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Takeouts Available from 5pm – 7 pm

Russell’s Restaurant

Traditional American Restaurant in Bothell, WA

34 reviews for “Russell’s Restaurant

  1. Shannon Hicks

    I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at Russell’s. My fiancé and I were looking for a rehearsal dinner venue, so we visited on Saturday night to see the space, get a feel for the ambiance, and try the food. We were so impressed with everything! It’s formal, yet warm and inviting. The volume level was ideal, and the space is beautiful. Our server was lovely, knowledgeable, and attentive, and even gave us a tour of the private event spaces after our meal. And the food was just incredible. We started with some wine – we tried the Rosé, Bordeaux Blend, and Cab Franc, all of which were great. I ordered the Duck Nicault (served with roasted vegetables and mushroom risotto), and my fiancé ordered the pork chop (served with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes). We finished with the bread pudding. Everything was cooked perfectly and beyond delicious. I would highly recommend this restaurant for a nice dinner out!

  2. Rebecca Buck

    This restaurant is is gem. The service and food were extraordinary and the atmosphere is so comfortable. It was a beautiful surprise for a first date!

  3. Mary Hooper

    I absolutely love Russell’s. He is a top notch chef, an overall amazing guy, and he surrounds himself with a team just as amazing as he is. The food is always perfect. Simple, done well. My husband and I had our wedding here a few years back in the Loft, and it was pure magic. We go here every year on our anniversary to celebrate.

  4. Nicolas Ignoto

    Great restaurant. The food was delicious and the service was ok ( a little slow ).

  5. Robin House

    We visited Russell’s for a much needed date night. Service, food and atmosphere was outstanding!

  6. Czechmate 74

    Good food. Pricy and good service. My water glass was only like half when it was filled over and over again whole time we were there. Cons: limited menu and location in a business office park.

  7. B Shrop

    Great service and ambiance. Very little options. Most entrees start at $40 and up to $80. Had the potato leak soup it was thin and salty. The pork chop looked incredible. Unfortunately it was undercooked and cold in the middle, I did ask for medium but it was clearly not. On the plus side a friend ordered the scallop appetizer but was mistakenly served the entree at no extra charge.

  8. Kody Smith

    The bread is good. We got the New York and it’s 100% without a doubt a choice steak. For $60 I expect a prime cut. I wouldn’t go back for that reason

  9. Stephanie L. LaDuke

    We went for mother’s Day and had a great time. The food and cocktails were amazing (alcoholic drinks are getting outrageous price wise tho). Our server wasn’t so attentive, but the food runners and other staff were accessible and kind. Still my favorite bread pudding.

    Our kids even loved the food and gave it 20/10. Also, the kids meals are reasonable with salmon, steak or chicken and 2 sides

  10. Phillip Macfadden

    Excellent food and great great service. A monthly go to.

  11. L A

    I would say that maybe the focus here is on the wine, because the menu is kind of like boring food done nicely enough. Maybe I should say “classic” food; they are not reinventing the wheel here. The salmon was well prepared, and it came with dry gnocchi, undercooked carrots, but perfect asparagus. There was a sauce, but it wasn’t enough to make a difference with the gnocchi. Overall, I was underwhelmed with my meal. My husband had a filet mignon, also with the same vegetables, cooked exactly the same as mine, except instead of gnocchi, he had potatoes. He absolutely loved the filet mignon and potatoes. He was very happy with his meal. He said the steak was exceptional. For the price, I wasn’t impressed overall. I also was unpleasantly surprised to see people wearing baseball hats and shorts and t-shirts there. I thought this was supposed to be a nice restaurant. That’s not a reflection on the restaurant itself, but rather people’s attitudes towards fine dining nowadays. It’s just disappointing.

  12. Kory Gill

    Fantastic food, great staff, & they even take the prime card.

  13. Shoshi B

    7/7/23 ~ Came back 5 years later and it was still amazing but for one thing, the filet mignon was ordered at medium and was served seared on the outside and completely raw in the middle (wish I’d taken a pic🤦🏻‍♀️). We sent the plate back and it was returned perfectly

    7/7/18 ~ This was everything we could want for our anniversary away from home. The service was really good and the food was great! I wish we lived here so we could come back.

  14. Christopher Kerr

    They have carpaccio, enough said. The apps are where it’s at. Phenomenal wine selection and bar. Mains are a traditional fare. Great chef owned restaurant on the Eastside. A must try. Caters to an older clientele.

