201 N Pines Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206


47.658937003694, -117.2400094709


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


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10:30 am – 1:00 am


10:30 am – 11:00 pm

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Pizza Rita

Pizza Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA


22 reviews for “Pizza Rita

  1. Quality reviews

    8/10 on pizza. Quality ingredients, plenty of cheese, excellent service, clean kitchen, seating outside. 100% best delivery you’ll find in town. If they do crust seasoning ide doin 9.5/10 and I’m a stickler for pizza points. There’s a bonus when you order but you gotta stop by to see what it is

  2. Ashley King

    My husband usually orders but wasn’t home to do so. I called tonight, and I asked for delivery specials. The gentleman said well we have tons of specials. Waiting he kinda just doesn’t say anything so I said I’m interested in a two topping medium pizza then he’s like okay that’s a special for $24 and I was like okay but you don’t have any other types with add ons? He’s like I can do a one topping with cheese bread it’ll be like 15.99 but if you want the added mushrooms it’ll be $24. I said no I want the special… Still got charged $24 and the “added mushrooms” were like two or three burnt ones on a few slices. I definitely feel like he didn’t try when it comes to customer service but definitely felt like a slap in the face not getting the special I asked for and very few crispy mushrooms for an added like what $8 how insane is that?? Management please reach out and make this right. Thank you.

    This was my favorite pizza place I’d always recommend to everyone. Just terrible this happened

  3. Michelle Swindell

    Stopping through Spokane, we order Pizza Rita. Highly recommended!! Speed of delivery was great, pizza was still hot when it got to us. The taste was delicious. If we ever get back to the area, I would definitely order again.

  4. Gabriel Ferrise

    It is hard to find good pizza while traveling, but we did it! Pizza Rita is real good. Do not hesitate and get trash pizza down the road. Order Pizza Rita now.

  5. Daniel Hernandez

    Pizza was amazing! Has the supreme large with 2 drinks. Wanted to take a picture but was so hungry that I ended up eating the pizza as soon as I walked out that door. Packed full of flavor and very well packed on ingredients leaving no slice with just the taste of tomato sauce and bread. There was so much to try but ultimately my heart was set on the supreme and it definitely did not disappoint!

  6. Nora Shaw

    Great gluten free pizza!! Free soda

  7. Miranda Nading

    After having Pizza Rita, I don’t think I can ever go back to Domino’s or Pizza Hut. Amazing pie.

  8. Jennifer Schultz

    My preferred pizza in Spokane. Not great for left overs, but good fresh. Great about fixing mistakes. Over all pretty decent place. A little greasy, but good pizza.

  9. Robert McDowell

    We ordered the gluten free Rita and it is super good. Those are a smaller size though keep in mind when ordering.

  10. Joseph Blackburn

    Best pizza in town no doubt about

  11. Ali

    Absolutely love this place! The employees are awesome, the food is great and cozy stay sit in & grab a bite!

  12. tom shinskie

    An occasional “5 Pounder” is good for everything – – – except the waistline.
    Order up and go get’er

  13. Sandra Leonard

    Pizza rita has amazing pizza and great deals the cooks are great great service definitely recommended and definitely will continue ordering pizza from this establishment thank you

  14. michael williams

    I love their dough.

  15. Ashley Marshall

    So amazing, going here from now on instead of round table! The employees are so nice as well.

  16. Kimberly Ingram

    Absolutely delicious pizza and the best of people ever to welcome you in and send you on your way home with pizza to satisfy anybody’s appetite!!!!!

  17. Christopher Tucker

    Love these guys they have the best pizza in town always great service they like to converse with you when you’re ordering and it’s always awesome

  18. Martin Castillo

    Spokane Valley is lucky to have Pizza Rita! Hands down the best pizza in town…not to mention the friendly service.

  19. Jan Eller

    The 5 pounder is always delicious, due to drastic price increase I won’t be purchasing again, still a good pizza

  20. Esperansa Vasquez

    we ordered pizza from there last night. Everything was good and delicious. My bill was $62.92. We didn’t tip because we did carry out, if we wanted to tip We would’ve had them deliver well when I looked at my bank statement it said my bill was $67, when I called and disputed it, they said it probably was on accident and we probably accidentally tipped five dollars looking at a different receipt but my husband took the receipt because he felt embarrassed not tipping which I don’t know why because that’s why we chose To do carry out…. at the end of the day the guy said, sorry I’m the one who added the tips last night. I will go ahead and put credit to your account but I was not happy with the credit because you guys shouldn’t of tipped yourself in the first place, so no, I do not want credit so he said if I drove over there, he would give me my five dollars anyways bad experience, good food but people who worked there are scam artist.… unfortunately, even though the food was good, I don’t feel safe ordering with the card there ever again

  21. Beth Heitmann

    This is our go to for Pizza every time! Love it!

  22. Kelly Bickford

    Best pizza I’ve ever had!

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