. The only reason it gets 4 rather than 5 stars is that it’s too expensive for what it is.

  3. Peggy Miller

    Unfortunately my party of four was unable to experience the wonderful pizza on Sunday 11/3/19 because it was closed. We were hoping to introduce friends to one our favorite places after the SEAHAWKS Game and were very much looking forward to seeing you all week…very disappointed!

  4. Rylan Herdt

    By far the best pizza in Spokane. Great appetizers and good prices during happy hour. Good beer list too.

  5. Eric Hullstrom

    Friendly service and very unique pizzas. Definitely worth your time to try something different.

  6. Scott Murray

    Love Piccolo’s Pizza. Their crust is amazing.

  7. Andrew Elmer

    Just visiting town, but if I am ever back I will 100% come back here. Cutest atmosphere, and the servers are great. She talked about items, made everything sound so good, and came by my table frequent enough but npt overbearing. Quality food, quality service. The cauliflower was great, and the Fettuccine too. Didnt have dessert but it sounded tasty

  8. William C

    Literally the best pizza ive ever had. Only 6 taps but they have an eclectic group surprisingly good bottle selection too.

  9. sheila anderson

    Best pizza since I left Alaska! Quality oven fired pizza and great appetizers. Can’t wait to return.

  10. Jeff Allen

    Great service and pizza. The burrata is a must try. Best happy hour in town.

  11. Steve Abbott

    What a great place! Happy hour with a few beers a wonderful appetizer and awesome wood fired pizza. Excellent staff!

  12. Stacey Foster

    This was the BEST PIZZA ever! Never had something so spectacular crafted it just melted every taste bud you have! I’ll be back with friends for sure ❤❤

  13. alice morse

    Pizza was yummy and the carmel apple hard cider was delicious. Sevice was spot on! Cute place. I will be back!

  14. Myrah Chappell

    Amazing food! Will be back for sure

  15. Laurie Montang

    Love it here! Good food and nice staff. Sometimes gets a little busy and you might have to wait for food or even a chance to catch someone’s eye to make a request but well worth it.

  16. Derek Schauer

    Great Pizza. Great Service. Our waitress recommended the Dalla Luce pizza. I never thought egg on pizza would be good, but this was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! I highly recommend this place.

  17. Tiffany Lockwood

    We have loved coming here until tonight. Happened to get seated where we could see the kitchen staff who dropped our food, fingered everything, were eating their own dinners and then back at cooking and assembling our food etc. we left and couldn’t even eat there. Won’t be back.

  18. Renee McHenry

    None of the employees are wearing masks wait staff and cooks all mask less. I believe they could receive a big fine. We love the restaurant but the lack of concern for the safety of the community is unfortunate.

  19. Amy DeMeerleer

    Beyond disappointed! This used to be my favorite pizza place. Service was snotty, food was overly salty, way to oily and crust was burnt. They didn’t do anything we asked for. Wish I would have read recent reviews as I would not have come. Oh and they now tack on a cc charge for your convenience. The whole experience was very poor. will never go back no refer.

  20. Kayla Webster

    We have been coming to Piccolo’s for years and have enjoy many dinners there. Because we frequent your restaurant and order pretty much the same thing every time, we have come to know what to expect.
    Yesterday we ordered our usually order of Burrata, Brussel Sprouts, and a Carne Pizza for pick up. The young lady that took my order checked with the kitchen on time and was told 20 minutes (this was at 4:58 pm), the order did take 25 minutes long than expected (ready at 5:42p) however we understand that they were short staff and that there is a labor shortage right now and did not problem with this. When we got home and opened the burrata this is were the one of the issues was. There were 2 chunks of tomato that had multiple cuts in them, almost like they were hacked at, and one single basil leaf that was torn up for the entire dish. I was dumbfounded because this is not what were have receive in the past in restaurant or when ordering take out. I immediately called and talk to one of the front girls and they were extremely understanding and kind about the situation (I offered to send in a photo but they declined saying they did not need it) and they asked what they could do to make it right. The only thing I requested is to have the dish remade. I asked how long it would take (since we had 2 other hot dishes to eat) and was told 10 minutes, so I headed back in since I live about 10 minutes away. I brought the burrata dish back so they could look at it, the girls even said that it was not what we should have received. Our remake was not even start before I got there and I had to was another 10 minutes the remake, which again I understand being short staffed and busy, however our other hot dishes were now cold, so all I asked if there was anything that could be done for the next time we came in. The gal that was speaking to me, offered to ask about a free pizza for our next visit since I would now be eating a cold pizza which I said I though was absolutely fair. At that time the kitchen manger came out and very aggressively shoved the remade burrata into my hands. The gal that was there mention to him about the pizza for our next visit and excused herself because she needed to address one of her tables (again completely understandable). This is were the other problem was, the kitchen manage state that all he was willing to do is take my name but not make any promises, when I stated I was not comfortable giving him my name with how aggressive he was being he put his hand up in my face and told me not to come back and stalked off.
    This behavior and treatment was so unprofessional and frankly uncalled for. I emailed the owner about this but have still not heard anything from them.

