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11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm


11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm


2:00 pm – 7:30 pm



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Sala Thai Restaurant

Sala Thai  has been servicing customers in Airway Heights, Spokane and all surrounding areas since 2002, and we are extremely proud of our widespread popularity and reputation for great food, good service and a homey atmosphere.

Everything on our menu is made to order, resulting in better flavor and a better dining experience for you! We believe in the intimate relationship between your food and the pan, and pride ourselves on presenting you with a made to order meal. Nothing on our menu is pre-made, and everything is always fresh!

At Sala Thai we pride ourselves on overwhelming your senses with rich aromatics, authentic cuisine, and friendly service.

42 reviews for “Sala Thai

  1. T Weemz

    Spicy food has been proven to be addicting to some. Sala will get you your fix. I order the chicken cashew with 5-star spice. I have to go slow, the flavors and textures are divine, and the heat will blur your vision. The service is excellent; the two gals that work there are really nice and they add to the experience. Very reasonably priced lunch specials and you will not leave hungry.

  2. Sam Ward

    Every time my family has gone to this restaurant we have had a fabulous experience whether it’s good customer service, genuine Thai food and experience, but also a very welcoming environment and its simplicity is just what you want when you need to satisfy your food soul cravings

  3. Denise Dotson

    I went to Sala Thai for the first time this week. Can I just say AMAZING!!!!! The food was fantastic. Lots to chose from on the menu. Really friendly staff.
    I cannot think of a better Thai restaurant I have ever had. Even my leftovers were spectacular. The other thing I appreciated is how super clean it was. Lots of Thai restaurants seem to be very dim and somewhat unkept. Far from dingy and dirty and Sala. Thank you for the great food and atmosphere. I will definitely be back and recommend to all my friends!😁

  4. Travis Romine

    Savory and delicious Thai food and super friendly service. Tried this place out last week and had a great experience. Pad Thai was on point and I liked it so much I had to try the coconut iced cream with sweet sticky rice, absolute magic. Will be back soon, great lunch and very reasonable prices.

  5. Paul Jimenez

    First of all ignore all the complains they are a few .
    My wife and I LOVED THE SERVICE and The Food 100% …
    Comfortable quiet and top of the line EVERYTHING.
    We’ll be back at least once a month from now on .
    My wife said Sala is the best Thai food she’s ever had .

  6. Sara Hattenburg

    Friendly, welcoming staff. Fast service. Clean, clean place to eat. Delicious Pad Woon Sen and Tom Yum noodle soup.The heat was perfect. I ordered a 2 star soup and 3 star entree for spice and wow it was beyond good. My mouth was on fire. Loved loved loved it. Also the thai iced tea was yummy.

  7. Shelby Schaff

    Sala Thai is wonderful—a true gem. We make a point to eat Thai pretty much everywhere we go and we have yet to find Thai food as good as Sala. We found Sala when I was student at GU and were weekly guests. We have since moved to Montana but we make special trips back to Spokane with Sala being one of the reasons we come back.
    We always order the Massaman Curry and the Panang Curry. The flavor profile is so complex and truly masterful.
    Oh and we LOVE Lynn (sorry if I’ve misspelled.)
    We can’t wait to come in and dine for years to come.
    Thanks Sala Thai!

  8. Evander Simmons

    Love the staff they’re all really nice, and the food is amazing! I hope the best for this restaurant through this rough time for small businesses.

  9. Dana Dewey

    Great food. During this Pandemic it’s nice to get food from a great restaurant. I have favorite dishes at Sala Thai, but when I try something different it’s always delicious.

  10. Lliane Covington

    No dine in this visit due to COVID mandates, but the service was very professional and friendly. They have the “to-go” protocol down to a meticulous art! Safe, limited contact and discounts for military and CASH transactions!! Pay with good old fashion cash and receive a percentage off. Ka ching!!$$$ Our food was spicy, temperature hot and delicious! Thank you again for the wonderful experience yet again! Love Sala Thai!

  11. Rachael Callaghan

    Vegan: Their Yellow Curry with tofu was very good! The added effort of frying the potatoes with some spices added a lovely diversity in flavors throughout the curry. They were uncertain about what dishes were vegan friendly, even though some dish appeared to be.

  12. Jeff Hustad

    First time and oh my the Beef and Noodles were had so much flavor . Got 2 meals off of it and the leftover was still just as good. Will definitely be back

  13. Paul Harmon

    Turns out that the best Thai food in Spokane is in Airway Heights. Who knew?

