31525 3rd Ave, Black Diamond, WA 98010


47.318918758524, -122.00584892284



11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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11:00 am – 9:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sahara Pizza Black Diamond


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Sahara Pizza Black Diamond

Sahara Pizza in Black Diamond is a family owned and operated franchise. We believe in providing the best quality product to our customers by hand selecting and preparing all of our own vegetables in order to ensure that each and every item that goes out our doors is of the highest possible quality and freshness.

We’ve been in the customer service field for over 30 years and love what we do! We thrive on the interaction with each and every guest and take all suggestions to heart in an effort to satisfy each an everyone who visits. We are actively involved in our community by participation, donation and offering fund raisers to our local school and community center.

As we continue to grow, we wish to keep our feet grounded and loyalty true to those who have made it possible, and continue to provide the very best service and product each and every guest deserves.


13 reviews for “Sahara Pizza Black Diamond

  1. Jeff Walston

    Excellent pizza and I was pleased to see that they closed for a snow event, rather than risk the safety/property of their delivery driver. This is a gem in an otherwise fairly sleepy corner of Washington. Every pizza I’ve had was at least good, the jalapeno popper is unique to me and excellent. I’m holding back on five stars since the wings leave a bit to be desired, but as a pizza restaurant, certainly worth at least a try.

  2. Ron Cox

    Had the spaghetti and meatballs, delicious and service was great.

  3. Andrew Coward

    Very cool place. They were doing some remodeling when I came by. Should be a great look after they are done. Really liked their pizza. Very fluffy in my opinion, but the good kind. Sauce is very good and the topping on point!

  4. Rich Ledger

    I don’t know if it was some kid playing a prank or not but it lost you business.
    A robo ordering system is not efficient and could not understand what I was ordering. I speak very well and enunciate my word. Put a real person on the line.

    Online ordering is not as user friendly as others.
    Error messages kept popping up.

  5. Alex Mimer

    The cheese falls off the pizza very easily like a sheet of ice (as in all connected together and doesn’t seem to stick to the crust, it is very odd and only happens on their pizza) and the sauce is on the sweet side. Nothing about the pizza justifies the higher prices they ask for it. Comparable to Pizza Hut in quality but more expensive. I stopped ordering here after they eliminated their $11 carry out special. If you want to pay these prices, I would recommend Cascadia Pizza in the Enumclaw or Maple Valley area. The other pizza places in the four corners area are equally lousy.

  6. Heather DuBois

    Pizza is amazing and we order quite often. We had an issue last night with our order and really appreciate you making it right today.

  7. Danny K

    Delivery showed up in less time than the website suggested and the pizza was very hot and fresh.

    The girl delivering the pizza forgot the marinara for the cheese sticks and was very polite and offered to go get us the marinara. We appreciated the gesture and waited. Then walked some more. Then the store closed and we never got our sauce. Bummer because I felt bad for her and would’ve given her an extra tip.

  8. B Mac

    Didn’t like that they didn’t have transparency in their online ordering system. Ended having to pay 22 dollars for a 12 inch pizza when I didn’t say added ingredients were two dollars a piece plus the gluten free being more because people don’t order it.. person working explained but didn’t really justify why it was set up like that.

  9. Amanda P

    Outstanding food, Have tried about every pizza. Great that they have pasta and ice cream options- the spaghetti and meatballs is delicious. Cheesy bread is always a hit for kids and adults alike. Pay extra for Peperoncino. Delivery is hot and fresh. Inside establishment has warm aesthetic, absolutely lovely- have picked up food, and seen families enjoying meals around the tables.

  10. Courtney Nelson

    Great staff! Unique pizza and appetizers and their house made ranch is the BEST…this place is a definite must try for pizza delivery!

  11. Sophie C

    Bad experience- ordered pizza and the pickup time was 40mins, showed up and they said 15 more minutes, waited 15, then it was 8-10 MORE minutes… why give a time if you can’t stick to it? Terrible service. Normally the pizza is good.

  12. Wayne Andrew

    Since moving to Black Diamond, I’ve ordered Delivery here often enough, but I won’t anymore. Today (1/16/2022) at about 4:45 PM as I was driving home on Roberts Dr in Black Diamond, a delivery driver driving a pickup (I am pretty sure it was a Dodge Ram) was tailgating me and acting like I should be driving faster than the posted speed limit of 25. Anyone from around here knows that Black Diamond PD patrols that road heavily. I turned off Roberts JUST to not have him behind me anymore and he shouted at me, gesticulated, and made the typical rude gestures with my hands before speeding off, continuing west on Roberts Drive.

  13. John Arwine

    Delicious pizza. If you are out of delivery range you should move.
    Or just go get it. It’s worth it.

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