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10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


10:30 am – 11:00 pm


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Pizza Rita

Pizza Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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42 reviews for “Pizza Rita

  1. Salty klown shoes

    Some reason the pines online ordering has glitches send orders to other Pizza Rita stil killer pies

  2. Misty Jacobs

    Absolutely our favorite pizza place ever super affordable and always yummy

  3. Sandra Held

    Pizza Rita’s has the Best Pizza! The quality is superior to the competition. The employees are friendly and welcoming. Once you eat their Pizza you will become a loyal customer.

  4. Marie Castro

    I ordered a pizza they said it would be here in 30 minutes and it was here in 15 minutes the pizza was good and hot on the menu it said 1199 and I paid $17.40 I don’t know how that works so $20 for a medium Pizza one topping

  5. Chris Pick

    Ordered about 4x in past 2 weeks.. you could say this is my kids favorite place now…

  6. j bailey

    PR in the valley has the best customer service. And the pizza is good.

  7. Amber C McCann

    We have been loyal Pizza Rita fans for years. However at the Pines location you’ve got to be aware. I’m not sure if it’s certain employees but from time to time we get a pizza that is soaked and soggy with sauce. We literally tossed out 2 pizzas in the past 6 months. So we now ask for light sauce and don’t do extra cheese bc they use plenty without adding.

  8. Jay Wilds

    I love this place, amazing pizza, good prices, and best service. 👌

  9. Rizzell Gryphs

    Quick, decently priced and delicious. Service has been very good so far. Pizza Rita and Northwest Pizza are definitely my go to for pizza.

  10. Carlie L

    Did you know you get a free 2 topping large pizza on your birthday? Just show your ID when you pick it up. Thanks for this delicious birthday lunch, Pizza Rita!

  11. Preston Williams

    Good pizza friendly delivery guy good deal on enough pies for my son’s 2nd birthday. Everyone loved the pizza glad I didn’t get disappointed with domino’s again. We will be ordering again.

  12. Thomas Norr

    Truly one of the best tasting pizzas around.

  13. Anthony

    How does this place have 4.6 stars. Absolutely one of the worst pizzas I ever had. Presentation is good and looks amazing. However crust taste like a frozen pizza hut crust and the sauce is about as bland as you can get. On a side note the staff also made my pizza wrong however the staff was super nice and got the order straitened out. So added star for that!

  14. Phillip Aske (TheDomovoi)

    Awesome pizza! They’ll always work with you if there are any issues, and they’ll match any competitors coupon. Can’t go wrong with that!

  15. Joshua Kinney

    Turned my bad day around! Great service, product, and price. Thanks!

  16. freeofavia

    Every time I get food that I am disappointed with, I always think to myself “Why didn’t I just get Pizza Rita?” They are simply the best. Not only is the taste always consistently great, but the quality of food is top notch. This really can’t be overstated. It doesn’t FEEL like you’re eating fast food. The tummy stays as happy as the tongue, so to speak. You will not find better quality elsewhere. I tell you now my friend, if you are thinking of trying Rita, do it. You will not be disappointed.

  17. Nick Swan

    Great pizza for a lower price than anywhere cause they take coupons from any other business. Our go to pizza place.

  18. Judith Berger

    Very good Pizza. I ordered the 5 Pounder. Great service and friendly employees.

  19. Lisa Greer

    Great little spot to take out pizza. Quick service with very friendly employees….. will go back again!

  20. James Blackwell

    I’m just down the block from the Pines location and love their pizza, but it looks like their online ordering has turned into a mess. I eventually had to give up and order crappier pizza some somewhere else.

    I hope this isn’t a bad sign of things to come. 🙁

  21. Jenn

    Parking: Street parking available on the side of building and parking spots right in front close to the entrance of the building.

  22. amanda brown

    The pizza is delicious and the crew there is amazing

  23. Heather Aske

    Used to be our favorite place because the pizza is good, the staff is kind and they took all coupons. They just stopped price matching. I don’t know anyone who can afford a $30 pizza right now so now they are off our list. Bummed things changed with the new ownership.

  24. Someone

    Pizza still good, but new owners raised prices ALOT and changed specials. I have been a Pizza Rita fan for years! Used to be affordable, went from my go to pizza, to a special occasion pizza place. too bad..

  25. Bayleene Lindberg

    Love Pizza Rita. Great place delicious food and always friendly.

  26. Steve Curran

    Still giving Pizza Rita 5 stars as having the best pizza ( 5 pounder ).. Only down size now it’s $40 bucks for the pizza now.. Don’t think I can afford to come here after this one.. Still the Best though.. Price wise might have to stick with nasty Domino’s 2 for $5.99 deal..

  27. kari Appelwick

    We have been eating here for over 8 years and it never gets old. Pizza Rita has fantastic service and they make amazing pizzas. They offer gluten free, which we ate for the bulk of the time we have been eating there. I highly reccomend the local Spokane pizza joint!

  28. Brooke Becker

    Always great service at all locations and always satisfied with my order:)

  29. Max Johnston

    I ordered a pizza from Little Caesar, only to be told an hour later they would not complete my order. In a panic, with company coming, I called Pizza Rita. They had a tasty pizza at my door in 20 minutes. And at a lower price. YEA PIZZA RITA!

  30. Catherine Weathermon

    Good pizza! Will definitely go here again.

  31. The Man on the move

    It is with a heavy heart I inform the city of Spokane, that Pizza Rita is now under new ownership and that new ownership has gone Hollywood. It is no longer the pizza parlor we’ve all grown to love. Now it’s just profit driven at our expense. It will never again have that small town homegrown pizzeria feel we have all come to love.

  32. Qleth

    Great pizza. Cozy outdoor seating for warm summer days.

  33. Angie Reeves

    This was our family’s first time experiencing Pizza Rita in Spokane Valley. We are very impressed. We don’t live in this town and tried it at the local fair today and decide would order it again at the hotel. NO REGRETS! Even my picky teenager was in love. Thank you for making this a great first experience.

  34. Samantha White

    Pizza Rita is absolutely amazing pizza the only unfortunate thing now is that they no longer take competitors coupons and inflation has taken everything sky high. However is you yave the extra dough their pizza is truly the best!

  35. Chrystalline Myers

    My husband Seth and I moved to Spokane Valley 3 years ago and have faithfully bought pizza from Pizza Rita. We always get the 5 pounder and the Chicken Bacon Ranch for our daughter. We unfortunately are moving away and are so heartbroken over having to leave our favorite pizza place. The staff is completely amazing, hardworking, and they’re always extremely pleasant to us. We thank them for all the wonderful meals our family has had and all the memories of taking a bite into the BEST pizza in town.

  36. Ann Martinson (marepinta)

    Good local pizza place, order in advance and always ready on time

  37. Jestina Kitchen

    Was my first time ever not sorry I walked in at all

  38. connie schmidt

    Best pizza ever

  39. James Kann

    Got the Medium Sausage very little Meat on it that sucks!

  40. Steve Weeden

    One of the best pizza places in town.

  41. Thomas Burchill

    WOW! Just ordered a pizza for delivery…snowing..was here in like 30 minutes.. was delicious…would give 10 stars if I could…buy local…
    This pizza is AMAZING!!!

  42. Deborah T

    Was my son’s 20th Birthday and we received a medium 2 topping pizza. Love Pizza Rita from the crust to sauce then toppings was soooo good.

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