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Shogun Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA






“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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51 reviews for “Shogun Restaurant

  1. Kristen Juarez

    Definitely not worth what we paid. Our reservation was at 6 pm and we ended up sitting for over an hour waiting for our dinner service to begin. The show was mediocre but the chef was nice so that’s a plus. The food was ok but I’ve definitely had better for cheaper. When the dinner service was over and the chef was cleaning the grill he splattered grease all over one of our guests coats and grease was also splattered onto my sisters arm which ended up leaving red marks. Before the Shogun burned down it was one of our favorite restaurants to go to but we hadn’t been there since they reopened and will definitely not be returning.

  2. Kelly Green

    Food was excellent service was great.. love me some Hibachi

  3. Anabelle Frazier

    I wish i could give this place a zero because of how poor the service. I made a reservation at 5:00pm and we never got seated until 6:15, we talked to the owner is what’s taking so long and he said a party of 50 was coming in at 6pm and he needed to prioritize them before us. Also, we never got our soup nor salad and i found a piece of someone’s else’s chewed gum in the napkin i used throughout dinner. Our waitress never once checked in on us, never once filled our drinking and failed to bring out our appetizers that we paid for. The owner said we’d get a discount which turns out was only 5% after they said we’d get 10%. This was the most disgusting experience i have ever had at a restaurant and i don’t recommend at all. I will never spend my money here again!

  4. Pam Penn

    Will never go back again. Gave it one more chance a year later. Wasn’t worth the $125 we spent. Service was slow. All the seafood was over cooked and the couple we sat with ordered a steak medium rare and he got it well over cooked. He said he could taste the grill. Doo sad.

  5. Rick Ehrhart

    The food was good and well prepared. The problem was the service. The check was inaccurate twice. Some items took way too long to arrive to the table. There was only one waiter for the entire place. I didn’t see the manager help out. Maybe he was in the back helping. My son-in-law’s dad had to mix his own drink.

  6. Erin Schwebs

    Had a group of 7 for a birthday, even after telling the chef that was why we were there we didn’t get anything special (we did hear other tables and saw their table displays for birthdays which we did not get). Waited for over an hour before getting any drinks or our appetizers. Our chef was just out of training, he didn’t know the menu, didn’t bring the correct amount of sides (same amount of noodles and fried rice when 4 people were getting noodles and only 2 fried rice) we didn’t even get all the veggies, no cabbage in the noodles, only half of the onions (the other half was burnt) and no bean sprouts. I didn’t get my steamed white rice until after the chef was cleaning the grill up to leave. He also spilled the raw veggies on part of the table (over the grill). The chef did cook the meat well and it was tasty but not worth the $$$.

  7. Phoenix “Phoenix” Rising

    DYLAN made our birthday night so much fun! Hands down, Dylan is the hibachi king! Our main entrée was excellent, meat was cooked perfectly, seasoning was fantastic. Thank you Dylan for making our night so awesome and for letting me be your comedic back up! The rest of the experience, like the wait time, attentiveness of the waitress and appetizers…2 stars. Dylan is the only reason they got 4 stars.

  8. Ciara Dewey

    Great food and customer service. Birthday ‘s are fun with their performances. Beautiful place.

  9. T Hav

    Had been a birthday mainstay for our family since I was a child and I am 50 now. Every year since they moved to valley it has become worse and worse. This time took the cake and we, 35 year customers, will never be back. Party of 16 booked three weeks out. Two waitresses and two cooks – normal. That’s where it ends. Instead of feeding us close to each other the other table got their soup and cook started cooking before our table even had our order taken. First table was served their salad after cook was placing vegetables on plates. We JUST now order and remind our waitress we are all together. Other table cook drops half the shrimp and two scallops on floor and doesn’t go get replacement even after lady with scallops mentioned to him. He didn’t even acknowledge and kept cooking. He then leaves and 30 min later our cook finally comes out. YES 30 minutes after they were done eating. I order filet mignon and they brought out a sirloin. Even after I said something the cook didn’t even acknowledge. Ran out of vegetables before getting everyone served. GETS WORSE obvious new cook under cooked shrimp and overcooks every steak. Waitress never cleared plates so our party who was done eating started taking them away fro us. Doesn’t stop there but enough said. You get it. Total cluster. WILL NEVER GO BACK. I see all the negative reviews and now get it. Sad Day for our family.

