715 W Main St #117, Battle Ground, WA 98604


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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Pita House

Mediterranean Restaurant in Battle Ground, WA

130 reviews for “Pita House

  1. Kevin Poff

    While I did not enjoy the fries, the lamb shawarma sandwich more than made up for it. I will definitely be back.

  2. Dina Chaudhry

    We stopped by while visiting the Battleground area in Washington and service was wonderful. The food was average for middle eastern cuisine. Some of the appetizers seemed a little odd for arabic food but flavor was okay. Oddly both soup and Turkish coffee were a little on the watery side. We did appreciate that there was a middle eastern restaurant in the area and again service was exceptional.

  3. Maya A

    The food is so delicious and their service is always great. The Chicken Shawarma is my favorite!

  4. Shaniah Haughton

    Delicious food and amazing service! Everyone is so nice and makes you feel welcome. The last time I visited one of the workers even helped bring my order out to my vehicle while I was carrying a car seat. So sweet!

  5. Loren Rogers

    Enthusiastic and courteous service with great food. What else is there?

  6. Dave H-C

    Fantastic food fantastic staff and great value 👍

  7. Mitch Taylor

    Best pita in Clark County

  8. Kevin

    Wonderful food! Get the Turkish coffee and the chicken and lamb entree! Fast service, tons of flavor, left absolutely stuffed.

  9. Ona G.

    Excellent food, service, and atmosphere

  10. David Broedlow

    Edit 1/7/23: still super good, excellent customer service. I think their root beer dispenser ratio is a little off because its extra root beery (in a good way).

    I don’t usually do 5 stars because there is always room for improvement, but these guys nailed it. Always excellent customer service, excellent food, and the garlic fries are the best… Probably the best I’ve ever had. Highly recommend if in the area.

  11. Glenn Johnson

    Super good food, very nice people, comfortable atmosphere

  12. Kathy Till

    I love this place and the family that runs it! They are always so friendly! The food is fresh and delicious! Their baklava is my personal fave and sometimes I stop in just for that! You will leave feeling full and well taken care of!

  13. Phil Smith

    Wonderful food!

  14. Olesya Stepanyuk

    Local good food. Good lunch special – gyro and fries.

  15. Stefanie Draper

    Hands down my favorite place! Greek chicken salad for the win. Great food, good service and never disappointed.

  16. Addison Eldridge (SLAKR Moto)

    So far I’ve not had anything I don’t like. This is a great restaurant with quality food. Pita House is not a staple in the BG area!

  17. Kathleen Ryan

    Great Shawarma! Wonderful service. We will be back!

  18. Dick Spence

    Great place for lunch.

  19. Jordan Womack

    Love love love Pita House! We eat here every Monday and are ALWAYS pleased. Total quality all around!

  20. Whitney Johnson

    Yes please may I have more! Pita House has some of the best hummus and tabbouleh salad around, toss in some garlic fries. OOF in heaven.

  21. Esmeralda Espinoza

    This place is delicious. Everything is well seasoned, the cooks do a wonderful job at following the Middle Eastern recipes. The service is outstanding, it’s so gentle and welcoming. Very grateful to know there’s a restaurant like this to experience delicious food and a calm environment. I would also consider bringing some warm clothes to wear inside when it’s cold outside because it’s sometimes kind of cold inside but I also run cold so it may not even be their problem, anyway to all my cold people wear a scarf or something, it doesn’t take away from the 5 stars, everything is wonderful ☺️

  22. Monte S

    What a rip for a gyro sandwich for 12.99 and with soggy salad . This place don’t know about Greek or Mediterranean food . He should send his Mexican cheff to learn gyro donor or Greek food to serve . Last owner is a amazing person and this new owner is big time rip and don’t know about Greek or Mediterranean food .

  23. Lucian Avila-Gatz

    Beautiful Valentine’s Day decorations, amazing service, and delicious food!

  24. cameron machine

    Best Gyros I’ve had and the Owners are very sweet and very proud of the good quality of their food. I can never get enough of their food. 10/10

  25. Cameron Pickle

    Very good food really friendly service

  26. Karen Kennedy

    The food here is always good and the people who run the place are awesome. It’s a small place and I always feel like I’m family when we show up. PRO TIP; Get the mezzo platter with a cup of tea and some pistachio baklava to take home. The babanganoush is amazeballs.

  27. Sandra Lee Koch

    Great food & service. Awesome

  28. Zohair Tannous

    Best middle east food in Clark county

  29. Dawn Smith

    It was our first time trying taste, and it was good.

