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Red Genie Pizza

Pizza Restaurant in Ocean Shores, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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17 reviews for “Red Genie Pizza

  1. Monique Martin

    Hands down the best pizza I’ve had in a very long time. Got the Tsunami has everything on it. And I mean everything so super yummy. Customer service was excellent. Nice and friendly. 100% will return!

  2. B F

    The woman at the counter that took our order was extremely nice.
    The outside of the building, the broken front door and the broken door to the bathroom wasn’t very cool, but… We were just there to pick pizza up so oh well. The inside of the restaurant seemed clean, so I think if they fixed the front door things would start out good.
    The pizza was good, the cheese sticks were “fine”.. a pizza and cheese sticks was around $35. We will come here again.

  3. Hulda Jonsdottir

    Best pizza in town

  4. rudy pichay

    THESE GUYS ROCK!!!! 👍👍After a weeks stay here in Ocean Shores and being disappointed in most of the local fare and not really excited about my prospects for dinner, I called up & ordered a large combination pizza one day last week, simply because it was across the street from my motel, and am I glad I did! IDK if they make their own sauce and or dough, but the pizza was FANTASTIC! Thin but not too thin crust, crispy around the edges and soft and chewy inside, generous amounts of toppings baked to gooey perfection! Highly recommend this place, & I’ll definitely be back whenever in Ocean Shores! Courteous and friendly staff a plus! You guys are AWESOME! Thank you!

  5. Erica R Robinett

    Eh nothing that personally blew my taste buds away BUT the kids loved it.. I tried buying another pizza spot next day and kids complained about the smell and taste and wanted this place again so they got an extra star lol.. you can’t eat in doors due to covid so we had to order out.

  6. John Bolger

    I love it. I bought it one and now, I can’t stop going there!

  7. Crystal Werner

    Red Genie is the best pizza in Ocean Shores.

  8. suzanne treash

    Veggie Lovers pizza and ceasar salad.

  9. Aaron King

    Awesome pizza!!!

  10. James Draggie

    Best pizza in Ocean Shores

  11. Jesse Malinowski

    From the moment I reached into the box for the first slice i knew i was in for a real treat with this za. Some of these pizza places you know, you go to pull out a slice of pizza and all you can think is “where did these clowns learn to cut pizza? At clown college?”

    Well that’s not the case here. The team at Red Genie really knows what they are doing with a roto slicer. Not only did they demonstrate exquisite technique with consistent and sufficient pressure all the way through the full cut which resulted in perfect separation of all slices but their accuracy was also flawless. The slices were as perfectly proportioned as you’d think only a machine could do. I fact i wonder if they have some kind of CNC machine doing the slicing. One of the pizzas i ordered was half pepperoni and black olive and the other half was Hawaiian with jalapeno. THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE STRAY DISGUSTING PIECE OF PINEAPPLE ON MY DELICIOUS PIZZA HALF!


    I know it sounds too good to be true, but i cant stress enough how much you need to come down to Red Genie Pizza and see it for yourself!

  12. uuu 777

    25 minute wait. 2 twelve inch pizzas, tasted really good! Awesome place to pick up some pizza when there’s barely any places around!

  13. Lisa Roberts

    Worst pizza we have ever had. After a long day of driving we were hungry and tired and looked up places to eat and saw great reviews, but when we got there the place was empty, dirty and run down and it did not look good, but it was late and the one lady working was nice. So we got a pizza to go since their dining room was still closed for Covid reasons. When we got to the hotel 5 minutes away, we found that the pizza was terrible. It was soggy and tasted bad. Even my 8 year old nephew who was starving, wouldn’t eat it. We ended up throwing it out. Big waste of $30.

  14. Mary Roy

    Ordered a Pizza for pick up, and it was perfect for satisfying our cheesy desires! Thin crust, gooey cheese, tasty slightly crispy pepperoni and yes my favourite small cut canned pineapple. The service was friendly and the place looked clean and inviting. It will be nice to dine inside next time we’re in town.

  15. Brian Frigon

    Food and atmosphere was great. Loved the grilled cod sandwich

  16. Alluvial Joe

    The pizza was bad. The chicken was freezer burnt and rotten tasting. The owner doesn’t treat employees well. All other places are open for dine-in in town. This owner is making all his money on takeout but the employees don’t get tips. Owner won’t open restaurant so employees can’t earn money. Credit card machine doesn’t even allow tips. Even so the staff was nice. Food was bad and seems the owner is too

  17. AC

    THE ABSOLUTE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!! I was recently in Chicago and. I thing I had there compares to this pizza! Salad and cheesy bread were perfection! Never had cheesy bread as good as this. My family of four also got two large pizzas one cheese and one half pepperoni and crispy bacon and the other half bbq sauce, chicken, crispy bacon and pineapple. The meat and that bacon! My lord! I have never had bacon like that in my life! I cannot say enough good things about this place. The ladies working are incredible! I will say, bring cash to tip these lovely ladies because the card machine doesn’t give you the option to leave a tip. Seriously, best food ever! I never write reviews but my whole family was amazed and just drooling over this food. 💙

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