  21. Jessaca Schmieder

    I was expecting a great pizza because it being brick oven and the reviews. When my husband brought it home it looked great. Picked up a slice and the grease that came off was literally a stream. The crust tasted stale and was so hard it could barely be chewed. It was not cheesy had barely any sauce. We paid 40 bucks for two small pizzas. After eating 1 slice we both had instant stomach aches. Terrible pizza. Don’t do it.

  22. Jason Romesburg

    Great staff with some of the best food around! Wood fired pizzas are great… don’t forget to try some of their amazing appetizers! Haley’s desserts are always great with an all time favorite bread pudding and brown butter ice cream. Full bar and great craft beer selection that rotates often.

  23. Charisse Hayes

    The food and atmosphere was decent. After my card was swiped I came to find an additional fee on my bill for using my card. This is the first and only time this has happened…. like an atm fee. Every other restaurant or retail that I have ever been to, this is a complimentary service. This will prevent me from returning or recommending this place.

  24. Claude Allen

    One internet reviewer said Piccolo’s was some of the best pizza in the Spokane area. Last winter I ordered two pizzas to carry out, and the person told me it would take 2.5 hours to make. I thought for the best pizza I’ll wait. They were the WORST pizzas I’ve eaten in a long time. Don’t waste your money or your time!

  25. C (The Distance)

    The pizza was good. The service was good. The beer was good. The dessert was the best dessert I’ve ever had. Why? Because it was 1/2 as sweet as a normal dessert. I found myself stuffing it all in because it was so damn good. I’ll be back just to pick up some dessert.

  26. Scott

    Overall, an above average pizza place with a good atmosphere that i’d recommend. Though I really wish they’d do something to make the pizza crust consistently crispier/sturdier. Half the time you pick up a slice of pizza and the bottom immediately flops downwards, dumping all the cheese and toppings onto your plate, the floor, or your lap. Half the time they get the crust just right and half the time you end up with a floppy mess (That still tastes good).

  27. KSAM DLT

    Delicious. True artisan pizza. The coconut cake with lemon curd is to die for. Everything tastes like it’s made with quality ingredients. The hostess has great phone presence when we call an order in and always asks the kitchen how long the order will take, so it is ready on time. Good working together and making things run smoothly.

  28. Matthew Pelletier

    Just ate there tonight. Such great food, and the server Hailey was amazing! We will be back soon!

  29. John Farver

    I went for the happy hour pizza, excellent food. They had a couple good craft beers on but hoped for a few more.

  30. Chris Carpenter

    Truly disappointed in my experience at Piccolo’s considering the pizza itself was decent.

    They charge a $1.60 service fee as of the date of this review if you pay with a card, which is ridiculous.

    On my way home from my meal with a friend, I discovered they had swiped my card TWICE, once for my table and once for another table. But I of course, had only signed for mine.

    When I called, the teeny bopper who answered the phone told me she remembered the situation and told me they had supposedly reversed the charge before my party had even left… yet I was NEVER INFORMED of the misscharge until I discovered it on my own.

    She told me it “should” be refunded to my card “soon.”

    Making a mistake with someone’s card happens. I understand and can have grace for this. But to HIDE it and to not inform the customer especially when you know it happened is HIGHLY unacceptable. I will never be coming here again.

  31. Rosemary Wells

    Two stars are for the kind service. The food is overpriced and really bad. Alfredo had no sauce and was just a small bed of sticky noodles. It cost 13 dollars! Not worth it! I waited a half hour for this! Go to the gas station next door and get food with a bit of flavor.

  32. StripHair Gentle Groomer

    Piccolo has great food, atmosphere and service. I’m not a local, so when I’m in town I pop in to try something different on the menu–love it all, especially their wood-fired pizza!

  33. Oliver Lawrence

    Good food and service. Nice menu with a sizeable drink list. The beer taps were limited in quantity, but found a couple that I enjoyed especially during happy hour. Not inexpensive food and drink (higher quality). Busy place most of the time. I am looking forward to the day they have a bigger venue.

  34. Jono Grondel

    Amazing food and great service. I came here from Seattle and I’m shocked that people think this place is a little pricey. Food this good in Seattle would cost twice as much. And I see the negative reviews for the credit card fee and again I’m laughing at the Spokane people. Seattle has been doing that for quite a while now.

  35. Mike Lane

    Me and my wife came in and sat at a dirty table. The staff said they would be right with us to wipe down the table. We waited 10 minutes for water that was infused and tasted like makeup and for the table to be wiped down. The water was warm. It then took another 5 minutes to get our food ordered. There was only 2 waitresses for 9 groups which should of been faster. The Appetizer arrived about 45 minutes after we ordered. The pizza we ordered came an hour and 10 minutes later. The pizza crust was hard and a little overcooked. I would not recommend eating here unless you like confined spaces and long waits for food.
    At least the cider from the Tap was cold.

  36. scott brunsdon

    The food is thoughtful and delicious. We eat here every chance we get. I am surprised that some people have said they eat here all the time and had one bad experience and post about it, leaving out all the good experiences. If you want pizza on the cheap, or you are in a hurry, Domino’s has great deals.
    The food is priced well, the people are hard working, and my favorite is the beet salad and all the wonderful small plates. Apparently others feel the same way because the place is slammed.

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