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4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


4:00 pm – 9:00 pm


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Rusty Anchor Grill

Bar & Grill in Ocean Shores, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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20 reviews for “Rusty Anchor Grill

  1. Moussa lord monkey Nijmeh

    Nice place. Every large. It has a set of good employees. The food is great. Try the coconut prawns.

  2. Richard “FireSnacker” Allen

    It took 30 minutes to get our food, which was good though nothing special. The restaurant itself was nice but very cold. Another table actually had their own small space heater under the table. In my limited experience here this place does seem to be one of the nicer restaurants.

  3. Goober Helmut

    Restaurant was cold, both in temperature and ambiance, my fish and chips looked and tasted like they came out of the freezer, service was very slow. The bacon on the salad had congealed grease on it. My drink was tasty and mixed well, my fiancé’s didn’t have discernable alcohol. No reason to return.

  4. Adam Meyers

    We decided to order dinner to take out from them. The coconut shrimp were delicious, the fried cheese curds were also good. The shrimp Louie salad was ok. The restaurant itself is spacious and the interior is a little dated but the food is worth it.

  5. Eboni Bright

    We had a great experience at the Rusty Anchor. I ordered the Seafood Fettuccine (without prawns) and it was delicious! I asked for more bread to “sop” up the extra sauce. Would definitely eat here again when we visit the area.

  6. Diana Hopkins

    I had the seafood fettuccine. After waiting over an hour for our food, it was not good. The sauce was milk with curdled cheese and no flavor. All of the seafood was chewy with no flavor. It came with garlic bread that was soggy because they sat it on top and it soaked up the milk. Our bowls were still full and the very nice waiter asked if he could box it up for us since we didn’t eat much. We told him it wasn’t good and he gave us a discount. The bill was still $70 and we left hungry. Probably won’t try this place again.

  7. Emily Richards

    Great drinks, mediocre food.

  8. Olga Cherevatenko

    Loved the atmosphere! Food is delicious! Unique fresh specials on the menu. Can not wait to come back!

  9. Dennis Lord

    Portions are small and a little spendy but what you would expect from a hotel restaurant

  10. Paul Izotov

    We liked all the food that we ordered there.

  11. Linda Atwell

    Very good Sweet Chili Salmon…was excellent

  12. Betty Knauf

    Excellent meal! I had attempted stopping at several other restaurants in town, without success. I’m thankful that I had seen this place while driving
    around town. I will most certainly teturn! The lemonade & steak were delicious!

  13. WhoE_WhatE

    I enjoyed the open-type feel of the place. The staff seemed very nice. The food itself was good. Prime rib was cooked VERY well. Clam chowder and salad was very flavourful, and the chocolate dessert cake was basically death-by-chocolate consistency (extraordinarily rich.) The only thing that I didn’t quite enjoy was the wait time – took, I’d say, maybe 12-20 minutes for the food to come out. The quality of the food made up for it, though. Thoroughly prepared and dished. Happy Easter to all the staff!

  14. Joyce Davis

    Service was great, friendly staff (especially Anthony!) which made up for the food. We ordered the Seafood fetuccinni and shrimp louie. The seafood was generous but the sauce lacked salt which took away from the taste.

  15. Peter Schulte

    The Buffalo wings were of generous size, but whew hot 🔥

    The Caesar salad was generous with fresh shaved Parmesan, no anchovies, but okay.

    The seafood fettuccine Alfredo was also generous in size, but utterly mediocre. Couldn’t taste any difference between the scallops and the white fish. Pasty taste.

    The “garlic toast,” French bread, or whatever was an inauspicious grocery store bun sliced horizontally with herb butter spread on half of it. Just careless. The other half was dry white bread.

    Convenience (proximity to our room in the Polynesian) counts. Serving staff was responsive and on time. We got take-out.

  16. Jesse Levan

    There service was prompt the atmosphere was calm and relaxing the servers were super friendly. I had the clam chowder and there were big mesty chunks of clams, bacon, and potatoes it was rich and creamy and had just the right amount of claminess to it. I also had the seafood Alfredo I highly recommend it. Although is I substituted more prawns for salmon because I’m not a salmon girl. The other seafood including the cod, class, scallops, and prawns were cooked to perfection the cod was flaky and was enhanced by the Alfredo sauce giving it an even more buttery flavor without being overpowering.

  17. Tallie Luttrell

    Service was incredible. Our waiter silver was kind, thoughtful, respectful and did her job very throughly. The food was amazing! I had a chicken burger it was so juicy and yummy. 10/10 would recommend.

    On a side note; we originally came for the baked Mac and cheese, which we saw ont thier website, when we got there they said they didn’t serve that anymore. I would update your website menus!

    Thank you so much for the amazing service ! ❤️

  18. mark surfer

    I totally enjoyed the Seafood because it was Fresh and done the way I like it. Service was very good.

  19. Patsy Stone

    I ordered fish and chips. They were average but nothing great. The service was very good though

  20. Cheri Beavers

    Large portions, wonderful customer service. The food was delicious. What a breath of fresh air!! We went back twice. The best in town.

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