  10. Georgia Oxford

    What an incredible time with friends from out of town. A must go for anyone wanting to have a good time with great food. The owners and staff make the experience unforgettable.

  11. rayeraye

    Upon arrival we should have known. No one to greet us…we waited for 5 min until finally someone came to seat us. Mind you the entire restaurant had 2 customers at the time. The waitress seemed out of it..very unfocused as was the guy who prepared our food. Terrible service from start to finsih, and definitely not worth the 100+ we spent. Will not be back.

  12. Robb Hovland

    Really cool place but we went there for a birthday event and unfortunately steak was unavailable on the menu.

    The lady seating our group informed us of a similar restaurant in the area and did not seem to want our group to stay even after agreeing to a “seafood only” menu selection.

    We just wanted to see some shrimp getting tossed in the air 😩

    HuHot saved our evening.

  13. Deez Nutts

    Food is very delicious. Calm warming dinning environment, Fun exciting experience for the whole family 😚

  14. Elizabeth Woodruff

    Shogun was able to accommodate a large group of us. They were very entertaining as they prepared our dinners. The food was very good! One of the best steaks I have ever had, and cooked exactly how I ordered it!

  15. JD AC

    This restaurant lacks logical systems for workforce, workflow, and customer service. The menu tagged pictures online aren’t on the menu at the restaurant, and don’t expect descriptions of what you’re ordering on the menu. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and trying their best. Expect your car, clothes, house to smell of the good food and cooking oil! HuGE portions, fair pricing.

  16. Dylan Chappell

    Came here for my birthday dinner with my family. Had reservations for 6 pm and had to wait until around 6:45 to get seated. We ended up leaving around 8-8:30 after we noticed the people who showed up after us getting served before us. Felt very bad for the wait staff as they were understaffed and they were all pretty overwhelmed, but it was pretty ridiculous how long we had to wait.

    They did serve us some soup and salad but it literally tasted like warm salt and pepper water, and the salad was not good. I was really excited to try the food. Sad I probably won’t go back.

    They were kind and didn’t charge us for the drinks so that was nice.

  17. Harry p Ness

    Me an my family Had a very terrible experience last night with the service, servers were not very attentive, our cook I believe Dylan was his name did not seem very happy at all, hardly even engaged with us an had a bad attitude, food tasted off an burned been eating there for years sadly will not be returning.

  18. Kim Ricketts

    My kids and I have been going to Shogun for years. I have only been to the new valley location 3 time so far. The food is still fantastic however on my last visit a couple weeks ago we went for an earlier dinner at 5:00 the restaurant opens at 4:00. My issue this last time is for the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms including completely out of toilet paper in one stall after only being open for an hour not to mention that the other two stalls weren’t flushed and when I tried one I got the impression it was clogged. The bathroom sink area did not look clean as well. I let a staff member know about the toilet paper at the beginning of my visit and at the end I went to use the restroom again and nothing was taken care of including the same stall being out of toilet paper still. I also noticed that my napkin smelled like a wet clothe does when it’s been sitting around for a couple of days. I rarely write reviews but this trip disappointed me and I just hope it gets addressed.

  19. Cindy Busse

    Extremely great food. Great Chef. A little pricey for me but if I could afford it I would definitely go more.

  20. Maranda Murfin

    Had a wonderful first experience here tonight whole celebrating my birthday. Our chef, Marcos, was entertaining and friendly! He made us laugh and the food was delicious?

  21. Ken Nestor

    This place is as you expect, I had an amazing birthday dinner with my wife. The food was very fresh and tasty. The cook was fun and was very entertaining. The sushi is amazing. I had hot Saki so my rating might be affected slightly by the warm happy feelings. Would do it again! Dinner and a show!

  22. Amy Markus

    This experience was BRUTAL. The waiters and waitresses were high. They would keep forgetting our orders. Travis who did our meal and habachi was great. He was very accommodating and hilarious. The rest of the staff was disappointing. The food was good but the service made it not enjoyable. I heard good things and the reason why it gets 2 stars is because of our chef travis but other than that it would deserve nothing.

