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11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

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Saap Fusion

Saap Fusion Menu 

Menu current as of 5/5/2024


Cambodian Black Pepper Beef Lok Lak $20.00

Slice beef sauteed with onion over lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and fried egg sunny side up

Fried Tilapia (whole) $12.00

Tomato garlic saute or green onion-ginger saute. Have it smothered for $4.00 more

Chef’s Special Salmon Pho $14.00

With Cambodian seasoning crusted salmon.

Lao Sausage Fried Rice $19.00

Grilled Lao sausage, wok fried with bell pepper, green onion, cucumber, and a lime wedge

Nam Tok (Sliced Steak) $20.00

Prepared as a Laap salad with fresh herbs, lime juice, fish sauce, roasted rice powder.

Pad Kra Pao $17.00

Thai street food. Sweet, spicy, and garlic forward comfort food with minced pork or chicken and Thai holy basil

Thai Green Bean Stir Fry $16.00

With mushroom and onion in a Thai garlic sauce, and protein choice. Also available as a Thai ginger stir fry

Grilled Salmon Plate $17.00

Juicy salmon fillet with garlic fried green beans, and rice

Yum Goong $19.00

Like Yum Nua but with a big pile of tender shrimp


Yum Nua (Special Thai Grilled Beef Salad) $15.00

Sliced grilled steak over greens, tomato, and herbs with house special Thai dressing

Lao Style Papaya Salad $11.00

With shrimp $16.00. Dark style with crab paste and claw $14.00

Larb/Laap with Crispy Pork Belly, Minced Chicken or Pork $16.00

Refreshing meat salad with fresh herbs, lime juice, fish sauce, and roasted rice powder. With minced beef or shrimp $19.00. With salmon (poke or cooked), or sliced steak $20.00. Contains shellfish

Nam Khao (half) $12.00 / (full) $20.00

Lao crispy rice salad with soured pork, peanut, dried coconut, red curry, fresh herbs, and lettuce cups


Special Seasoned Wings (10) $15.00 / (20) $26.00

Pick 1 flavor for half order, or 2 flavors for a full order. Flavors: Cambodian salt & pepper, Lao/Thai/American fusion BBQ, Lao rub, Vietnamese garlic fish sauce, Vietnamese Cajun, Thai tamarind, Lao jeow som with habanero, buffalo (traditional or Lao infused), sticky wing (sweet Vietnamese)

Deep Fried Lao Beef Jerky $7.00

Cambodian Beef Stick (2) $8.00

Crispy Hen (half) $8.00 / (full) $14.00

Crispy and Lao spiced

Fried Tofu $7.00

Lao, Cambodian salt & pepper, or plain

Fried Corn on the Cob $6.00

Lao spiced

Pork Egg Rolls (4) $7.00

Special Lao Spaghetti $7.00

Lao spiced meat sauce, topped with fresh herbs, and diced jalapeno

Thai Chicken Satay Skewer (2) $10.00 / (3) $13.00

With cucumber salads and peanut sauce


Pork Baby Back Ribs (half) $15.00 / (full) $26.00

Large tender ribs with Lao-Thai-American fusion BBQ

Grilled Salmon $11

Marinated with lemongrass, garlic, galangal, lime leaf, turmeric

Cambodian Beef Sausage (3) $9.00

Dry aged with authentic Cambodian sour flavor

Lao Pork Sausage (2) $11.00

Large and plump, bursting with authentic dlavors

Stuffed Angel Wings (1) $9.00

Extra-large deboned wing stuffed with pork and glass noodle. Add a wing for $6.00


Chef’s Pho (Build your own) $13.00

Choose 2 items: Steak (1), brisket (1), shrimp (2), meatball (1), tendon (1), tripe (1). Free upon request: basil, sprouts, jalapeno, hoisin sauce, chili sauce

Kroeung Crusted Salmon Pho $14.00

With Cambodian seasoning crusted salmon.

Lao Khao Soi $14.00

Lao soup with garlic, ground pork, tomato broth, wide noodle. Hot & sour

Tom Yum Soup (16 oz) $7.00

Classic strong hot and sour flavor with shrimp or chicken, mushroom, cilantro, lemongrass, galangal root, and kaffir lime leaf


Choice of chicken or tofu. Add #3.00 for beef or shrimp. Jasmine or sticky rice included

Thai Red Curry $17.00

Blend of herbs & spices like shallot and red chili with shrimp paste. Served with bamboo, peas, red bell pepper & basil

Panang Curry $17.00

Red curry’s richer & milder cousin with bell pepper, kaffir lime leaf, and cashews simmered in special flavors & coconut milk, and shrimp paste