  30. Katherine Johnson

    SOOO GOOD!! Pita House is affordable, the staff is so nice, and the food is delicious every time. Smells amazing when you walk in too! I want to try more menu items but the Kofta is so good, it’s hard to not order it. Pita House truly is one of Battle Ground’s few redeeming features.


    I haven’t eaten the food yet. I just ordered about $98 worth of food, honestly the people are so nice and kind and actually care, they don’t seem to be afraid to be generous as well. I’m 18 could have easily spent it getting new car parts or something but I’m more proud being able to support a local buisness, everything smells great and are a lovely bunch 10/10 would recommend!

  32. Lori R

    Pita House offers phenomenal food with generous portions.

  33. Trinnity Vidaurri

    The Gyro was great. Never had lamb with Greek olives before though.

  34. Wendy Nowik

    By far the best Gyro. The Garlic fries are amazing and the Pistachio Baklava was hands down the best I’ve ever had.

  35. Christopher Mack

    Enjoy the consistency of quality and service through the ownership change

  36. Memaw G

    I confess. This was my third time getting same takeout items in last 2 weeks Pita House sandwich and a Gyro for husband. Garlic fries are a must have, if ordering dine in. Thin crisp hand sliced potato chip type fries in garlic oil. Fried crisp outside, potatoey soft inside. Addictive.

  37. C Arrow

    Everything is delicious! We got both baklavas, chicken kebabs, falafel, hummus, lamb shawarma, gyro salad, tabouli, rice, and dolma. Everything was fresh, fragrant, and seasoned properly. It came with plenty of warm pita and condiments. We will definitely be eating here again. So freakin’ good!

    UPDATE: Removing a star – This last time we went the food wasn’t very fresh. The chicken in the kebabs was dry, the dolmas weren’t fresh, and the rice tasted like it was day-old. For the price, they need to make sure the food they’re preparing is fresh. We probably won’t go back again until the Summer, maybe they’ll get busier and the food will rotate faster.

  38. Quinton Frison

    Love this place.

  39. Lyssa Orelli

    Many things were very dated. The atmosphere had a lot of wear, which gives the place a “not so inviting or clean” feel. The food was very good and authentic

  40. Danielle Kilian

    Friendly staff and amazing food.

  41. Quan Howard

    Great gyros and fries.

  42. Cathleen Butler

    Turkish coffee that takes you away. Baklava like my grandma made – honey, butter, and love. Enthusiastic service! Gyro where warm bread wraps fresh ingredients. There are too many good things to say! Awesome experience every visit.

  43. C Gross

    The food here is delicious, and Fadul is a great guy. We eat here regularly.

  44. Randy Dickson

    This cafe is a nice place to go with family or friends. Beer, some wine, great food. Will definitely be back on regular basis

  45. Jesús Murrieta

    Great owner and delicious food.

  46. Joan Johnson

    Great place for a special celebration or just a date out with a friend or sweetheart. We’ve eaten here twice in two months, and the decor changes, which makes the atmosphere even more enjoyable. The menu options we ate were delicious. We’ll be visiting again soon. We drove from Auburn WA to visit a relative who lives near this restaurant, and the drive was worth it to have a special meal together!

  47. Meghan Miller

    Kid-friendly, courteous service, fantastic food. Will stop again!

  48. Genoia Boucher

    Absolutely wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. The owners are really nice people who serve excellent cuisine.

  49. Joanna Dye

    In my opinion the best thing is the Pita House special, mint tea and pistachio baklava.I have never been disappointed here. The garlic fries are also amazing. The service has always been wonderful too. The atmosphere you can forget about as you dive into some delicious food.

  50. Steven Fuhr

    This place isn’t fancy but their food is just fantastic fresh tasty well worth it

  51. Adri Oliva

    The food is so good, the restaurant was spotless, very clean. There is always a smile on the owner’s faces! Coming here for years.

  52. Vincent O

    Wife and I visited this restaurant tonight for the first time. Very friendly small business. Service was excellent. Food was fantastic. Fresh, seasoned well. Lamb was tender and cooked to perfection. We will be back!

  53. Glenda Farber

    Great prices for the amount of food they serve you. Excellent food 😋.
    Good service.

  54. Malcolm Crudupt

    One of the best gyros in Washington state! Love this place!

  55. The Database

    This place is to die for. Their gyro salad is unmatched as far as any other place I’ve tried, and their gyro combo heals the soul when you’re really hungry. When dining in, they gave us freshly made tzatziki and it was so good 🤤. The wait staff were super attentive and friendly. Loved every second of it.