  23. Chandler Laruex

    Not sure what happened to what shogun use to be. All workers seem imported from McDonald’s including the chefs that struggle to provide a genuine good show especially for the cost of eating here. I have been a regular here since the first location 20 years ago and the last few times have proved to be such a poor experience for the money spent.

  24. Todd Folsom

    The service and food was average or lower. I was not impressed at all. I would have rather gone somewhere else.

  25. Alex

    Didn’t actually eat. After waiting for our grill for 40 minutes past the reservation we were seated to a dirty grill. Floor all around the grill was sticky and dirty and there was cold air blowing directly on our group. The group next to us had been seated for over an hour and had not yet been served anything other than water. We opted to leave and fine somewhere else for a birthday dinner.

  26. Devin Hannas

    Great food and atmosphere. I did see some tables waiting an exceptionally long time for service and the floors were really sticky. Bathrooms haven’t changed since this was the Volcano bar. Overall it was excellent food and a good show but the venue shows its roots.

  27. Christina Albrigo

    Worst restaurant experience of my life, I’m 41. Made reservations at 5pm. Waited 2 hours sitting at the grill, was served drinks and soup/salad, kept being told the cook would be there soon. Then witnessed two tables that came in after us get served. Went and complained and was told our ticket got lost, got a super nice cook ASAP, only the grill wasn’t working and he had the whole order wrong and told us there was no sushi left when we asked for a sushi roll. We walked out, kids were starving and it was an engagement party. We went to a BBQ place in CDA. Will never go back. Totally disaster.

  28. John Mcguire

    Where is Management? Being short staffed sucks, but our party sat for an hour before they even brought us a drink. Other tables were walking out. We should have too. No exaggeration, worst service I’ve ever had. Totally overshadowed the good food.

  29. Kenadee Higgins

    First time trying this place this past Friday. Place was overbooked on reservations but was able to get us in quickly. Food was pricey but good. Worth the experience but probably not going again.

  30. Heather M

    Had a 7PM reservation, we weren’t seated until near 8PM waters and place settings in front of us, no greet… Sat there for another hour with only water, finally, after tracking someone down we were able to get a greeting and explanation of the situation. Apparently, they were over booked and short staffed. We watched another table sat after us get service before us, watched another table walk out… where was management? Staffed moved slow no sense of urgency, spite the situation. The only reason I am giving this 2 stars is because of the cook Travis, he was amazing and turn the night completely around. Food was amazing, but I will sadly never return. Owner/management need to address staffing issues. If you do not have enough employees to accommodate reservations make less reservations… cooks all seemed stressed and over worked.

  31. Rich Yokel

    Lotta money for a little bit of steak 🥩, and the funny thing was, the chef said he was working there for 21 years, and he poured out the steak dips after everybody had finished eating! Nice Japanese environment, though

  32. Mason Loomis

    We just had a late father’s day dinner here. Good sushi and food. The cook was ok but the show could have been better. The guy Damian our server, had impeccable service. I would have gave this place 3 stars if it wasn’t for Damians outstanding service.

  33. Luke Downard

    We went with a party of 6. Waited almost hour past reservations. Drinks were not correct nor tasted like what was ordered. The hibachi chef seemed to be inexperienced veggies and rice were cold by the time the meat was cooked and he got meat orders wrong. So disappointing to what use to be a great place to go.

  34. Meri Mason-Tracy

    Chef Travis did an amazing job! The food and the service was great. Best fried rice. Tender steak. Not a complaint among our group of 10.

  35. Brynna McDaniel

    Chef Travis was amazing!!! Great service and great food. Overall, 10/10!!!

  36. Caitlin Kelly-Pederson

    Ethan did an excellent job as our chef tonight for our anniversary, the food was amazing as always! If you get the chance to have Ethan as your chef and like salmon make sure to ask for the sauce! We have been going to Shogun for years and absolutely love it. Can’t wait to go back!