Mussuman Curry $17.00

With ginger, lemongrass, potato, onion, and peanut

Yellow Curry &17.00

A classic curry with carrot, onion, and green bean. Add potato upon request


Choice of chicken or tofu. Add $3.00 for beef or shrimp

Pad Thai $16.00

Sweet and tangy house-made tamarind sauce with rice noodle, green onion, bean sprout, and peanut

Chef’s Drunken Noodle $16.00

Fusion of pad kee mao and pad see ew. Wide noodle with Chinese broccoli, broccoli, carrot, and egg

Hot Basil Drunken Noodle $16.00

A spin on chef’s drunken noodle with wide noodle, bell pepper, and jalapeno

Vietnamese Chow Mein Noodle $16.00

Egg noodles with broccoli, Chinese broccoli, white/green onion, carrot, and bean sprout

Veggie Chow Mein Noodle $13.00

Egg noodle with cabbage, sprout, white/green onion, and carrot


Choice of chicken or tofu. Add $3.00 for beef or shrimp. Stir fry come with jasmine or sticky rice

Cambodian Kroeung Stir Fry $16.00

Bell pepper and jalapeno in house cambodian marinade

Thai Stir Fry $16.00

Broccoli, green bean, bell pepper, and green/white onion in a sweet soy and chili bean paste sauce

Thai Basil Stir Fry $16.00

Onion, bamboo, mushroom, and bell pepper in a sweet soy and chili bean paste sauce

Cashew Pineapple Stir Fry $17.00

Thai style with green/red onion, cucumber, basil, and fresh herbs, topped with sunny side up egg

Lao Sausage Fried Rice $19.00

Grilled Lao sausage wok fried with bell pepper, green onion, cucumber, and a lime wedge

Pineapple Fried Rice $17.00

Green and white onion in sweet soy sauce

Thai Basil Fried Rice $17.00

Bell pepper, green and white onion, in a sweet soy sauce

Veggie Fried Rice $14.00

Fried with peas, white & green onion


20 Wings or Full Rack of Ribs $30.00

Include large papaya salad or veggie fried rice. Make it a combo, half rack of ribs and a half order of wings for $4.00 more


Tuna Poke $14.00

Sashimi tuna with poke sauce, green onion, ginger, cucumber, spicy mayo, and fried onion

BBQ Inihaw $14.00

With marinated pork or chicken thighs. Glazed in a savory sweet sauce, caramelized over fire, with steamed rice and cucumber

Chicken Katsu or Pork Tonkatsu $15.00

Large juicy breaded cutlets with house katsu sauce, spicy mayo, and nori over rice

Fish and Chips $12.00

Breaded mahi mahi pieces with fries and ranch

Spam and Egg Bowl $8.00

Diced grilled spam and eggs


Adobo Chicken $14.00

Generous portion of tender chicken legs stewed in adobo sauce that’s a little sour.

Palabok $14.00

Rice noodle with shrimp, saucy pork/adobo squid, finished with pork rind, green onion, smoked fish flake, egg

Longsilog $15.00

Longarisa sausage with fried garlic rice and egg

Pork Tocilog $15.00

Fire grilled tender sweet slices of pork belly and shoulder over fried garlic rice and egg

Bangsilog $15.00

Fried marinated milk fish with fried garlic rice and egg

Pork Sisig $15.00

Pork seasoned with calamansi, sauteed with aromatics and chiles.

Crispy Pata $25.00

Pork trotters. Served with soy-vinegar dip and steamed rice

Lechon Kawali Plate $14.00

Crispy deep fried pork belly with lechon sauce. Served with steamed rice


Embutido (frozen) $12.00 / (hot) $14.00

Filipino steamed meat loaf made with ground pork, carrots, raisins, pickles, cheese, and diced hot dog

Siomai Dumplings (6) $10.00

Steamed pork dumpling served with siomai sauce

Lumpia Shanghai (6) $10.00

Filipino spring rolls filled with mixture of ground pork and veggie. Served with sweet and sour sauce


Jasmine or Sticky Rice $3.00

Side Papaya Salad $7.00

Dark Papaya Salad $8.50

Steamed Broccoli $5.00

Lao spiced

Stir-Fry Broccoli and Mushrooms $7.00

Sauteed Green Beans $6.00

Garlic or ginger

Lime Quarters $1.00

Pho Broth $5.00


Grilled Ham & Cheese with Fries $8.00

Kids Pho (16 oz) $8.00

With noodle and meatball


19 reviews for “Saap Fusion

  1. Briana Beno

    My best friend and I just stopped into for the first time earlier this week. The owners made us feel so comfortable and welcomed into the restaurant! The food was amazing. We got the pad Thai and the lumpia (which was much larger than expected!). I cannot wait to go back again and try more things on the menu.

