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10:30 am – 8:00 pm


10:30 am – 8:00 pm


10:30 am – 8:00 pm


10:30 am – 9:00 pm


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10:30 am – 9:00 pm


10:30 am – 8:00 pm

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Ron’s Drive-In

Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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80 reviews for “Ron’s Drive-In

  1. Tony Ferraro

    Good food but overpriced

  2. B G

    I’m gonna sat 4 stars only for 2 reasons

    1 food took over 20 mins to get might be due to younger staff being overwhelmed but there were not many people there when I arrived

    2 food for the most part was good but the burgers were far to well done

    I have been here before with out these problems and I’m sure after hearing this someone will work on it ill definitely adjust when fixed. The service on the other hand was great the team working the counter and window were vary nice and were cleaning when not busy.

  3. Bill Rabe

    Very over cooked chicken & fries tasted like old oil. We live close & have noticed a decline in quality & caring employees.

  4. Jason Tipton

    The Best Burger and food and customer service in Spokane County, hands down

  5. Matt Jorgenson

    Rons still has good burgers and their fries are seriously underrated. Not to mention I shared a large with a friend and still had too many.

  6. Captain Dunsel

    Normally a very good place to eat. I would give it five stars, but I have to return tomorrow morning to discuss the blood red burger that was ice cold in the middle, that I got tonight. Screwing up my orders is not unusual, check your food before you leave the parking lot. Really good place to eat otherwise.

  7. Chris Gagnon

    This place has really gone down hill. The service is very slow! They have a young kid at the drive-thru that can’t remember your drinks and sauces that he asked you about. And the quality of the food is poor.
    Don’t waste your time and money.

  8. DeeAnn Robinson

    Nice, old-fashioned greasy spoon hamburger joint. Small fries are enough for two. Worth a couple more dollars to come here instead of McD or BK’s.

  9. keith savall

    The only decent burger place left in town. I hadn’t been to Ron’s in about 30 yrs. and I’m glad to say that nothing has changed. The large fry is huge and the burger I had was great. Worth the drive from North Spokane. Yummy!

  10. Sarah “Stakagrip” Zimmerman

    Had a new cashier Yung lady she was awesome she had a beautiful cross bracelet on. Very sweet and helpful. Bacon cheeseburger was phenomenal I will be back for more! Thanks Ron’s!

  11. Julie Daily

    Asked for crispy fries came soggy. Then our burgers no bacon. Very disappointed.

  12. Erika Charbonneau

    Got the Saturday special, 1/2 pound with bacon. Very good… will go back again for sure.

  13. Kila Damron

    Horrible service. Took 30 mins to get 2 burgers and some fries. My cheeseburger only had ketchup on it and I ordered a deluxe.

  14. Richard Brantley

    My new favorite place! Ordered the fish n’ chips for my bride and I. I ordered an extra piece thinking I might still be hungry! It wasn’t necessary! Great fish you could tell it was fresh frozen! I guess I didn’t take a pix of the fish! The hamburgers are great too and the service is fast!

  15. Steve Kelley

    Great mom and pop burger joint. Fast service good good food. Time to help the little guy out.

  16. 7 gringo

    Been eating here for 40 years, best burgers in town and always great service.

  17. Brett Tree

    Stop hiring stoners. im tired of my orders messed up all the time. the guys today were blazeddddd. they could barely take my order. they gave me wrong shake and no sauce. im done with it 🖕🏻order#0340 @feb20 15:14.

  18. Trishia Ybarra

    Food was freshly cooked and tasted good. The woman at the drive thru was very friendly, great people skills. Will definitely be going back if I am in the area again

  19. Mommy Klein

    Best burgers in town! Reminds me of being a kid! Love this place! Always a good choice!

  20. Rebecah Lakman

    A friend told me that i had to try the broasted chicken because it was soon good but I think it was horrible. It’s just deep fried chicken with barely any meat except for one breast in the mix. KFC is better than that. I was not impressed. Maybe I should try something else.