  15. Bruce English

    I’m so glad the other place was booked! So, I was going to go to a steak place in Bellevue, but they didn’t have availability. Never heard of Russell’s before, figured I would try it.

    It was so much better than the comparable priced place I was looking at in Bellevue! The quality of my ribeye was great! I actually got an Old Fashioned that wasn’t a mix and was made perfectly!

    Only gotcha: The meats we ordered were cooked slightly longer than we’re used to. Next time (and there will be a next time) I’ll just order a bit rarer than I typically do.

  16. Holly Berry

    Phenomenal service, ambiance, cuisine and location. Much appreciated. Thank you.

  17. P.S.

    Russell’s is a legend!

  18. Sugarplum Fairy

    Amazing as always! Roasted peach butter lettuce salad was delicious. We also had the teriyaki tips. All just so, so good!

  19. Lynda Feng

    Fabulous food and great service. Special thanks to Daniel for making our dinner special!

  20. James Johnston

    Good food. Different at lunch it’s counter service at lunch. Table at dinners. EDITED: Presently it appears only doing dinner. Had dinner there tonight. Excellent service, good food, as usual a great atmosphere.

  21. Lilly Edwards

    Good experience. I tried a fish that was tender and juicy on the inside and well-seared on the outside, scallops appetizer also was so good.

  22. Frank Hong

    Enjoyed the food, the ambiance was nice, and left happy. Should have reviewed the receipt more closely that day. Just looked now and see they calculate the bill using questionable math. Going by the order shown on the bill, the bill indicates the service charge as 21% but doing the math it’s 23%. The tax in Bothell is 10.1% but the bill calculates tax as 10.5%.

  23. Peter Wilson

    Great food, great atmosphere

  24. Cheryl Morningstar

    Service and food was impeccable.

  25. mark surfer

    Food was Excellent, and service was also very good. Had the Scallops with
    Broccoli and slices of carrots in mashed potatoes, with an appetizer of beef tip steak in a delicious sauce.

  26. Andrew Archer

    Such a great venue for a dinner or rehersal dinner venue. My family had a great time thanks to the great service and amazing food.

  27. Brian Orton

    We just love Russell’s. We’ve been going there for many years, and last week my wife and I took our two grown children there for dinner to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. As is customary when you go to Russell’s, the service was great. Always. And the food is always good, better than good. But, a couple things didn’t exactly go our way with our last visit – no need to be specific here – let’s just say Russell’s had an off night, for us. Was a bit of a bummer. The reason I’m writing this review is, we are in gratitude to Russell’s… because of how they handled. Our server and Russell went above and beyond, we were almost shocked. Unlike so, so many businesses these days – when something doesn’t go to plan – you usually get a lame apology, if you even get an apology, that is. But Russell’s really handled so kindly, and so over the top, that not only will we go back – of course – but I shared our experience with the guys I went golfing with yesterday. I explained what happened, but more so I shared how great Russell and team handled. Pure class. Two of the four people I was golfing with said that, because of what I shared and how Russell’s handled – and the fact that they had never been to Russell’s before – they now plan to make reservation and go give Russell’s a try. So, we continue to love Russell’s and appreciate such a fine establishment being local. Five stars.

  28. David Westhart

    Delicious meal. There was care given to the food by the chef and the staff. Thank you for a great time.

  29. D Lori Snodgrass

    Exceptional dining experience. Friendly, professional, attentive wait staff compliment a creative, talented kitchen – Russell’s is an outstanding dining experience you’ll enjoy – any dinner is made special when you’re seated at Russell’s.

  30. Adam Krilevich

    This is one of the best restaurants I have a had the pleasure of eating at. The service was impeccable and the food was divine. If you are looking for a great fine dining experience, this os where you are getting it.

  31. Claire Bruining

    This was our first visit and we will definitely be coming back! Every single member of the staff we interacted with was pleasant and helpful. The food was absolutely amazing! My filet mignon was tender, juicy, and packed full of flavor. Can’t wait to come back and try some of their other options.

  32. John K.

    Hosted a company dinner here. Excellent experience all around.

  33. Pia Rivera

    There was an unpleasant surprise with the market price of the salmon. The waiter should have told us that it was an outrageous $54 dlls.
    We loved the place but with this price we will never go again!!!

  34. Vance

    Super delicious! Staff is AWESOME!
    If you haven’t dined here yet you need to!

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