  56. C C

    First time here to eat! Very clean, excellent service. I had the gyro sandwich with garlic fries and it was delish!! The pita bread was so fresh and soft! Yummy! good sized portions too. They gave us extra tiziki sauce! So good!

  57. Kolton Opdahl

    Delicious food. Great service

  58. Mike Karen Fallows

    They have best customer service! Good is good and healthy

  59. Matthew Hall

    What an amazing find! Delicious food and the staff was amazing. My wife and I had the Gyro and shawarma. Glad we found this place!

  60. Katie P

    This place is a hidden gem. Food is so good and the service is even better. They treat you like family here even on your first. It’s a must try.

  61. Tricia Mccoy

    My daughter and I finally checked out Pita House! Let me just say we loved it! Delicious food!!! Great customer service! They Graciously allowed me to make a substitution. I asked for a Greek salad to be put in a pita with hummus. They were so nice to do that for this vegetarian. Thank you!

  62. John Driver

    Easily some of the best falafel and shawarma. Everyone is also beyond friendly and it has a fun atmosphere.

  63. Tblade King

    My wife and I recently celebrated our 10th visit to Pita House, and I must say that this establishment continues to exceed our expectations. From the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted with exceptional service and warm hospitality. The owner’s presence was palpable as he effortlessly engaged with the customers, fostering a welcoming and interactive atmosphere.

    Let’s delve into the culinary delights that awaited us. Being a fan of robust flavors, I opted for the Lamb Shawarma, a mouthwatering creation where tender, slowly grilled lamb is generously seasoned with Mediterranean spices. The combination of the succulent meat with the freshness of pickled cabbage, creamy hummus, invigorating tabbouli, and the luscious pita house tahini sauce created an explosion of taste that left me craving for more.

    Meanwhile, my wife savored the Falafel, a vegetarian delight crafted from ground garbanzo beans, garlic, parsley, onions, and a blend of aromatic spices. These delectable falafel balls were expertly “fried” to a golden perfection, offering a crispy exterior that gave way to a moist and flavorful interior. Served alongside the refreshing tabbouli and creamy hummus, each bite was a harmonious fusion of textures and tastes.

    The culinary journey at Pita House is a true celebration of Mediterranean cuisine. The flavors are vibrant, the ingredients are fresh, and the attention to detail is evident in every dish. The explosion of taste is nothing short of extraordinary, a testament to the expertise and passion of the chefs.

    Beyond the gastronomic delights, the ambiance of Pita House adds to the overall experience. The spacious and well-designed dining area creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a delightful meal with friends and family.

    Furthermore, the convenience of ample parking space ensures a stress-free visit, allowing guests to focus on the gastronomic journey that awaits them.

    In summary, Pita House is a true gem that never fails to impress. With its exceptional service, sensational flavors, and inviting atmosphere, it is no wonder that we highly recommend this establishment. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Mediterranean cuisine or a curious food adventurer seeking new taste sensations, Pita House promises a culinary experience that will leave you longing for more.

  64. Daughter of Zion

    Our new favorite place
    The lemonade is excellent.

  65. Rob Piche

    Awesome food so fresh
    Best lemonade ever

  66. Evan Jones

    Phenomenal gyros and shawarma. Run by about the nicest couple you’ll ever hope to meet. Truly a small town vibe everyone that comes in is treated like family.

    Moreover the garlic fries will leave you forever changed. Don’t skip this place.

  67. Chuck Gaidosh

    This place totally rocks I highly suggest the gyro salad

  68. Jason Seigal

    I always look forward to going to the Pita House. The food and service is always top notch. Great prices as well.

  69. Chuck Gaidosh

    One of the best place to battleground hands down

  70. Angela Baxter

    What a great place to eat

  71. big speedrun (medospeedrunveryfast)

    Delicious food! Nice server. Good combo deals. Free refills.

  72. API Construction

    Amazing food! Amazing customer service

  73. Elizabeth J. Gonzalez

    This is a hidden gem!! Shawarma was great!!!

  74. Art Saenz

    Amazing food! Do not pass on the garlic fries with your pita. So delicious with a hint of lemon that was really subtle but greatly enhanced the meal.

  75. David Saenz Barragan

    The food was incredible, and the fries were homemade and delicious.

  76. Hannah Woo - Stills & Cinema

    Food is generally pretty consistent, tasty and trustworthy. The lamb and chicken specials are our favorite! The Gyros and Shawarmas are also pretty good. The hummus, I’ll be honest, isn’t my fave on its own with Pita bread. When it’s added to the other food like a lamb special on some pita bread, it’s great!

    Could be updated a bit in terms of overall atmosphere and the entrance to the restaurant always feels a little wonky with multiple doors but only one entrance.