  21. L Spangler

    This is my go to place for a weekly fish and chip fix. The fish is always delicate and delicious with a light batter. Usually love the tasty tartar sauce but last time through, the recipe changed and ketchup was added…bummer!

  22. LeRoy Byrd

    Good variety and food. Prices are reasonable. Ordered a Chicken cordon bleu sandwich, which was great. They also have several good family bucket deals.

  23. LaJauna “Wanna” Lopez

    Great food has the old school drives in vibe, but the prices for a double cheeseburger and a leg onion ring was almost 20.

  24. Leo B

    My first time. Hamburger are all right nothing special, service make me upset 😡. They work slow , they saw us and ignored us.
    Never again with this tipe of costumer service. I will NOT recommend this place to all my friends.


    Rudist counter workers and one of the worst bugers I have ever had. I don’t know what has happened to Ron’s. I have been going there since the late 50s I will not go back. Sorry to see.

  26. Lebowski azure

    So good and fresh. I live on the south hill and drive all the way out to the valley just for Ron’s. I’m pregnant right now and my number one craving is Ron’s..sooo good!!!

  27. Rizzell Gryphs

    Food is okay. Food was kinda expensive (which is odd since the prices advertised seem cheaper) 🤔

  28. Robert Brazington

    Been a favorite spot for more than 50 years. Fast service and great food. Best chicken around. Great fries and burgers too.

  29. MoRB_HD

    William was very nice and polite when I ordered my food. The mini monster burger is very tasty.

  30. John Kness

    1st time visit will also be my last. Burger was mediocre, and my onion rings were burned

  31. Jared Davies

    I feel like this place used to be great and then they just got lazy. I’ve been 3 times, 2 of them they got the order wrong, and all 3 I felt ripped off by the price to size of the burger I paid for. On top of that they reminded me exactly of jack in the box. Overly greasy and sloppily put together. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a fat greasy burger but the combination of high price, lack of effort, and nothing unique leaves me regretting my visit every time.

  32. Amanda McKiddy

    The food was pretty good as was the service. Only complaint is probably fish and chips are not seasoned well and the tartar sauce is a little bland.

  33. charles shineflew

    Ron’s the hometown fast food restaurant one of a kind have to go there and experience it yourself you’re dealing with long lines as well but wait to you get there french fries.

  34. Jay Price

    4 pc chicken and fries, hot crispy fries and plenty of them, but very bland no salt flavorless, again chicken hot crispy juicy decent size pieces, OMG absolutely no flavor, fry sauce different a combination of fry and tarter sauce, I saw other reviews I think they may have had COVID, they said it would be a 20 minute wait for the chicken, I think that’s code for try something else anything else.

  35. Patrick Blum

    Great food at great prices, what else could you want? The shrimp basket is LOADED with shrimp!! Great value

  36. Megan Amason

    My mouth is watering as i think about their prawns and cod.. so good! And my husband thought the burger was really good too. The fries are crispy and delish unlike some other fast food places. Rons is my new favorite drive through.

  37. Danny Brownson

    This is a great place to go grab a quick meal. They had 5,or 6 cars in the drive through line, but they took the orders and had the food ready in no time! I was impressed.

  38. Daniel Jump

    Same old Ron’s but still yummy. I had the Big R and added fries and tartar on it.

  39. Vince Acosta

    Waited long at drive thru

  40. Daniel Lefler

    First, I have always loved Ron’s and it has been a go to for me. I ordered drive through last night and everything seemed normal until I got home and looked at my food. My fries and the sauces I had ordered were missing (it also seemed like the kids behind the counter were screwing around). I called in about it and was told there were new people working. If the doors are open for business I expect to get the same great service of old. If new employees are not ready then I will bypass the place until they are. It’s a competitive and expensive market out there. I just want what I pay for and that also includes customer service. I was offered free small fries…this doesn’t fix it!

