8901 E Trent Ave Suite 113, Spokane Valley, WA 99212


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10:00 am – 12:00 am


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Pizza Pipeline

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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22 reviews for “Pizza Pipeline

  1. Chris Manfred

    Always make a great pizza! Willing to go the extra mile to make your experience great!

  2. Mary Mock

    My husband and I waited over 2 hours for the pizza to get here. It looked like the pizza was sitting for a while but we ate it anyway because we were so hungry from waiting. Do not recommend this location. Pizza pipeline used to be the best in town but will never return now.

  3. Shannan Beckley

    Thank you so much to the General Manager at the Millwood location that helped me fix the mix up on my order taken at a different location. Sullivan manager was super rude and yelling wouldn’t even let me talk. No to mention hung up on me. General Manager at the Millwood location was caring and prompt to fix the order. Thank you so much I appreciate you and will be doing more business with the Millwood location.

  4. Tone Collaborative

    Millwood store: Online ordering ripped us off and the manager would do nothing to fix it, total fail. Insult to injury: Gross pizza!

  5. Cody Carlson

    I tried ordering online with my phone wouldn’t process. Tried on my laptop wouldn’t process. I called and the lady’s tone was unfriendly and didn’t seem to know the prices of the pizza I wanted. She said it would be 45 minutes. Took an hour and a half. I have ordered taco pizza from there before several times and never was it burn your mouth hot. Couldn’t even eat it. I called and asked them if they had switched up the toppings or the salsa and she said she wasn’t sure. She said it shouldn’t have been spicy hot so maybe there was a mix up and she left it at that. Waste of money and time waiting and had to make something for dinner. Ridiculous!

  6. Carlene Bergquist

    Long story short… Trent and Argonne store staff is the most courteous and helpful staff I’ve dealt with in a long time! I will absolutely 💯 order from them again! The pizza is also delicious 😋 Thank you, 4 your help . It Was refreshing after a long day.

  7. Talon White

    I genuinely cannot express my disgust for this place. Not really the place but the “manager”Matt😂 damn “they” were horrendous. Beyond rude. Refused refund and hung up on me. Ahaha I know where you work and you’re willing to say things like that? Anyways food was mids and I will not forget Matt from pizza pipeline in Millwood.

  8. Toni Hansen

    This will be my last order from Pizza Pipeline. I ordered online and received a confirmation. After an hour plus had passed, I called and nobody from either of two locations for my address could find the order. Concerning even though the payment had been processed. I called both delivery locations for my location. One states that they will expedite. We’ll see if anything actually shows!

  9. Angel Rarrick

    I ordered a pizza and didn’t get it for 2hrs!! Then when I called and asked, they put me on hold for 15min then when I was finally assisted the lady that answered was really rude and interrupted me several times before I could even ask my full question. Extremely rude and short.

  10. Shaun Dewey

    2nd best pizza in town but with their options they are closing in on first

  11. tyler kondelik

    Decent pizza and great service. The driver was quick and super friendly. They even remembered my Chicago style cut. Thank you!

  12. jess teats

    Customer service is horrible, they messed up and didn’t deliver half of our order. Then they said they would give credit for the items not delivered but I needed to wait untill my next order to get what they didn’t bring. When I said that’s not right, she scoffed, put me on hold. Then said they would send it out my item and hung up on me. They are too expensive to be rude and unapologetic or attempt to make it right with their customers. For this they deserve to loose my business.

  13. takistakis

    I mean the pizza was decent I Guess. wasn’t really flavorful, but what makes the review so poor is there outrageous delivery time. like 1 hour 10 minutes (i live like less than a mile away from the place) the prices are high(it cost $23 for a large pizza) when you can just get the pizza deal from dominos

  14. Gregory Forsythe (Gregg)

    That have great pizza 🍕 and fantastic sandwiches 🥪. Delivery was very quick nice employees to.

  15. Beth Lund

    Decent pizza but overpriced. The website never works with my STCU debit card and doesn’t offer an option to pay cash when I pick up my order so I always end up having to call in. That wouldn’t be an issue except they advertise an online discount that I don’t get when calling in so it’s always more expensive. Slices are supposed to be available until 4 but they usually don’t have them readily available in the afternoon so be prepared for a wait while they make a pizza for slices.

  16. PandaMilk_ “hellasloped”

    I dont normally write reviews, but its…
    A bit pricey but DEFINITELY worth it. One of the best local Pizzas Ive had in AGES. The Medium definitely fills you up enough. 100% great pizza!

  17. Joanna Bush

    We ordered the Pizza Pipeline Sampler & a Garlic Chicken Supreme & Cheese Bread for our Landscaping guys and us. Everything was phenomenal and delicious. We would highly recommend this pizza place.
    The delivery guy was awesome too!
    Thank You Pipeline Pizza 🍕
    Joanna & Jim

  18. Cail Maree

    Customer service is awful, delivery takes almost 2 hours, and food is overpriced especially when it’s usually inedible by arrival.

  19. Steve Orvis

    Always friendly, helpful, and welcoming. Local business I’d rather spend my money than corporate businesses. Little more $$ but worth every penny.

  20. b.j. Carpenter

    I’ve ordered numerous times per month for lunch at work and pizza pipeline had an awesome deal for businesses now they changed it all called today to order medium pizza was told price was $34 and change. No more orders from me or co workers hope you don’t miss our repeat business…. Hello Pizza Hut one block away almost 1/2 price

  21. Rocky Mills

    Had great customer service, but all I’ll say that is negative is $18 for a “10 pizza really? And it tasted like cardboard disappointed dominos is $8 only ordered because I had a free bday pizza and needed one more to feed the fam. Not worth it

  22. Shannon Forrest

    The food was amazing it is the best pizza I’ve ever had their service was pretty quick but the atmosphere is a little claustrophobic but other than that they have 5 out 5 pizza

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