  77. Harvest of Peace

    Our favorite restaurant in Battle Ground! The Baba is amazing!

  78. Jayden Ackerman

    Pita House is amazing. Food is very good and they are all very friendly. The pita and hummus is to die for! Would definitely recommend!

  79. Anita Cornea

    We had food here a couple of times and it was very tasty both times. Authentic, fresh and flavorful.

  80. Arlene Richards

    I had the gyros sandwich
    Combo. It wasn’t that great. I should have ordered something else.

  81. Dianne Davis

    The Falafel is amazing. Reminded of the Falafels in New York. Yummy! 😋

  82. James Foster

    what a great Mediterranean restaurant!

    the lamb, chicken Kafta, hummus & garlic fries were all so yummy.

    the owners were also very nice.

  83. Brendon Johnson

    Always good, been going here for about 20 years. The quality hasn’t changed and the hospitality is unmatched. I’ve eaten Middle Eastern/Mediteranean food at the source several times and this is as close as it gets to that.

  84. AMG

    Wish I ordered mint tea! Next time. We liked our order, service was quick and excellent. Atmosphere was comfortable. Will be back.

  85. Jasmin Kayfes

    Amazing Food and people!

  86. Jason Hancock

    Every time I come here, the service, owner, and food are amazing!

  87. Heather Matson

    Amazing food

  88. Christine Harps

    Exceptional just as I remembered.

  89. Chris Marendish

    Such an amazing place! Welcome back Jabber!
    We missed you!❤️❤️❤️
    We love the food and the service! The garlic fries are simply amazing!

  90. Shayda Rominger

    The food here is phenomenal and the service is the same! Always so friendly!!

  91. Bridget Pierce

    Words cannot express how much I love this restaurant. The food, the people, the service… 10/10

    We’ve been coming here for years. Everything is so delicious, and it’s always a wonderful dining experience.

    Today, they were BUSY. Christmas shoppers had filled up nearly every seat. We were given the last 2 seats left in the entire restaurant.

    Because they were so busy, we expected a little wait, but knowing the owner and the staff, understanding the food would be worth the wait…we didn’t mind at all.

    Well, the owner saw that we were waiting and personally apologized and even gave us free baklava! But, he didn’t have too… I’ve waited longer at the Safeway across the street in the checkout line!

    Try them out, you will not regret it! Service and food like this is very, very hard to find these days

  92. Al Cast

    It’s a decent place to have a snack. Its owner takes care of all the things, and that’s making me feel like at home

  93. Teri Sapp

    Great food

  94. Asia Citro

    I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect an unassuming restaurant in a strip mall in Battleground to be absolutely OUTSTANDING — but here we are. I eat a lot of food and this is some of the best food I have eaten ever anywhere. Absolutely incredible — every single thing we tried was impeccable. We will be back!

  95. OneTon Tom

    The best Israeli food in Clark County!!! Incredibly friendly owners. Super delicious food. Very fresh ingredients. Actually reasonable prices. Pretty hard to beat!

  96. London Merczak

    Very friendly service, and the best falafel I’ve had since moving to Portland. It’s a cute place!

  97. wyatt meurs

    I know not everyone is a fan of Greek food, but after having any of the many dishes at Pita House, you’ll be sure to find something you love. Ironically the most American thing on the menu comes in the form of the Gyro Special! This is my go to for either dine in or even order it to go and I never say no to the included garlic fries and a classic fountain Pepsi. Every staff member I have encountered at this location has been above top notch for their dedication to customer service and running a friendly, warm, and welcoming eatery. Even if you haven’t had a good gyro before I believe this one is worth the shot, if lamb is not your thing there’s always the beef one!

  98. Barrett Darnell

    An absolutely warm and inviting experience with phenomenal food!

  99. Kienen Wayrynen

    Wonderful food and even better customer service. Absolutely no complaints. This customer service was some of the best I have received in quite some time. As far as the food, you cannot go wrong. If you are in the mood for Mediterranean food. Don’t overlook this place. So delicious.

  100. Vlad Yatsenko

    Food is amazing and the service is one of the best I’ve ever had!

  101. Yay Yay


  102. Nicholas Stein

    If I could give this restaurant more stars I would. The food was fantastic, it was so inexpensive and the service was amazing. The owner is such a warm and fun person, he really made it feel like home. We will definitely be back!

  103. Gabriela Stevens

    This wonderful, unassuming establishment (from the outside) is such a reprieve from mediocrity! The delectable offerings offered a gustatory time-out from “ordinary” fare. The warm welcome by Jabbar and the excellent service by the servers and chef is worthy of a detour to this restaurant! It will not disappoint!

