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10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


10:00 am – 9:00 pm


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10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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Pupusas Locas

Pupusa Restaurant in Covington, WA


Beef Fajitas Pupusas $21.99

Pupusas Ahogadas $13.99

Steak Pupusa $21.99

Chicken Milanesa Pupusa $17.99

Egg Pupusa $13.99

Chicken Fajitas Pupusas $17.99

Pupusa Loca $11.99

Desayuno Loco $21.99

Shrimp Fajitas Pupusa $17.99

Family Pack $66.99

20 Pupusas of any flavor accompanied by their tomato sauce and salad


Mix $3.95

Pork and Cheese $3.95

Beans & Cheese $3.95

Beans $3.95

Cheese $3.95

Zucchini and Cheese $3.95

Mushroom and Cheese $3.95

Loroco and Cheese $3.95

Spinach and Cheese $3.95

Jalapeno and Cheese $3.95

Garlic and Cheese $3.95

Ground Pork $3.95

Chicken and Cheese $4.25

Asada and Cheese $4.25

Chorizo and Cheese $4.25


Pastelitos de Carne (2) $5.99

Uca Frita con Chicharrones $13.99

Tamal Salvadoreno $3.99

Tamal de Elote $3.99

Empanadas de Platano $6.99

Platanos Fritos Plate $9.50

Platanos con Lechera $6.99

Churros Rellenos $4.99


Birria Soup $17.99

Sopa de Gallina $17.99

Mariscada Salvadorena $22.99

Sopa de Pollo $16.99

Menudo $17.99

Sopa de Res $17.99

Sopa de Pata $19.99


Desayuno Salvadoreno $13.99

Carne Asada Plate $20.99

Carnitas Plate $13.99

Pollo Asado Plate $13.99

Chile Relleno $12.99

Enchilada Plate (3) $13.99

Carne Asada con Camarones $24.99

Taquitos Dorados $9.50

Chicken or beef


Choice of Meat: Asada, Adobada, Pollo, Carnitas, Birria. Lengua add $.50

Tacos $2.75

Family Loco Pack $49.99

20 Tacos, any meat, rice and beans, chips and sauce

Cheese Birria Tacos $16.99

Quesadilla $12.99

Mulitas $3.99

Torta $10.95

Burrito o Breakfast Burrito $10.50

Asada Fries $13.50

Burrito Plate o chimichanga Plate $13.99

Baliada con Carne $7.99

Baliada Sencilla $7.99


Comes with fries

Kids Nuggets $7.99

Kids Quesadilla $7.99

Kids Pupusa $7.99







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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

19 reviews for “Pupusas Locas

  1. Yessy Avalos

    Typical Salvadoran food a totally different menu than usual, the food is super delicious I recommend it 100% the service of the staff Excellent

  2. Laura Villegas

    Raw thick burnt pupusas

  3. Naomy Hernandez

    Super good pupusas! And fried yucca was delicious

  4. christina quinones

    I was surprised to see this pop up as I am a huge fan of pupusas and this place exceeded my expectations. I haven’t had anything this good since I was in Houston. I will be back!

  5. Lesley Salmonson

    Delicious pork/cheese pupusas and cheese birria tacos! So many menu items, we will definitely be back!

  6. IronMarbles (IronMarbles)

    Wow. Cheesy Birria Tacos. Nuff said. Papusa are good, the slaw is AMAZING. Sauce is spicy and homemade. Prime example of a place that’s cares about the food they make. Highly recommend

  7. Jennifer Alexander

    Pupusas are delicious everyone needs to try them tacos were good too and salsas had good flavor and spice

  8. Alexander Eastwood

    I’ve eaten here twice now. It’s obvious they use fresh ingredients and everything is well balanced. Definitely coming back for more!

  9. Melinda Miner

    Okay, this is really authentic and delicious. I ordered to go, the service was really good. It took about 10 to 15 minutes, but she told me it would take that long, so that is fine. It is really fresh, hot and generous portion. It is really delicious. It was a little spend, but everything is now. Treat yourself and check them out.

  10. shaunnah Martinez

    First time trying they were gone so fast we didnt even get a picture! Excellent service and delicious, flavourful pupusas. Salsas have great flavor as well. We tried 5 different pupusas and the pork and cheese and bean and cheese were our favs! Highly recommend this place

  11. Matthew Shull

    A very clean and colorful restaurant! The pupusas were absolutely delicious and I was pretty shocked at how flavorful they were compared to past pupusas experiences. The slaw was also tangy and spicy. People definitely need to check this place out more! Totally recommend!

  12. Kathleen Gwin

    Delicious pupusas and tamal .Fresh made.The spicy pickled cabbage was a nice addition to the food.

  13. Deisy Pineda

    The worst leg soup I’ve ever tasted

  14. joe mama

    the staff was nice and friendly. i didn’t care for the food though. i only liked one of the four items i ordered. items not very crunchy to me when i expected them to be 🙁

  15. Hana Kim

    We ordered takeout and the steam in the styrofoam box made the entire food soggy and wet. they need to cut a hole on top to let steam escape. the food was sitting in water.

  16. Danielle Johnson

    I have two words: Birria Tacos. I mean wow. We come he every week of two because we can not get enough.

  17. Alex Heck

    I am from SoCal and I’ve been looking for some authentic Latin food for awhile and it doesn’t get much better than this around here. The papusas are fantastic, and if you want something a bit more americanized the carne asada fries are as good as the ones I’d get back in CA.

  18. Jordan Humann

    Restaurant is very clean like others have mentioned! Ordered carne asada fries, fried plantains, Papusas. The fries were ok, the guacamole on top tasted a bit old. Plantains were good though

  19. Gloria Procella

    We did a to-go order. Food was hot, tasty and fresh. Plenty of gluten free options.

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