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Senor Froggy

Mexican Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA











“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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16 reviews for “Senor Froggy

  1. J

    Got badly overcharged. Ordered the chalupa meal, asked for the sour cream and guac to be “on the side”. Otherwise they smother it with that stuff and by the time I get home to eat it, it’s a soggy nasty mess. By putting it on the side, I get less than half of the sour cream and guac that they would normally use, about a tablespoon of each. They charged me $2 extra for that. What a major rip off, won’t be back.

  2. Samantha

    I went there for lunch today and while my Malibu chicken sandwich tasted okay, the time it took for me to get it was well over 25 minutes. And I was in the drive thru line. The girl at the window didn’t apologize or give any explanation as to why it took so long. She also lost my order and I had to wait even longer for them to make my food. If they would have recognized this issue I would have felt better, but nothing. I’m so disappointed.

  3. Gabriel Wall

    Save yourself the time and money and just head to tacobell. Portions small and expensive. Tortilla tasted like raw pizza dough

  4. Rebecah Lakman

    I usually love Senior Froggy but they need help. They’re hiring. Somebody please go work there. The soft taco was not as good as normal and the tortilla wasn’t even warmed up. The tator tots were not fresh. You could tell they’d been sitting in old oil for a long time. The restaurant was dirty and there was only one kid running the register. You can’t get your own sauces right now so you have to ask for hot sauce.

  5. Robin Stover

    Was disappointed, went through the drive thru, felt rushed but no other cars behind us. Our order was wrong and the cashier had an attitude when corrected. When getting home order still wasn’t right. (Yes I should have gone through the whole bag). Will not be returning.

  6. angel schubach

    Great food. Friendly staff. This place really is fantastic! While wait times can be a bit long at times I fully understand. You are getting fresh quality food. And grilling Chicken or Steak for Sandwiches does take time.
    I will be back.

  7. Andy Schmidt

    The young kid working the window who called me “BOSS” six times in a 45-second interaction is a total Turkey and if he doesn’t watch his pints and quarts his career will blossom nicely at the fast food window.

    At a baby…BOSS!!

  8. Trinity Garner

    My husband and I just went here and he got 2 soft tacos and I got the veggie burrito and we got a mexitot to share. Oh my gosh! Talk about the worst service and a complete waste of $20! This has got to be one of the worst meals I’ve ever had!!! I almost never suggest that any one go to McDonald’s but ya know what! If you have to choose between McDonald’s or Senor froggys in Spokane Valley, I HIGHLY suggest you go to McDonald’s! If you want something edible!?

  9. Vanessa

    Love the food here but the service is lacking & takes too long. Sorry ya’ll.

  10. Lydia Korbel

    the last two times the food has tasted a little off, last night i couldn’t finish my tacos they tasted so awful. twenty minutes later & for the rest of the night i was throwing up. the kids servicing the restaurant at night need help. next time we will go to the south hill, the drive is worth quality food that doesn’t make you ill

  11. Mommy Monkeylady

    Waited over 25mins with no one else in line while my hungry 2 yr old screamed for food! Not one of the 3 employees ever even came to the window and acknowledged I was even there. I drove off after 25 mins cause they hadn’t even come to take my money! I called while sitting there and asked for a manger and was simply told there wasn’t one and to call back tomorrow. Shame on these immature young people!!! Who hired help like this?

  12. T T

    Anyone here? We waited and waited over a half hour and no one came to the window after I ordered. We ended up leaving without paying or dinner 🙁

  13. R P

    Señor Froggy is a classic Spokane Mexican-American place, plus with Bruchi’s cheesesteaks / subs. The combo burritos and chimichangas are great with their own sauce and salsas. I’m from the Seattle area, but always make a point of stopping in for lunch if I have time while I’m in Spokane. Not all locations made it through COVID. Service can be slow at times, but support these folks!

  14. Sherry Eutsler

    Wow we have been coming here for 7 years we love there Roasted Turkey but today was horrible we got a medium roasted Turkey and a large with no Mayo and tomatoes my daughter opened her sandwich and there was sprinkle of Turkey like it was the bottom of there Container and there to lazy to get more so screw these people so I opened my medium same thing.. i went up and took all the lettuce off and was like really a sprinkle of Turkey so she replaced but if this was a to go sandwich I would of got all the way home and saw this.. I don’t think we will be going back aging very disappointed 10/15/2022

  15. Robert Vandiver

    Went here as a kid and most of my life. In tell it burnt down in CDA. I loved the food. I haven’t been here in in so long. I really miss the food.

  16. Hidden Void77

    I ordered a medium tatertot and they gave me 8 over cooked tots. What the heck?!!?!? Spent 10 minutes waiting for that???

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