  2. Sherrie Vineyard

    My friend and I decided to have a food adventure tonight and found this cute little hole in the wall restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to go back

  3. Sherrie Desbien

    This is a small out of the way place and the service and food are amazing. Busy with locals picking up food the waiter loved everything they made will definitely be back

  4. Floryn

    I ordered delivery of the Tom yum soup and pork Lao sausage with a side of jasmine rice. Everything was delicious!

  5. Anthony K

    Very good. Fun place! Food was bomb. Everyone was super nice.

  6. T zzz

    We ordered two dishes – pad thai and chefs drunken noodles.
    There was a ton of food but ….no flavour in either dish.
    The pad thai was a glob of noodles , tofu, a few pieces of green onion in a dark non- descript sauce.
    The drunken noodles were a glob of noodles with the same dark non descript sauce a few pieces of veg.
    Very disappointed as I thought this would be a nice addition to the lame Auburn restaurant choices.

  7. Kayla Z

    The food was decent, comfort food, we enjoyed some unique food in the menu. Chef’s special noodle was so-so, it lacked flavor.

    We ordered take out, which was supposed to only take 30min. We showed up, but without explanation we were made to wait for extra 30min….. lack of customer care bothered us.

    They could have told us it could take extra time, if there was staff shortage.
    But we saw the owner-looking guy just chilling in carefree way, and no comment on the wait when the food was finally ready and handed to us.

    The place was pick up only & looked very disorganized…. Stack of cardboard boxes of premade papaya salad made me question if everything was made fresh in the restaurant.

    For Nam Khao, I suggest that you state Lao Sour pork is raw, it’s a unique ingredient, and most people aren’t familiar with the fact that it’s okay to be eaten raw. In the menu, it only said “sour pork”.

    I didn’t know about the ingredient. I’m pregnant & not supposed to eat anything that’s not cooked.
    Luckily I looked up and found out it’s raw. But if I didn’t look it up myself and kept on eating it, the baby could end up with serious brain damage.

    It’s a bummer, the place has potential but because of the the bad customer service and lack of care,
    we aren’t sure about coming back.

  8. Andrea Ceeley

    the nam khao was awesome

  9. Chen Dumont

    food was so good. authentic too! the flavors are just right. can’t get over the fish sauce wings or the papaya salad, i close my eyes and think about it. i wasn’t sure about this place since it’s a little out of the way but it was definitely worth it!! price isn’t too expensive and the menu is diverse. perfect place to get lao, thai, filipino, khmer, or even viet.

  10. Ivan Real Estate

    Best local food anyone can wish for. It’s so yummy that you will end up licking the plate clean (hopefully from the privacy of your own home) Try it, you won’t be disappointed and will be coming back for more. Mark and Jenny are the best hosts of any restaurant in the world.


    They have the best sisig!! Good filipino resto

  12. Kelly Dixon

    Yummy Loas food…. very authentic!! Take out only. Open Wednesday – Sunday.

  13. slick16 Hernandez

    Too many Good Food to Choose From ! Just too Many
    Too many good Foods to mention ..

  14. Brian Saeteurn

    Had Lao food there and it did not disappoint. The papaya (dark) had lots of flavor, the lao sausage didn’t have too much fat, Nam khao had lots of Nam, the fried fish was delicious and would definitely get the ribs again. Even got free egg rolls with our order!!! Definitely will be back and would recommend to all friends and family. Sorry no photos ate it before I could remember lol

  15. Tom Larson

    Diners drive ins and dives kind of atmosphere

  16. Tawni Gehring

    My coworkers and I were in town for business. We generally like to find local places to support when we travel, and I’m glad we found this place. We liked trying a few new items we had never seen and some classics like pad Thai. Everything was delicious. If we’re in the area again, we definitely want to come back, but I also wanted to leave a good review to encourage others to try them. The owner was in the dining room and you can really tell how much passion and love he has for food.

  17. One Drop East

    Great food, affordable prices, accessible, not far from civilization,

  18. Heather Kruger

    Went out for an adventure meal, found a new favorite. The Cambodian fried tofu was so crisp and flavorful, the Lao spiced fried corn on the Cob was incredible, sweet and savory. The main entrees were just as incredible, all fans of asian cuisine should give this place a try.

  19. Jessica W

    SO GOOD AND FRESH! I went here with my sis recently. She had the fried rice with crab and I had fried tofu and papaya salad. Rare to see such good quality food in Auburn. They are really nice friendly and accomodating as well. Will be returning soon for dinner.

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