  104. Jeffrey Durand

    Amazing! Good food. Quality ingredients and friendly service. If you are in the area and in the mood for this cuisine it’s a must stop. Lovely find.

  105. Mandy

    I love this restaurant so much! The Gyro combo is amazing! I love the fries too!

  106. Jacob Boucher

    Exceptional. I struggle to think of better meals I’ve had. I had the garlic lemon chicken and the pistachio baklava. Both were excellent. The hummus and pita that came free with the entree were some of the best. The baklava especially had both an incredible flavor and very satisfying texture, which I don’t normally note. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  107. Donielle Thompson

    I absolutely love this place. So refreshing to go to a restaurant and feel like family. Always enjoy it.

  108. Stephen Grant

    This has to be one of the most enjoyable dining experiences one can have in Vancouver. Everyone is greeted with huge smiles as if you are a long lost family member. There is a lot of smiles jokes and laughter amongst the staff and patrons. They also happen to have the best baba and hummus of any restaurant in Clark County. They are reasonably priced as well. The seating isn’t the most comfortable and all the hard surfaces make the space loud but this is a small price to pay for amazing food served by happy, gracious owners and and staff

  109. Anthony Pucci

    The food is out of this world! I rarely finish my plate this much, but I literally couldn’t help myself here. The Lamb Shawarma Sandwich was absolutely amazing. So full of flavor! The Garlic fries were literally perfectly seasoned, too! The portion sizes are huge, and the prices are just right, so come hungry! I will definitely be back!

  110. Zoia Kibysh

    Very nice place. Atmosphere and wonderful food and service.
    Pohlava with coffee is something.
    And also kebab with rice and salad 🔥🔥🔥

  111. Mark Rubins

    I had a delicious falafel sandwich, garlic fries and a hot tea with mint. They gave me free pistachio baklava 🙂 Filled me up and warmed my heart. Excellent service and great food. Totally worth a stop in. Thank you!

  112. Austin Woods

    The food is phenomenal. But I’d just like to say I was going through a really hard time in my life the last time I was here. Not sure the owners name but he brought me coffee and other things. On the way out he asked if he could give me a hug. These people truly care about their food and their customers. So grateful and will be coming back!

  113. Tom Aston

    Fantastic food and even better service! Got a quick to go order this time but will for sure be back for more!

  114. Vadim Bobylev

    +10/10, delicious food, amazing customer service, good prices. Would come here every day if I lived here instead of CA.

  115. Lisa Johnson

    Plenty of parking , great service! Good food!

  116. Jenica R

    This is one of my absolute favorites! The gyros and garlic plank fries are simply amazing (garlic for days!! 😍)

    The family is so sweet, always a welcoming smile! We miss the couple that used to be here (hope everyone is healthy in your new home ), but the gentleman that is here now is just as kind!

  117. Henryk Kaiser

    This place is the best. I am a picky eater so when I say I love this place, I mean it. The chicken is amazing.

  118. Bruce Wayne

    Excellent food, friendly staff

  119. Derrik Higgins

    Has very good food

  120. Karin Lindae-Fregoso

    What a pleasant surprise tucked back in the corner of a shopping center. The food was excellent and the people were super friendly.

  121. Jesse Thompson

    Every time I’ve eaten here the food has been delicious and the staff extremely gracious. I love Greek food and this is one of my favorite venues.

  122. Mark Clark

    Fun place to go. Family owned and run. The atmosphere is light and fun. The food is excellent. You have to try the various types of home made Baklava!!

  123. PawsTee

    This place is awesome. The people working here are so nice and welcoming. Very accommodating and the food is amazing! The Greek salad is so refreshing! We make the 45 min drive just to come to this restaurant and are excited about it the whole way here 🙂 The atmosphere is prefect 🙂

  124. GaBriella Urbanski

    Food is phenomenal. Service was great. Everyone who was working was so kind. We were seated and served quickly! Definitely will be back!!

  125. joseph southern

    Best service I’ve had in a while. Couldn’t be any friendlier and the food was amazing and a great price!

  126. Chris Palmeter

    Great staff that work very hard to keep customers happy!

  127. Elizabeth McConoughey

    Absolutely a staple of battle ground! Family owned and they love the bears! I try to support them once a month at least!

  128. Kelly Simpkins

    Best Gyro around! Love the staff service is awesome!

  129. Amanda Smith

    Amazing place and a super nice owner that loves what he does !

  130. Antoine

    Sweetest staff you will ever meet. Great hospitality and service

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