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Seoul Bowl & Bar

Korean Restaurant in Bothell, WA

33 reviews for “Seoul Bowl

  1. Maddie Oakley

    Just need to give a HUGE shout out to Seoul Bowl in Canyon Park. I grabbed lunch on Thursday afternoon and for the last few days I haven’t needed my purse (thanks Tap to Pay!). I assumed I put it under a jacket somewhere (thanks ADHD!). Well, I got a knock on my door this morning and an employee from Seoul Bowl had brought me my purse that I left there. They kept it safe and everything is there. I would’ve continued to be a customer regardless but this is above and beyond! Thank you Seoul Bowl! ❤️

  2. Minji Jeong

    I took my child with me.
    I ate it deliciously and happily!
    Chicken is also delicious.
    Especially the stir-fried pork is deliciously spicy❤️
    I’ll come often 🙂

  3. Cheeky

    The first time i had Seoul Bowl was at a food truck in the summer. And throughout the sunny season, when we go to a food truck, I always look for Seoul Bowl!
    The bowl is always so tasty and full of meat and toppings with every bite.
    I’m so happy they have one here in Bothell, I’ll definitely come here often

  4. Colin Peterson

    Big fan of this place. It’s definitely in the lunch rotation. The spicy pork bowl with the yum yum sauce was the perfect amount of spicy/flavorful for me

  5. Jeff J

    Not bad, a bit pricey for what it was

  6. Steve Grau

    Had to go! Was amazing. Even better in person.

  7. Cosmina Tolas

    Love the food!!! And the people

  8. Jessica M Classen

    One of my favorite places. But when you order for pick up be sure to check your order before you leave. There’s a been a few times I’d order a side kimchi and when I got home i would find a side of cole slaw and no kimchi. They also need to read the notes left for online orders, I always leave a note for no jalepeno and my sandwich always has lots jalepeno on it.

  9. Kenta Hansen

    Best quick bite of Korean around!

  10. Cameron Bates

    Great flavor, fresh ingredients, large portions, and friendly staff.

  11. Melissa Goodstriker

    Best fried chicken and chicken sandwich around!ade fresh to order each and every time!

  12. Jeff Chambers

    Great food and friendly service. It is a small business in a strip mall so there is not much atmosphere but it is clean and comfortable. The food is consistently good every time.

  13. Alicia Lim

    Very cute place with great affordable food. I’m a repeat customer, and the customer service has always been great. Would highly recommend the Korean fried chicken, especially the sweet and spicy flavor. 🙂 also air conditioner VERY well, which is nice for the summer when most places aren’t ventilated or air conditioned well enough.

  14. Wade Hof

    Was a wow first trip totally enjoyed the meal.

  15. Victor Ashley

    Different than I expected, melody of tastes and better than Chipotle

  16. Donovan

    So I want to start this off saying, I’m not just some random customer who came in, had a bad experience and decided to give a 1 star review.

    It pains me enough to say this because I’ve had this back in their food truck era. When the Bothell location opened, I was a regular. Food quality, portions, service was great. Unfortunately within the past year, all of that has severely degraded.

    Incorrect orders, quality of food, service has all gone down. I used to love their bowls, but unfortunately the chicken is dry and pulls like beef jerky, the bulgogi beef lacks flavor and really what keeps getting me to come back is the sides. Today, I ordered two bowls (online order) and they completely forgot the Asian Salad in one, and barely put any sauce in the other. After giving multiple chances and going at different times of day, unfortunately it’s all the same and I don’t think I would see myself going back.

    Let this serve as an opportunity for management to improve. Look into less of what’s wrong and more to understand what happened. Remember, at the start, everything was great. I will say, once more staff started to get hired, is when the food and experience started to go down.

    Hope this helps to change things cause this place is good. Unfortunately, it’s not what it used to be.

  17. J Gree

    A couple friends recommended this place for their Korean fried chicken, and it didn’t disappoint! We ordered the 16 piece sweet and spicy chicken with fries underneath, which was more than enough to feed two people. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. Overall tasty good and great service!

  18. Brook Roberts

    Clean tables and environment, many food options – this is like Korean Chipotle, and large portion sizes. Dawin served me and the customer service was spot on. He deserves a raise!

  19. SuJ'n Chon

    Love this place so much. Tons of delicious healthy food. My big-appetite partner can eat his in one serving, but my dad and I both can only eat half before getting full – which makes 2 meals for us!

  20. Kristal Harrison

    I miss the Seoul bowl bowls


    I love this place! The food and service is always excellent!

  22. Brinley Mooers

    Kid-friendliness: They don’t have any kids options, but you can make your own bowl and they can pick exactly what they want. My toddler went crazy for the soy eggs.

  23. Catherine Brophy

    Way too expensive in comparison with other Korean options in Lynnwood or Edmonds just up the road.

  24. shantel thao

    The food is ok here sometimes a lack of sauce and dry chicken, additionally they always mess up on our online order by forgetting sides, sauce, egg, or other items that we mark on our bowls. I tried the sandwich for the first time and thought it was good and crispy, but the fries had soo much salt. Overall, i think if you order in person and pay attention that they are putting on what you ask (because one time they didn’t add kimchi i asked for in person and i wasn’t watching closely) then it’s worth a try? I like their tofu bowls over their meat.

  25. にな

    Wasn’t expecting the food to taste delicious! Highly recommend

  26. Denyel Brechbill

    While we mostly order for pickup the atmosphere is welcoming, clean and all employees are so friendly. No matter how badly you want to sneak a piece of chicken directly from the box for the drive home, don’t do it, it’s hot… fresh from the fryer and deliciously tempting.

  27. ify chi

    Small portion of food but still, good

  28. ImA BeAsT

    Very yum food yum yum good wings sweet spicy yum yum yum

  29. Anthony Ricciardelli

    Hands down best fried chicken sandwich in WA State. Fried to perfection and evenly weighted sweet and spice. Next leve

  30. Billy Anders

    Delicious and filling food that you can see the ingredients right in front of you. Good price. Friendly service. Bowls are great, but don’t sleep on the Korean fried chicken, which is delicious.

  31. H Qwynn

    Bulgogi Kimchi Cheese Fries- yes. No photos because I ate them too quickly. Fast, good, creative Korean food. ❤️ Love it.

  32. Jeanne Nauerz

    Great service. Quick meal option. Introduced family to KFC and Soju. Brought back memories of recent trip to Seoul. Chicken was crispy and flavorful as it has to be. Recommend.

  33. Diana Khoroshenko

    Food is so fresh and delicious!

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