    Most of the Thai food I’ve had in Spokane is merely okay. It will do if I have a craving. But Sala is special. It’s as good as any I’ve had, in any city. The satay, spring rolls, dumplings, curries and noodle dishes I’ve had have been consistently superb, world-class, something for which it’s worth driving all the way to $*#^& Airway Heights. Their star system runs hot, so if you would get 4-star heat somewhere else, consider 3 or even 2 here.

    The atmosphere is what I would call upscale family-friendly.

  14. Tadgh O'Duinn

    We ordered take away after reading a bunch of great reviews. The food was not very good and some of it we just threw away. It was a waste of 80 dollars. I was really hoping for some great Thai.

  15. Jason Harbolt

    Sala Thai is always wonderful. The staff are always kind and personable especially Lin who goes out of her way to make dining at Sala Thai a great experience! If I could give 10 stars I would!

  16. Fred DeFord

    This is the best Thai Restaurant in the area, without exception. A friend of mine was sweating as he ate, saying “I am having a hard time believing this a 1” talking about the 1-5 heat index, before saying mayonnaise is also too spicy. My 3 was the perfect mix of flavor, spice, and runny nose sniffles.

  17. Laurie Christanson

    This is the most amazing place. The servers remember you what you order super good food excellent food. Don’t shut down small business they are the best

  18. Davon Caire

    The pineapple fried rice with crispy tofu, 2-3 star spice without the egg is my go to. I’ve eaten here quite a few times in the last 6 years. I’ve also had the pleasure of traveling to all the states in America with the exception of Michigan and Alaska(nothing against them, I just haven’t taken a trip there yet lol). I can confidently say Sala Thai has the best tasting Thai food in the United States. The service here is also second to none. This place is all around great. I highly recommend grabbing lunch or dinner at Sala Thai!!!

  19. Rodney Schwint

    I love Spicy!! They can deliver! I tried the Evil Jungle Curry and wasn’t disappointed!!🌶🌶🌶🌶 They warned me that it was going to be spicy and was shocked that I had no problem with it and would definitely order again. Their Tom-Kha is like heaven in a bowl, the next day I had the spice on that bumped up a bit, but I could eat that all day long!!👍😁👍 My new favorite Thai place for sure. Staff was amazing and wished we would of discovered them sooner so we could of met the owner who unfortunately was taken too early by Covid.🙏

  20. Tia

    Always amazing food and service!! Thanks so much Sala Thai. I always enjoy the panang curry and sweet rice and mango.

  21. Julieta Marin

    Talk about a hidden gem in Airway Heights! The food here is beyond delicious and the portions are great! I had the pad thai and it did not disappoint! I will be coming back here for sure!

  22. Bryan Haynes

    I love this place. The cooks are amazing. They really work hard. Favorite Thai restaurant so authentic and flavorful. Best lard nah around

  23. Lucien Dallabetta

    Love how they have actually spicy foods. My favorite Thai place in Spokane

  24. Nathan Svopa

    They actually use fresh pineapple here in the dinners. The curry is worth the drive. But watch out! This place takes the heat up a notch or two! Excellent!

  25. Holly Smith

    Oh my! We set out for Korean food last night, but ended up here because the Korean place was closed early (again). I ordered the curry and my husband had the Prik King. We LOVE Thai food (my husband is from Thailand) and this was the best we’ve had in the Spokane area! Hands down. The service was outstanding and the homemade coconut milk ice cream with sweet sticky rice was a party in our mouths! We will definitely be back for more. Thank you Sala Thai! Your food is so much better than your “neighbors’”! 😁

  26. Marsha Smith

    Almost didn’t stop but we were sure glad we did. Wonderful Thai food… The fresh spring rolls were great. You can’t always find them. I had an exquisitely spiced dish. Our waitress warned us about how hot Thai food can be. We were offered the option to have the spicy pepper sauce on the side, which we did. Service was friendly and prompt.

  27. Jessica Jaderquist

    Salsa Thai has THE best Thai food, hands down. The fresh spring rolls and massaman curry are a family favorite.

  28. DoubleD

    I was running late for lunch, I called in an order shortly before they closed for lunch (not realizing the time) they were super flexible and said “don’t worry about it!” The food was delicious, honestly the best Thai food I’ve had.

  29. Jasmine Hill

    Awful customer service. Rude restaurant owner. I drive farther for good customer service and better food!