  37. Wambly Beatle

    Not a fan. Our chef had slurred speech and came off as if he was drunk or high. He missed the grill and lit the table on fire very close to us. When he was juggling the batons that were on fire, he kept dropping them. I was honestly scared for my safety. We had food in our drinks, and at one point raw shrimp flung at us. He laughed, but I didn’t find it funny.
    The food itself was just greasy. The only edible part of my meal was the steak. The rice and veggies were so doused in grease that they were dripping. I paid $47 for a small pile of steak bites basically.
    Would not recommend to anyone. Especially with small kids. The place is dangerous if you get the chef we had.

  38. Jacob Sublie

    Called 3 times to make a reservation nobody answered the phone. Drive there with the family to eat and they said they were booked (at 5:20) and come another day. I said they should answer their phone as I called 3 times. He straight up ignored me. I said for real you should answer the phone, still got ignored. Wow!!

  39. Jordan Wirth

    Chef Marcos helped make our anniversary perfect, filet was cooked amazing and will be back for more!

  40. Tia Calle

    They are students. The food was not done and very nasty. The prices are very high!! I would never go there and I really want to call the health department!!!

  41. Vikki Ginger

    This type of ser ice is getting a little tired. Hostess and chef tried, but they need reevaluation of the theme and menu

  42. Deb Prindle

    Went for a family birthday, Ethan was great, Pam was very friendly and helpful.
    Overall excellent experience 👌

  43. Keioni Olson

    Save your money….. just wasted a hundred dollars. Our meal was way over priced for the quality of food. Habatchi chef was good but the sushi was definitely not fresh. Either the bar tender was new or he had no clue. Asked for an old fashioned and I’m not sure what I got. Surely you can Google how to make a drink or just say you don’t know how. Should have just driven to liberty lake to their Japanese steak house.

  44. Jason

    Had the Filet mignon and it was so tender and delicious! Travis was our chef, he was great!!.

    Back 9/24/22 …. Ethan was our chef… Probably the best food and culinary skills I’ve had at the Spokane valley location. 👌👏👏👏

  45. Nick Fedorov

    Very good food and nice show with the cooking, only complaint is it’s on the pricey side, a little too much…otherwise delicious!

  46. Jeremy Rainbow

    This is dinner and a show, as the chefs cook your food in front of you, while doing some fantastic things with their cutlery and food items. Expensive, but a unique experience.

  47. Purple Ziptie

    Outstanding service! My family came here for the first time tonight. Everyone who works here is so welcoming and kind! Probably the best dinner I’ve ever had!

  48. Denise McCartney

    It was my birthday and nobody did anything about it yet the people sitting in the next table got several things for their birthdays. I felt that was unfair

  49. carcazum

    Travis is AMAZING!! Great showmanship!

  50. Kim Cournyer

    Chef and food was amazing. Chef put on a great show!

  51. Caleb Dean

    Came here with my spouse for my birthday with a reservation. We were the only ones in the building on a Saturday night other than one other table and the staff. This would have been a cool experience having a chef all to ourselves. But unfortunately, either due to severe lack of training, neglect, or a combination of the two, our experience was way less than stellar. We were seated by a nice hostess, our drinks ordered etc all fine. They brought us a salad and soup, everything was okay. Then the chef came to the table to start the meal, only to try his first “spin trick” with his spatula and fail, throwing the spatula directly into my bowl of soup splashing me and my spouse in the face and clothes, filling the only plate I was provided with soup. The Waitress didn’t notice, or offer a new plate, then the chef took off for 5 minutes into the kitchen to find a dirty rag he expected me to wipe my face with. In this time I already had cleaned myself and the table up with the limited amount of cloth napkins provided with our silverware. The chef tried a few more tricks only to drop his tools directly on the floor multiple times, eventually giving up altogether on the “show”, and cooking the food and leaving with haste. Lucky for us he grabbed new tools each time he dropped them. The food was okay but this experience certainly wasn’t worth the $150 for two. After all this I expected some form of an apology, a discounted desert, SOMETHING. However nothing but the full bill and a smile was presented. This will be the last time I return to shogun. For years it was a pinnacle of dinner destinations in Spokane. Now they can’t even fill more than one table on a Saturday night. Very sad to see.

    2 stars for polite hostess, and the bartender made me a tasty drink very quickly.

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