1511 N Pines Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206


47.670843028731, -117.24072520528


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Poke Express

Poke Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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28 reviews for “Poke Express

  1. Rawg

    Very nice staff.

  2. brandon shelton

    Have never had a problem with the food, it’s always been good. My wife just picked up an order and the guy at the counter she said was very rude. She was reading the order off a screenshot from the website and said he wasn’t happy with the order in which she requested things even though it was directly from their website. She then said he threw up his hands frustrated, laughed sarcastically and threw the food across the counter when she asked for additional sauce. Change your website if you don’t like the way it populates the toppings, but learn some customer service. Won’t be back

  3. Azaria Tillson

    Ice cream rolls were good. It was my first time getting ice cream rolls & the employee wasn’t helpful at all, just kind of stared at me annoyed while I was trying to order. The two men in here seem very miserable to be here. A little warmth and friendliness goes a long way.

  4. Rom M

    Employee reminded me of the no soup guy from Seinfeld, his exact words NO MORE ICECREAM!! CLOSE 8 OCLOCK, no need to be rude about it

  5. Benita Bilajac

    By far the worst and rudest customer service ever received. The guy at the counter not only ignored the fact we were there and proceeded to keep singing without even greeting anyone. When he decided to actually acknowledge us there, he found it necessary to just scream at us that ice cream was closed at 8. Definitely will never come here again.

  6. Rebeka Arnold

    Delicious! The Ahi and salmon are always very fresh. I love all the ingredient selections. The sauces are delicious. Excellent quality & big portions for a fair price. I love that you can substitute fresh greens instead of rice!

    I would give them 5 stars solely for the food, but they really need to work on customer service. They regularly don’t pick up the phone. Several times I’ve tried to call in a pick up order and it’s taken me 20 minutes to get anyone on the phone. Then, there is usually a language challenge with the person taking the order, so it has proven frustrating to try and place and get our (correct) take out orders. They say they have ice cream rolls, but every time we’ve tried to order them, they have some reason why they can’t make them.

    Lastly, the gentleman who usually works the counter really needs to works on his manners. His English is very poor and he couldn’t really understand us, even though we were mostly just pointing at what we wanted, which I’m fine with, but he was hostile and very unfriendly. I left feeling like I’d been yelled at 😉 Besides that, I highly recommend the food.

  7. Brandon Bentz

    Underwhelming. Overpriced poke bowls for what you receive. Not a traditional Hawaiian poke.

  8. Nene Benefield

    Male staff wasn’t really friendly but the young lady who helped make our poke rolls was so sweet, kind and helpful!!!!

  9. Hey Gurl (Pennee)

    Place was great. People were nice. Milk supply running late so no rolled ice cream. Food was amazing. Would recommend.

  10. Savannah Helgeson

    My time was well spent coming here! outstanding service and delicious treats, the icecream is absolutely to die for!!

  11. Brian alsberg

    Delicious poke. The guy working wasn’t very friendly but his food was awesome.

  12. L Parker

    I paid 30 dollars for 2 bowls.. I asked for crab and squid. The portion size of crab and squid was maybe half a tablespoon.

  13. Wen Cheng

    Very good place love coming here with lots of friends recommended.

  14. Carolyn Limerick

    Food spot on service was okay they seemed overwhelmed and a little grumpy.

  15. Christopher Carney

    This is such a fresh take on good Poke. Poke is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course. My daughter was 10 the first time I took her here and she loves it. This might be a stretch but if you like traditional sushi, give this place a try as it should be up your taste bud’s alley.

  16. Kieth J

    Food is awesome as always but I have to shout out to the work ethic of the staff there. They are fast and always on point.

  17. A H

    I really like Poke Express. However, after I ordered I went in to use bathroom. It was completely filthy, including the toilet seat and surrounding area. And both the toilet paper and paper towels were out. It was not busy in there either. It makes me question the overall cleanliness of the facility and staff. I will not go back to that location.

  18. Jonathan Johnson

    Oh my gosh we took our girls here and absolutely loved it and at the end we had to get the rolled ice cream simply fantastic

  19. Phil Zoller

    Delicious and fresh food well worth the price. I hope they do well and grow in other cities.

  20. Natalie

    Preferred through Uber eats. It wasn’t bad. I was a lil disappointed they didn’t have “cabbage”
    As an option but was pretty good considering other sushi places I’ve tried in spokane. Definitely better than those places. Unfortunately, “Washington “ doesn’t seem to understand how “paper/cardboard affects the “flavor” of food.
    With that being said, my excuse with “pokeworks” in Cda Idaho has impressed me more. Sorry

  21. Hannah Cornwell

    Love the fact that it’s a giant sushi bowl there so good!!

  22. Lydia Korbel

    the food is so fresh & they always have my order ready when i arrive!

  23. Julienne Quinn

    I would have taken a picture but I needed to consume my bowl immediately. Went here on a whim not even really knowing what poke was. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. This is a create your own sushi role in a bowl, or as my brain understands, lazy sushi. A large bowl was under 14$ and is, in my opinion, the perfect lunch size. THE QUALITY OF EACH INGREDIENT WAS STUNNING. Seriously, cucumbers were crunchy their protein options looked freshly cut and just the overall state and cleanliness of their options bar was admirable. I live on the Northside and I will happily commit to the drive for a bowl of their poke.

  24. Josh Goodley

    It’s sooooo good!!! thank you for the yummy rolled ice cream

  25. Aaron West

    In the food was really good. The interior was a bit cluttered if you care about that. The staff was chill.

  26. Darin Douglas

    They prepared their food nicely. No complaints on it. But service was terrible. They acted as if me ordering a poke bowl at 2:15 PM was offensive.

    To be a place that serves one food dish during one set of hours and then ice cream later in the day is cool. But if ordering a poke bowl is inconvenient to the staff, there should at least be a verbal note and/or a sign that says “poke is served until x time.”

    I’m still coming back, no damage is done. But 5 stars for food, no stars for service, 3 stars for atmosphere, and absolutely no complaints on two precious visits warrant 3 stars today.

  27. James Foster

    This is where I go when I don’t have the time or money for sushi because it hits all the same cravings.

  28. B.B.

    I’m typing this as I eat! My salmon bowl is so good as always but I decided it was time to leave a review because the sweet gal in the piggy tails was so kind and let me take my time choosing toppings even as 3 separate people came in. I felt pressure to hurry up but she took her time with me and said thank you as I paid and as I walked out the door. Great food great service! 🙂

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