  41. Jeffery Emel

    Best shake value. Burger was reasonably priced and quite good too. But I would go there just just for the shake in a second. Nothing over the top. Just right in every aspect. And large for the price. Based on my first “discovery” visit. It is definitely on my map now. I will update if needed. But I’m optimistic.

  42. Rich Yokel

    Homey mom and pops looking old fashioned restaurant, but the burgers are about as small as Burger King’s, considering the price. Nice locale on the main drag through Spokane Valley

  43. Brian The Jarvis

    Best fish in town!! This review went from 5 stars to 1. Updated: Stopped last night for the family. Again, fish was great but they were out of clam chowder. So instead, since the fish alone won’t fill me up, I ordered a cheap cheeseburger to top off my fish meal. It came with hair in it. Not just hair, but literally a disgusting piece of hair with a ball of something gross attached to it I was so disgusted I tlcan assure you we are done here for a while. So gross! $54 meal that left me stopping at the competitor to fill up before going home. Some things you just can’t un-see.

  44. Travis Evans

    Ron’s used to be a great place to eat but not so much now days. Half the time they don’t even have chicken around dinner time on a Friday night.

  45. Lisa Squires

    Ron’s used to be our place to go on Friday nights but not now! I don’t know if they have new owners or what?!? Half the time on Friday’s around dinner time they don’t have any chicken and if they do it doesn’t have the flavor like it used to. Seems like nothing tastes the same anymore. Fries are old and cold, you don’t get the sauces you ask for etc

  46. Lisa Squires

    Ron’s used to be our place to go until lately! Food is typically cold, service is poor and the are always out of chicken. Plus the bathrooms are something to be desired! I don’t think they have been cleaned for months!! Very sad

  47. Dave Miller

    Food doesn’t taste the same anymore, must be under new ownership. Bathrooms are filthy!

  48. Amy Adams

    Nope. Service was meh. The fish came without tartar sauce. What?!? Fundamental service flaw when the sign says included. No ketchup. The burger was small. Overall Husband said pretty good. Which is him saying meh. Not a win. Better options.

  49. Alyssa Adams

    Ask for mayo with your fries 😊 also get a separate order of onion rings, the sample platter just doesn’t have enough 🙏😅

  50. Shilo Stone

    The food was way way over priced for the bland, flavorless and overcooked “food”that we got. Will never go back again. Do not recommend.

  51. Melissa Birkland

    Just picked up the Monday special. The first burger had a hair in it. None of the employees had hair nets on with there long hair. Nor gloves while hadling food. The fries have been fried twice and tasted stale. This is an over priced meal for 2 and was NOT worth it by any means. I would never recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  52. Richard Harmon

    Awesome sandwich’s. Very clean,very nice employee’s. And the great part they also employ some challenged workers. I will be back. During the summer , every Thursday evening you can see a parking lot full of street rods.

  53. Hope Harrison

    Everything was very good except for the fries were a little bit soggy, but still very good drive-thru

  54. K W

    It was a pretty legit burger joint, worth stopping out of the way for. Definitely recommend.

  55. dawg washington

    One of childhood memories pla e to eat when coming home.

  56. Christy Maddy

    Food is OK I do like the chicken strips hamburger is OK not a fan of the bun they use it tastes old to me.

  57. Reed Hiland

    Tasted ok. The amount of fries they give you is massive, but the burgers are small and unoriginal.

  58. joseph beckman jr

    Stopped serving the “big joe” took them 4 visits to finally say so. Previous 3 they were just “out”. Could work on customer service.

  59. Bri Kirsch

    The broasted chicken takes about 20 minutes, but is SO worth the wait!!

  60. Isaac Whiting

    A Spokane classic. Great burgers. Great service. Love the “R’ sauce.

  61. Bee DeFort

    Fish fish sando but was really bummed they were out of halibut.

  62. Dorie Woytovech

    This was my first time eating at Ron’s and it will be my last…I ordered the fish and chips (paid $9.99) and got 4 pieces (2″x2″ pieces), which tasted like they’d been in the freezer for days before being fried. The “chips” were not freshly cooked and barely warm. I only ate 2 of the fish and gave the rest to my dog. Sorry Ron, but this wasn’t good AT ALL.