    Edited to add: I spoke to the restaurant owner on the phone about my takeout order. YES it’s possible to provide poor customer service from inside your kitchen. You were a jerk. Thank you

  30. allison

    Always great. Love that they have so many gluten free options. This has been our family’s favorite Thai restaurant in spokane/airway for several years.

  31. jhu paradox

    Love this place & I’m not the only one judging by how long the wait time is… food here is delicious, I always try to stop here for lunch/dinner when I am in the area but had to take away a star cuz one hour plus wait time could be improved

  32. Hanna Zimmerman

    I absolutely love Sala Thai! Their food is absolutely amazing and the service is always great. My go-to meal is Thai iced tea, crab rangoons, and the Pad Thai with peanut sauce. It hits the spot every time. I love that it is local and a small business. I will continue to support this business as I have for the last 3 years of being in the area. Love you guys!

  33. Alyson Snow

    I had visited Sala Thai about 8 years ago and was so impressed. Left the area, but visited for the first time since then about 3 weeks ago.

    I was sourly disappointed. If you want any traditionally spicy Thai dishes actually spicy you’ll need to specify that you actually want them spicy. My tom yum soup tasted very bland and mild. My husband’s green curry tasted like watery coconut milk with curry flavor. The ambiance is great. But it’s super clear the cook and wait staff are really struggling. I’ll have a hard time justifying going back

  34. Deanna Burt

    Everything was delicious! I was surprised how fast the tables filled up! 😳

  35. Jenny Pierson

    The Pineapple chicken is amazing! The fried rice is great… My only con is no small portions for kiddos, it would be nice to have a basic rice/noodles and chicken option for kids. The waitress was able to offer chicken satay as a workable solution, bit not ideal.

  36. Khalil Brown

    Massaman Curry with Spice level 3. It was a really satisfying curry. I’d definitely go back. Staff was friendly and attentive.

  37. Kayla Carver

    My husband and I love Sala Thai! When we moved here 4 years ago, this was the first place we’ve tried in Spokane for Thai food. We have tried a couple other Thai spots in the area in which they do not compare to this one. We usually order the Yum Gai Tod and Pad Thai which never disappoints. Curry is also amazing! Food always has great spice. The staff is usually great as well.

  38. Carey Hollee

    Great Thai food, honestly the best in our area. The owner is such a strong person and has been through a lot. ❤️ Highly recommended to anyone who appreciates great food and wonderful people.

  39. chris reese

    Excellent presentation and dinner. Tables are far from each other. The restaurant is quite and clean.The Pad Thai is the best in town! Wide beer selection and plenty of parking. I would recommend this place for a young family or a quite date. The cuisine is authentic Thai variety. There is a spice rating that is explained by the server. The Curry is a menu strength here. Meat is braised to its full flavor potential here. This place can be very busy-as it is locally very popular. The price was medium rate with a family of four tipping 20% the bill was less than $100. The wait staff was quick and courtesy oriented.

  40. Savannah Baxter

    The best Thai food in the spokane area! So delicious, the pad Thai is amazing. If you are thinking about going, this is your sign!

  41. Carol Harmon “MamaBear” Bowling-Young

    This is 1 of those Rare, 5 star reviews I’ve only mentioned of…

    Until today, we only ordered ahead and got our food to go. Always nice, but sometimes….
    Sometimes, it’s nice to get away for a bit too. Tonight was one of those nights we had to get out.

    We did try to call ahead but still had problems getting through and I’m actually glad. Excuse we had a 5+ star rating dinner.

    So, we had a few questions about a papaya dish and when we asked our waiter our questions. He immediately, folded his hands relaxed like in front of himself while relaxing back on the empty table next to much so it instantly made us feel relaxed. There was no attempt to give a brief description or h&j no kg hi hi jhh hi ggg&&b h%mm 9
    Husband and I picked up 1 order of the Pad Thai (with spicy on the side for him) to go and we’re hooked!

    Huge serving. We could have eaten more because our mouths loved it, but, it was perfect split between the 2 of us. Our Tummy’s were content and full. If we’d gotten 2 orders and indulged our mouths, we of been miserably full.

  42. Mark Hubbard

    I had one of the top 5 meals in my life at Sala Thai. I had the Thai Inter (spicy crispy duck/prawns/scallops with red curry sauce) and Pad See Eew with beef (see pictures) . The; flavors, pairing, spice level (3*), service, atmosphere, were ALL perfect

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