  63. Andrew A

    Doesn’t look like much from the street but staff was friendly, the food was good, lobby was clean what more could you want.

  64. Ronald Terlitsky

    Bigger prices and smaller servings as with the rest of the food joints trying to survive. But it’s still far superior to the cardboard patties at McDonald’s

  65. Craig Ambacher

    Greasy, greasy, greasy. Clam strips were like rubber. The cheap bag broke open with very little weight in it. The straw was too small to suck the shake through. The fries and onion rings were undercooked.

    The ONE person working was crazy busy (poor guy)

    Ron’s used to be good affordable food, not cheap food.

    Definitely NOT returning.

  66. Oly Sly

    This used to be a favorite spot. The last three times our order was incorrect. No bacon on the bacon cheese burger, no cheese on a regular cheese burger, etc.
    The shakes are still really good. Maybe when they have more staff it will get better????

  67. Scott Boles

    Always been consistent over the years and I think they have some of the best fast food fish and chips.

  68. Izzie MacLachlan (IzzieMac)

    Ist time at Ron’s and had the Best Fries ever. Burger was good and the Strawberry Shake was yummy! I was the last customer of the night and the crew were absolutely delightful and very helpful and did rush me. Hope the fish and chips are as good it will be my next meal there in a few weeks!

  69. Casey Erb

    Chicken sandwich was not a good quality product, I would’ve been happy to pay more for better quality. Fries were good, oreo shake had too much milk.

  70. Jaydra L. Design

    Best BLT in the world, but their customer service was top notch today. Fast food work is tough and they were so kind and helpful in every encounter I watched.

  71. Aileen Goodman

    Their ice cream cones are great. Their employees need to be a little more happy when they serve the people.

  72. Mary Simmons

    Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t anything to write home about. Onion rings were almost burnt, didn’t get my fries, hoping it was just a off day.

  73. Ryan Veret

    We met up at Rons with some of our car friends and family on Sunday 9/4/22 about 6pm and found the absolute WORST service we all have ever had anywhere!! It took 30 minutes to get a sub par burger and a milkshake, one woman in our group waited 55 minutes for her shrimp and on top of this the crew was yelling and swearing at eachother with customers in the lobby.

    There was zero leadership or accountability a

  74. Michael SP78

    I haven’t been to Spokane in 25 years, but Ron’s was a fixture of my childhood. After a too long hiatus, went back with my family and to my delight it was as amazing as I’d remembered. Do yourself a favor and stop in. It won’t disappoint.

  75. Jeff Scott

    Ya this is an old fashion greasy food joint, the food we ordered wasn’t the greatest with what are expectations were but we didn’t order any burgers. It is what it is.

  76. Fuzzy Bunny

    My favorite place for fish and chips. Great service. Been coming here at least 40 years.

  77. Luke Ruppel

    This is the least hole in the wall hole in the wall. It’s literally in the middle of a freaking parking lot!! This was my first time eating here and boy was it eye opening. They crush the competition. Variety, quality, construction, flavor… These burgers will make you question why you went across the street. The burger itself has a nice little char really adding to the experience and boosting that married flavor of the cheese and the fresh onion. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The dining room was criminally empty with only a few other people/families sitting down, though I did watch a few cars pull through the drive through while I was there.

    Parking? They got you. Drive through? Check. Retro hang out? Like something out of a movie (minus the arcade cabinets). Clean tables, big windows.

    I live to far away… For now!

  78. Travis Johnson Master Survival Instructor

    It’s great burgers and has been around for decades. Highly recommend visiting them good prices and good food

  79. Charles Paradis

    It’s pretty ok. Not an amazing experience unless you’re into 60s style drive ins. Decent food. Decent price.

  80. k l

    Don’t bother with this place. Food tasted old, terrible service, screwed up our order. Travel one block down the street to Thrifty Scottsman, they take pride in what they are serving.

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